Here Are the Text Messages in the Main Line Prep School Drug Bust Case

“You have a thousand dollar bounty on your head, I will find you.”


According to prosecutors in the big Main Line drug bust, part of the evidence they used to build the case against the 11 suspects were text messages sent between them. Below, some of those text messages as they appear in court documents released by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office.

Those charged in the case include alleged masterminds Neil Scott and Timothy Brooks as well as accused “sub-dealers” Reid Cohen, Daniel Robert McGrath, Willow Lynn Orr, John Cole Rosemann, Domenic Vincent Curcio, Garrett M. Johnson and Christian Stockton Euler. Two unnamed juveniles have also been implicated.

Brooks to Scott: “My main line take over project is coming together fast. And I’m telling all my guys I never want there schools to be dry. Cause I always got pissed as shit when I couldn’t find bud. But now that will never happen for the rest of my life. Cause I got u.”
Scott to Brooks: “We will crush it. Once you go tax free it’s hard to go back.”

Brooks to Scott: “Every Nug on the mainline is about to come from you and me.”

Scott to sub-dealer: “If you find other people to buy ill hook you up with a front. Just gotta make the drive worth my while.”

Scott to sub-dealer: “You have a thousand dollar bounty on your head, I will find you. Piece of shit, heard you ripped off more people on your campus.”

Brooks to Scott: “Idk what you make a week but I want to make 2 if I do this. And there are still a lot of holes to fill cause I have to grow my business.”

Brooks to Scott: “When you were a senior at Haverford did u ever think that you could pull that”
Scott to Brooks: “Only dreamed of it. There is a much bigger market than just a lb at each of these schools. Stogs alone is a couple a week.” [Ed note: “Stogs” is Conestoga High School]

Brooks to Scott: “Just told my Radnor boy I’d throw him free bars when he pushs weight like the Lm and Harriton kidz 1 lb every week. So I think I have him some motivation to work hard. Haha.” [Ed note: “Lm” is Lower Merion. “Bars” is a street name for Xanax.]

Scott to Euler: “Just got back from Cali, got a bunch of greens. Know anybody around Philly who might be interests?”
Euler to Scott: “Good man. How much for a zip”
Scott to Euler: “Got some for 250, some for 275 and some for 3.”

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  • I’m imagining all these kids in pastel colored Cosby sweaters as they’re texting this out.

    • lisa741

      my Aunty Julia got silver Volkswagen Beetle
      Convertible by working parttime off of a home computer… Look At This F­i­s­c­a­l­P­o­s­t­.­ℂ­o­m

  • BN

    If it were legal in PA, then this wouldn’t be an issue. The black market for cigarettes and booze isn’t huge.

    • James

      they were selling to children. Last time I checked, it is illegal for kids to have alcohol and tobacco.

      • BN

        Find me the crime rings based on selling booze and cigs to kids.

        • Dina

          booze, cigs, pot, pills, coke, meth. crack.ending with heroin. come to my lovely suburban town. I can show you all the graves of the 20 year old junkies who are overdosing by the dozens or those who are in rehab again at age 19. They all started with booze and cigs in middle school.

          • BN

            I bet they all started with water and milk before that. Ban breast feeding.

    • AmbientDin

      one word illegal XANAX called “bars” used to come down from crack… read the article

      • BN

        Xanax is a prescribed anti depression drug. Get a clue.

        • Trent

          Which is used if you need to come down from something that gets you up…

          • BN

            Which is also typically not the center piece of a drug ring. In this case it’s clearly pot.

            Gotta love the soccer mom’s of america.

        • AmbientDin

          Not in this instance. You see the Privileged White drug dealers are using Xanax as a commodity which would outside Federal regulations. Yes, Marijuana seems to be the front-runner for their activity, however to incentivize via a prescription medicine, which is not transferable is a federal crime. So the clue that I seek would clearly lie in the onus on your lack of retention or understanding of the written word…
          “Brooks to Scott: “Just told my Radnor boy I’d throw him
          free bars when he pushs weight like the Lm and Harriton kidz 1 lb every
          week. So I think I have him some motivation to work hard. Haha.” [Ed
          note: “Lm” is Lower Merion. “Bars” is a street name for Xanax.] ”
          Read. Rinse and repeat.
          Also the is not a single instance of Xanax being used for depression, unless the Medical Doctor has prescribed. Anxiety linked to depression perhaps, but not solely depression.
          ( )

          • BN

            Xanax is ruining the youth of American a and bringing society to the brink of disaster thanks to cartels and crime rings like this.

            Like I said. Get a clue. This is a pot ring first and foremost and the the legalization and regulation of it would marginalize small timers like this even further. Meanwhile the tax revenue could be used to was the pain pur ailing education system.

            But but but. The xanny bars!

