American Apparel Bikini Gets Barista Bounced From Philly Pool

Lisa Conn says she was harassed by city employees.


UPDATE July 24th: American Apparel is flying pool-barred bikinied barista Lisa Conn to its L.A. headquarters to pick out some free bikinis. For the full update, go here.


Lisa Conn loves to swim. The 30-year-old South Philadelphia barista usually wears a swimsuit under her dress so that she can jump into one of Philadelphia’s public pools at a moment’s notice. But she claims that her American Apparel bikini led to “harassment” by male city employees at two public pools this week, and that she wasn’t allowed to swim at one of those pools as a result of her choice of swimwear.

american-apparel-bikini-barista-philadelphia-public-pool-400The trouble began on Sunday, when she was in Hunting Park with her boyfriend. She decided to take a dip in the public pool, arriving in her American Apparel bikini, seen here. Except the staff at the pool wasn’t having it.

“The large male security guard refused to let me swim,” she recalls. “He said I could not get in wearing a ‘bra and panties.’ Those were his words. I insisted it was an American Apparel swimsuit.”

According to Conn, the guard then instructed the lifeguard, also a man, to check the tag on the inside of her bottoms (it reads “AMERICAN APPAREL SWIM”), which she allowed him to do.

Once the lifeguard verified that Conn was, in fact, wearing a swimsuit, he granted her access to the pool. She was embarrassed but, as she puts it, determined to complete her mission. So she jumped in.

But he didn’t let up.

“He ridiculed me loudly,” she says. “He told everyone that I was swimming in a bra and panties. I finally left, asking for his name, which he refused to give me. I came in smiling and happy and left on the verge of tears.”

Conn tried to call and report the incident to the supervisors of the park but only got a voicemail box that was full.

The next day, Monday, she put on the same American Apparel bikini and went to the popular Sacks Pool at 400 Washington Avenue near her home. And again, she ran into problems.

“There was a male supervisor present, and the scenario was almost identical,” she says. “With the exception of a female guard checking my ‘SWIM’ tag. But I was not allowed to swim at all. He also used the term ‘bra and panties.'”

Conn demanded a name, and he gave one to her. But it was apparently a fake. “When I called Sacks the next day,” she says, “they said that no one by that name works there.”

She fired off “I am a taxpaying citizen” letters to various city government offices and to her councilman, Mark Squilla, but received no response.

“Now I hear from my female friends that I am not the only one this has happened to,” she says. “I am flat-chested. My two-piece reveals nothing. I don’t know if this is a bullying thing, a race thing, or humiliating women for the sake of it. But I pay my taxes and I love my pool. I don’t want any woman to be made to feel the way that I feel.”

According to Lisa Whittle, aquatics coordinator for the city’s Parks & Recreation department, there isn’t really any written rule regulating what style of swimwear is allowed at Philadelphia’s public pools, just so it is actually swimwear and not “bra and panties,” which would violate the Pennsylvania health code.

Whittle called Conn’s experience “unfortunate,” adding, “We certainly don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable in our pools.”

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  • phillysportsfan

    more needs to be done than that lame statement. it’s completely intolerable for city employees to refuse to identify themselves. it shouldn’t take much effort to identify those on duty at the times of these incidents and find out the men responsible. refusal to give a name or even worse, giving a false name, should be a fire-able offense, afaic.

    • angie


    • John NYC

      Official ID isn’t part of their uniform? It should be.

  • ChrissMari

    Race thing? yeah sure… they’re picking on you because you’re white.

    The swim suit looks like a bra and panties… the city pools have specific rules about no street clothes and not swimming in underwear. It’s pretty strict. Now, once they confirmed it was an actual swim suit that should have been the end of it. That’s where they crossed the line.

    • rechill

      In Hunting Park? What? There’s no chance of that? Really?

    • The Real Richard Cranium

      I hope that your comment about the race thing is dripping with sarcasm, because it is very present in this once great metropolis. That outfit does not look like a bra and panties to me. I would be insulted if a man insisted on doing that kind of check to any female that I know. And the joke of a response from the City is even more telling.

      • Jared M.

        Sexism, yes. Racism, no.

        • Cesar

          so racism cannot exist against a white person? wow

          • Jared M.

            No, because there wasn’t really anything to indicate racism. Had a black chick showed up in the same attire, I’m at least optimistic the “guard” would have behaved the same.

            Sure, I’ll concede its a possibility but I think its a lot more probable that the double standard of underwear/bikini was invoked.

          • Frog_in_a_Blender

            I think people are assuming the pool employees are white (which they may be) based on the racist notion that black people can’t/don’t swim. Just a guess.

          • crna74

            Happens thousands of times in this country everyday.

          • Jared M.

            @Cesar. Thats not even close to what I said. Nice strawman though.

    • vfiorillo

      She didn’t say it was a race thing. She asked the question. I am sure there are no black city employees who are racists.

