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Michaela Althouse


30+ Books Philly CEOs Plan to Read This Year

This ultimate reading list is stacked with classics and a number of the latest memoirs, biographies, historical nonfiction, romance novels and more.


The 7 Problems Holding Back Philly Businesses

From homelessness to talent attraction, here are the biggest challenges the region’s business leaders say they’re up against.

Philadelphia skyline

Ben Franklin Tech Partners Just Launched a New Venture Investment Fund

The organization is attracting private investors who will provide up to $50 million in capital to support the region’s early-stage tech companies.


7 Philly Biz Leaders on Why We Must Rethink Our Work-Life Balance Expectations

Instead of pressuring yourself to achieve the often elusive work-life balance, why not try “work-life integration” or “life-work balance”?


How One Philly Company Navigates the Politics-in-the-Workplace Minefield

Here’s how Stitch Data turns controversial lunchtime discussion into learning opportunities.


10 Philly CEOs on the Major Work and Lifestyle Changes They’re Making This Year

From CHOP’s Madeline Bell to Power Home Remodeling’s Asher Raphael, these local leaders are kicking off the year with ambition and determination.