Q&A: Actress Emily Letts on the Reaction to Her Abortion Video

“I feel super great about having an abortion,” she says.


Philadelphia actress Emily Letts had an abortion and filmed it for the Internet to see, as she has documented in her new Cosmopolitan essay. (For a parody of Letts’ abortion video, see this.) Here, she talks about her abortion video and the firestorm that it has created. Note: Letts works as a counselor at the Cherry Hill Women’s Center, which performs abortions.

I don’t remember the last time I saw a Facebook flamewar over abortion, a topic that it seems like everyone was arguing about in the ’90s. So congratulations if your goal was to start a conversation.

That was my goal. My goal was also to reach the women who needed it. During the 2000s, abortion was political and only political. We’re forgetting the faces of the women involved, and we’re forgetting to have empathy for the women going through it.

When people think about abortion, they think about people waving signs, death threats, doctors dying. You don’t see the women, you don’t see the 1 in 3 women who will have an abortion. You don’t see positive abortion stories.

And you see your abortion story as a positive one.

Yes, I don’t have any guilt. I feel like the reason people are going crazy over my story is because they want it. Women and men have been thirsting for something like this. You don’t have to feel guilty. I feel super great about having an abortion, because it was the right decision for my life.

When I wrote about your video yesterday, I expected two reactions: pro-life people calling you evil — well, one of my Facebook friends called you a “bitch” — and pro-choice people rallying around you, giving you a pat on the back. Both of those things happened. 

But there was this third category of reaction: women who self-identify as pro-choice criticizing you for your abortion video. Some called the video “creepy,” some said it should have been kept private, some say that you were quite “glib.”

I would say that women can feel a whole spectrum of emotions about abortion, like being raped and coming out of the anesthesia after the procedure screaming, “He raped me, he raped me!” I’ve been with them; I’ve been in all the extreme cases. I know women who did not sleep for days and nights over making this decision. I know what it means to feel empty and lost after an abortion.

But here’s the thing. There are also women who feel completely confident about their decision, they feel relief. They don’t feel shame or fear, they feel relief. Abortion and relief, let’s put those two words together.

But you do understand that there’s a huge segment of the population that looks at you as a murderer, that you have destroyed life that God created? You can’t deny that this was at least potential life, and that you ended it.

Yes, I do realize it was potential life. I have a special relationship with my ultrasound. People say it sounds weird, it’s my process. I realize it was potential life, and I love it in my own special way. I’m not glib and cavalier. I’m comfortable with my decisions.

I’ve dealt with hundreds of women who have said they have not been able to share their stories for years. Women in my own family have come forward and said, “I had an abortion 30 years ago. My mother told me, ‘Don’t speak about this to anyone. People will judge you and say things negative about you.'”

Why are we not talking about how this affects us? Why are we still being shamed into silence. I will not be shamed into silence. That’s what this video is about.

What about the other major criticism that has come from many women who are pro-choice, that …

That I had unsafe sex? That I had sex without a condom?

Yes, and that here you are, counseling women about their reproductive choices, when many see you as irresponsible in your own decisions.

It’s been an unexpected departure from what I thought I was going to talk about. I’m not quite sure what people want me to say.

I wasn’t on hormonal birth control, and I wasn’t consistently sexually active. I wasn’t super interested in putting hormones in my body. I tried to get an IUD five years ago, but it was like $600.

So, yes, I am a sex educator, and I didn’t use a condom. Yeah. Absolutely. How many times did you do something that you knew had consequences but you did it anyway? How many times did you not wear your bike helmet? How many times did you get in a car with someone who had been drinking?

It was a mistake to not use a condom. Life is full of mistakes. It happens.

Tell me about your work at the Cherry Hill Women’s Center.

I’m a patient advocate, and I speak with all the women who come to our clinic, I talk to them about the decision. I give them all of the facts about abortion, adoption and birth — their reproductive choices. I’ve told women that they need more time. I’ve said, “Honey, you are not ready to make this decision. You can’t just make it out of convenience.”