      • FistedSister

        Only white people can be racist.

        • Fuzziness

          Anyone can be racist, but there’s a difference between talking smack and actually writing laws and making rules because of racist ideals. Just sayin’

        • nimis

          You are kidding right? Or you are ignorant.

          • FistedSister

            Yes I am kidding. JFTFC

        • crna74

          But just in the United States!

        • jacobo

          You just trolled everyone that commented after you…. lol people see sarcasm for what it is.

    • thisworld.

      The swimsuit appears to be a mix-and-match (which is a very common way that stores sell swimsuits)…but anyway, the bikini top sure doesn’t look like a bra to me. Aside from the design/shaping/material being that of a swimsuit, it also has watermelons all over it.

      • Marisa

        All my bras have pictures of fruit … don’t yours? 😉

        • Oh Pa Leez

          Yes, Fruit of the Loom *lol* That gal’s just out for some Ching-a-Ling $$(Cha Ching)$$

    • Mika

      I have never seen a bra and panties that look like that. It’s clearly a
      bathing suit. And as someone who has been called a “snow bunny b*tch” on
      the street by strangers, trust me, racism against white people is all
      over the place.

      • Jared M.

        Possibly the bottoms could pass for underwear at a distance. But once up close you’re a moron if you think thats not a swim suit.

        • titus2life

          seriously, an argument over what they cover? Underwear, bikini bottom’s? Is there really a difference?

          • Jared M.

            No, in reality there isn’t. Lets wear G-string bikini bottoms. They’re surely better than granny panties, right???

      • jg

        being called a name on the street doesn’t equal “racism against white people”.

        • power5

          If it was reversed I can guarantee it would be dubbed racism. But when its against whites its just an innocent joke.

        • cesar

          what does it equal einstein?

    • Ames

      They probably didn’t. She’s probably embellishing times 1000.

    • titus2life

      good comment!

    • Frog_in_a_Blender

      Do you know the ethnicity of the city employees involved?

      • crna74

        Excellent question.

  • Monkeys

    Why in the world would you swim in those places anyway?

    • Michel S

      Because she already pays to operate them, why shouldn’t she?

  • Atombird

    South Philadelphia barista…..sigh.

    • Oh Pa Leez

      True. More like a tatted Sinead O’ connor in horn rimmed glasses. Yikes!

  • Tommy Grover

    At least they didn’t call the police to beat her up.

  • The Real Richard Cranium

    Personally, I didn’t vote for Nutter, because I knew even with the change in administrations that we were going to have the same mentality that we had in the previous administration where Street eloquently said that the “brothers and sisters” run this city.

  • junior

    most women’s bikinis look a lot like underwear, so i don’t know why the city even bothers policing women on this issue. it’s sure to cause problems these city employees are not equipped to handle. however, i’ve seen tons of men swim in what might be trunks, who knows, but you can see their boxer shorts sticking out from underneath them … um .. that’s underwear and seriously gross but i’ve never seen anyone do anything about that

  • junior

    dear richard, thanks for reminding me why i usually never comment on posts. bubye

  • Bobbi-Jean

    Her experience was not unfortunate!! Unfortunate is rain on your wedding day! These were employees who are abusive and ignorant…this could be rectified and prevented! ! Whittle is a fine example of the standard that has become acceptable! No accountability! ! How about an apology and some consequences for the employees involved! I’m sure there is a schedule that shows who was working when both incidents occured! Disgraceful!

    • Danielle Jude

      no, rain on your wedding day is ironic….duh.

      • dnabrice

        Or a free swim even though she already paid…(her taxes)

      • Jacobo

        I see what you did there 😛

    • titus2life


      • Frog_in_a_Blender

        Yes, abuse. What would you call it?

  • Sir

    Lived and worked in Philly for 20 years. BS like this is some of the many reasons I left. Fake name, full mailbox, attitude, racism: all sounds like normal city worker crap to me.

    • Jared M.

      Lets not pull the racism card. There was no indication of that. The rest of your post is legit though.

      • mojo

        IF she were black and the employees were white, do you think that racism wouldn’t be brought up FIRST?

        • Jared M.

          The media probably would. I wouldn’t. This is the Pottsmerc though. You wont see any kind of bias unless its to the government themselves.

        • crna74

          If she was black Sharpton and Jackson would be there jumping in the pool naked.

      • Mary

        In her story she said ” I don’t know if this is a bullying thing, a race thing, or humiliating women for the sake of it.” so technically she brought up race.

        • Jared M.

          The person the story about isn’t in THIS discussion though. She can speculate all she wants. Doesn’t mean we have to perpetuate it.

  • Dragon

    It’s all race. That’s what Philly is all about. Look at the fire that took the life of four kids. The [white] firefighters weren’t there quick enough. Go get yourself educated.

    • Tara

      Are you kidding me? It took that fire department a matter of minutes (under 5) to get to that house. The 911 tape was released- stop trying to add fuel to the fire!

