Wednesday is National Walk at Lunch Day!

Head to City Hall on your lunch break and walk a mile-and-a-half

If you often find yourself so busy during that day that your “lunch break” ends up being a few multi-tasked minutes at your desk that somehow, amidst reading emails or answering calls, involves the consumption of some sort of midday sustenance, commit to starting a new habit this Wednesday, April 28th. As part of Independence Blue Cross’ National Walk at Lunch Day, Philadelphians will be heading to City Hall between 11am and 2pm to walk one-and-a-half miles. Go here to register. (Don’t worry, it’s free. They just want to estimate how many people will be coming through at the 45-minute time slots they have set up.)

Sure, it’s hard to get out there when offices everywhere are busier than ever and working with too few employees, but hey—this is for your health. If you’re not getting your activity in at other times during the day, reclaiming your lunch break can go a long, long way toward keeping you healthy. Walking briskly and regularly does everything from keeping your weight down to decreasing your risk of heart attack and type 2 diabetes. And chances are, you’ll be more focused and productive when you return to your desk anyway!

Oh, and if you’re not in the city to walk with the group, walk anyway. See ya out there!