I have had women talk with me for hours about the abortion decision. We decide she’s not ready, and I’ve had awesome instances where she comes back the next day and hugs me and says, “I’m going to have this baby!” And I cry with them out of joy. I don’t care what women choose. I just care that they are confident and feel positive about their decision, as I did. Why am I not allowed to share this with the world?

Given the reaction to your video, do you think that you might come off as insensitive, especially to all of those people who believe fervently that life begins at conception?

Trust me. I counsel women on grief and loss all the time. You feel very much like you’re saying goodbye, a feeling of emptiness, a feeling of giving up an idea. I’ve talked to extreme Catholics who say, “One month ago, I would have been picketing, but here I am now.” She’s seen those two pink lines and her breath is sucked out of her body. You cannot judge. But our culture does not value empathy. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Your religion cannot rule over everyone else.

How has your safety been since this story went viral?

Fine, I mean … A lot of my loved ones are asking if I am safe. There’s a lot of negative. I woke up to an email this morning that began, “You slutty cunt.” OK, cool. I deleted it. There’s a lot of cruelty, a lot of misinformation, a lot of negative false assumptions.

But so far, my safety has not been an issue, and if it becomes one, I will take it in stride. But I won’t stop shouting, I won’t change the message at all. We’ve been silent long enough.

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[PHOTO: Reggie Fisher]

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  • Chelsea

    I’m pro-choice but I don’t like this video. Especially at the end when she talked about how she felt because she could carry a child. SO many people can’t have children, that statement was just selfish. And I know she can cover it up behind the veil that she just wanted to tell her story, but let’s be serious: This was more than that. I thought it was a serious misrepresentation of what women actually might experience should they decide to get an abortion, lacking real emotion and a sincere message, and in the process I thought she created a selfish and insensitive promo for herself.

    • lex

      You want to watch an hour long video to show all the emotion and “sincere message” or a 5 minute video? Not many people have time to sit around and watch a really long video these days, people have short attention spans enough as it is.. Plus the longer the video the more “messages” people will think she is putting out there and it will be chaos. She got her message across perfectly, quick and to the point. Selfish or not – it’s her body, she can do whatever she wants. You think she should have a child because other people can’t? That doesn’t make any sense.

      • Emile Stevens

        Fact remains she made a life end short because she doesn’t understand that sex not a sport. It is actually used to produce offspring. At least that is what I learned in the books for people that want to make babies. Treating sex and abortion like its a walk in the park. Smiling and singing through a vacuum sucking and crunching bones and cartilage that had a pulse in it, is wrong. If this was someone who wanted to keep the life inside them, and then experienced a punch to the gut, it would be taking a life too.

        • Annethensome

          There were no bones, or cartilage, pulse or even a sucking sound. She was a few weeks pregnant, Sex is for offspring only? Are you serious?

          • J.Oz

            But…there WAS a baby.

          • Emile Stevens

            replace the word sucking with scraping. Its still sick. You don’t think about how responsible, nurturing, and caring the person is before you allow them to throw their bone into you?

          • nurse

            If she has a sonogram to see her baby (now deceased) she was further along than just a few weeks.

          • Peggy Richards


          • Donna- New York

            There is a pulse at conception. Do your research.

          • Peggy Richards

            nope – heart is not yet formed so how can there be a pulse?

        • Fuzziness

          Rofl – your elitism is astounding. You yourself haven’t had sex equal to the number of children you have. No one has…so cast the first stone if you can…if you can’t, don’t fake the throw. Know what I mean?

          • Robert

            @Fuzziness, “Elitism” really? Stop using words you really do not grasp. More like educated and informed about pregnancy prevention. Especially with all the medical breakthroughs available in this day and age. For example: The Pill, The Day After Pill, Condoms(that not only prevent pregnancy but also the spreading of STD’s), etc…etc…etc. There are literally THOUSANDS of ways for women to inform themselves about pregnancy prevention. “Abortion” is a archaic and BARBARIC way to prevent birth. Evolve already troglodyte!! Abortion should ONLY be used in cases of rape, incest, and if the pregnancy threatens the mother’s life. I really do not see how this is a “rofl” matter, unless your a narcissist or sociopath.