      • Mika

        I THINK they were being sarcastic. I hope.

        • Fuzziness

          Ugh I’m a hopeless optimistic too…

        • Dragon

          I was being sarcastic…thanks.

      • amimissingsomething?

        I think what Dragon is trying to say is that the majority of philadelphians are racist against white people as shown by the incident with the black community blaming the fire fighters for the children’s deaths even though the children were dead by the time the fire department got there which happened to be 5 minutes after the 911 call.

  • Shopsinphillytoo

    I saw a woman walking down walnut street a couple weeks ago, wearing a crop tshirt, sheer, and sheer black PANTYHOSE, worn over a pair of brazilian tanga lace underwear in some really weird green color, and i kid you not—— the crotch of the underwear was fully and obviously cut out, all the way up to the waistband of the underwear. No one cared. And that woman was clearly wearing at least part of her underwear, publicly, and did exit a septa bus on walnut. Makes me want to carry disposable seat covers on septa….but anywY, this womans aa bikini looks like a bikini to me. And if the tag was seen saying swimwear, problem solved. But worse……can any male in this city, even a city employee male, over the age of three weeks old, honestly say they have never ever seen an American apparel womens swimsuit window display in philly….ever???

  • Michael Doyle

    Why wear anything from a company run by a mysoginistic lunatic drug addict!!! Get over it… American Apparel = Controversy. If you don’t like controversy, don’t wear clothing made by a mysoginistic lunatic drug addict!

    • hape2b

      It’s a free country and she can wear anything she wants. She doesn’t have to subjected to the stupidity of the Philadelphia Public Employees.

      • sugar

        No hape, I’m afraid you’re wrong there. That is a misconception some people have. There are still rules to be followed. I work in a mall and we have a dress code. If a girl’s butt cheeks are hanging out or if she is wearing what appears to be a bra top, we tell her she has to cover up or leave. And guys can’t have their pants hanging halfway down their ass with their underwear showing. Those are just some examples of inappropriate clothing. If they don’t like our rules then they don’t have to come here.

        • Michel S

          The mall is private property, so they can do that. In this instance, she was at a public pool and met all the necessary criteria, so it was perfectly acceptable for her to be there. The employees are the ones responsible for harassing her, not her outfit.

        • hape2b

          My comment was in reference to ID Michael Doyle who was suggesting that no one ever wear clothing from American Apparel based on his opinion. She is free to shop anywhere she likes. I think ID Michel Saewert clarified yet another point, public property has very different rules than private property. She was in a real swimsuit and should never have been harassed. There was no misconception on my part at all.

    • jubeee

      To be fair Michael Dov Charney, the CEO you are referring to, was fired about 3 weeks ago

      • kate

        I wouldn’t be so sure. Dov has been buying more and more AA stocks in an attempt to become a majority shareholder.

      • Oh Pa Leez

        I thought you meant the “Duhvernor” *lol*


    the problem is with the remarks AFTER they allowed her in the pool. Once they made a decision for her to swim, that should have been the end of it. but, As far as I’m concerned, it clearly looks like she has just panties on, not a swim suit bottom. and regardless of how someone may look walking down a public street, it’s different going into a public space that is controlled and has rules.
    you wear a bathing suit like that? oh well, people are going to assume you’re in your underwear. don’t want the assumptions? wear a garmet that looks like swimming attire in the public pools, and wear you “underwear like” bikini in your back yard.

    • Fuzziness

      And the difference between panties and a bikini-style swim bottom is what exactly? Different fabric perhaps? Otherwise there really is none. The big deal is what exactly? She can’t introduce any new germs to the pool in underwear that wouldn’t already be there from swim bottoms as they’re around the same area and get the same exposure…that’s why we chlorinate pools in the first place right? A person should be able to jump in there wearing cammo pants if they want to…this isn’t actually, but was supposed to be a free country.

      • Ames

        The difference is A LOT. YES, she can introduce many new germs in underwear that she can’t introduce in a swimsuit. Open an elementary school textbook. That’s the reason health departments have this rule. They didn’t make up the rule because they think underwear is funny looking. It is VERY DANGEROUS. Come on, you have to know that.

        • Chemist

          Really like what? Please explain to me, what chlorine does not kill. There is a reason they put high amounts of chlorine in the water. It kills everything.

  • FistedSister

    Typical govt employees. Everyone you meet is more worthless and mean spirited than the last. Scumbags, every one of them.

    • Fuzziness

      Rough generalization…I don’t think you can lump everyone together like that. Many city employees enjoy helping people and serving their community. Others are just there for a paycheck – but that’s the way of the world. Calling people scumbags who police your streets, pick up your trash, and make sure you’re not living in a dirt hut with dirty water like other places seems foolish to me.

      • Bert’s Bells

        Just about every person you cross in Philly is mean-spirited regardless of their employer.

