CBS 3 News Anchor Catfight: Nicole Brewer Really Doesn’t Like Carol Erickson

Welp, CBS 3 anchor Nicole Brewer really doesn’t like weatherwoman Carol Erickson. Here is the video evidence, presented in best-of fashion, for your viewing pleasure. Erickson, for her part, doesn’t seem crazy about her young rival, but also, somewhat tragically, finds herself helplessly eager to please.

The first clip apparently took place about a month ago, according to the site that compiled this master class in highly public passive-aggressive behavior.

UPDATE: Maybe Nicole Brewer and Carol Erickson Don’t Really Hate Each Other?

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  • Jimmi Shrode

    Great hard hitting journalism.

  • Karen Sheaffer

    why is the news station tolerating that type of behavior online? a little humor is reasonable, even a little sarcasm, but Nicole is way out of line, and she should know that when you attack another person it only makes YOU look bad.

    • kell

      nicole is making a fool of herself, regardless of who she is “bantering” with. Clearly ignorant, and has no journalistic integrity. She should lose her job for stupidity.

      • Elizabeth Lockman

        Totally agree! She’s completely unprofessional.

  • Joe Mason

    Funny thing is, is there a nicer person than Carol Erickson? Anywhere? Why would you pick her to feud with? I don’t know Nicole Brewer, but I don’t like her.

  • phillysportsfan

    without knowing this juicy backstory, i noticed the new girl at 5pm rolling her eyes a carol last week and wondered what was up with that.

  • RightsTough

    Nicole Brewer is “Robin Meade” type HOT!!!! She is off the charts for the Philadelphia market where there are few if any hot young chicks. Nicole is off the charts!

    Nicole will be in NYC within a year! She needs to do National Morning show where guys can yank it while waking up in the early morning. My weekends are better thanks to Nicole. My wife and I love her! LOVE HER!

    Carol is a nut job animal lover who hates people and is likely a lesbo. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. She’s just uptight and Nicole plays her perfectly in the morning.

    NICOLE: If CBS wants to win the ratings war, auction off a weekly date with Nicole. Hot. Smart. Earner and Cuter than a newborn!

    • Joe Mason

      Not only is Nicole Brewer not that hot, she is awful at being rude. Her stuff wasn’t funny, wasn’t clever, it was just obnoxious. But then again, I’m an animal nutjob so my opinion probably doesn’t mean much.

      • RightsTough

        You’re either gay or you’re an angry frustrated guy. Either way you’re not qualified to judge “Her Hotness”. I adore this Nicole and Carol is an angry older broad. I get it but Carol is frustrated. Is she nice? Probably but she HATES Nicole becasue Nicole is the whole package.

        • Joe Mason

          I’m none of those things…I find it funny that you have to watch a TV show to find your wife attractive.

          • RightsTough

            Everyone can see that this Nicole is a star in the making. My wife would rather be with her than me and I GET IT!!!

            Don’t hate dawg!

        • adsad

          haha this guy is hilarious to listen to. keep going

    • r3t0dd

      Her hotness is offset by her cuntiness.

    • Rian Lee

      “Carol is a nut job animal lover who hates people and is likely a
      lesbo. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” If there wasn’t
      anything ‘wrong with that’ why did you state it? That’s like me saying
      “You’re probably a racist, sexist, homophobic a-hole. Not that anything’s wrong with that.”

  • Lensie

    That Nicole brewer is rude and condescending. She should be fired she is very unprofessional.

  • Steve Shields

    Nicole Brewer is a SUPER BITCH. Carol Erickson is a class act who has
    put her time in. No respect at all for a coworker on the air, REALLY?
    C’mon CBS3, i don’t need to see this young idiot making a jackass of herself while I’m trying to get my news.

  • HikerVA

    Can’t you all see that the Network is promoting this – it’s good for ratings!

  • Mark DeLoatch


    • Elizabeth Lockman

      I think you mean “reer”… ;P

  • FJ

    You guys are all too sensitive and are just looking for ways to be offended. I thought the line about “her last glass of whatever” was hilarious. Put on some thicker skin and enjoy the fact that you’re getting the news with a little bit of color.

    • adsad

      i agree. this is what america wants to see. would the news really be more interesting to watch if it went to the same old scripted segments?

      • Lane Kays

        this is what america wants to see? or do we want to hear what’s going on beyond their issues?

  • Sarah Murray

    Nicole looks to me like a classic ‘Mean Girl.’ Carol Erickson has always been a class act,and always will be.

  • dave

    the old lady took it well though

  • PATRIOT Saige Dane

    I don’t live in Philly but just watched the clips online. Ugh, Nicole comes across as nasty, petty, and imature. I am so glad I don’t have to get my local news from her. What a B*tch!

  • r3t0dd

    Brewer’s fake laugh at her own awful jokes makes my skin crawl. She got less and less attractive each time she opened her mouth. “It’d be lost on you. Hahahahahaha!” “It’s the only way you’re gonna get it. Hahahahahaha!” *cringe*

  • Veillantif

    I didn’t see anything that couldn’t easily be just banter between two friends. Or maybe I just have sadly dysfunctional friendships.

  • Sunnii Dae

    Hahaha!! Bitches be crazy.

  • Seth

    I’m pretty sure they’re just messing around, everyone. Otherwise CBS would have asked them to tone it down or handled it some other way. Then again, maybe not. I’m sure it’s good for ratings and it isn’t like news stations have any integrity.

  • usernameyourequested

    The anchor is a pretty mean c u next tuesday. What is her problem? She should try being professional. And why is she being allowed to get away with this?