          • Fuzziness

            Robert – congrats on finding a dictionary. So why is it again that your opinion on when abortion should be used should matter to anyone except yourself? That is elitism my friend…maybe you should not argue with people who’s concepts you can’t grasp because you’re too busy expecting your ideology to be everyone else’s reality. Plus, clearly you’re a man, as am I, so what makes you think your opinion is the least bit relevant at all? And you suggest I should evolve? Get over yourself…fast.

          • tess

            Everyone on this earth is a result of a physical union between man and woman….but you are a feminist’s dream , emasculated to the point where you have been convinced any life you create is HERS ONLY! fatherhood rights are a dirty word. Robert is right , you still need to evolve into a creature with testicles.

          • Fuzziness

            What’s funny about you is you’d rather be control than have control. I’m okay with being a feminist’s dream…I know life, real life, is about balance – and in a free country people should have the right to make their own choices without self-assessed moral superiors like yourself telling them which way is up. Go put on a burka and chill with Robert and the rest of the “real guys with testicles” since you’re okay with just being told what to do by your male superiors. Maybe you should get some self-esteem. And by the way – it is definitely a mutual decision, I never said it wasn’t or shouldn’t be…pay attention to what is said not what you infer. My sole belief is that others should not be able to legislate choices for other people based on what they think is right. It’s a personal decision. And as a father, I don’t personally think abortion is right…but would NEVER tell someone else what to do with their body based on my beliefs.

          • tess

            A society with no moral order and everyone doing what is right in their own eyes is called anarchy. Funny you didn’t talk about the ULTIMATE ruling over a person ….killing them before they have the chance to see the light of day. Where is the balance in that? Apparently you believed deeply in legislating the rights of others, even to the point of murdering them. Your cognitive dissonance is unreal.
            I read and comprehend very well. And you told Robert that you both are men, therefore your opinion is not relevant in the least.
            Looks like you are the one wearing the burka. Lol

          • Fuzziness

            Ugh another mental poser…you are all over the place; you should read up on cognitive dissonance…then you’ll know what it is and can use the label properly. Or maybe go to school for psych. Or maybe try to have a dialogue without the need to appear superior in some way. Appearance is all you can accomplish, so enjoy your day!

          • tess

            You have a disconnect between the equality and rights you say you support for EVERYONE… then you say you support the taking of the most innocent life. What would YOU call that hypocritical conflict? Have a nice day too!

          • Peggy Richards

            IMHO it is part of the mother’s body until it is viable. Until then, it is NOT a separate life.

          • tess

            If you believe that, good for you.

          • Siobhan

            That may be your humble opinion. Science will tell you something different: at the moment of conception, a new life is created, with its own DNA. Let me ask you this: the age of viability changes with medical advancement. Which “age of viability” should we choose as the cut-off for legal abortion? Are women who have legal abortions AFTER the age of viability murderers, and women who have them before merely exercising “choice”?

          • Peggy Richards

            viability without medical intervention.

          • 8432corpsman

            Ohhh she said you aint got no nipples! Btw thats not what anarchy means but if we were playing malarky you might have had me if I had not known better! Well played.

          • 8432corpsman

            I feel like you may be one of the only educated people in this post.. I may not completely agree with you but I like where your going :)

        • tess

          Exactly , Emile! No one ever asks a pregnant woman ” When is your fetus due?” And I noticed the interviewer asked her about ending a ” potential life “. How can life be ended unless it is alive initially? If you want to keep it, its a baby. If you want to end the life inside you, it has ” potential”! Abortion is rarely used to protect a woman’s life. Its more often used to protect a lifeSTYLE. And people are selfish in wanting to rid themselves of guilt when they are guilty.
          We call people who don’t feel guilt “sociopaths”

          • Donna- New York

            There is a pulse, heartbeat upon conception. It is alive. If it makes you all feel better to justify what you do then just call it a fetus, you know just this mass of nothingness. Keep dreaming. I just hope you all wake up one day. I do not mean to judge but abortions should not be used because a person is just not ready. Not a form of birth control.

