Tell Us: How Do You Sneak in Mini-Workouts?

Do you find ways to burn extra calories throughout the day? Tell us how.

Yes, this exists—presenting the Walkstation by Details.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve pretty much mastered the ability to multitask. And if you’re anything like me, that means you’re pretty busy from the minute you wake up to when you finally hit the hay.

On days when I can’t get a good workout in, I try to sneak in mini-workouts throughout the day—taking the stairs or choosing the long way for my walk home. Some folks here at Philly Mag HQ keep stability balls in their office, so they can get a little core conditioning while they work. And then there are standing desks—and even ones with treadmills—to help keep your calorie burn going throughout the day.

Experts say these “mini-workouts” can really add up, and that even though you might not be breaking a sweat, every burned calorie is just that—a burned calorie. It counts.

How do you sneak in workouts throughout the day? What tips do you have for your fellow desk-bound Be Wellers?

(By the way, all this talk has me thinking of that Friends episode where Monica helps Chandler drop a few pounds, and she has him doing butt clenches at his desk. Sigh. Why did that show ever go off the air?)

Take it away, commenters!