The Zombies Are Coming!

Run from zombies to win this 5K race

Run for your life—the zombies are coming.

On October 22nd in Darlington, Maryland, a small town about an hour-and-a-half south of Philly, runners will assemble at the start line of a zombie-laden obstacle course. The Run for Your Lives 5K includes a series of manmade and natural obstacles that promise to be “physically challenging, but not impossible.” Prepare to get muddy.

Each runner will wear a flag belt—you know, the kind you wore in elementary school gym class for flag football—and zombies throughout the course will try to steal your “health flags.” Make it to the end with your flags in tact and you’ve finished alive. If all your flags get taken, well, consider yourself dead. But don’t fret—if you lose all your flags, be on the lookout for one of several “health bonuses” hidden throughout the course; they can bring you back to life.

Runners who finish with at least one flag or a health bonus will be eligible for awards and prizes. The race is open to anyone 14 years and up. At the end of the race, there will be an Apocalypse Party, complete with live music, food, and vendors.

Want to make a night of it? Set up camp—literally—in the 200-acre camping area. Camping costs $20 a person.

$67 to run if registered before August 31; $77 after. Spectator tickets are $32. Race location: 2564 Silver Road, Darlington, MD. Register here.