          • AmbientDin

            I agree on both counts.
            However your misuse of rhetoric is self-defeating. i.e. Why would “If it were legal in PA, then this wouldn’t be an issue.” assist in the defeat of drug abuse.
            Are you merely stating that the use of Xanax as a sales incentive would be moot if Marijuana was legal? Or am I gifting your argument for a potentially misguided support of marijuana’s decriminalization….
            I only ask, because apparently, if this was the case, and your terse and obtuse use of “If it were legal in PA, then this wouldn’t be an issue.” obfuscates a potentially succinct social point and progressive stance with which I happen to concur.

          • BN

            Ah the old “I agree with you but I am going to argue anyway” troll job.

          • Lol

            Ah the ol’ I don’t have a proper rebuttal so I’ll half ass my response. Implicate yourself more, you seem a tad too involved for the meanderingly inquisitive.

        • Bnufagget

          You get a clue. Xanax is used primarily for anxiety. Alternative druggies use it to come down from cocaine. Rarely ever is it used for depression. The half life is simply too short. In fact using Xanax for depression would most likely end up increasing symptoms

          • IdiotBN

            Alternatively* your retardation seems to have seeped into my response.

          • BN

            Depression anxiety. Same thing. I get both from dealing with d bags such as yourself and lol in this thread.

          • BN

            And you spelled fagg*t wrong.

    • ala139

      They also weren’t just selling pot. Cocaine…. Pretty sure that’s just not ever going to be legal.

  • RightsTough

    More proof that their are probably geniuses in North Philly and their are definitely morons on the Main Line.

    For the kids out there who may want to get involved in criminal activities in the future, here’s some free advice: Buy paper, pencils and a shredder!!

    Rent a movie called Godfellas and then take note: NOT ONE TEXT MESSAGE!!!

    These kids are morons on a dynamic level and their parents are bigger idiots for spending hard earned money on “educating” these little angels at fancy schools! Now watch, these same idiot parents will defend these kids in Court.

    • MurderHeWrote

      Last time I checked, everyone died in Goodfellas with the exception of one – who ended up in witness protection. That was also cocaine and racketeering.

      In this case, it is more than likely that there is a snitch sitting in their parent’s basement – grounded for the weekend.

      Exodus 23:1

    • Golfwidow

      I think all the schools mentioned that the dealers graduated from, attended and targeted are actually public schools. So maybe they SHOULD have spent money to send their kids to fancy schools.

      • KK1249

        The Haverford School (where both of these men graduated) is a very expensive and prestigious private all boys school. They were just dealing to the “publics.” Ironically, their parents spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to educate them and Brooks still used the word “there” incorrectly!!

      • renee

        i would definitely read up on the case and learn a little about the main line before spewing out “facts” The Haverford School is one of the best schools in the country. The media is obsessed with talking about it’s cost, but the number of schools in this area that cost just as much is astonishing. I would know, I went to one. They know the public schools have more students, and therefore more people to sell to. The private schools, including Haverford, are very small. these guys are very well-educated. As much as people want to try and call them stupid and careless teenagers, Haverford and the colleges they went to (for a short time) clearly taught them well. This has been going on for a VERY long time, i’ll tell you that. They were stupid shits for texting these things, but there had to be a loophole somewhere.

    • Taxes Scott?

      Also don’t send texts from mommy and daddy’s data plan. What taxes was Scott referring to? Apparently the breaks and deductions are not sufficient.

  • phlhui

    Am I the only one who knew kids like this growing up? They were more middle and upper-middle class than wealthy, but I don’t see the difference.

    Pretty naive to leave an electronic paper trail like this though. I’d be paranoid if I was selling drugs. These cats don’t have a care in the world lol. Dopes.

  • Nancy

    Wow, where are all the right wingers with their comments about “drug dealing thugs” and “savages” and “throw the book at them.” Wrong income group and color?

    • AmbientDin

      Perhaps, they will be rewarded by running Wall-street one day.

    • Jaska

      They kinda ARE thugs. See: “thousand-dollar bounty.” LEAs pulled an AR-15, an AR-15 lookalike, and a loaded .22 from Neil Scott’s apartment, along with 20 pounds of pot and all the other drugs. Doubt they were there by coincidence. But since no violence seems to have occurred at the hands of the drug ring members, it’s not exactly prudent to treat them as any old street gang. They weren’t working the streets of North Philly or Camden, just hallways at local schools and a couple colleges…which kinda makes the presence of guns all the more frightening, if you put 2 and 2 together there.

  • sky

    there are worse things happening in the world, don’t understand why everyone is so nosy about text messages between immature teenage boys

    • ala139

      Um, because they were the masterminds behind an illegal drug ring? Just a thought.

      • Sean

        Masterminds wouldn’t have been caught on text messages. They’re idiots and they were selling one of the least harmless drugs I can imagine. They wanted to be masterminds, though.

        • ala139

          They were the masterminds of THEIR particular ring. Not necessarily equal in comparison of all masterminds ever. Everything is relative.

          There are people out there that will really argue about anything.

