PHOTOS: New Jersey Woman Can’t Live Without Her Cardboard Cutout of Bradley Cooper

New Jersey mother Danielle Davies is so crazy about her former schoolmate Bradley Cooper that she lugs a cardboard cutout with her wherever she goes. Or at least that’s how it seems in her Instagram account, which shows her hanging out with Cardboard Cooper at the beach, in the kitchen, and even buying a bag of litter at the pet store. In fact, just today she posted to photos of her and Cooper at the Philadelphia Museum of Art—running up the steps and posing with the Rocky statue.

Crazy-pants? Or just plain hilarious? Check out some of her photos below.

Source: Jezebel

Bradley Cooper Debuts On Forbes’ Celebrity 100 List

Philly’s Bradley Cooper is among 20 new stars to hit Forbes‘ annual Celebrity 100 list. The list ranks the world’s most “powerful stars in the worlds of movies, TV, books, music and sports based on their estimated earnings and metrics that track fame, including social media power and impact.” While the proper list isn’t due out until Monday, Forbes offers a peek at what our Oscar-nominated golden boy pulled in this year:

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Bradley Cooper to Star in Wet Hot American Summer Prequel?

wet hot american summer prequel bradley cooper

Last night on Late Night With Seth Meyers, director David Wain confirmed the long-running rumor that there will be a prequel to his 2001 satire Wet Hot American Summer — and if all goes well it will star his original cast. From MTV:

David Wain, who directed the 2001 cult hit — starring the likes of Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler and Bradley Cooper — was a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night (June 17), and he casually confirmed the prequel that was rumored in late May.

The very best part? Wain plans on the main cast returning. Think about that: 2014 minus 2001 equals … nearly a decade and a half. And this is a prequel. And they’re playing the same characters. Even Wain gets how hilarious this is.

“Now we’re gonna do a prequel where it’s the same actors who were 30 playing 16-year-olds then, and now they’re gonna be in their mid-40s also still playing 16 and it takes place before the events of the movie,” he said.

It should also be noted that these actors will come with a much heftier price tag these days. Either way, we can’t wait. Check out Wain’s interview below.

Bradley Cooper Shows Off New Buff Bod in Short Shorts

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 8.23.04 AMWe all knew Bradley Cooper put on a few pounds for his latest role as an SEAL agent in American Sniper, but who knew he’d take to wearing daisy dukes to show off his new physique? Okay, maybe it’s not a thing as much as it is a day on the set, but it’s fun to look at, nonetheless.

To the left is a screenshot of some photos Instinct posted. What do you think? Can he pull off the short-shorts look or should he leave the skimpy-clothes-wearing to Suki?

Bradley Cooper Joins Board of Camp for Seriously Ill Children

After spending a summer volunteering as a camp counselor for Paul Newman’s The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, a program for seriously ill children, in 2006, Bradley Cooper has decided to devote even more time to the organization by joining its board. More from Variety, which, side note, is full of Philly celeb news today:

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