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Bobbi Booker

sound of philadelphia playlist
City Life

The 10 Essential Sound of Philadelphia Songs Everyone Should Know

If you just landed here from outer space or weren’t, you know, born yet when Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff were all the rage, here are the songs you need to listen to first.

Things to Do

How “Rocky” Spawned the Most Philly Love Song Ever

The fanfare of the movie’s theme may be more recognizable, but it’s a quiet duet that’s the real heart and soul of the Rocky love story.

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The Top 10 Philly Playlist for Valentine’s Day

Celebrate V-Day 2018 with these songs by artists with ties to the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.

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Philly Music Royalty Turned Out to Celebrate Lee Andrews

Tribute to the late doo-wop singer and bandleader featured friends, family and fellow legendary crooners.

Things to Do

Why Earth, Wind & Fire Was Huge in Philly

Booker: And why the loss of leader Maurice White is felt so profoundly here.

City Life

Cheryl Ann Wadlington’s Fight to Save Black Girls

Booker: After Spring Valley High, the empowerment work of Evoluer House is more vital than ever.


Remembering Jerry Mondesire

Booker: At his peak, the civil rights leader presided over 45 NAACP branches with nearly 15,000 members.

City Life

Civil Rights Lion Julian Bond Was Bucks County Cub

Fierce fighter for Black and LGBT rights graduated from the George School.

City Life

Thirty Years Later, MOVE Still Hurts

Booker: I left the city because of MOVE. I came back out of a sense of duty.

City Life

Apple’s Diverse Emoji Create New Ways to be Culturally Insensitive Online

Booker: How their new character set sparked a world of [poop emoji] on Twitter.

City Life

Here’s Why Starbucks’ #RaceTogether Campaign Flopped

Booker: America’s not ready to talk about race — especially not before their morning joe.

City Life

Why We Need to Integrate Black History Month

Booker: Diversity doesn’t work unless non-minorities take part, too. Often, they don’t.