Philly, Just Get Over Wawa Already

I confess, I’m not from here, but why so much emotional investment in something so, well, pedestrian?


First, there’s the name. Wawa. A word that sounds like nonsense. Like baby talk. Like a sad trombone. Wah-wah.

Thinking, I guess, that I’m not originally from here and thus a little ignorant about such things, the Wawa lover will generally inform me, tone pious, that “wawa” is the Ojibwe word for the Canadian goose in the company’s logo.

I mean no disrespect to the tribe — neither the Ojibwe nor the Philadelphian — but no amount of etymology can change the fact that seven years into my Philly life, I’m still mortified to utter the phrase, “We’re going to Wawa for a Sizzli.”

My husband, a Philly native, will drive us 10 miles out of our way on road trips, past BPs, 7-Elevens, Sunocos, Dunkins and countless other pit stops, in order to hit up a Wawa for that Sizzli. Or, more often, for the coffee, which he swears is the best road coffee money can buy. The dark roast is above par, but it’s still just coffee. When a gallon of gas costs three times as much as the coffee you’re driving to fetch and the convenience chain of choice has closed so many city outposts that a soul can hardly even call it convenient, it’s time to question such devotion.

To a Wawa fan, though, that statement is high treason. I might as well suggest we all start rooting for the Cowboys, or spit on Ben Franklin’s grave.

It’s not that I don’t understand Wawa’s attributes — the appeal of a free ATM, the cool touchscreens, the Gobbler Shorti. But when a friend tells me her nephew won’t consider any colleges outside the Wawa realm, or when a couple of colleagues spend a half hour warmly reminiscing about Wawa jingles, or when a local Tweeter cheekily suggests the death penalty for a robber stealing from Wawa, it sparks a sort of anthropological curiosity in me: How can any convenience store inspire this fanaticism? A level of loyalty usually reserved for sports teams, alma maters, firstborn sons? Surely there’s cash wrapped into those Shortis. Or free weed in the pizza chicken cheesesteak. Or a golden ticket in one of those Kandy Kakes. Otherwise, who are these people who have so much extra emotion lying around that they can invest it in something so pedestrian? What is the big freaking deal?

In fact, I suspect that the Wawa love lies not in the Sizzli or the Shorti or even the sum of all Wawa parts. This is a love rooted in sentimentality: the familiar glow of the Wawa highway sign on your journey home; the summer trips to the Wawa down the Shore; the feeling that in a world of change, the Shorti is, as one friend puts it, “our true north.”

Maybe in another few years, I’ll be a part of this curious fan club, too, forcing my husband to just hold it until we can get to a Wawa bathroom (so that we can then also buy some slightly-above-average coffee).

Until that happens, though, I can only watch and wonder — while I’m at the coffee bar, while I’m at the touchscreen, while I’m driving that long road back to the highway — just what it is about this funny-sounding chain that has Philadelphia so enamored. For now, I’ll quietly take my hoagie and think to myself: Wawa ain’t all that.

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  • Dude

    Wawa love is a class indicator. Po folks don’t have wawas.

    • Dude

      Also, all the food at Wawa is disgusting. Its all microwaved! Sizzlis, Shortis, etc…just no. Better soft pretzels every where else. Better sandwiches at pretty much any other local sandwich chain (such low quality meat and ingredients!). I wish to never ever eat a meal there again.

      • jerseyfresh84

        i’m a food manager at wawa and i can assure you nothing in our store sees a microwave. we don’t even have microwaves. those things you see are ovens and toasters.

        • ST

          I’m pretty concerned about “Dude” not knowing the difference between microwaves, ovens, and toasters.

          • Winky Cat

            As long as “Dude” isn’t involved in food prep, other than in his own kitchen….

        • okeydokeyartichokey

          Maybe he got Wawa confused with Sheetz…

          • Dude

            Sheetz is nasty too

        • Dude

          Not much difference between a microwave and the infrared reheater that you guys use.

          • CHRaised

            In your non-credible opinion.

      • Helen Azar

        I seriously doubt that dude.

        • Dude

          Wawa closed their stores in poorer areas.

          • Helen Azar

            I was talking about the microwaving bit…

          • Helen Azar

            There is a very big difference in fact between microwave and toaster/infrared… which are used to keep some things warm… You have no idea what you are talking about…

          • Dude

            Oh, apparently they aren’t microwaves, they are infrared toaster ovens. Same thing as far as I’m concerned. It is still reheated food, its not fresh.

          • Winky Cat

            How about a list to back that up? They also closed the Chestnut Hill and Rittenhouse Square stores…neither considered “poor” areas.

          • rg9rts


          • Winky Cat

            Hey RG! What are you doing in Philadelphia?

          • rg9rts

            Vegas was busy

          • Winky Cat

            We do have a casino here now…Sugarhouse. And a couple outside the City. How’s things with you?

          • rg9rts

            We are on part trois now the rest is archived. haven’t seen you so I thought I’d annoy you.

          • Winky Cat

            No annoyance at all, we’re cool! Just some other silliness I needed to step back from. One day I breezed past, I thought I saw an announcement the site was closing for the summer. Never heard of that before. I see that changed.

            I’ll pop back soon. You know us cats, always prowling around! You take care!

          • rg9rts

            The boss thought it was slow but I convinced he to keep it up. So in 3+days almost 1600 comments. LOL

          • CHRaised

            Yet they still have them in plenty of lower-class and working class areas.

      • the criddler

        They only thing they dont have are grills and fryers. the use ovens and rethermolyzers – i think thats something they invented because its not even a word. but the process is taking a bag full of frozen food and defrosting it and heating it quickly in very hot but not boiling water its all for insurance purposes…no fryers no grills …less chance of a fire and no grease burns. No sir, they don’t microwave things to make them hot, you are misinformed.

