Everyone Rejoice: Shoppist Says Sneakers Are Chic



We have a web meeting every morning here at Philly Mag HQ, during which the editors of our eight (awesome, amazing) blogs get together to go over our lineups for the day ahead. So imagine my glee when Shoppist editor Emily Goulet told the group that she was doing a post on how sneakers are the new stilettos because tennis shoes, of all things, are suddenly the hot new accessory in fashion. I think I audibly WAHOOOOED at the news.

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Sneak Peek: This Is What the 2014 Broad Street Run Race Shirt Looks Like

The 12th Street Gym just posted a photo of the 2014 Broad Street Run race shirt, which one of its employees received in the mail along with her race bib.

I have to say, I love, love, love this year’s design. The fonts are great, the illustration is great, and it keeps with the vintage feel of the throwback BSR shirts I told you about yesterday.

What do you think?

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These Are the Cutest Compression Socks You Have Ever Seen

You know what a compression sock is, right? It’s a sock with graduated and strategically placed compression areas (basically, tighter or stretchier fabric) to help promote blood circulation and post-workout muscle recovery. Lots of runners swear by them, and I know a lot of people who use them.

The thing about compression socks, though, is that they tend to be more function over fashion. A typical pair looks like this—kind of, er, perfunctory. Can you say, “Booooooring”?

Since a lot of people wear these things post-workout—oftentimes with their normal, everyday clothes—it makes sense that you might want compression socks that actually look cute, too. Here are seven pairs I would be happy to wear out and about.

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6 Stylish Winter Essentials

It’s easy to deal with snow and ice (and now slush) if you’re able to stay huddled inside your house. (And if you are, then happy snow day to you!) But for those who have to brave the elements—whether it’s commuting to work or taking your kids to the nearest sledding hill—you need some serious gear. We’ve broken down the best of what’s out there, from boots to bags, for a winter-ready arsenal. Oh, and those snowshoes? Those are just plain fun. Click the photo for info on each item, and where to find it in the Philadelphia area.


Weather Wise: Winter Workout Gear That Actually Works

Photo courtesy of Mizuno USA

Photo courtesy of Mizuno USA/Tim DeFrisco

Figuring out how to dress for outdoor workouts this time of year can be an annoying exercise in trial and error. You need layers that aren’t too heavy but aren’t too light, pieces that both insulate and ventilate, and fabrics that evaporate moisture without letting cold air in. Talk about a tall bill.

Instead of hibernating on my couch until spring (hmm, tempting … ), I’m retooling my winter- workout wardrobe with essential high-tech pieces that actually work like they’re supposed to. (Trust me, I tried them.) Go ahead and call me Goldilocks: This stuff is just right.

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