Get to Know Gavin, One of Our New Expert Bloggers!

Meet Gavin McKay, local fitness guru and owner and creator of Fusion Cross-training. Check back weekly for his workout and fitness tips!

Gavin McKay is the owner and creator of Fusion Cross-training with locations in Center City, Philadelphia and Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. He’ll be sharing his fitness tips and advice weekly on Be Well Philly.

A Bucks County, Gavin has been sweating for a long time. Like most kids, he got involved in sports at an early age, but it didn’t just stop with Little League or Pew-wee football. Gavin loved physical activity of all kinds, from tennis to track, rugby to snowboarding, hiking to marathons and everything in between.

In his early 20’s, he found himself unfulfilled in the high paced New York City corporate world. Feeling a quarter-life crisis commencing, Gavin decided to travel the world and find some personal clarity. While visiting 6 continents and 30 countries, Gavin got a chance to clear his head and find his purpose in life: “to help people become fit and live a healthy lifestyle”.

Upon his return to Philadelphia, Gavin launched into the fitness world and developed his trademark Heart.Muscle.Mind philosophy for complete fitness and wellness. In November 2006, Fusion Cross-Training opened it’s doors in Center City to offer group and personal training program using his philosophy and was awarded Best Gym in Philadelphia magazine’s Best of Philly 2007.

Heart.Muscle.Mind is an integrated approach based on proven science and Gavin’s essential principles of exercise, eating,  and personal success from years of study and practice. Gavin’s approach reflects this by continually taking the most effective and efficient exercises and tools from various formats and structuring them into integrated fitness regimens that challenge and motivate clients. One of Gavin’s coaching trademarks is “friendly torture,” the art of getting the most out of people through challenging tasks and strong feedback. Gavin deeply understands the power of personal connections with and among clients using the transformative power of group training teams to sustain healthy lifestyle commitments.

In a relatively short period Gavin has become a premiere fitness figure in Philadelphia, attracting celebrity clientele and being featured in many area publications and TV news programs. In 2009, Gavin developed and co-hosted a 12 episode mini-news series for NBC Philadelphia following the struggles of four clients as they struggled to get back into shape in one of Gavin’s sell-out boot camps. Fusion expanded to New Jersey in 2010 with a second location in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

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