      • CHRaised

        Seriously, just stop already, loser.

    • Winky Cat

      Bull! My work required me to travel to most areas in and around the city, and I could usually always find a WAWA. They are primarily located along main streets and transportation routes. (Castor, Germantown, Bustleton, Torresdale, Frankford, Rising Sun, Cottman, Walnut, Chestnut, Spruce, Aramingo, Richmond, Erie, 69th, etc.)

      No, they are not necessarily in the middle of neighborhoods like corner stores.

    • CHRaised

      Na, not really.

  • McGair Valois

    “Wawa Ain’t All That”. Why not go ahead and make some other dangerous statements like “Mike Schmidt was an okay hitter” or “Dr. J wasn’t that great at dunking” or “Jerry Blavat is a mediocre DJ” or “the Mummers are a bunch of drunk mooks”. Okay that last one is arguable but you get my jist.

    You’re walking a dangerous line, ma’am. You got some guts.

    • Dude

      Jerry Blavat too.

    • mommy’s little monster

      It doesn’t take guts to say you’re not a Wawa fan. It takes guts to publish something so poorly written on such a mundane topic.

    • Dragon

      Jerry Blavat isn’t even a “DJ” because he has someone else DJ while he talks over the damn songs! Hy Lit – now that was a DJ!!

  • Donald Sterling

    What’s more sad is that this shameful rag has nothing else to write about, so a default story on Wawa has to fit the bill.
    Yet another slow day on
    Eagerly awaiting the next “story” by Jayhawk Joel Mathis where he cuts and pastes….

    • guest

      You write the same comment on every PhillyMag article I read.

      There is NOTHING more sad than that. Your entire existence is worthless

  • billmedicare

    If you had balls they would be cut off by now

  • Joe Burkle

    It’s funny, it is a very overrated convenience store. But we love our Wawa, and I’m there at least once a day. Coffee is great. The food has grown in variety which is very cool, but the hoagies are ,,, well pretty lame. Brilliant marketing, community involvement and super clean. The food sure is so so at best, but I still gotta have my Wawa.

  • Gina

    you’re never going to win this argument with a bunch of Philly readers.

  • ST

    What I just read was essentially, “I’m kind of bored and have nothing else to write about, so I think I’ll poke the sleeping Philly bear with a stick.”

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    • Matt Shaw


    • Guest


      surely you expected a lot of blowback for writing this article. Maybe
      you just wanted some extra attention. I’m not one to judge what people
      do to get attention of any sort, but please don’t hate on a lifestyle.
      Wawa is a lifestyle shared by thousands. One built on loyalty, bonding
      peopletogether over a love of Sizzlis, Hoagiefest, the 9,000 different blends
      of coffee, and so much more. As a native Delaware Countian, birthplace
      of the Wawa Dairy, Wawa’s roots lay close to my home…as well as my
      heart. So struggle all you want, but expect no folly in your husband’s
      or any other loyal human’s desire to go those extra miles for the savory
      goodness, which is WAWA.

      (Johnny Knoxville has a Wawa tattoo)

    • Guest

      surely you expected a lot of blowback for writing this article. Maybe
      you just wanted some extra attention. I’m not one to judge what people
      do to get attention of any sort, but please don’t hate on a lifestyle.
      Wawa is a lifestyle shared by thousands. One built on loyalty, bonding
      together over a love of Sizzlis, Hoagiefest, the 9,000 different blends
      of coffee, and so much more. As a native Delaware Countian, birthplace
      of the Wawa Dairy, Wawa’s roots lay close to my home…as well as my
      heart. So struggle all you want, but expect no folly in your husband’s
      or any other loyal human’s desire to go those extra miles for the savory
      goodness, which is WAWA.

      (Johnny Knoxville has a Wawa tattoo)

    • Drew Helbling


      surely you expected a lot of blowback for writing this article. Maybe
      you just wanted some extra attention. I’m not one to judge what people
      do to get attention of any sort, but please don’t hate on a lifestyle.
      Wawa is a lifestyle shared by thousands. One built on loyalty, bonding
      together over a love of Sizzlis, Hoagiefest, the 9,000 different blends
      of coffee, and so much more. As a native Delaware Countian, birthplace
      of the Wawa Dairy, Wawa’s roots lay close to my home…as well as my
      heart. So struggle all you want, but expect no folly in your husband’s
      or any other loyal human’s desire to go those extra miles for the savory
      goodness, which is WAWA.

      (Johnny Knoxville has a Wawa tattoo)

  • Helen Azar

    It is NOT overrated at all… It is so much better than any other convenience store!

  • Crazy Bill

    Sheetz is better.

    • the criddler

      Sheetz has fryers, wawa doesnt – thats what gives sheetz the menu advantage….however i would argue wawa’s food is higher quality. Their rolls alone, understanding the philly area, are much better for ‘hoagies’ than sheetz SUB rolls.

    • Dick Tuna

      Sheetz is absolute garbage. I’ve been to three separate locations, and at all three have waited for over 20 minutes for those stupid mac and cheese bites as FOUR employees wandered around behind the counter doing NOTHING. Everything in there is lower quality than Wawa. It’s like a 7-11 disguised as a Wawa, and it’s vomit-worthy.

  • okeydokeyartichokey

    So what convenience store do you prefer? If you’re going to put down my Wawa, tell me what tickles your convenience store fancy.

    Also, is it safe to assume that you’re boycotting Welcome America festivities since it’s all sponsored by Wawa?

    • ST

      I’m trying to figure out what other convenience stores we even have in Philly other than 7-11, which is obviously subpar in comparison, and bodegas. Old Nelson?

