EgoPo Theater Co. to Stage Uncle Tom’s Cabin—With White Slaves

A new Philly play is raising some eyebrows.

When was the last time you saw Uncle Tom’s Cabin in a theater? The answer is probably never. As far as I can tell, a theatrical version of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s controversial novel hasn’t been performed in the Philadelphia area for many decades, and that also appears to be true for the rest of the country, with the exception of a couple of attempts in New York City over the years. But one Philadelphia theater company says that it’s time to bring the story back to the stage, but with a twist.

EgoPo Classic Theater, a company that describes itself as “edgy, innovative, and inspiring,” is set to debut Uncle Tom in May at Delancey Place’s Plays & Players Theater. Auditions begin this weekend. The show will mark the end of EgoPo’s vaudeville-themed season, which started with their excellent all-female Assassination of Jesse James and continues in March with The Life (and Death) of Harry Houdini.

Uncle Tom was quickly transformed into a theatrical work after the novel’s 1852 publication. And although the book was immensely popular (its sales in the 1800s were only surpassed by those of the Bible), the various theatrical versions were even more so.

Because copyright laws were not what they are today, the scripts strayed freely from the original text, and the show eventually became a centerpiece of minstrel performances, complete with blackface and the most exaggerated racial stereotypes possible. Plus, the book itself wound up on some “banned book” lists, and the NAACP objected to its language and characterizations. No wonder the progressive theater world sought to distance itself in later years.

For the May production, EgoPo artistic director Lane Savadove and Glenn Odom, a literary studies professor at Rowan University, are creating a new script. “We’re doing a realistic, naturalistic version that will be incredibly respectful of the novel,” promises Savadove. “We’re not writing anything. We’re using the book word-for-word, cutting it just so that it works in a theatrical format. I really want the novel to speak for itself on the stage. This is not going to be some post-modern version of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

I asked him why it was important to do Uncle Tom now, why he wants to pick it up after all these years.

“The play got tagged as racist not because of the book but because of the minstrel shows,” he explains. “The book was written as an anti-racist piece, and in the last 10 years, the top African American scholars like Henry Louis Gates and Cornel West have gone back to reclaim it as an important part of racial history. And so, we wanted to go back now that it’s seen in this new light and create a new theater version.”

One person who is not convinced that this is necessarily a good idea is Philadelphia actor James Ijames, who teaches the most prominent version of the Uncle Tom scripts in his “Race on the Stage” course at Temple University.

“The citing of Henry Louis Gates and Cornel West to somehow say, ‘See, the black guy said it’s OK!’ is problematic,” says Ijames. “Citing the elder statesmen is akin to the ‘some of my best friends are black’ argument. That notion and rebuttal and defense doesn’t have anything to do with anything.”

Further complicating the matter is Savadove’s decision to swap races in the casting process. In other words, white actors will play slaves while black actors will play their owners.

I talked to one white actor who plans to audition for the show, even though his concerns are “numerous.” The actor, who asked to remain anonymous, points out that many of the stereotypes commonly associated with black culture can be traced back to Uncle Tom, from the “Aunt Jemima” figure to the hyper-educated, very proper black man.

“Those stereotypes were built off of white characterizations of blacks,” he says. “I don’t know how having white actors playing black characters introduces anything new to this story. I sincerely hope that there is an artistic objective beyond being edgy for the sake of being edgy.”

But his biggest and “admittedly selfish” concern is the dialect and language that he’ll be expected to use.

“I have a hard time listening to myself delivering the language,” he notes. “It sounds like a blatantly racist caricature.” He says that he can’t even read his lines in public.

Savadove tries to explain his unusual casting decision: “Even though, by all accounts, the dialogue is incredibly historically accurate, it’s a loaded subject to have a black man speak in a Southern slave dialect. And so we’re switching the races. And we’re painting a picture of an America where it happens to be that the whites became enslaved and the blacks became the slave owners. We’re pointing out the randomness with which the blacks became enslaved and the whites became empowered.”

When I asked Savadove if staging the play was the subject of much debate within EgoPo, he told me it wasn’t. “We are clear in what we are doing,” he says. “And we articulated it clearly to our board.”

In light of Savadove’s justification for the racial switch and his comments regarding “randomness,” Ijames wondered about the racial makeup of that board, as did Ardmore-based playwright Quinn Eli, whose newest play will debut at Plays & Players in April alongside works by Suzan-Lori Parks and other African American playwrights.

