Want a Job? Get a Facelift

Job hunters go to new lengths

Jenna Bergen

Would you get a facelift if it meant keeping your job or finally finding a new one? According to an article from CNN Money, the economic crash has led to a rebound in plastic surgery procedures—especially with men over the age of 55 who are concerned about losing their paychecks to a younger generation. While eye lifts rose 3 percent and facelifts jumped by 9 percent, less invasive procedures like injectables and fillers, which rose 12 and 14 percent respectively, seem to be the go-to procedure for job hunters looking to shave a few years off their face.

Brings new meaning to the words “dedicated employee,” doesn’t it? A few natural ways to stay looking young: Break a sweat at least once a day, avoid refined carbs and stay away from cigarettes—they’ll give you more wrinkles than a shar pei.