      • Winky Cat

        Only ones I can think of are gas station connected like A-Plus, BP, etc. But I don’t think they even have fresh made food like WAWA. (shriveled up self-serve hot dogs don’t count!)

  • Nope

    What’s the BIG DEAL? How bout this lady… People love WaWa for many reasons. It’s a great company with great food! Don’t be a hater over its stupid name. Stupid lady.

  • John Steele

    Also, this is a giant troll job. Kinda lame for Philly Mag.

  • eye roll

    Click-bait. And poorly edited at that.

  • G Dubs

    I hate to say it (probably because I’m in a state of denial), but the quality of Wawa food really took a nose dive in recent years.

  • RichDuggan

    Canadian goose??!?!?!? What, does it play hockey and where a toque? It is CANADA goose. I guess I can’t expect good writing from such a dullard who doesn’t get Wawa.

    • Bill Apfl

      says the idiot who types “where” instead of “wear”…

  • JB215

    Wawa is good but definitely slipping over the past couple years. Please bring back the old rolls. Ever since they started baking or heating up in house, the hoagies are horrible and close to un-eatable. PLEASE go back to the old rolls. The pretzels are also horrible – just don’t carry them if you are going to sell us bad pretzels.

    • G Dubs

      PREACH! I also miss the days they used quality lunchmeat as well.

    • Bippity Boppity

      I’ve learned that the key is to have the roll toasted. Much better at that point.

    • Donna

      The rolls they bake, instead of Amoroso, are also narrower, I think.

      • Maria

        They are still amoroso rolls, come to the store 85% cooked and lose their freshness very quickly

        • Donna

          Touché, then. What did they used to do? Just have fully-baked Amoroso rolls and now they get par-baked and finish in store?

    • Brittany

      I work for wawa and I totally agree with the pretzel/roll comment our old rolls were a million times better and out pretzels are rock hard and some are way way waaaay too salty.

    • DAME

      I will agree that they need to just go back to Amoroso rolls…and when yall do, ask them to bake a wheat roll for ya…a wheat Amoroso would probably be BANGING….

  • pjbthree

    A little desperate for content now, aren’t we?

  • yougotit

    I actually agree…I’ve never quite understood the appeal of WaWa. Unless you truly enjoy subpar, overly salty, over priced food and low quality deli meats there are sooo many other options.

    • DAME

      One of the 2% of folks in the tri state that feels this way….

    • Sean

      Are you serious? Walking into a Sheetz is the same experience as walking into a dive bar with no janitor.

  • Jennifer Daly

    I’d love to know where she’s originally from so we can mock her home town favorites.

    • laurenalice

      I think Chicago. That pizza, wtf.

      • ChicagNO

        It’s just a jar of Ragu wrapped in crust. That ain’t pizza.

      • Moch coach

        Why make something so deep if it’s not a pool?

  • crashbtr

    I know of a place where you can shove your hoagie !

  • Mike

    This is probably the dumbest article i’ve ever read.

  • cs


  • laurenalice

    Who the f uses a Wawa bathroom?

    • Winky Cat

      What a silly question! Anyone whose job requires long periods of time in a car or truck, and travels in and around the city has probably popped into a WAWA to use the facilities.

    • DAME

      Every Wawa bathroom i ever stepped into was clean as hell…

  • Tom McConaghy

    WAWA is the Best–It u don’t like –keep ur trap shut –ASSH@@disqus_ODnDi4EuNp:disqus

  • Tark Blimtrep

    Even Johnny Knoxville has a Wawa tattoo on his shoulder. You Nazi pinko commies are all the same…

  • Rudi

    Like you said your not from here so don’t knock it if you grew up with WaWa dairies in the back yard of your childhood you would appreciate that it is a big deal…..don’t knock a tradition just because you have different traditions.

  • mlmoore24

    If you ever lived in another state, you know why WAWA rocks! Other convenience stores just do not compare.

  • Bippity Boppity

    I love Wawa. It’s great, but I definitely prefer Sheetz over Wawa. Better food options, larger stores, much nicer bathrooms. Among other things.

  • AM

    I’m not going to get all p’d off because this woman does not get Wawa’s attraction that most of us have. Just tired of people with nothing better to do writing a stupid column to disparage people/things for which they have no understanding. Please shut up or leave town.

  • James McDevitt

    Far too many “transplanted Philadelphians” have opinions about the city, our traditions, our vocabulary and pronunciation. Just a fair warning to all you out of towners….get over yourselves….or go back to whatever southern rock you crawled out from under.

    • FLclyde

      the author crawled out of a Midwest / Chicagoland rock, but I understand and agree with your point.

    • CHRaised

      For real, especially the West Coasters, so damn full of themselves.

  • Pam P

    For starters… Wawa has the best price around for gasoline and is from a domestic source. The coffee is a reliable (and drinkable) strength, and having an ATM with no fees IS a big deal.
    I have to agree with ST that the author just had to find something to write about and thought this was clever. It was not.

    • FLclyde

      You win, Pam. Recently Wawa came to my adopted Central FL home and it’s such a godsend compared to creepy FL stores.

  • Donna

    It’s CANADA goose, not Canadian goose!

  • Rick
    • Burmy

      this is the best response ever

  • John G

    Move to somewhere that doesn’t have a Wawa and your tune would change. You are acting like a spoiled brat.

  • samsamsam333

    Best things I can say about a Wawa is that it’s clean, it’s got better food than a 7-11 and I can order a sandwich without having to talk to anyone.

    The food is mediocre at best. Best way to explain the Philly loyalty is to look at the options — nasty roach infested corner stores, horrible fast-food places, or greasy pizza/cheese steak places. Thinking about them makes me want to go to a Wawa

    • DAME

      Here we go, another pot-shot sounding comment….smfh

    • CHRaised

      Yet you all try to copy our food.