          • tess

            I agree Donna . But it has a heartbeat in 10 weeks. This is the time most women find out they are pregnant. I agree with Faith Science below in the comments. We are a small mass of cells that turns into a greater mass of cells, irrationally we place standards on it. You are 100% right!

          • Elly

            Actually the heartbeat is there at 5 weeks, before the baby even gets to the uterus. So an abortion is the stopping of a beating heart, which is murder at any other stage of life.

          • tess

            Tell that to the advocates of murdering babies before they have the chance to live! I’m on YOUR side, Elly.

          • 8432corpsman

            Lol thats like saying you killed a bunch or oranges bc you chopped down an orange tree before it could bloom the fruit lol

          • tess

            Wow! Now you have just shown everyone how intelligent you are, comparing human life to oranges. God help your children.

          • 8432corpsman

            Its not a full heart yet. Thats the equivalence of someone going to jail for scratching your back, because you ripped off skin cells in a personal act of hatred and malice. I feel that the judicial system couldnt quite handle that one.

          • Peggy Richards

            you need an anatomy lesson – no heartbeat at conception – duh

          • 8432corpsman

            Children should be born into enviroments that dont support them. They should end up with birth defects and childhood issues due to the enviroment bc that makes sense. Also you’re wrong. One is a zygote the other is an egg that whole single cell organism isnt an instant thing. I feel like your arguement wouldn’t hold a lot of ground should the first cell be a non heart cell.. its kinda like armadillos.. cute looking so you show compassion then you pick one up and you have a terrible disease..

          • 8432corpsman

            Soo many sciopathic rape victims out there, I know. Screw them and there arrogance for letting themselves be raped they should be ashamed. They deserve the pts and agony of the event; it should follow them for the rest of there lives. Wait that sounds similar to death to the infidels… I bet you’re one of those though. At this point ending yourself would more then likely be the best option. It will help the infidel killers. Ya know you guys are on the same track of mind and all.

        • 8432corpsman

          Wow… ok lets learn anatomy first. Everytime you breath “life dies”. Everytime you hold your breath… even more life dies. After 30, 1% of your whole being dies every year. Who said she treated sex like a sport? Thats like saying you have never changed lanes and not used you blinker. Your last sentence doesnt make a lot of sense or hold much value to the topic and discussion at hand either.

          • Emile Stevens

            Are there any nature shows that show apes, monkeys, or any other animals going out of their way to kill what is inside them? I don’t ever recall any expecting mothers on these shows purposely sitting on any jagged sticks. What we have is a self-oriented society, that used to at one point ensured children got raised no matter what.

      • J.Oz

        I don’t think anyone can “legally” question that she is entitled to choose to have an abortion.

        53 MILLION legal abortions have been performed in the USA since 1973 – man…that’s a BIG number. Morally questioning abortion will never end, nor should it given that a baby gets intentionally killed in the process.

      • Chelsea

        Hey, you say she got her message across perfectly. Obviously she didn’t if so many people think it’s self-serving. But to each their own. Yeah I know it’s her body she can do what she wants- learned that one from Cartman on South Park- but I think she could have done a much much much better job of actually explaining what people go through. Might it have took an hour? Yeah, because I bet it takes a lot of women a long time to recover emotionally and physically. But maybe that’s the point. That it isn’t an easy, light-hearted decision and that it’s okay to feel things about it. This really doesn’t do that at all.

        • Peggy Richards

          it counters the fear-mongering of pro-birthers, and their photos of late term abortions which only occur for medical reasons, and fake counselors who tell you lies about what will happen after …

      • Kate

        People do have short attention spans. Like so short that they can’t remember to use a condom. Even when they are sex educators for a living. PATHETIC.