  • PPABootsquadVinnie

    I guess, Once Again, the only action the City of Philadelphia understands is a lawsuit. You just Know there’s an attorney out there to take this case on contingency, knowing full well the City will settle and these ‘thug employees’ will get fired. Where does the City get these ignorant bastards posing as Dept of Rec employees. Are there Any standards?

  • Johnny Jay

    Personally, I’m ok with half..or three quarters naked flat chested chicks swimming and tanning around me. But cut everyone a break, you KNOW there are conservatives just waiting to complain and it only takes one to sideline you. These are just city pools…what do you expect? No one has an “ism” against you (unless you consider Conservatism). Intelligence no longer prevails in America because somewhere along the line, dummies have been allowed to stand at the same microphone as the rest of us.

    • guesty-guestofferson-guestmein

      well said

  • mbeezy

    Clearly they need more to do at work. And perhaps a lesson in swimwear? What a bunch of morons.

  • Ali Senh

    I think the employees need to be more mature and professional. Who do they think they are to give problems to people about their swimwear and make fun of them, as if they’re in high school? That’s so childish and ridiculous. I’m not saying this is the worst thing ever, but I personally think these places need to hire better staff or straighten these jerks up.

  • Charliefoxtrot

    Uncaring city workers-I’m shocked. But the folks in the comments calling for firings is funny-what, you think this is the private sector? There’s half a million less people to “serve” in the city, with same amount of “public servants” “working” in Philly.

    You know, I might go buy another suit seeing as how the one I got looks like underwear. Certainly would say to myself the SECOND time it happens, “by George maybe possibly this suit is inappropriate looking!”
    But hey, #waronwomen and stuff.

    • autw

      For a moment I thought you misspelled your hashtag. I thought you were trying to say #wantonwomen.

      • Charliefoxtrot


  • jessp

    As a former city resident I only went to a city pool once and never returned due to rude staff and too many rules. I understand the need for rules since most of the people in the pool are young children with no parent or adult around except for the pool staff, but when I was told I could not be in the pool with my glasses ( that I can not see more then a foot away from me without ) or with my baseball cap that I wear to protect myself from the sun. After a short lived argument that I sensed was going in circles my friends and I got in the pool. However since I was basically blind and we didn’t feel very comfortable with our belongings on the bleachers on the other side of a 12 foot fence we decided to get in our car and drive 20 min to NJ and pay $10 to relax in a pool where we didn’t feel like a prisoner.

  • Brittany

    Not that the pool employees were right, but I bet they thought that because the top and bottom were not a matching set with typical swimsuit colors. I’m sure the employees are trained to look for stuff like that. The way they reacted after you showed the swim label was inappropriate, for sure.

  • Joe

    This woman purchases and wears a bathing suit that is no doubt specifically designed to look like a bra and panties (as would be expected from the perverts who design American Apparel clothes), apparently wears it under her normal clothes (i.e., like a bra and panties), and then is surprised when two separate groups of unrelated pool employees actually mistake it for a bra and panties. What a martyr.

    • Ames

      THANK YOU. Good god.

      • Oh Pa Leez

        Watch her further capitalize on her 15 minutes of notoriety by staying behind in LA with none other than a new job. Guess who (or what) for?

    • Italngrl

      Finally, someone with sense on here. I don’t buy her story. She was looking for trouble or why wouldn’t you wear a different suit to the pool when you have had issues and save that one for sunbathing in private. This whole story reeks of bs on both sides (her and the pool) and it disgusts me that she is being flown to get a new free bathing suit. I don’t believe this story for a minute. It was two separate pools and two separate set of employees so maybe, just maybe it’s her and not everyone else in the world!

    • Oh Pa Leez

      Well said Joe. That gal knew EXACTLY what she was doing when she bought that (tacky) swimsuit. It brought in attention and hmm, let’s see, other perks (trips to LA). Watch the copy catters come out of the wood work fantasizing the same scam.

      • Guest

        You hit the nail on the proverbial head Itlngrl. Kudos :)

    • cmbc587

      So I’m guessing that you would expect her to get changed into her bathing suit at the public pool instead of wearing the suit under her clothes? Seriously do you not wear clothes over your suit when you are in public and on the way to the pool or are you one of those people who walk around on the streets in a bikini? Did you even see the picture at the top? Does not look like a bra in any way to me.

  • Fashion victim

    And furthermore you rock that SWIMSUIT so keep wearing it. Damn the man save the suit!

    • Fuzziness

      Agreed she wears it well and should feel good about herself. Nothing wrong with that outfit at all.

  • Mitchell

    This is an example of sexual harassment. Treat it as such and make the employees take a course. If they continue, they get fired, just like any other business. At this point a written apology must be made from each employee.

    • titus2life

      sexual harassment????????????
      You are truly following the way of this world, I am sorry you cannot see the truth.