  • Marc Philly Fergy Ferguson

    Despite what you may or may not feel about the Wawa stores, the Organization itself I personally have the utmost respect for. Wawa donates millions of dollars each year to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and many other charities. Employees from all over the Wawa Universe come to CHOP each and every Wednesday, (Sometimes more) to volunteer at the hospital in their free time. They also donate food and beverages for the children, families and visitors at CHOP. A very good group of people that care about the community that they live and work in.

    • Sean

      Couldn’t agree more. Wawa is an extension of the community…People don’t only go to THEIR Wawa to get food on the go, they go to bump into their friends, say “Hi” to the people who work there who know what milk our families buy, what coffee we drink, what cigarettes we smoke, ask us how our parents are doing, etc. This scrub beat writer wouldn’t understand, hope she moves.

  • Colin Brian Lubbe

    There is a connection with Wawa that only people that grow up in this area can attest to. The two hour drive down the shore is broken up by Wawa stops. Wawa is a mile-marker for most people. The biggest reason we love it, it’s ours. It’s not a giant nation-wide chain like 7-11 or BP or Sunoco/APlus. Finding good coffee when the world is overrun by awful, awful Starbucks, is a virtue that I guess is lost on you. Your husband is right, Wawa is the best coffee money can buy. It’s a shame that he hasn’t been able convince you not to talk ill of a Philadelphia-area legend.

    • Murrayman

      Just stop — stop. Their coffee is terrible. Its the crappiest cheap arabica, ground by a blade (boulders and dust), and bagged weeks before being used. Sooo — it tastes murky, underextracted, and stale. Yum. Other than that its awesome.

      • Winky Cat

        Please share with us YOUR choice for better coffee, on the run, at the same price. And what you make at home doesn’t count.

        • Murrayman

          Yeah when you throw in the ‘at the same price’ its a wrench. Thats the thing — I have very few indulgences. But I want an exceptional cup of coffee, and am willing to (horror!) pay a dollar or so above Wawa’s rock bottom pricing to have that. You get what you pay for.

      • CHRaised

        Reapect others’ right to have an opinion.

    • philman

      I’m not a huge fan of Starbucks coffee, but how can someone seriously claim that it’s inferior to Wawa’s? I mean, Wawa’s coffee??? Maybe when seriously caffeine-deprived…

      • ThatGuy

        Having worked at Starbucks for quite a few years, I feel morally obligated to let you know that this superior ‘coffee’ that you drink is about 90% milk.

        • Non

          Maybe the lattes and such are, but you are also making them with espresso, not coffee. Coffee coffee is 90% water.

      • JettMartinez

        Starbucks makes great fancy drinks. Their plain coffee is overly bitter and tastes burnt 90% of the time.

  • jpb

    I just read how can we get people to buy a magazine that is written by middle schoolers and features a lot of party photos that no one cares about, save the people in the party photos.

  • Nikki Black

    Wawa icees got me through chemo-induced menopause and subsequent hot flashes. This broad can move.

  • Murrayman

    She raises a fair point. The gas is relatively cheap. The no fee ATM is cool. But really, what do they do well? The coffee stinks, plain and simple. Their milk is just okay. The sandwiches are fairly well inedible. They are clean, and they hustle you through the checkout, meaning that employees are trained to pay attention to checkout volume, and move you through accordingly. The pretzels are bad. The milkshake in that machine is bad.

    • DAME

      I wonder which Wawa you went to that gave u a fairly inedible sandwich…must have been high and grumpy that night….smh

      • Murrayman

        Conshohocken State Road — West Conshy — lunch. I forget what it was but I’m thinking it was a chicken cutlet. Inedible. Threw it out, haven’t had one since. There are too many better alternatives in the area, including Pete’s, 4th St, Totaro’s, Tony and Joe’s, Primo’s.

        • Sean

          Wawa’s don’t serve chicken cutlets, bozo.

    • CHRaised

      The sandwiches are inedible? Dudes like you who clearly ain’t from a Philly type background and can’t get over yourselves annoy me to no end. Just shut it already. We do some things better here than wherever nowhere place you’re from. Get the F over it already and learn some respect.

      • Murrayman

        YO I ain’t from a Philly type background yo? Is Ridley Twp. a Philly enough type background yo? Respek? I is about two miles from the first Wawa, on the news now, about to close. Their sandwiches suck. Its that simple. Love how you suggest in one reply I need to respect peoples’ opinions, then rip my opinion in another reply. Awesome. Philly yo.

        • CHRaised

          Haha Ridley? No, it ain’t. Being from Ridley is like being from Glenolden. And name a single decent hoagie place in Ridley. Yes, learn respect. You might be from the metro but you’re no different than every other full of themself suburbanite. You need a lesson in humility. I grew up on real hoagies made by Italians formerly of Southwest Philly and I find Wawa sandwiches to be far from inedible. When I was growing up they didn’t even make them. They just sold overpriced, packaged sandwiches that were a disgrace. And as for the rest, you’re overdoing it there Beaver and I disrespected your opinion because you continuously disrespect the opinions of others. Wannabe Philly yo. I bet you tell everybody you’re from Philly.

          • Murrayman

            Yo yo yo the home of Wawa ain’t Philly enough to comment on Wawa, yo. You’re a dill weed. Yeah, I’m in Ridley, so therefore I can only eat Ridley sandwiches. Lets see, Primo’s, Capriotti’s. Where I work, Lenny’s, Primo’s. I was born in Mt Airy, chump, raised in Mt Pleasant and Roxborough, then moved. So I’m aware of Casapullas where I used to work, there’s Pastifico, Sarcone’s, Shank’s. I’m done with you. You’re a clown.