  • Jon

    it seems like harmless joking to me and not at all like actual hostility. I’d wager that they are actually good friends.

  • Sue Kelly

    I am from Philly and have watched Carol for years. She is a kind, sweet person. I emailed her a few years ago and she took the time personally to respond to me and follow-up. Nicole comes across as nasty & obnoxious. Her “banter” does not work. If you are trying to be funny leave the jokes to the comedians.

  • Britt Farmer

    Dude, I don’t care if she’s pretty or whatever else, Nicole Brewer can’t even talk the damned news straight, let alone her RIDICULOUSLY catty antics. FIRE THAT BITCH!

  • Joe Quillen

    You guys can call it a cat fight or whatever, but I think this is a case of someone filling in at the weekend anchor chair for the past few months and just isn’t experienced at the job. Her jokes bombed, or Carol Erickson just didn’t get the jokes are thought it was so bad that she thought it was best to let Nicole look bad. Chalk it up to what looks like anchor inexperience and the fact that KYW hasn’t filled two anchor seats: Susan Barnett’s slot and Anne-Marie Green’s, which Nicole is using right now.

  • Serai 1

    Stupid, unprofessional behavior. Fire BOTH of them.

  • Bhig Bhad Wolf

    One is a ridiculous child, the other is a classy woman trying to be a professional.

  • Joe Luna

    On breakdotcom a camera man said carol had an affair with nicoles ex.

  • John

    You are a Retch

  • lk

    Rights tough…….you’re an ass. You talk out of your ass. I can understand why your wife would rather be with a woman.

  • julie brewer

    Nichole, you need o shut you mouth while Carol is doing the weather. You interrupt with your, not even a little bit funny comment’s Do you just forget your on TV. You should be suspended, or fired.

  • jacktate

    oh pleez, Carol does nothing but constantly complain about cold weather in the winter. Its winter. Its cold. Its supposed to be. She’s tiresome.

  • JR48

    I would watch this station exactly once and then turn the channel to a competitor. Nicole seems to be the one that can’t seem to shut up with the snark. Completely unprofessional and bonus points to the station that thinks that’s how it should be done.

  • Harvey Kardashian

    Fire Nicole Brewer’s ass, but that ass is being poked by an executive and therefore feels entitled. May she start doing porn soon.

  • Rebecca Minor

    Disgusted by such unprofessional behavior from Ms. Brewer and her producers. She should have been removed from air with an apology from management after a much needed sponser break.

  • staff office
    • Veillantif

      Wowsers, you’ve got Image Search installed on your Google machine!

  • city_dweller_38

    Two ‘Big Deal Local TeeVee Nooze Hacks’ humiliate each other? I say that’s just like what you call 1,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean: A good start.

  • Roger Hendler

    Nicole Brewer needs to grow up and become a professional unless she wants to do stand up comedy. She’s bad at the too. Carol is a professional in every way.

  • Butterfly S

    why is AJ Clemente got fired for using the F word but mean girl and unprofessional work behavior is allowed on the air? what is wrong with this station, they needed the rating that bad that they have to stood so low? Everyone in the area should boycott and not watch the station. This should not be allowed in the work place.

  • CC

    Here’s a clue Nicole: Learn some news room protocol. Your pageant status don’t mean squat to anyone but you apparently. Carol is doing her job.
    Please fire her. CBS News Can’t be that desperate for ratings to simply keep her.
    Just saw the Youtube clips. Grow up and act your age Nicole seriously.

  • Jock

    One word: Albuquerque

  • lol

    lol jokes on nicole cause shes just embarrassing herself on national television

  • DDL

    its good for ratings nuff said

  • Rick

    How do you all know Carol hasn’t been a total bitch to her behind the scenes? That’s right. You don’t know that. Older coworkers can be pretty condescending to their younger peers – especially when they’re threatened. So until we all know the facts, I suggest we stop the name-calling, you god damn honkies.

    • Lane Kays

      okay, they’re both obnoxious and in the wrong. young homegirl is probably boning the same dude ol’ girl was to get on the station in the first place. this is actually super sad, i was hopin to hope that the unprofessionalism on a network like this could be a joke, but who would do that? and we know because cbs always sucked.

  • Snowpleeze

    cannot stand Nicole Brewer–she’s so disrespectful & corny, although she tries to be funny…same thing w/Jericka Duncan–she’s so rude & snotty….just get rid of both of them….they add NOTHING to the program….I always change channels if Carol is not on it….Carol is funny, professional & makes watching ch 3 so much better…..

  • Lauren Kitto

    Even if they are messing around, Nicole is completely unprofessional. If they have differences, don’t put us all as spectators because you cannot learn to be an adult. Even without the banter, you can tell that she genuinely does not care about anyone but herself. NOT what we need in a news reporter.

  • jc

    how can eyewitness news allow that snotty little bitch to act the way she does on air?carol has been doing the weather for as long as i can remember .that snotty bitch needs to learn some manners .she could’nt carry carrols shoes .hell she has a hard time reading the news from the teleprompter and speaking at the same time .fire that rookie nobody .beauty queen my ass .snotty spoiled bitch is more like it .she must be doing someone in upper manegment .im done watching channel 3 if you want to see a good looking woman on the news watch 10 sheena parveen makes that bitch nichole brewer look like a crack whore

  • karen

    Nicole Brewer needs to take a course in “news reporting 101” Her comments on news stories are not welcome or appropriate. Not her job to COMMENT on anything. The true professionals simply report the stories. My hope is that she has her baby and decides to become a full-time mother for many, many years. Can’t believe she still has a job on CBS!!
    Karen B