        • lex

          I must have missed the part where she was a sex educator. Her list of job roles is continuing to grow!!

          • saddened

            And did you miss the part where she said she counsels women that they are not ready to make a decision to have the abortion if it is just for convenience? If you have a long enough attention span, please reread Emily’s words above and pay attention to them… they are very scary.

          • lex

            She is a COUNSELOR. Women that come to her are pregnant women who obviously have experience with sex, they don’t need to be educated, they need counseling. A shoulder to cry on, counseling why they should or should not abort their child. Yeah she says “sex educator” once, but she should say pre-sex educator because the women that come to her for counseling have already had sex. YOU should re-read and pay attention.

          • Donna- New York

            I guess just anybody can call themselves a counselor these days.

      • I have had an abortion and I felt personally humiliated and mocked by her. I don’t regret my decision even for a second and I didn’t suffer depression or any such thing; I felt intense relief, actually. But this video was atrocious and utterly non-reflective of abortion, IMO.

    • Mark Power

      an actress *snort* named Emily Letts (let’s just talk about MEMEME, mmkay?) who had her abortion filmed and uploaded to YouTube
      for god only knows how many views it would have taken to make her feel
      like her life was more meaningful than serving as an HPV chamber for a
      parade of pump and dumps.

    • Peggy Richards

      I thought she was just happy that the abortion did not render her sterile? That she still can have a child when she is ready.

    • Doug Layne

      I completely agree. Also, I worked with this girl for over a year, and she’s one of the creepiest, phoniest people I’ve ever met. It’s not surprising to me that she’d make this callous and desperate grab for fame.

  • J.Oz

    Hmmm…made a video of her abortion procedure and posted it on the internet…BIZARRE. Was this a publicity stunt? Man…I hope not.

    • Momof2

      Of course it was! She is an aspiring actress after all.

      • Another Person

        Hi Momof2-

        I don’t think it is fair to say because she is
        an aspiring actress, that she used this as a publicity stunt. I am not even
        sure how that would work honestly. We are in Philadelphia- not E-Hollywood.

        If it was a publicity
        stunt- it was in the name of her views (as expressed in the article above) and
        not to in the name of her acting career.

        Actresses are not
        crazy. They are artists.

      • TrixieRose

        Not very aspring and it was b rated horror movies, so…

      • SingleWomansPot

        Thank you. Someone sees thru her bs.

  • Alec Leamas

    Awesome stunt abortion. If Knoxville sees this, she may end up performing this in Jackass 4.0 3D. Maybe Steve-O could eat the fetal remains?

  • cassandra777

    Sorry, the more she talks, the more disturbed she sounds.
    Legal abortion is one thing, fine. Glorifying it like this is nauseating.

    • lex

      She’s not “glorifying” anything. She’s just showing that you don’t have to be considered a leper or a sinner if you think it’s best to not have a child.

      • /ndréa

        But saying cool and yay I’m done after ? You have got to be kidding me.

        • Peggy Richards

          having everything go well is a big relief – you don’t know what you would say in a similar circumstance

      • Donna- New York

        She sounded like she was selling something.

  • Davison

    Here’s a frame-by-frame parody of her abortion video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOVE0Bl5T3E

    • TrixieRose

      Yep, you nailed it, except she said it wasn’t just one man. There were multiple men that shared in the same space, so they would be the ones in that bathtub scrubbing today, Ewwwww. Maybe they can be interviewed to see how they feel today with that. :/ Since there were no condoms, hope everyone is checked out, actually.

    • SingleWomansPot

      Well this just makes it worse.

    • JEN

      that was great

    • Donna- New York

      A frame by frame. Kidding right?

  • SingleWomansPot

    She says “Life is full of mistakes. It happens.” If that ain’t glib then I don’t know what is. I feel for her, as the bible says — wisdom is wasted on the youth.

    • Fuzziness

      The bible says a lot of things. You seem to be the type of weekend evangelist that only quotes the parts that work for your argument. Remember that whole part about judging others? Mmm hmm – you just committed e-sin. Poser.