          • CHRaised

            Dill weed? Okay Bart Simpson. Neither Capriotti’s or Primo’s are Ridley establishments. And make up your mind, is it Ridley or Roxborough you’re from? No, actually you’re a clown and you prove that with every comment you make. If you’re all of the sudden not “from” Ridley then why claim Ridley in the first place? And really, try harder. You haven’t made enough of an ass out of yourself yet.

  • Murrayman

    Heres how you know Wawa offerings are mediocre: What donuts are better, Wawa or Dunkin?

    • Winky Cat

      Are you serious??? Neither! Dunkin DONUTS have the worst, greasy aftertaste I have ever experienced.

      WAWA is not a donut shop, I doubt they make those stale, dry donuts they carry. Go to a “real” bakery if you want a decent donut.

      • pjcostello

        Actually, Wawa does make all of its own donuts at a Wawa bakery just over the bridge in NJ.

        • Winky Cat

          Well thanks for the info. Question: Do they keep the fresh ones for the Jersey area and send the dried out ones over here to PA?

          As much as I dislike Dunkin Donuts, at least they seem fresher and are not “man-handled” by the public at large. Yes, I know there is no guarantee the counter person has clean hands, but there is some limit on who has handled the donuts!

          • pjcostello

            No, they’re delivered every morning from the bakery to the stores, as far as I know. It’s been a few years since I worked for them, but that was the way it was done. The day-old stuff gets distributed to the employees. I used to travel to the bakery from the main office, and bring backs boxes of donuts and stuff for my fellow IT workers.

          • Winky Cat

            Maybe I picked up a couple of the “end of the day” leftovers. Funny, I was at a WAWA yesterday and noticed (on the bakery display) a “Baked By WAWA” (or similar worded) sign!

            With all the pluses WAWA has going for it, please don’t think I (like the writer) was overall complaining about WAWA! For many years when I traveled around the city for business, WAWA was always a welcome sight to grab a quick drink, lunch or snack. (Just not a donut!)

      • Murrayman

        Thats just my point — there is something better anywhere else, but somehow I must get in line in the regional worship because they’re all conveniently located in one shop? Lousy, schmutzy pretzels, stale, flavorless donuts, bland, unexciting hoagies, lousy coffee — all in one stop!

        • CHRaised

          Really, enough of your delusional nonsense already.

  • FLclyde

    I’m sure the Midwest misses you. Feel free to go back. Sorry Wawa chose Central FL to expand to over Chicagoland…get over it.

  • Jazz

    Google could have been your best friend lady, Wawa is a town here in Pennsylvania where Wawa dairies are located. As a child I used to love to take a ride with my grandfather to on of the handful of stores here in Philly to go buy milk. Now it is nice to see familiar place dotted along the highways of the East Coast. We are about tradition in this town and we have a problem with folks who want to mess with our traditions.

  • Mark Stahl

    I call BS. There’s a wawa every 2 miles in the New Jersey/eastern Pennsylvania, so i highly doubt you’re driving THAT far out of the way. And you mentioned 7/11 as an alternative? Get real.

  • Susan Laddon

    Hey Christine? Move back to wherever you are from. This. from a San Diego resident of 13 plus years who misses WAWA every damn day of my life. Just… MOVE already, Philly/PA doesn’t need your negativity.

  • Lianna

    Ugh. Just go away.

  • Dan W

    like this woman from Chicago has any room to talk. their claim to fame is a 20 inch thick piece of cardboard they call dough smothered in tomato juice

  • Alyssia Karin Reifinger

    Ok 1st did you know Wawa means goose? 2nd It is one of the top xompanies to work for ie health insurance 401k and other perks like savings that they put whatever percentage you put in to match also if you were to go into forclosure or had a bill you couldn’t pay they help you with it. 3rd its a north eatern thing I will say for the fact some of the quality has gone down over the years but there is nothing like a wawa hoagie on a fresh amoroso roll sorry I lived in Kentucky for 8 years and when I came back thats all I wanted because subway and blimpie and sheetz are not the same

  • So who is this silly hack of a writer that obviously hasn’t spent enough time in Philly? Wawa is what it is to us because all of the alternatives…well….suck. I haven’t seen a 7-11 that looks like it has even a vague idea of what the word “clean” means. If it don’t come out of a bag, I won’t get it from a 7-11. And I honestly can’t think of any other close competition. Sonoco??? Come on! You HAVE to be from Jersey. Who wakes up first thing in the morning like hmm….I think I’d enjoy a cup of coffee accompanied by the oh so pleasant smell of gasoline. Or how about the fact that it is the ONE chain store where you can go in and get a sandwich made when you ordered it, have it done within 10 minutes and cost under 6 bucks? Nowhere that’s where. The best you can get from 7-11 is a 3 hour old sandwich which more often than not has soggy bread. I’ll pass on that. To wrap this up. We enjoy quality in Philly. Everybody here has a papi store (love to hear your take on those) that makes a cheesesteak but that doesn’t mean we still won’t drive CLEAR across the city Pats, or Genos, or Maxx’s, or Delesandros, depending on where you live. Its just what we do. If you don’t like it, quit complaining buy a Romo jersey…and move.

  • debraggery

    I moved to Florida and have even written to Wawa about opening stores here. Guess what! There’s one being built about a mile from me and I’m exceedingly happy!

  • Apellehairpro

    WaWa is a great organization. Family owned, operated and they promote from within, train their employees, do things right. Despite having to deal with the nonsensical drivers in their parking lots, fight for a space at a gas pump on Saturdays and wait in line for a coffee, I’m happier seeing them succeed than a WalMart, where they treat their emloyees like garbage and pay them nothing.