      • Frog_in_a_Blender

        I’m sorry you’re such an idiot. Mitchell sees the truth. You see nothing but the ass of the lemming in front of you.

    • crna74

      Go ahead, always playing the sexual harassment or race card when there is no need. Take it for what it is and comment accordingly, i.e. does it look like bra and panties?

  • sugar

    The top looks ok but the fabric of the bottoms does appear to be panty material. Not bad though compared to some suits I have seen.

    • Oh Pa Leez

      I think the gal wearing the suit is “panty material” *lol*

  • Chelley Martinka

    If someone dared to check the tags on my swimsuit you would be able to recognize the guard. They would be the one with a black eye and missing teeth. More needs to be said and, further, DONE, to stop this.

    • DannyDan

      Don’t be dense. Nobody’s gonna check your tags without consent. What would actually happen is you would refuse consent and not be allowed to swim.

      • Chelley Martinka

        No one should be able to check your tags. Period.

        • DannyDan

          Let’s say they are not able to check your tags even if you voluntarily offer to let them check, then what? You still appear to be wearing bras and panties which are against the rules so you are asked to leave. Please enlighten me with what action you are going to do next.

          • Chelley Martinka

            She told them they were not underwear. Why does everyone need to be questioned? No, I would not let anyone pull the back of my bikini bottom out to look at my tag.

          • DannyDan

            It has to be questioned because it looks questionable, and if you are in charge of ensuring nobody is wearing panties and bras in a pool and you make no attempt to do so, then you are putting your job on the line. Why would you expect somebody to put their job on the line so that you are not inconvenienced with a question? Sure, you may object, and hope for them to object to the rules as well, and you may want everyone to share your same opinion, but that is not how life works. There are more important things for them to care about such as paying their rent and putting food on the table than to ensure you get things your way even when they are against the rules. You have the right to seek happiness, you can seek a pool that allows your swimsuit without question, you can seek a position on city council to change the rules of a public pool, you can seek per-approval of your swimsuit before putting it on so that you avoid disagreeable questioning. There are many options you have to seek what you desire, but you don’t have the right, nor the ability. to force people to agree with your position. Unless of course you become the supreme leader under a dictatorship.

          • Chelley Martinka

            Your time and desire to continue to fight for the right to check a young woman’s obvious (if you know anything at all about style) bathing suit, has warranted my retirement from the conversation. I don’t agree that anyone should, for any reason put their hands on you- some lifeguard at a public pool should not be touching anyone unless they’re drowning. That’s just my opinion. Clearly we disagree. As life goes, I think we both have more important things to worry about. Good luck lady pool goers…

          • DannyDan

            If you carry a black plastic toy gun in a holster to a gun free mall, you should expect to be questioned. I doubt you can see the relationship of how the appearance of breaking rules leads to questions, whether or not you feel it’s right. Good luck in your endeavors.

          • Oh Pa Leez

            You’re wasting your time trying to get through to her. She’s stuck in in gear about it and unlikely to see this from someone else’s perspective (objectively).

    • DannyDan

      “They would be the one with a black eye and missing teeth.” I think this is why a lot of liberal minded people are afraid of guns. They feel acts of aggression is normal behavior because they do, and all disagreements would turn into gun fights because their own thoughts of solving problems is with violence.

  • stefanavalos

    Sounds like France…. of course, there they call ’em the ‘fashion police’.

    • FreeThoughtGuy

      You kidding, most french beaches women don’t even have to wear tops…

      • stefanavalos

        lol. true. But if they wear swimsuits that look like underwear, they’ll hear about it.

        • Fuzziness

          So…what you’re saying is you’ve never actually been to a French beach then. Understood.

          • stefanavalos

            No. I have been. Many times. Too bad you missed the point.

  • Rome

    I have an idea… how about employees treat customers with dignity and respect? Or is that too much to ask?

  • Tommy Grover

    Sadly, part of this is a Philly thing. Our blue collar roots shine through in cultural and fashion ignorance often. I recently was part of a wedding party that stayed at a city hotel with a pool. I own several LL Bean men’s swimsuits that look (and can be worn) as cargo shorts. They even have a mesh lining and are made from typical swimsuit material. I was prevented from using the pool for wearing ‘street clothing,’ while watching a 300 pound European man in a thong enjoy the pool. Ironically, I have worn similar swim trunks (I own them in every color) at major resorts in the Caribbean without hassle.

  • Why is this news?

    Confuse my bikini for panties once? Shame on you.
    Confuse my bikini for panties twice? Shame on me.

    If two different guards at two different pools confused Conn’s swimwear for underwear, maybe she should consider a different bathing suit. Could it be that simple? Or does this HAVE to ultimately come down to sexism/racism/patriarchy/slut shaming/rape culture/policing women’s bodies?

    Reprimand the snarky guards, and get this woman a less confusing swimsuit. Problem solved.

