Hard Work: The Real Cure for Type 2 Diabetes

Try this before popping pills.

The fact that type 2 diabetes can often be reversed through lifestyle changes isn’t anything new, but I think that a lot of people jump on meds before trying (and I mean really trying, not making a half-hearted attempt) the old-fashioned fix first:  a diet lower in sugar and processed carbs, more exercise and weight loss. Sure, changing your diet, moving more, and losing weight takes a lot of work and commitment, but when you weigh the cons of being on medication for the rest of your life (which often doesn’t fix the problem perfectly anyway) and all of the awful complications that can crop up after years of living with diabetes, it definitely seems like the best option to me.

This video on CNN.com tells the story of John Lisk, a guy who decided to whip his blood sugars back into shape the “hard way” rather than taking his doctor’s recommendation to start medication. He began running, lost 40 pounds and followed a low-carb diet. Now, his blood sugars are under control and he is no longer considered a type-2 diabetic.

The only part of this video I disagree with is that his doctor claims he’s an exception to the rule. Yes, he will need to continue his new healthy habits for the rest of his life, but I would argue that many people who have just crossed over into the “type 2” diagnosis could have similar success.

Though medication can be helpful in certain cases, if you’re dealing with high blood sugars, I highly recommend talking to your doctor about seriously committing to lifestyle changes before popping a pill.