  • JP

    She’s obviously just bored and trying to get a rise out of the locals. Maybe an amateur comedian at best as well and must stick to writing to barely make ends meet. Are you jealous because you do not have something so great in your little hipster neck of the woods?

  • envymom

    Waaaa waaa. I guess you like the Piggly wiggly better. Wawa is hometown baby. You ain’t from here so u wouldnt understand.

  • WAWA

    P.S. they are american!!!!!!!

  • Jackie Chipotle

    This…warrants an article? Dude, go west in PA – you have the same exact phenomenon surrounding the Sheetz convenience stores (full disclosure; I’m a western pa transplant, I prefer Sheetz but have love in my heart for wawa too) – and literally go anywhere in the country and they’ll all have their “places”. It’s not some weird Philadelphia thing. “My, but people tend to connect with and form positive/nostalgic associations with local and regional businesses that they frequent. This isn’t something weird that needs some kind of anthropological commentary. It’s like going to Dublin and being like “hey guys…just get over Guinness already, I mean come on!” I imagined this whole article delivered a seinfeldian monologue.

  • WAWA

    And i repeat!! THEY ARE AMERICAN!!!!

  • Johanna Kaepernick

    Philadelphians are generally pedestrian. Of course we love such simple things, but I do agree WaWa isn’t the bomb. It is better than a lot of other gas station minimart alternatives though (A plus minimart, Sheetz, etc. which all are terrible). At least WaWa has decent options and has some fresh food.

    • CHRaised

      Simple does not always equal pedestrian.

  • Lynne

    No need for us to get upset fellow Philly folk…Christine does not get it, she never will, she is not one of us. Let’s just ignore her and hope she moves back to wherever she came from.

  • john

    I was reading, then fell asleep half way through…lamest article ever? Close

  • Michael F’in Rainey

    This broad needs a job.

  • JB Braun

    indeed. Leave it to Philly Mag to trash a noble institution that gives
    back to the community, pays MORE than the minimum wage, has a company
    that nearly 40% of the employees own. If you don”t get it, don’t go.
    #SupportTheGoose #FlyStrong

  • JB Braun

    Treason indeed. Leave it to flippant Philly Mag to take the contra position of a place that pays MORE than minimum wage, is owned by 40% of the employees. If you don’t get it, don’t go. Better yet, leave. #SupportTheGoose #FlyStrong

  • Hollywood

    You have never lived in South Florida where convenience stores are privately-owned & sketchy and smell like & serve mystery meat curries with rude staff attending. Its a real crap shoot. Familiarity and neighborhood feel is comforting.

  • Kate Daniel

    You’ll come around… They always come around…

  • BN

    you should be fired and deported from the philadelphia area

  • iman

    I confess, you have a right to your opinion, but why invest so many words in something so, well, pointless and insulting? And why did I invest so much time reading and responding to this, well, crap?

  • Hezekiah Stephan Shabazz

    You shut your mouth. SHUT IT. Or we’ll shut it for you!

    The Wawa Mafia

  • Leah

    Wawa isn’t baby talk, fyi, it’s a native American name of the Canadian goose

  • Ben Cacchione

    They’re called “Canada Geese”, not “Canadian Geese”.

  • K in Philly

    you accidentally nailed it. Wawa = home country

  • K in Philly

    something else … in my many many many trips to Wawa over the years, I can’t think of a single time it was below ok … how many fast food or convenience places can you say that about Even Starbucks or Dunkin occasionally gives you someone else’s soy latte when you gag on soy milk, but it’s too much of a pain to drive through again.

  • Kathy

    I work for Wawa!! I get it you don’t like Wawa! So since you don’t like Wawa and it pays my bills, I won’t be subscribing to your magazine anymore!! I can’t even dream of why any publisher or writer would even go this far to write about this! This is really a disturbing article and since you are not from Wawa country,you for one should keep your mouth shut! My parents always taught me that if you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all!!!

  • WawafanMark

    Oh christine…I hope they take mercy on you as you have written many good pro philly articles but this was not one of them. Wawa is Philly (I live in wawa pa) and its not the ok at best hoagies and above average coffee why we go. Its the superb customer service. Its the always slighlty cheaper gas. I can get batteries, toilet paper, hot dog, ramen noodles, another hot dog, no surcharge atm, lottery tickets, gas, coffee, talk phillies with anyone there, in 137 seconds. Also too its a wonderful company that trains all of their staff on proper customer service at wawa university (behind my house) offers scholarships high school students working there while in school, tuition reimbursement to college students putting themselves through school, etc etc etc. i could go on I just dont feel like it.

    • HeatherT

      It is awesome that they offer tuition reimbursement. Too many companies do not so this anymore and it really makes the difference between an ok company and a great one that cares about their community.

  • Doug

    Not all press is good press. This just makes you look foolish and isn’t going to increase readership. And frankly, it’s just a big long whine with no reason.

  • DelcoDude

    Quietly? It should have been.

  • Nicky jay

    Wawa has it’s territory and it’s the best of it’s territory and also one of the most successful convenience stores in the United States. Philadelphians feel they need to defend wawa because the other half of the state is “shitz”….I mean..”Sheetz” and Pittsburgh people have this little romance going on with Sheetz claiming it is better than wawa when they haven’t even tried wawa. I went to penn state which is Sheetz territory and trust me Pittsburgh kids defend Sheetz just like Philly kids do with wawa. I am from Philly but have a very neutral position because I’ve experienced both..and I will tell you..wawa “shitz” on Sheetz..pun entirely intended..Philadelphians just hate when our credibility and passion for something is constantly scrutinized by others who are either naive or just don’t understand..and we deal with this almost all the time through sports because we are a large city with great teams who fail constantly, once again needing to defend our credibility

    • eddie333

      Wawa has it all over Sheetz. We have one Wawa out here in Lancaster County–what’s with that? Three new Sheetz have opened or will be opening up within a 6 month period of time. Wawa needs to step it up and open more stores out here.

