Philadelphia Marathon Inspiration: Five Runners to Remember on Race Day

This Sunday, when every ounce of energy has been used, when your lungs beg for a break and your brain demands you to stop—keep these local heroes in mind

Local cancer survivor Linda Novak will run 26.2 this Sunday

I’m running the half-marathon this coming Sunday, November 21st, and though I’m prepared and excited,  I am, admittedly,  a little nervous. Though I’m not tackling the marathon yet (maybe next year!), 13 miles will be the farthest distance I’ve ever set out to accomplish.

But when the going gets tough, I’ll have these local heroes in the back of my mind, urging me forward, reminding me that if they can do it, I can do it,  too. Whether they’re running in the face of cancer, intend to push themselves to the brink of total exhaustion for a loved one, or have dropped more than 100 pounds and will cross the finish line as a pledge to their health, these five people are heroes in their own right, and I’m honored to be running in their midst this Sunday.

Check out their stories for a little pre-race inspiration, and tell us:

Why will you be running this Sunday? Share your story or inspiration in the comments below!

Marathon profiles written by Grace Dickinson.