And so I asked Savadove point blank if there were any black people on his board. He refused to answer directly. Then he pointed to EgoPo’s 2012 production of A Dybbuk, perhaps the most important play in Jewish history and one with its own controversies surrounding mysticism and Kabbalah. “You didn’t call me then and ask me if any of my board members were Jewish,” he said. No, I didn’t. But, then, A Dybbuk is no Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

In any event, both Eli and Ijames say that they intend to go see EgoPo’s Uncle Tom. And so do I.

“I’ll find it difficult to absorb the image of whites in place of blacks as slaves,” says Eli. “And I question how effective it will be for white members of the audience who won’t have to take the horror of what happened to those who it actually happened to. It presupposes that a lot of our notions about race have changed more dramatically than I think they have. But that doesn’t mean it won’t make for interesting theater.”

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  • Go Stockman!

    Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Stirring the racism sheet bucket is all they’re doing.

    • etecs

      Anything to keep the race mongers in your face…

      There will NEVER be racial harmony

      • codependent

        Don’t you wish we had picked our own cotton?

        • You GD right.

        • Sammie_Jo

          don’t you wish the african tribes hadn’t ever sold their own to the white guys?

          • arabs and blacks sold blacks to traders, who were both black and white and arab.
            Actually, arabs and blacks in Africa still deal in the slave trade – selling and buying blacks.

          • Sammie_Jo

            I could be wrong, but I don’t believe there were any black men buying slaves from africa and bringing them back here in the pre-civil war days.

          • You are wrong, who do you think was rounding up the black slaves in Africa, it was other BLACKS selling fellow blacks to the slave traders.
            You must have studied the NEW AMERICA HISTORY, where everything bad has been rewritten to satisfy the POLITICALLY CORRECT.

          • Sammie_Jo

            boy when you’re wrong you’re really wrong, I am old enough to have gone to school when they actually taught the truth, something they taught when I went to school that obviously was not taught in any class you attended, was how NOT to be rude.

            “Dutch traders brought the first African slaves to Jamestown”

            I don’t know, were the dutch traders black?

          • NirwenElf

            Correct, but who sold those slaves to the Dutch?

          • Sammie_Jo

            the tribes in africa like I said in the first place.

          • Sammie Joe- note you said the first African slaves. I am pretty sure they made more than one trip. And while the money men were likely to be white, the sellers, labor and yes, some buyers were sometimes non-white. It does not make it right, but it was the way of the world. Chinese sold Chinese too, slavery was common. What was uncommon was several hundred white guys dieing trying to stop slavery. BTW, there were black Confederates too.

          • Sammie_Jo

            oh gee, really, black confederates, why, I would have never known that!

          • Sammie, did you graduate the third or the fourth grade? Of course there were black confederate soldiers. Did you know that the song Dixie was written by a black woman? You have drank to much Obama koolaid.

          • nice. mr. jo blow be gone on that note.

          • Jake_V

            Read above…that’s because you’re ignorant of History.

            JFYI Liberal Arts degree’s don’t really mean anything. Just a thought for the future.

          • Actually, there is some evidence that a black man was the first slaveholder in the colonies –

          • Peoriaboy

            I worked for a black guy in the Ozarks and he was called a black dutch everybody liked him was a great man.

          • The slave traders were Portuguese. The slaves were bought from tribes that had contracts with these traders. This is simply one way the local tribes got rid of conquered or other bothersome tribes it was also a great way to get rid of their own troublemakers and ne’r do wells.

          • bloodaxe

            Those troublemakers and ne’er-do-wells were prolific breeders and their descendants are all over Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and DC…doing what they do best.

          • Beedogs

            Can we send them back now? Too many neer do wells and trouble makers.

          • Peoriaboy

            Well Abe Lincoln was going to send them back found out they liked Chicken and Watermelon to much and we were running short on those products then that dumb ass John Wilkes Booth came along and killed Lincoln and now we have a shortage of Watermelon and chicken. Why haven’t the blacks built a statue of John Wilkes Booth and put it next to Martin Luther King for saving them from going back to Africa I’ll never know,maybe obumer will do it.

          • R J

            Actually Rich, they were mostly joooz-look in to it.

          • black against black crime was as rampant then as now… but how they love only talking about the evil white man,

          • Jake_V

            The same as the American Media.

          • Sammie Jo- there were several blacks in America that owned black slaves. It is an inconvenient truth. Look it up.

          • Sammie_Jo

            OMG, yes, but very few, look it up yourself.
            We’re talking the majority here, sorry you can’t read between the lines.