  • Stew

    Go back to where ever you came from

  • SMH

    Seriously wish I could get paid to just run my mouth over something that in the scheme of life doesn’t even matter. So what you don’t like Wawa, who cares! Obviously someone has issues if they’re embarrassed to say “Wawa”. The article you wrote makes you appear to be an idiot for even writing it.

    • Disgusted 14

      If they paid her for writing this piece of crap article, they should get their money back

  • Nick Migliore

    At least get your facts straight on the name. The company started as a dairy farm in Wawa, PA, that is where they got the name Wawa from. The logo was chosen after the company was around.

  • JJT

    “…I suspect that the Wawa love lies not in the Sizzli or the Shorti or even the sum of all Wawa parts. This is a love rooted in sentimentality: the familiar glow of the Wawa highway sign on your journey home; the summer trips to the Wawa down the Shore; the feeling that in a world of change, the Shorti is, as one friend puts it, “our true north.”

    The author answers her own question, leaving readers to wonder if the only point of the article was to be a bit of a pain in the ass. :)

  • the truth

    Literally got through the first three sentences and couldn’t continue with the nonsense. Wawa is amazing and is the first thing that feels like home when I get back to Philly.

  • Christopher M. Bossio

    Not sure where you are from, but we locals call it the “beach” only ignorant out of state morons call it “the shore”, and as silly as the name seems, WaWa has the best coffee as well as a sizzli is awesome and hits the spot.Get over yourself and drive on.

    • CHRaised

      Everybody I know calls it the shore and I’m very much a working class local so what now?

  • Burgos77

    It seems like you have a problem with your husband not wawa.

  • phillygrl

    GTF outta here – nowhere in the US is there a convenience store that compares to Wawa! Go back to wherever you came from!!

  • Matt Shaw

    ehhh i don’t know how serious everyone is but yeah wawa’s cool cuz the food and coffee is bangin and the free atms and they’re a pretty decent employer. also, you missed that it’s more about the TOWN of Wawa, PA and THAT’S why the goose is the symbol.
    still got love for Wawa :)

  • The Rainmaker

    Most of the Center City stores that closed in recent years did so because they lost their leases.

  • Michelle

    I’m sure all those words mean something to someone… I’m not even from the area originally and I can’t live without Wawa. Their coffee is far better than 7-Eleven, Dunkin, and Starbucks (tho I will agree with whoever said Starbucks makes good fancy drinks), the people are the friendliest I’ve encountered, the deli is wonderful, AND you can get gas at most.

    An article like this coming from Philly Mag is just stupid. Happy trolling.

  • Marco

    This article is poorly written. The headline is misleading the message muddled. Not only was this a waste of my time to read but now makes me want to avoid phillymag all together.

  • Therese Ann Nurthen

    A lot of people grew up with Wawa. I grew up in Ridley Park. Wawa opens in Folsom. The deli was the $0.99 lb shaved ham. My mom would feed a family of seven with the greatest sandwiches of ham and lettuce and tomatoes.
    Spent about seven years away from home as adult, coming home for good, waited till I saw the Wawa to get the hoagie that Louisiana, Washington and Kansas could never get right. “Do you wan’t barbecue sauce on your sandwich.”
    Coming home one night after a long night of call @ RMH, stop@the 252 Wawa, for some coffee . Getting back into my car , the Doctor, who I worked with that night, was doing the same thing. We both had work again that morning.
    Wawa has been the home away from home for a great number of people in the Delaware Valley. Even now when I measure my way along Rt1, with the plan to stop at Wawa for an iced coffee or a coffee frappacino.
    The article must have been before she had her Wawa coffee.

  • Tebbs

    Was this even an article? It just ended with “Oh well!” and “I still feel I was right the whole time”. Expected some kind of shift in the rhetoric.. because it’s totally set up to have one. Like “These people are dumb for liking this thing so much” -> “Y’know the hoagies are pretty good and they’re cleaner than any 7-11 I’ve been in!” I dunno, something. But no. Stubborn opinion is stubborn. Oh well. I guess I’ll unsubscribe from PM.

    Oh wait, I was never subscribed to that schlock.

  • ICDogg

    I like Wawa just fine, but really what it’s got going for it mostly is that it is generally preferable to 7-Eleven. And it’s all it really needs to be, a place to get a decent sandwich and a soda or coffee and maybe gas up your car and get on with your day.

  • pjcostello

    This is just asinine click-bait to get people from Philly who like Wawa to read and comment angrily. Move on, PhillyMag is just dying for clicks. Low-brow nonsense.

  • non-angry philadelphian

    this article was written for a larger magazine package of ironic contrarian commentary. one was why the phillie phanatic is overrated. should they have written one on why philadelphians are the nicest folk on the planet?

    you should all just agree that philadelphian’s obsession our beloved gas station convenient store is both warranted and plain weird.

  • Tony Jensen

    Wawa sucks

  • kg

    why bother to waste your time if you don’t get it? you’re jealous , period, just like everyone else who hates on Philly for all the cool stuff we have and do!