    • Oh Pa Leez

      I felt like saying the same thing you just did except worded somewhat differently ie, “Shazam Gomer, you just figured this out”? *lol*

  • Lin

    The hell? That looks like a regular swimsuit, if mismatched. If it were sheer or lacy, then sure… but nobody on the planet should mistake the top in particular for anything but swimwear, and even though the bottom is a nude color I can tell from the picture that it’s lycra. Two people mistook that for underwear? Those pools must have some really dim employees, I guess.

  • Analog Watch Co.

    Aside from being an amazing barista and extremely great friend, Lisa is also a very talented artist – you can see some of her awesome work at

  • FreeThoughtGuy

    prudes & body-phobes. All of ’em…

  • Larry A Singleton

    Were they Muslims?

    • Phronesis

      Are you racist?

      • Larry A Singleton

        Uh-huh. Can you tell me what race Islam is?

  • Laurie Smith

    THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME. This is not an isolated incident. A big male called to me “is that a bathing suit?” I looked around and said. “Me?” And he goes “yeah, is that a bathing suit?” To which I responded yes and proceeded to show him the tag. It was awkward and uncomfortable not to mention totally unecessary. Why should I have to prove to some d bag that w hat I’m wearing is, in fact, swimwear ? It’s 3 piece and Missoni dude I wouldn’t expect you to get it

    • Phronesis

      A big male? lol seriously…

    • Phronesis

      So walking around in something akin to undies and a bra is all good but showing a tag is awkward and embarrassing? Serious?

  • Laurie Smith

    THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME. This is not an isolated incident. A big male called to me “is that a bathing suit?” I looked around and said. “Me?” And he goes “yeah, is that a bathing suit?” To which I responded yes and proceeded to show him the tag. It was awkward and uncomfortable not to mention totally unecessary. Why should I have to prove to some d bag that w hat I’m wearing is, in fact, swimwear ? It’s 3 piece and Missoni dude I wouldn’t expect you to get it

    • Phronesis

      Why do you have to prove something… Because you are not allowed to swim in bra and panties, so if your swimware of choice looks a lot like them and less like a bathing suit.

      • Ames

        Exactly. And what the hell is a 3 piece.

        • DannyDan

          Booby pads?

    • DannyDan

      He didn’t force you to do anything. You chose to wear something that appeared to be against the rules so you were questioed about it. I am positive you had the option to not prove it was a swimsuit and leave instead. You, and only you, made the decision to stay and prove it was a swimsuit. If you feel it is too invasive to check while wearing it, you can go change into your street clothes. If you’re wearing around your swimsuit as your undergarments then you shouldn’t be allowed to swim at all, that’s exactly what health departments want to avoid for public safety.

      • Darren

        Public safety?! Relax loser. This different girl…shouldnt have to feel violated when coming to a public pool that her tax dollars pay to open and pay that man’s wages. It is inappropriate for a man to be checking a female’s swimsuit tags. If she wants to use something her tax dollars pay for she should not have to be harassed in doing so.

        • DannyDan

          She consented to him checking it dumb ass. He didn’t hold her hostage and demand that he be able to check the tags, she had the free will to say yes and stay or say no and leave.

          • Darren

            Rule #5 You’re an idiot! She shouldn’t be put in a situation where she has to decide whether to leave or not. She’s paying him to be there, not the other way around.

          • DannyDan

            She was being stupid wearing something that look like it was against the rules and expecting to not be questioned. She’s about as bright as someone carrying a toy gun in a holster to a gun-free mall and getting butt-hurt about being questioned. If it appears you are breaking rules, expect to be questioned, anyone with half a brain can figure this out.

        • DannyDan

          Not only did she consent, from the statement in her post she volunteered to show them without them asking her to prove it.

  • Chels

    Was there a point to making note of her profession as a barista? Anyway, the bottoms do look a little like panties, and I would think after two instances, she would have realized perhaps she should wear a different suit to the pools. Ah well, first world problems, I guess.

    • Ames

      I was wondering why the barista part is in there, too! That’s hilarious. Um, you’ve been kicked out of two pools. Two times. Might there be a slight issue with your underwear/bottom? Hmmm???

    • Oh Pa Leez

      Of course there was a point. She’s MARKETING herself. Her 15 minutes of fame is far from over. She’s going to build on (milk) that. She created her own reality show (with perks on the horizon) the minute she walked into public pools wearing that get up.

  • jg

    Her experience was upsetting, but perhaps there are some details missing. It could be the case that her swim trunks become sheer when wet. these things happen, trust me. a red flag for me is that this took place on two different occasions, at different pools, with an entirely different staff. te part that troubles me is everything that happened during her attempts to file a complaint.

  • Stephanie O’leary Mitchell

    I live in florida and during summer months i skip the bra and panties for a. Swimsuit so i am prepared to jump into any pool, lake, spring or the ocean…. You never know.

