Philly’s Best Sunless Tanners

Keep your conscience quiet and your face wrinkle-free—all while looking like you've spent the last few days down the Shore

Okay, I admit it: In my teens and early 20s, every once in a while—before a big event or vacation that required a bathing suit—I would crawl into one of those awful cancer beds and roast my skin to a nice, warm brown. Though I didn’t have much patience for it and I never planned enough in advance to tan more than once or twice each time, I completely regret every minute I spent under those awful bulbs. I can only hope my skin will forgive me.

But the health-conscious (and wrinkle-fearing) among us can now find a streak-free, warm summer’s glow with one of the area’s top sunless tanners. Now my face looks sun kissed and my conscience is quiet. Oh, and swiping some on post-shower takes about 1/100th of time I used to lay there sweaty and bored in one of those DayGlo deathbeds. Enjoy!

— Research by Lana Morelli and Jillian Skrocki