5 Fit Friend Date Ideas in Philly That Totally Beat Going to Brunch (AGAIN)

Yoga on the Pier at Race Street Pier | Photo by Matt Stanley

Brunch is arguably the most effortless friend date out there — Saturday and Sunday mornings tend to be pretty free for most people, you don’t have to put much thought into where to go, and everyone loves pancakes. But at a certain point, like with any relationship, the same ol’ date over and over again can start to feel stale, and you start leaving brunch thinking dark thoughts like, “I wonder how many dollars I have spent on scrambled eggs over the past five years.”

You don’t ever want to reach the point where you’re asking yourself this question. Trust me, I’ve been there and the calculations only leads to despair.

Instead, we say, switch your friend dates up before they start to feel stale. And make them more efficient while you’re at it — get a sweat session in while you each rant about your lives (this is what friends do, right? It’s not just my friends, right?), like your sister’s computer game-addicted boyfriend who’s a decade younger than her, or the snarky email your coworker sent you last week. You will thank us when, after a few weeks, you’ve spent WAY less money on mimosas and have more muscle to show for it.

Below, five fun, fit friend dates planned for you. Read up, then text your steady brunch date with the change of plans.

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Love Beer and the SRT? You Need to Know About These Spring Events

How great is it that Earth Day is on a weekend this year? Events celebrating the great outdoors and this lovely planet as a whole keep popping up and we’ve got yet another round of ’em to add to your list: on Saturday April 22nd, Sly Fox Brewing Company will be hosting the launch of this year’s SRT Ale, the exclusive American pale ale benefitting the Schuylkill River Trail.

As you may remember from last year, SRT Spreekend is a weekend-long event honoring the great SRT and inviting fans of beer and the trail (excuse us while we raise our hands) to run, kayak, cycle or get involved in trail clean-ups along it. To bring these celebratory activities to a close, Sly Fox is hosting a shindig at St. Michael’s Park in Mont Clare from 2 to 8 p.m., featuring live jam bands, food trucks and the official debut of this year’s SRT Ale. Below, all the activities on the roster for SRT Spreekendso you don’t miss a single beer-fueled moment of the celebration!

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Bookmark This: The Philly Fitness Lover’s Ultimate Spring Bucket List

Despite our recent complete immersion in snow and ice with Stella, or maybe because of it, we are now excited about the start of spring more than ever. There are a slew of new healthy eateries popping up around the city, and we can’t wait to go explore trails, try out new spring races, and generally be outside without our fingers feeling like they are about to freeze off. To expand on this excitement, we chatted with 17 Philly fitness pros to find out what’s on their spring fitness bucket lists once the city thaws out. Soak up some inspiration for your own must-do list below.

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Adios, Netflix: 5 Healthy Winter Date Ideas Around Philly

Come under-40-degree weather, it’s easy to trade creative and active date ideas — like, say, biking as far as your legs can take you on the SRT and refueling with margaritas and tacos at Manayunk’s Taqueria Feliz — in for lazy  nights of Netflix and delivery. If you’ve been at a loss for how to spend time with your significant other — off of the couch — during these cold months, we’ve got some date ideas that will get you movin’ (and score you thoughtfulness points). Feel free to take all the planning credit … we won’t tell.

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10 Coolest Philly Fitness and Foodie Events This Month: January 2017

Happy allllmost new year, friends! Here to help you kickstart your health and wellness game as you head into 2017, we’ve got our top picks for fitness and foodie events around Philly this January, from a dog-friendly yoga class (say whaaat?) to a workout streak to a resolution run, and more. Read up, then start filling in the blank spots on your calendars!

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Bookmark These: Running and Hiking Routes to See Fairmount Park’s Historic Mansions on Foot

Mount Pleasant Mansion | Photo by R. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia

Mount Pleasant Mansion | Photo by R. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia

This past weekend, the Fairmount Park Conservancy hosted their third annual Jingle Jog, which takes runners on either a five-mile or 8.2-mile route through Fairmount Park to see the park’s historic mansions all decked out for the holidays. If you missed it because too many Friday happy hour margaritas (hey, it happens), not to fear: The folks at the Fairmount Park Conservancy posted the two routes from the Jingle Jog, which you can tackle running or hiking, on their blog today.

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10 Gorgeous Philly-Area Walking and Running Trails to See Fall Foliage 

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Autumn | Photo by Flickr user MissTessbacher

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum in Autumn | Photo by Flickr user MissTessmacher

I hate winter. I hate winter so much, in fact, that I fled from the east coast to Arizona the minute I turned 18, just for the promise of sweater-clad December days. (Choosing your college based on your weather preferences is an awful idea, by the way.) My aversion to temperatures below 45 degrees makes my relationship with fall complicated. The brisk temperatures of fall signal impending doom to me. That said, it is the prettiest darn impending doom there is, what with orange, red and yellow leaves and sweater-weather that is perfect for running, walking or hiking through them.

So to help you soak up the changing leaves of the season before the branches are bare and your hibernation mode kicks in (just us?), we’ve rounded up 10 beautiful running and walking spots (aside from Fairmount Park, because we’re sure you’re already hip to that gem) where you can get up close and personal with the region’s gorgeous fall foliage. We say you make it a goal to check off as many of these as you can over the next few weeks.

Ready, set, go!

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New Philly-Based Fitness App Makes Incentivizing Workouts Its Mission

A workout without added incentive — you know, aside from the endorphin rush — is a workout many people probably (definitely) won’t end up doing. So added workout incentive is just what the new Philly-based app Vea Fitness, launching this weekend in conjunction with the Philly Free Streets event (who else is excited??), is aiming to give folks.

As Vea co-founder Jonathan Maxim, a former graphic designer who started putting his all into the app about two years ago, tells us, “I was really inspired by my own fitness journey and realizing how much fitness does for your confidence, wellbeing and state of mind. I wanted to be able to share workout motivation on a grand scale.” And what’s the way to do that nowadays? Software, he says.

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The Prettiest Fitness Challenge Ever: Tackle All of the Wissahickon’s Trails


The Wissahickon | Photo by Flickr user Pauline Rosenberg

There isn’t much better incentive to get your heart rate up in the great outdoors come fall than the promise of catching a good glimpse of the season’s lovely, Hallmark-card-worthy red, orange and yellow leaves, are we right? And one of the very best spots to take them in? The Wissahickon, of course. And this fall, Friends of the Wissahickon is challenging everyone to put on their hiking boots, bike helmets and running shoes and tackle ALL of the Wissahickon’s trails — that would be over 50 miles of them — with their All Trails Challenge. Just think of all the Instagram-worthy, fall-leaf-filled photo ops!

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Outdoor Activities in Philly: The Ultimate Outdoors Cheat Sheet for Summer

Outdoor Activities in Philadelphia: Belmont Plateau, a perfect picnic and running spot

Belmont Plateau, a perfect picnic and running spot | Photo by Flickr user Rich Lee

Trust us: We know how easy it is to get stuck watching Grey’s Anatomy episode after Grey’s Anatomy episode while sprawled out in front of the air conditioner on a hot summer day. So to make sure you have no excuses for wasting your summer stuck indoors, we’ve put together this cheat sheet full of outdoor activities in and around Philly, from outdoor yoga options to waterfall-filled hikes to Shore runs to picnic spots. The goal? To give you endless hours of outdoor fun right at your fingertips. Print it out, paste it on your fridge with a big sign that screams “SAY NO TO NETFLIX!” and squeeze the most out of your summer in Philly.

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