A Fun Way to Burn Off Breakfast

National Walk at Lunch Day is this Wednesday, April 27

If you work in an office, you sit. A lot. Too much, actually. How do I know? Because I do, too. And I hate it. It makes me grumpy and achy and restless, and if you really think about it, it probably does the same to you. The truth is, regardless of whether or not you hit the gym before or after work, we all need to move more during the day. It simply makes you feel, think and look better. So skip the eat-at-your-desk routine this Wednesday, April 27, and commit to moving more by taking part in Independence Blue Cross’ National Walk at Lunch Day. Philadelphians will be heading to City Hall between 11am and 2pm to walk one-and-a-half miles. Go here to register for your free, 45-minute slot. Should be a good time. Last year even the Phillie Phanatic logged a few midday steps.