      • SingleWomansPot

        I’m a poser because of a quote? Okay, well project away if you must. But I wasn’t using the quote to support an “argument” but rather to illustrate some crappy behavior.

        And you’re judging me for supposedly judging another person? I guess in your world, the one-eye man is king.

        • tess

          Great answer….I laughed hard! Its funny how people that say “you shouldn’t judge” rail at you with judgement.

      • Donna- New York

        Not judging, just thinking out loud how sad this entire situation really is.

  • Tiffany

    It’s like people just think now, “hey, who cares if I get knocked up? I could just have my pregnancy terminated”. That’s sad. And I’m not even looking at this in a religious standpoint–because I’m not religious. However, I do think killing a helpless baby–before they even had a chance at life–is horrible. Protect yourself and don’t get pregnant. Or be a woman and go through with whats set in motion. Not a child, sweeping your problem under the rug like it never happened. And to glorify it?? This girl is a sad excuse for a human. Instead of being inconvenienced with a child, she should have contracted aids.

    • Peggy Richards

      nice – you are worse

  • Oren Ichi

    Here is the link to a trailer from a local movie starring Emily Letts:


  • Annethensome

    Emily, you are doing the right and needed thing, a courageous thing. You seem like an intelligent and thoughtful person with her heart in the right place. Kudos.

    • Kate

      You have low standards on the word “intelligent.”

    • Peggy Richards

      I agree – she did a wonderful thing.

  • Susan Teresa

    I am pro-choice and this video makes me sad. Great job! You have successfully made the pro-choice movement look really,really bad. I wondered why someone would make public and glorify such a private moment in their life- then I read about your less then stellar acting career and some of the B rated movies you were in and it all made sense.

  • Cnb

    She’s a Moron

  • sbudzik

    wow she feels super great about killing her own child. awful

  • Rosalynda Stevenson

    Congratulations in killing an innocent child and making it public for the world to see that you have no feelings for life..God bless you

  • JEN

    shes gross

  • Sarah

    Professional actress who works in an abortion clinic but fears hormonal contraception and takes “pregnancy tests all the time” finds out she’s accidentally pregnant and films her abortion to get masses of attention for the issue. Am I the only person who thinks there is a high chance this was staged?
    I don’t mind if it is, because with topics like this I do think it’s important that there’s media attention on it.

    • lex

      I don’t think anyone purposely gets pregnant so they can have an abortion, if that’s what you’re saying….

  • Tom Davenport

    “I can make a baby. I can make a life.”
    If you see it as a baby and a life, that makes you a murderer. Hey, everybody, let’s celebrate the fact that I’ve just killed a baby and just destroyed a life. I’ve just offered my baby to the god of moloch.
    “I’m not ready to have kids”. I agree, you would have been an unfit mother, but you had a choice to adopt instead of murdering your poor innocent baby.
    Just because you have no conscience, it doesn’t make you innocent. It’s like any murderer on death row celebrating the murders they have committed and making a YouTube video – it’s insensitive and downright disgusting. Shame on you and all women who “choose” murder over adoption.

    • lex

      You know how many kids are in the system waiting to be adopted? Do you know who pays for all these kids?

      • Tom Davenport

        I wonder if people were going to euthanise all the puppies in the pound because there were so many waiting to be rehomed, whether you’d have the same low value on life.
        If you view life so low, why don’t you throw yourself off a bridge, because you’re wasting some valuable oxygen.
        My point may be harsh, but I would prefer that you came to your senses and see that life is so much more valuable than money. But more than that an orphanage in Africa would be fitter than the morgue and this kind of murder should not be celebrated. Or do you also see that babies are worth nothing more than fuel for warming up hospitals. You’re sick and you don’t even know it. You’re blind and can’t see. I pity you because you don’t stop to think what if your mother had such a liberating choice.

      • Donna- New York

        There are more rights for animals than unborn children. How sick a world is this????