  • MSL

    I agree if you continue to have issues, then maybe you should wear a different suit. Don’t turn it in to women’s rights, just admit that maybe the bottoms look like underwear to the rest of us and get over it.

    • Ames

      But then you can’t be famous!!

  • Pamela Bradley

    She’s wearing it as underwear isn’t she? The bottoms do look like panties, as American Apparel designed them to look. The real issue isn’t that they checked, but that the public employees were rude about it and continued the harassment AFTER checking that it was in fact swim wear. That is unacceptable.

    • Ames

      IF it’s true. She’s probably spinning the story. It probably keeps growing and growing.

    • Darren

      American Apparel did NOT design them to look like panties. My friend works for their corporate office, that is not the intention here.

      • Pamela Bradley

        Fact is they DO look like panties. Not the only time American Apparel created controversy. I doubt the “look” just slipped their notice. Of course, that is not the issue at hand– the harassment of the public pool employees that continued after she’d demonstrated (via a questionable tag check) that her swimwear was a bathing suit.

  • Kitwench

    I can see that the bottoms *appear* to be panties, but asking that a patron allow a *female* staffer to check discretely is as far as that should go.
    Once the harassment began, I wish someone had thought to video the assailant. Because that’s what he was – he assaulted her verbally and sexually harassed her .
    He deserves to be terminated and charged with his crimes.

  • CHRaised

    What the hell did she expect going to Hunting Park?

  • Get Over It

    The continued ridicule is not ok but i could see how they thought the suit was in fact a bra and panties and it’s their job to not let people do that. I’m sure plenty of people actually try.

  • Scuzzy

    Obviously these men are eunuchs lol

  • Snickers

    What a pathetic way to try and get your face all over the Internet and be famous. I’m glad they didn’t give their names. Would you want to give your name to a whack job in a bikini bottom that is designed as a trick, to look like actual underwear, who is clearly going to go straight to Daily Mail and other tabloids and accuse you of racism?
    A race thing? Please.
    That is the ugliest bikini bottom I’ve ever seen. A bikini bottom designed to be a trick – to trick you into thinking it is underwear. Now, if you buy a trick bikini bottom, and it is made to make people think you are wearing underwear, and you are going to a public pool that has strict health department rules about not wearing underwear, um…………Might you not expect someone to tell you that you can’t swim?
    I’m impressed they were doing their job. Here in Atlanta they just let people swim in underwear. I see boys with their underwear underneath their swimsuits all the time. It’s disgusting. I wish our lifeguards would say something to people in underwear, or in bathing suits designed to look like underwear.
    And then she complains that she had to show the tag. Might you think that you might have to do that??? Come on. Brain cells please.
    And I SERIOUSLY doubt that the lifeguards at BOTH pools used the term “Bra and Panties.” PLEASE!!! Who says that! They probably didn’t say a thing about the top at all. They probably called the bottom “underwear.” And I bet only 5-10% of this story is true. Please don’t believe every word she (or anyone else) says.

    • Jocknerd94

      I bet you were born in the 1930’s. That is not a revealing bikini at all and looks rather tame compared to most other popular bikinis. After they found out it was swimwear they should have backed off.

    • Darren

      How is the bottom designed to trick people into thinking its underwear? The color is tan and though maybe thats the only color underwear your old ass wears, they aren’t very popular amongst young women today. Bra and panties are a pretty popular term…what do you call them drawers?? Stay in Atlanta. Worry about Atlanta. Nobody in Philly wants your opinion.

  • Oh Pa Leez

    I can hear the bells a tollin’ $$ Cha Ching-a-Ling!! $$

  • harry jones

    No one has mentioned it, but perhaps the guys that harassed her were Muslims! They don’t like anything less than total coverage for women. No one is mentioning it for fear of being labeled “Islamophobic” or racist! Islam is taking over the world and the US is no exception. Better get hip to it people before it’s too late.

    • DannyDan

      Maybe it wasn’t asked because it would be stupid for someone to work a job which forces them to see things all day long that goes against their faith.

  • DannyDan

    That’s downright nasty wearing around your bathing suit as undergarments all day. One of the reasons for the rule is safety. This girl’s complaint of being questioned isn’t anymore logical than some guy wearing a holstered toy gun and whining about being stopped by mall security to enforce their gun free rules. If you appear to be breaking rules, expect to be questioned. You don’t have to consent to being checked, you can leave.

    • getyourfactsstraightandaclue

      open carry is legal in philadelphia, they should not be stopping him at all.

  • HidingandWatching1

    From the look of her top, I’m surprised she has enough buoyancy to swim.

  • Guest

    Not very original. More like a tatted Sinead O’ connor in horn rimmed glasses. The expression on her face looks like she’s daydreaming about her (shopping) trip to LA

  • Tony

    Are you kidding me???? Lisa Conn, I live in Orlando, Florida….what better place to see people enjoying the recreation of the pools and beaches. But, NEVR have I ever heard of such ridiculous behavior by so-called city employees. You’re invited here to my home and enjoy swimming while wearing what you prefer to wear!!

