Morning Headlines: Housing Auction Confuses and Brings Treasured Memories

It took some time, but the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) finally decided to sell some 196 properties the agency has owned since the 1960s and ’70s that were bearing no revenue fruit. Yesterday morning PHA held an auction, and while some people were glad to get an opportunity to bid on beloved homes, others felt unprepared.

“The toughest thing about these auctions is they won’t let people into the properties,” one developer told City Paper. But another bidder said he was able to inspect the properties, and indeed the list of homes to be auctioned was made public well before yesterday.

That’s how Laverne Simms knew to come to the auction to bid on a row home on North Etting Street in North Philadelphia. It was Simms’ family home until seven years ago, when her elderly mother moved out; she won the home for $9,000. “I can’t wait to get her back there,” Simms told the Inquirer of her mother, whose home it will be once again.

Here’s what else is news this morning:

• Longtime Francisville residents are worried about changes to the neighborhood. The Daily News’ Valerie Russ talks to people like schools administrator John Jackson, who says, “We are paying the price for investment in this area where everybody who is buying here now will have a 10-year tax abatement, while our property taxes are being tripled. Our own kids will not be able to buy a home in this area, and that’s very disturbing.”

• Trends in the housing market: This headline from The Street is a little hard to hear: “Fear and Greed Return to the Housing Market.” Those could be bubble poppers, but on the other hand, “the National Association of Home Builders Housing Market Index rose by six points to 57 in July, the strongest reading since January 2006…indicating that home builders are seeing improving demand for newly-built single family homes.” So it’s not all venal news.

• The Northeast isn’t as homogenous as people seem to think. The Central Northeast–Fox Chase, Burholme, Rhawnhurst, Lexington, Bells Corner, and others–“have a growing population and twice as many immigrants as the city average,” PlanPhilly reports. PlanPhilly quotes city planner Michael Thompson as saying, “The Central Northeast District is a melting pot, with a rich, cultural mix of attractions, as indicated through the vigorous range of culturally oriented retail stores found in neighborhood corridors: West Indian, Chinese, Brazilian, Russian, Latino, Ukranian, just to name a few.”

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  • JBShakes

    “…you take that chance for that one yard that’s really superfluous.”

    Sounds like SOMEBODY got a word-a-day calendar for Christmas…

    • kstagg

      Betcha he said it with a “th” sound at the end.

      • Steve

        Why, is he Argentinian?

  • Scott J610

    Why do people keep saying Kelly’s offense is made for Vick? It’s a quick read and react offense which is the opposite of Vick. Vick holds on to the ball too long waiting for his first and second reads to get open. By then, the defense is chasing him around. The only thing that Vick does that benefits the offense is he can run.

    • Andy124

      Is this even a real question?
      Yes, WE know the flaws with the statement but it’s not exactly difficult to understand why others would take it at face value.

      The offense is supposed to make the reads easy for the quarterback, it can take advantage of mobility, and he has, particularly in the first 2 games, played at a high level in this offense.

      Lowered expectations for others is what I’m talking about here.

  • Rocman

    Mr. Kirwan, I live in the DC area and go to the Eagles/Redskins game every year. So it will be 90,999 silly Redskins fans and one crazy Eagles fan.

    • Mike

      Make that 4 CRAZY #BIRDGANG fans. We’ll be going too!

  • Richard Colton

    The Vick Brainlock is the best finishing move in all of football

  • theycallmerob

    Throwing intermediate balls to Salas, of course.

  • EaglePete

    well to be fair, he said more than that quote there and this may have been the only time I agreed with him. He went on to say how the one thing you heard from Vick is that he bulked up etc which tells the refs and opposing Ds that hes still the same guy willing to take the shots. Refs will let defenders hit him and defenders always go out of their way to take a shot on the QB. Ive also read several posts lauding his head first get down move in the last preseason game. So theres that, I dont get it, he does need to slide. This is it for him, his final push at his age. He even got up slow on the one run near the goal line. I dont get it, use it to your advantage, if anything he’ll get more flags if he slides. He just cant for whatever reason.

  • Richard Colton

    Add Irvin to the list of people who unsuccessfully attempted to persuade Vick to slide. The list is long and distinguished. He’s not going to change who he is. Let’s just hope he doesn’t het his head knocked off by Brian Orakpo in game one.

  • Mr. Wu

    This made me laugh and want to cry simultaneously

  • Andy124

    “well to be fair”
    This is Michael Irvin we’re talking about… f**k being fair.

  • EaglePete

    haha, cant disagree there hence “only time Ive EVER agreed with him” that was not easy to type

  • JofreyRice

    Troy Aikman’s probably about the only ex-Cowboy I can stomach. The rest of them are disgustingly biased.

  • JofreyRice

    Kirwan’s always struck me as an elitist that tries to defend the status quo–who the “experts” are, who is entitled to provide analysis, what will work, etc. I’ve never been a fan. Was he a player or something? Why do people love him? Maybe he’s good on the radio?

    This line “If he’s out, can Nick Foles run the up-tempo offense?” makes it seem like he hasn’t even watched the preseason games. Foles ran a lot more of the super-fast offense than Vick did. He’s already shown competence in running the offense with precision.

  • Richard Colton

    I like Moose Johnson too, I’m ashamed to admit. That’s it for Cowboys.

  • Mr. Wu

    Really? I think I hate him the most. Though it is real is tough to decide which jimmy johnson cowboy is most hateable.

  • Mr. Wu

    I think moose is the only one I can bare

  • All In Eagles

    Mikell was solid for us, no? Also, he played lights out the year we released him, in St. Louis. I understand he’s old by now and maybe a bit like an older less versatile Chung but we need depth. I’m praying we somehow pry Byrd away from Buffalo but it won’t happen.

  • laeagle

    He does a good job of explaining things about the game and how front offices work in a way that isn’t pandering or over complicated. Sort of a “dummies” version of football with a lot of detail. He has coached a lot, I think at the college level, but most of his experience in the NFL comes from his time working in front offices. He was with the Jets for a long time, if I’m not mistaken.

    With all that said, he just doesn’t have the time to look into things in as much detail as I would like. Your comment about Foles is a perfect example; there have been others. But his stuff around Kelly is just being crotchety. He won’t even think to give him the benefit of the doubt, because he sees someone who (he thinks) thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. Problem is, Chip actually is a lot smarter than a lot of other people, but even more importantly, every one of Chip’s detractors fails to realize how much of a traditionalist Chip is. They think he thinks he’s reinventing football, but he’s just applying proven principles in new, disciplined ways, backed by a mindset of “don’t take it for granted that something works just because it worked before, find out why it worked and how to improve it.”

    I think Kirwan must have HATED Bill Walsh and everything that he brought to the game.

  • theycallmerob

    Do you really think these guys went all summer without being signed by 32 teams just to come in and outperform Allen/Wolff/(and dare I say)Coleman? This has nothing to do with cap room. The whole league thinks they’re washed up.