    • jacquisplace

      I thought the same thing.. she said the word baby. In a way this is more honest at least. May she experience God’s deep love and forgiveness.

  • angela

    “So, yes, I am a sex educator, and I didn’t use a condom. Yeah. Absolutely. How many times did you do something that you knew had consequences but you did it anyway?” -babies are not consequences and abortion is not birth control. I am a pro-life woman and I am disturbed by this interview (I didn’t care to watch the video) for the obvious reasons that I don’t have to get into, but I can’t imagine the anger I’d feel if I were a pro-choice woman being unofficially represented by this kind of callous immaturity.

    • Peggy Richards

      if you didn’t watch it – you have no right to comment – it is not what you imagine

  • lex

    This is perfect!!

  • Anchored North

    This is crazy! Abortion is not harmless! Here is a video about a family torn to pieces by this travesty. Please watch:


    • Peggy Richards

      God save us from the holy Christians!

  • tigalily

    Emily you are AMAZING. I commend you for your bravery! You are like Malala!

    • Texas Ex

      Actually no. Malala risked her life for the right girls have to be educated. Emily sacrificed the life of another to make a point. Not the same.

  • Faith Science

    I don’t have a problem with the video being posted; I just don’t like her calling it a “video of an abortion” and yet only telling half the story. It should be called; “cognitive dissonance,” because the video shows a woman being separated from reality.

    It’s a video of a woman, in the abortion business, smiling and hearing encouraging words from an abortion team. That’s all we see. Meanwhile, just out of frame, the same medical team is terminating a life. But we are being shielded from the abortion, instead, seeing a woman in the throws of cognitive dissonance. Why is only the mother being represented on video? Why isn’t the baby being represented?

    I don’t know how women in crises will view this video, but I hope they see the subtle disparity in her smile. I hope they see the elaborate curtain, physical and psychological, erected by the medical team, to hide the realities of the abortion procedure, and I hope they apply critical thought as to why that curtain was erected.

  • Alexandra Venturato
  • Thorneel

    One question I would have asked her was, did she do this on purpose?
    and was she paid to do it.
    The whole affair seems a bit too staged to not have been planed.

  • Robert Corso

    Of course it is a human being. As an atheist i dont believe in a magical dividing line at which point it “becomes” a human being. We are organic material. We come into existence at conception. Yes, we are a blob of cells for a bit. Then we become bigger blobs of cells. Pro-choice position requires faith and is anti-science

  • She ‘s a sex counselor and she’s advising others what to do with their bodies. Playing devil’s advocate would a dietician eat a full pizza,ice cream and cake everyday and get fat and say ” see this is what happens”…??? …this young woman is totally irresponsible!…its not a doll she got rid of it was a baby.

  • smh

    Actress Emily Letts thinks up the tackiest method ever to get an acting gig or at least a spot on a reality TV show.

    Thanks for not spawning Emily. The world definitely does not need more of you.

  • Faith Science

    This looks like an abortion commercial. Emily works as a closer on the sales team, plus, she has acting skills, so they made her the star of the ad.

  • guest

    Check the body language, how she shakes her head ‘no’ when she says she is completely comfortable with it, and everyone is very supportive of her.

  • Eric Hess

    First, it is painfully obvious that Emily is way too immature to understand the decisions she made…just watching the video and reading the transcript above, this is very clear. Someday, when/if she actually has children, she will realize the tragedy that this really is. Secondly, given my first point, it is also a tragedy that she is a “patient advocate” and counsels other women about their “reproductive choices”.

  • c n

    Lets see, she has unprotected sex with multiple partners, gets pregnant, then makes a video celebrating killing her unborn child. What a classy young woman.

  • jacquisplace

    She could be a powerful voice for what really happens to your heart after abortion. I know some people are fine, but every friend and relative I knew that had an abortion was devastated by it. The pain can linger for decades. These were all prochoice friends. It’s nothing they expected.

