The Check-Up: HIV Vaccine Looks Promising

Spanish researchers are seeing promising results with an HIV vaccine

HIV-infected T-cells under high magnification. Image from Comstock

• I don’t want to get your hopes up prematurely but, well, this is pretty awesome. Scientists in Spain are claiming that an HIV vaccine they’re developing seems to be working. Granted, the sample set—just 24 subjects—is small. But in testing, 22 of the 24 volunteers developed an immune response to HIV, everything from full-blown antibodies to HIV-fighting T-cells. Researchers admit that the vaccine is in its early stages and that it isn’t enough to fully protect against HIV. But if it works in larger study sets as well as it has in this smaller one, it could reduce HIV to a “minor chronic infection,” along the lines of herpes. And they’re testing it to see if the vaccine holds any promise for HIV treatment. The Daily Telegraph has more details.

• I’ve always suspected this, but science has now proven it: Married people exercise less than single people. Could be the crush of kids; could be that married people really do let themselves go. But whatever the reason, the fact remains: Your single friends are probably in better shape than you are. And to all those single people out there: Keep it up.

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