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Now available: do-it-yourself DNA testing where you buy your toothpaste

Now Available: Do-It-Yourself DNA Testing Where You Buy Your Toothpaste
Walgreens is now selling DNA kits that check for 23 genetic conditions. Although not yet approved by the FDA, they will be hitting the shelves as soon as this Friday. Watch this video to find out more. [ABCnews.com]

Long Hours Killing You? It Might Actually Be True
New research shows that people who work more than 10 hours a day are about 60 percent more likely to develop heart disease or have a heart attack than people who work seven. [CNN.com]

You May Not Have a Food Allergy After All
Reliance of testing alone has caused overdiagnosis of many food allergies. New guidelines will be released by the fall to help doctors and patients better identify actual food allergies and other food problems. [CNN.com]

Fight Fat With … More Fat
Once thought to be only present in rodents and babies, a new study shows that adults do carry brown fat deposits— and that, unlike the more abundant white fat, it burns more calories than it stores. [TIME.com]

— Research by Jillian Skrocki