Everyone Rejoice: Shoppist Says Sneakers Are Chic



We have a web meeting every morning here at Philly Mag HQ, during which the editors of our eight (awesome, amazing) blogs get together to go over our lineups for the day ahead. So imagine my glee when Shoppist editor Emily Goulet told the group that she was doing a post on how sneakers are the new stilettos because tennis shoes, of all things, are suddenly the hot new accessory in fashion. I think I audibly WAHOOOOED at the news.

See, I wouldn’t say I’m a terrible dresser, but I also wouldn’t put myself into the “fashionista” category. (In fact, I think calling it a “fashionista” category results in immediate exclusion.) My clothes are … fine. They work. They do what I need them to do. Occasionally, I manage to cobble together something that people might actually consider fashionable, and I consider those outfit days to be good days.

My key objective when it comes to fashion is comfort. (Case in point: Today I am wearing a dress that is secretly made of sweatshirt material. You wouldn’t know! It’s cute! But, shhh, don’t tell.) That’s why a staple of many of my outfits are sneakers—not my running shoes, necessarily, but that weird category of footwear called “street shoes,” which includes things like white Chuck Taylors and patterned Toms, both of which I own. I even have a pair of tie-dye Keds that I picked up in Doylestown (I loooove them) and a pair of blue velvet Vans.

But until Shoppist told me I could do so, I never considered these footwear choices to be chic. They were comfortable, but now they are both comfortable and in style. Maybe I’m just ahead of the trends, you guys.

Check out Emily’s post about how to wear sneakers and look cool doing it. And rejoice with me, Be Wellers: Sneakers are having a moment, and I couldn’t be happier.

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