A Damn Good Salad

What I thought of my first meal at Ardmore's Sweetgreen

A MYO salad from Ardmore's Sweetgreen.

I finally had a chance to pop into Ardmore’s Sweetgreen, newly opened in December, and I have to say I was impressed. The space is cute and bright, and I loved checking out where many of the ingredients hailed from on the “Local List” written on one of the chalkboards.

I decide to take the MYO-salad route, adding red onion, basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, bean sprouts and grilled shrimp to a pile of leafy, mixed greens, topping it off with Sweetgreen’s basil-yogurt dressing. My salad was, in a word, lovely. The ingredients were fresh, the shrimp was tasty and the dressing was flavorful yet light. I also loved that the girl behind the counter paused to ask “Light, medium or heavy?” before lacing my salad with dressing. (There’s nothing worse than saturated, soggy lettuce.)

Now, if only a Sweetgreen would open in Center City! You Main Line-ers have it good.

Sweetgreen, 68 Coulter Avenue, Ardmore, 610-642-9400.