    • GiGi

      Most likely because people like to see the more affluent “fall”… It’s a whole spectacle. I go to Haverford’s sister all-girls school… But as an “insider”, I’m curious why people find it so interesting…

  • Against haters

    The real story here is drug addiction which leads to drug use, drug dealing, and in the worse case scenario, death. Its not hard to follow that progression. The irresponsible part of this story is the fact that this is an opportunity to open discussions about addiction. Anyone in any kind of 12 step program will tell you that in recovery its “Yale to Jail” , that you’ll meet people of all colors and economic backgrounds. People in recovery know what the news and journalists avoid, the real story here is that awareness and help is out there for anyone that needs it and this is an opportunity to learn, not just bash people that have a serious problem from a priviledged background. Also, where is the coverage for what the Haverford School just accomplished in one day in their Lacrosse Checking for Cancer tournament? Raising over $30,000 for mens prostate cancer research and awareness. Where were the media trucks for that event? Not sensational enough?

  • Guest

    Just wondering a few things… – please offer comments: do they mention anywhere when the texts started? Does anyone know what injury/surgery Brooks sustained?

  • GiGi

    Why is everyone so intrigued by this? I go to Haverford’s sister all- girls school and am curious as to why it’s such a spectacle…

  • Mrs. Yuck

    This is not about decriminalization of weed or the failed war on drugs to me. It’s the fail-trail that chronic pot use can set a good number of people on. Look at the two ringleaders: These guys graduated from a fancy school that’s supposed to be ticket to college success, and yet just four aborted semesters between them (granted the one is too young to have graduated). That’s like being trained by an Olympic-caliber track coach for years, and then failing to finish a 1K fun walk.

    • HowieGambleChipsAllDay

      Hush up please, and thank you. These kids were liars because they are losers. If they drank beer and sold neck ties, they’d still be losers. If they did yoga, and sold gluten free falafels, they’d be losers. Good people use and distribute marijuana. Many own regular business, raise great families, and do great deeds in their community. All marijuana users are not scum, same as all preist and teachers are not pedophiles, and all police are not egotripping maniacs thirsty for power. These kids would be failures at whatever they did because their priorities were fast cash and image. Not living a life that could be respected and sustained.

      • Mrs. Yuck

        Thanks for the lecture, but nobody insinuated that all pot users are scum. I did insinuate that if you’re already intrinsically weak on drive and motivation, smoking up multiple times a day is unlikely to help matters.

  • sonya w

    Honestly it doesn’t matter the race in these situations, what does matter is that its out in the open that no matter where you are in societies level you can be exposed to illegal drugs. The only reason the media is going nuts with the story is because of the social status of who was involved. If it had been a lower income community the reactions would have been..oh, again?, but because its a bunch of rich white kids everyone is shocked? Its ridiculous and one of America’s little secrets..sorry to inform the masses but this is nothing new, it just happened to be brought into the light for once

  • JeanneF

    I’m still wondering why the lacrosse stick was seized… as contraband? Did they smoke it? It’s just preposterous that they thought they needed that to illustrate the privilege of the “main line.” These kids are thugs, plain and simple. And you’re right, their proud parents will be the first ones to bail them out. Pathetic.

    • SW

      Hollow handles used to transport… I’m guessing… drugs.

  • swaggyj

    Should have used the app Cyber Dust

  • Highverford Principal

    “At Haverford, we
    create a culture that celebrates boys. We recognize their innate
    competitiveness, their boundless energy, their need to learn with their hands
    and by doing, their sense of humor, their sense of justice and fairness, and
    their age-appropriate learning needs, and we teach accordingly. We develop
    compassion and empathy, and teach that such traits are the full expression of
    being a man.”

    Oh, and let’s not forget how to deal in quantity like a mad man.

  • Tom

    I don’t go to one of the schools in this case but I do go to a 30k per year prep school. When the headlines of articles include the price of the school it drives me crazy. When people mention the kids dads running stuff it drives me crazy. My siblings go to public school and it’s drugs are much more prominent there. Just cause some low life who graduated from haverford associated with a druggie doesn’t make these schools bad. It shows poorly on those guys cause highschool students are going to get all these drugs some how and just cause it comes from a mass operation doesn’t make a whole school bad. No ones complaining about these colleges.

    • Guest

      Your parents should demand a refund, stat.

  • Name

    These two were just plain stupid and not for nothing, I’d be really pissed if I were their parents and this was what my $35,000 a year tuition payment got me and I wouldn’t be less pissed if my kid was the sub-dealer at the public high schools mentioned. Teens do stupicd things. There is a healthy part to experimentation but all of these kids crossed over the “what’s healthy” line. I am more introgued by the weapons … that’s a little scary. Was Scott planning to use them on the sub-dealer who screwed him over?

  • RealTalk

    haha the headline over their faces is hilarious though!

  • Vald Bagina

    this is like that movie 21 jump street