HOTH STUFF: 15 Great Snowy Snow Day Movie Clips

Curl up and watch other people freeze their butts off.

Currently thawing out in front of the small screen in post-shoveling mode? Here’s a selection of snow-centric cinema to go along with your cocoa and numb toes. If you feel we’ve missed any blizzard-based titles in this wintry mix, speak up in the comments.

Better Off Dead (1985): “This is pure snow! It’s everywhere! Have you any idea what the street value of this mountain is?” One of the weirdest and best movies of the ’80s.

Snow Day (2000): Underrated kids’ title from a former Pete & Pete director. As a vehement snow hater, I might be one of the only people who identifies with Chris Elliott‘s evil plow driver (“Legend has it his tire chains are made from the braces of kids who didn’t get out of his way”).

The Day After Tomorrow (2004:): How on earth are we going to stop this fast-moving apocalyptic megafreeze? Should I just shut the door? Whoa, that totally worked!

Ice Age (2002): OK Ice Age is a good kids’ movie and all but this is really just an excuse to post this video of foreigners following strict dance directives from an animated sloth voiced by John Leguizamo.

Grumpy Old Men (1993): Lemmon and Matthau are legends, of course, but we’ve got to show a little love to the one and only Burgess “Mickey” Meredith. “Kids…can’t live with ’em, can’t shoot ’em.”

Ski School (1990): WE SKI THE DOME. Debaucherous early-’90s classic that inspired the neon outerwear look of modern movies like Hot Tub Time Machine.

Jack Frost (1997): The best movie about a serial killer who turns into a snowman ever made — and it’s available in full on YouTube! The second-best movie in this category is Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman, obviously.

Cliffhanger (1993): Trailers — they don’t make ’em like they used to. I remember being thrown off by this movie as a kid because bad guy John Lithgow was so lovable in Harry and the Hendersons.

Star Wars, Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980): Referencing the ice planet Hoth every time it snows will never get old, or at least that’s what I tell myself every time all women within a 5-mile radius rolls their eyes at the mere mention of a tauntaun.

Eight Below (2006): Oh man, those pooches. This is gonna make me cry. R.I.P. Paul Walker.

Fargo (1996): He’s a little guy, kinda funny-looking. Just in a general kinda way.

Deadfall (2012): Nothing special all told, but it features some solid star power (Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, Charlie Hunnam, Kris Kristofferson) in a bleak, unforgiving setting that’ll make you feel a little better about digging out your Passat.

30 Days of Night (2007): Why aren’t more vampire movies like this one? Badass bloodsuckers — snarling, animalistic monsters, not sparkly, sensitive peacoat wearers — descend on a small Alaskan town during a month without sunlight.

The Thing (1982): So good. The 2011 remake…so bad.

The Shining (1980): Of course.

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