The Check-Up: No Fried Chicken at Church

A southern pastor bans fried chicken from church functions. Plus, how to get a jolt without caffeine. (Hint: It's all in your head.)

Don't even think about bringing this to church dinner.

• Here’s something you don’t usually hear from a pulpit: A Mississippi pastor is preaching healthy eating to his flock at Oak Hill Baptist. Reverend Michael Minor outright banned fried chicken at church events (much to the chagrin of the layity, I might add), and now the National Baptist Convention is tapping him to come up with health and wellness plans for other churches. NPR has the story.

• University of London researchers conducted an interesting study on the placebo effect in coffee drinkers. They found out that if you give someone a cup of decaf but tell them it’s caffeinated, they’ll feel happier and sharper, anyway, as if they’d actually had the caffeine to begin with. Ahh, the power of persuasion.

• Oh geez. Remember last week when I told you the bird flu might be coming back? Looks like we should be on the lookout for the swine variety, too. Two cases of a new strain of swine flue have been reported in PA. They’re strains are the CDC hasn’t even seen before. Two kids contracted the virus and were briefly hospitalized, but have recovered. MSNBC has more details.