  • Oh Pa Leez

    If you click on the “Update” link at the top of the page, she goes on to mention when and WHERE she’ll be staying, on what dates etc. Milking the topic. If that isn’t self promotion or company marketing, I’ll eat my (non-AA) hat!!
    Update Quote: “I just wanted to tell you thank you so so much! You listened to what happened and gave it a voice when the city would not. Unfortunately, I
    still have heard nothing from them…

    “I had no idea AA would respond this way, and I’m super excited. I am
    flying out August 4th to 6th, and they’re putting me up in the Ace
    Hotel, which is probably the fanciest hotel I have ever/may ever stay
    in. I get to tour the headquarters on the 5th and pick out swimwear.”


    Good for Lisa! She looks great and cool. I love American Apparel and how she wears it.

  • Oh Pa Leez

    QUIZ: AA means one of three things. Guess the correct (or befitting) answer.

    * * AA means:
    (1) American Apparel
    (2) Alcoholics Anonymous
    (3) Bra Size

    • guest

      3 def

  • Bob

    How dare she make those fat Americans feel fatter and inadequate.

  • titus2life

    God’s Word says in 1 Timothy 2:9 “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety;

    The Creator of this universe is calling to you, His wrath is against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men. He made a way to escape this wrath. Trust that HE alone can save you, “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.” Nothing of yourselves can save you, you are incapable of even the very best works saving you from this wrath. But He made the way easy just by believing on HIM!

    Then you have the privilege of living unto HIM and all the unfruitful works of darkness that you did can be redeemed. He actually let’s you buy the wasted time in darkness back if you want to walk Holy and live Righteously. It isn’t popular but it is sure worth it ALL!

    To the woman who this story is about…I ask her to consider the WHY she chooses to wear next to nothing. It is purely selfish, love for self, self worship “who worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator” is how the Bible puts it, (you are the creature He created). Wanting others to look at you is the only reason. That is the nature of sin. But if you are not saved through Jesus Christ than you are a slave to this sin and there is no way out but to choose accept what God has done for you.
    Love Him, serve Him, Follow Him!

  • sugar

    Might as well just wear mens bathing trunks and complete the picture

  • Alia

    it looks like underwear and second its disgusting to work all day long in your bathing suit because your ass it too lazy to change? it takes what 2 minutes. Third her face is the reason what paper bags were made for….

  • Dave

    I think we should gather a few Women, in American Apparel Bikinis, and visit random Philly Public Pools. When the Harassment begins, we can then drag these “City Employees” into the street and show them what Humiliation, truly, is. I guess it’s not always “Sunny in Philadelphia.”

  • Nugget

    The purpose of a wearing a clean swimsuit in a pool, much less a public pool is for hygiene purposes. That is why you have a shower and change into a clean swimsuit prior to entering the pool. This woman clearly did not do that and entered the pool with a swimsuit that she uses as underwear that she had worn all day.

    Whilst both parties were rude to one another, the swimming pool employees were enforcing the rules in the interest of public health as the swimsuit looked (and by design) like underwear by asking her to change into her swimsuit.

  • Frog_in_a_Blender

    I feel soooo much better now that Ms Whittle has labeled this incident “unfortunate.” That’s some pretty strong language from a city worker. What bravery on her part. /snark

    Seriously, if that’s the best cheesesteak city can do, you all are in a heap of trouble. Those pool employees should endure an uncomfortable experience of their own — in the unemployment line.

    • Guest

      “bra and panties” is strong language?

  • yourkidding

    How does this inane psychobabble merit national media attention?

  • 247working

    First of all they do have ID with photo laminated. 2nd who cares what she wares. Go to any public pool in the City of Philadelphia and she what some people ware.One girl I personally saw was over weight and waring a binki that I could not even she in her fat.
    The City of Philadelphia does have in place for anyone who works for City a Sexual Hassment Policy.File a report with the city and police and see a lawyer. Go back and
    ID the people. Don’t let them get away with this. They will just keep doing this to other

    • HmmLetMeThink

      This exonerates her breaking the health code, how again?

  • HmmLetMeThink

    Sounds like female egocentrism, looking for some freebies. Your cup size has ZERO to do with your choice of swimwear. Good thing there was a female supervisor there, or she’d probably be claiming assault, and blaming her swimwear on the security guard. Newsflash: it’s their job. You’re like the shirtless, shoe-less patron arguing at the restaurant manager. The bottoms do look like underwear. Take your tax paying butt to Target and get a matching two piece, problem solved. So you’re telling me for the sake of amicability you couldn’t find a better suit, or you thought you were too good to?

  • crna74

    IMO this individual was just seeking attention! Looks like a bra and panties to me.