  • kg

    people can’t stand to be an outsider to Philly

  • Wawa Forlife

    This article accomplished nothing but ostracizing readers from this person’s content/opinions. I LOVE WAWA AND I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW

  • Drew Helbling

    surely you expected a lot of blowback for writing this article. Maybe
    you just wanted some extra attention. I’m not one to judge what people
    do to get attention of any sort, but please don’t hate on a lifestyle.
    Wawa is a lifestyle shared by thousands. One built on loyalty, bonding
    people together over a love of Sizzlis, Hoagiefest, the 9,000 different blends of coffee, and so much more. As a native Delaware Countian, birthplace of the Wawa Dairy, Wawa’s roots lay close to my home…as well as my heart. So struggle all you want, but expect no folly in your husband’s or any other loyal human’s desire to go those extra miles for the savory goodness, which is WAWA.

    (Johnny Knoxville has a Wawa tattoo)

  • MoreRecentTimes

    Any one who would seriously compare the coffee , or sandwiches at some filthy BP, Sunoco,or Sev, over one made 3 minutes ago at Wawa is……I don’t even have words for that level of idiocy. Commy-Nazi-terrorist scum sounds good. Let’s go with that.

  • hercules_rocafella

    wtf is a sizzli? never heard of ANYone getting that at a wawa. #ULame

  • Rob10989

    I think you missed the point. Wawa was started in the philadelphia region, and Philadelphians are proud of the developments in our area. The family that started wawa still lives in Devon. Its not the “true north”, but it has everything and it’s inherently a ” philly” thing, much like the cheese steak.

  • Mariam Mabob

    You shut your goddamn mouth, miss.

  • ohnonononono

    She has a point that Wawa has given up on the City of Philadelphia. It’s interesting that people in the area are blind to the fact that this has happened. The couple urban format Wawas left around Center City are essentially tokens of regional appreciation. Wawa decided to become a gas station chain and abandon stores in urban areas altogether. They stole the touch screens for deli orders from Sheetz, clearly seeing that they had the business model they wanted, and expanded into the southern reaches of the Mid-Atlantic states, adding dozens of locations in Maryland and Virginia (and now even Florida) while closing most of the old stores in Philly.

    • Nicole Gallagher

      I don’t know what area of Philly you live in but wawa stores have tripled in count around me and I have never seen a wawa with just gas and no inside store and I have lived in Philly my entire life. My father has worked for the Philadelphia school board almost my entire life so we weren’t able to live anywhere but Philly if he wanted to keep his job so this is not an area dispute

  • Philatonian

    Is Wawa (or 7-11, or Sheetz, or am/pm) really worth the effort here? You even said, “What is the big freaking deal?” Well, what is the big freaking deal? I don’t like it anymore than I like 7-11 but it doesn’t keep me up at night. Keep on walking. It’s just a convenience store.

    • CHRaised

      None of those are anywhere close to being as good as Wawa.

  • Moch

    Hey there, first of all, make fun of the name one more time. I dare you. It’s called wawa, not because of any of the extreme reasons you have, but because of the family that started it all… The wawa family. So, I guess you could say it’s pretty rude to poke fun at a mundane, way overlooked aspect of all the goodness wawa has to offer. You can’t find meals, deals or feels like you do at a wawa. 7 11 is a store that feels like a chain. When you walk in there is no sense of authenticity, or history. Get over wawa? Why? Because a person with a platform told us to? What was your intention with this article, surely you must have assumed it would have changed absolutely nothing in this world. How about next time you write about something that’s worth complaining about, like… The many civil wars going on currently across the globe, maybe the Israeli Palestinian conflict that’s revving up for some more good times, maybe even the fact that the Philadelphia education system is being drained of money and good people are suffering by being denied the simple (apparent) ‘luxury’ of getting an education. Take your pick, ms, and I assure you your words would be far more reaching and effective. Thanks, have a good drive back from the jersey shore, let’s hope your husband doesn’t burden you with another wawa stop.

  • Nicole Gallagher

    Well if you and your husband have to drive that far to get to a wawa then you are not in Philly and you will never be able to understand the true convenience of wawa and how 24/7 you can get a made to order meal (not just chips or hot dogs like at 7-11) unless you move to Philly and actually walk your ass to wawa. Also, the bird that you see on the wawa sign is a stork because wawa back in the day used to be the only store open late for someone to go get formula and hopefully we all know the connection of formula to the stork I hope and I’m pretty sure you did nail it on the spot about the wawa sounding like a crying baby because of the reason I just explained

    • eddie333

      that is so not a stork.

  • Nicole Gallagher

    Also, what’s so repulsive about the sizzli’s besides the fact that they are lots of calories?

  • Jay

    Christine, slow news day??? Seems there are so many other important topics to cover than bashing a convenience store. By the way, your Wawa privileges are revoked.

  • Bob

    You’re desperate…

  • Wolfie

    I appreciate your opinion — or rather, befuddlement as a recent transplant, but… have you researched the company or tried to ask anyone why they love it so much? Because it seems like most of your complaint is of a personal inconvenience, personal opinion nature, not so much an inconvenience created by the business. When I lived in Philly, I used to love walking to Wawa for early morning hash browns, coffee, etc. I loved the friendly neighborhood feel, even though Wawa is a decently sized chain. Other comments reveal similar appreciation of Wawa. Hope you find ways to enjoy Philly, and maybe even Wawa, if you like.

  • gillo79

    Since they sold out years ago, it has gone down hill a bit. Less meat on sandwiches, no more amoroso, cheese squares are smaller too. Still a great spot though. Why is the name any more ridiculous than a piggly wiggly? Business names are funny to lots of people when they travel. I could go on, but I’ll stop for now. Get off your high horse already.

  • CHRaised

    And I’ll keep thinking this writer needs to stop talking ghetto because she ain’t that. You don’t need to understand it, and exactly who made you a food critic anyway?

  • NorthStands

    If you can not differentiate between Wawa and the competition, you deserve a 7-11 cheeseburger on a hot dog roller.