  • Texas Ex

    There’s no physical difference between dismembering a child in a crib and dismembering a child in the womb. We’re all aware of that, and current science supports the statement. There’s a legal difference, yes; but that only. The way advocates present the issue, you’d think a kid wouldn’t notice having his arms and legs cut off.

    • Peggy Richards

      there were no arms and legs, duh

  • Grace

    $600 for an IUD…how much did the abortion cost you?? Just wondering.

  • Daisy Weeks

    Not an accurate video. Where is the fetus? I would like to see her reaction had they shown her the remains of that fetus who’s ultrasound picture she has such an intimate and special relationship with. She is deceived and very unconvincing. Her face is full of relief, but full of guilt as well. I feel sorry for her. And I feel sorry for those whom she might influence. Not to mention that sweet baby that might have been. So sad.

  • Lexie

    This is one of the saddest things I have ever seen. In so many ways. At least we are entertained though, right? Isn’t that what it’s all about?

  • Church

    Mz. Letts may not have had an abortion at all. So we know what the laws are concerning the filming of “medical procedures”? If she did, she’s truly selfish and stupid.

  • Donna – New York

    A true narcissist. Very selfish individual. Why share this with the world??? What are you selling? You ended a would be life. You just weren’t ready. A heartbeat is present upon conception. Some day you will have to answer to a much higher authority. Sad.

    • Peggy Richards

      the heart is not yet formed – HOW could there be a heartbeat you ignorant fool? people like you spreading lies is WHY she made this video to help others.

    • Cyndi Bohn

      Yeah. I might not agree with the video but there is absolutely NO heartbeat at conception.

  • Peggy Richards

    Thank you Emily.

  • Lucy

    In this interview Emily Letts says “You cannot judge. But our culture does not value empathy. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.”
    Yet very tragically Emily Letts herself did not show a scrap of empathy to her own unborn child, who was totally dependent on her “choice”. Instead, she decided, apparently very easily, to murder her baby, and to celebrate her “choice”. Nor did Emily Letts put herself in her unborn child’s shoes, and consider the health, safety, and rights of her child.
    Who doesn’t value empathy here?

  • The Undisputed Truth

    I can judge. Deciding to barbarically kill an innocent life isnt a choice. It’s reprehensible.

    A real choice would be to have the baby and let it live and if you still think you cant go on choose to have somebody rip your arms and your legs off and crush your skull.

    • Peggy Richards

      ignorant liars like you are the reason this video was needed in the first place, no arms and legs were pulled off, no skulls were crushed, they did not yet exist!

  • joeyb

    The narcissistic personality disorders of our youth is alarming.

  • joeyb

    Only in America can a sports owner make private comments in his home being recorded illegally and get BURIED by the American public, but a women can abort a potential life and get praise. Sick.

  • cranemaker

    She is very callous about millions of women who regret their abortions. Abortion should never be taken lightly. The video poorly promotes abortion, and compounds grief for women who accepted abortion. If true, we mourn your loss, Emily. If fake, please interview women who’ve had abortions. I care for you to consider women, men, and children, who lost siblings, sons, and daughters to abortion whether or not you had an abortion. You will likely regret your promotional video and abortion, but I want you understand abortion harms people psychologically and socially more than any other lesson.

  • Riot Act

    Oh RIGHT! An Actress? Only part shes capable of being cast in is SHREK.
    And that video?? Get Real! Doesnt show ANYTHING but her on a stretcher. No gore, blood or death. Hence – a self serving publicity campaign for her lame resume.
    You’ll Never get the part queen . . . .

  • billjenkins

    I am pro-choice mainly because I don’t want morons like this procreating and if terminating a life prevents their offspring from continuing down their path the world is better for it.

    This woman is an attention-seeking nutcase. She is almost certainly meets the clinical definition of someone with a narcissistic personality disorder, but it is possible she is a sociopath. I don’t think “sick” is enough to describe the mental state of this so-called “actress”.

    Glad the kid got aborted though. God knows what kind of mental damage would have been inflicted upon it by a mother who only cares about herself.