A Healthy Philly Thanksgiving: Where to Pre-Order Pies

Nope, they're not low-cal. But they are freshly made—with organic, vegan, and gluten-free options to boot—and will make your Turkey Day all the more enjoyable

Research by Caitlin Maloney; Additional research by Alyssa Brindisi and Grace Dickinson

Essene Market & Cafe
719 South 4th Street, 215-922-1146
Pies: Vegan apple, pumpkin, or pecan, all of which are made from organic ingredients and come in spelt, wheat or unbleached crusts ($26 each)
Pre-order: By November 21st
Pick-up: Before closing time on the 24th

Sweet Freedom Bakery
1424 South Street, 215-545-1899

Pies:  Vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-friendly 10-inch apple ($35), pumpkin ($30), pumpkin-spice loaf ($26 ), apple-crisp cupcakes (6 for $27 or 12 for $49.50), pumpkin cupcakes with maple “cream” frosting (6 for $27 or 12 for $49.50), apple-oat crumble (6 for $18 or 12 for $33);  all made without refined sugar, chemical sweeteners or preservatives
Pre-order:  By the end of November 18th
Pick-up:  By 5 p.m. on November 24th

Virago Baking Company
322 ½ West Main Street, Lansdale, 215-412-7071

Pies:  Gluten-free apple or pumpkin pie ($30), gluten-free pumpkin cheesecake ($21.99- $35.99) or vegan apple or pumpkin pie ($30); all  made with all-natural, organic ingredients
Pre-order:  By November 23rd
Pick-up: November 24th

Fork etc.
308 Market Street, 215-625-9425

Pies: 9-inch apple made with local apples ($21); also has regular pumpkin ($21) and pecan ($24)
Pre-order:  By Friday, November 19th, 6 p.m.
Pick-up: Before noon on Thanksgiving Day

Healthy Bites ToGo
2521 Christian Street,  215-259-8646

Pies:  Multiple flavors including pumpkin and apple (prices to be determined). Apple pie is made with local apples; all made with organic flour and butter, and are sweetened with honey and agave instead of sugar.
Pre-order: November 1st-16th
Pick-up: November 23 or 24th

Kimberton Whole Foods
2140 Kimberton Road, Kimberton, 610-935-1444

Pies:  Apple and pumpkin made with mostly organic and natural ingredients (Price as marked)
Pre-order:  First come, first serve
Pick-up: N/A

Martindale’s Natural Market
1172 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, 610-543-6811

Pies:  Fresh and frozen natural pumpkin pies with gluten-free and non-dairy varieties (Price to be determined)
Pre-order:  No pre-order required
Pick-up: November 23rd or 24th

Pumpkin Market & Café
1610 South Street, 215-545-3924

Pies:  Pecan and sweet potato pies, and pumpkin cheesecake made with organic ingredients (Prices to be determined)
Pre-order: By November 19th
Pick-up: By noon Thanksgiving Day

Weavers Way Co-Op
559 Carpenters Lane, Mount Airy, 215-843-2350, 8424 Germantown Avenue, Chestnut Hill

215-843-2350, 2129 72nd Ave. Ogontz, 215-276-0706
Pies:  Apple, apple-crumb, apple-pear-cranberry, apple-caramel walnut, pumpkin and pecan ($6.50, small; $13, large), sweet potato-pecan ($27); all made with a combination of organic and locally sourced ingredients from My House and Under the Oak bakeries.
Pre-order: By November 19th for My House and by November 16th for Under the Oak
Pick-up:  November 23rd and 24th

Whole Foods
Multiple locations

Pies:  No-oil, no-salt, no-refined-sugar Pumpkin Pound Cake; also have regular pumpkin ($9.99 each), apple, apple-cranberry, pecan ($15.99-$16.99 each),  and sweet-potato pies ($10.99).
Pre-order:  By November 22nd
Pick-up:  November 24th