          • Jake_V

            The only one incapable of reading between the lines in this thread so far is you.

            You simply don’t want to admit or acknowledge that black people sold, traded, actively participated in, and some would argue, even drove the industry that was the slave trade.

            History sometimes sucks. If you don’t know if you’re bound to repeat it.

            Mao killed 90 million Chinese in the name of bettering Chinese Society.

            Obama wreaks of Maoisms.

          • More than several – it was actually a higher “per capita” than white owners. One source:

          • 300millionlosers

            Probably not Sammie_Jo, but are you leaving open the possibility about it happening in POST-civil war days???
            Slavery has gone on since the beginning of mankind and still continues today.

          • Peoriaboy

            Hell yes it does black pimps have mostly white girls working for them and beat the shit out of them all the time,you could always tell the pimps in Peoria they usually had Peacock feather in their hat or a Pheasant feather and would always loan you money if they new you.

          • Jake_V

            You mean knew you you…as in they know who you are are.

            Not that new shiny car outside.

          • Peoriaboy


          • Google “William Ellison black slave owner” for a real education. Too bad blacks don’t get taught real history!

          • klg1956

            If “progressives” didn’t wipe Wentworth Cheswell’s name from our history books, blacks might have learned that he was a black Revolutionary War hero, riding as an equal soldier with Paul Revere, rode north to cobble together soldiers to help win the battle at Portsmouth…and Joseph Rainey, the first black speaker of the house in 1874…Republican….also wiped from our history books…gee, ask yourself why would they do that? what possible motive could they have?

          • mark douglas

            Remember also American Indians owned slaves, they took them with them when forced to relocate to Okla

          • You would be wrong. There were several free blacks who held slaves.

          • Kees Roma

            “Slavery did not become rooted in Virginia until 1681, when according to the Royal Governor’s estimate, there were 3,000 blacks and 15,000 white servants, out of a total population between 70,000 and 80,000. Included with the blacks were a considerable number of free blacks, some of whom had become wealthy. In Northampton County there was a community of blacks that had acquired hundreds of acres by head-rights. They imported slaves from Africa and servants from England to such an extent that the assembly in 1670 declared it illegal for blacks to own white servants.”

            Taken from “The Oxford History of the American People,” copyright by Samuel Eliot Morison, Volume 1, Pg. 136, paragraph 2, first paperback edition published by Mentor Books, February, 1972.

          • Rowwdy Colt

            You are wrong Sammie. Three of the top 7 slave holders were black. Antoine Dubuclet, the widow C. Richard and her son in LA and a man named Ellison in SC all owned more than a 100 each. There were 125 black slave owners in the 1860 census.

          • Peoriaboy

            You think they didn’t have some big African here in America that put the fear of God in them if they didn’t work and probably done the beating themselves and besides that I sure they never got treated like people think as you can see they had families dressed niece ,it’s just that folks were backwards as all hell back then on both sides,but the democrats keep playing the race card to keep the shit stirred up in the pot to keep it stinking.

          • Jake_V

            You’re not only wrong but clearly ignorant of history.

            Black warring tribes in Africa sold each other into slavery. Period. The buyers were from all over the world.

            Anyone who argues other than that is a revisionist history bluff and trying to apply a slant on history for a current view.

          • gooberak

            You’re wrong.

          • greggebhardt

            Well old Sammy Jo, you are showing a lack of knowledge and blacks WERE buying black slaves. It is a natural thing to take advantage and use when possible.

          • deathgoat

            Where can I buy one?

          • bloodaxe

            No refunds, dude!

          • Beedogs

            Why would you want one? You have to beat them to get any work out of the lazy turds. Plus they are violent unless subdued.

          • deathgoat

            I think they come with a phone now, with a crack dealer on speed dial.

          • Peoriaboy

            You wouldn’t want one today as you’ed have to buy them big screen tv’s basketballs reebock tennis shoes gold chains and give them some dumb white chick ,you would go broke.

          • quick_quip

            Where can I return them? They are defective.

          • Problem is they never talk about black slave owners. If people would only read the older history books they could learn the TRUTH. Remember MOOSHELL said her and BO were going to change history.

          • Susan

            First slave owner in America was a black man, Anthony Johnson.

          • Jake_V

            Yeah but this too real for the people of America to talk about. They would rather watch Django Unchained while listening to Jamie Foxx, high on cocaine, tell them about how Obama is our Christ and Savior.

            No wonder American now sucks.

          • tnmccoy

            Throughout history, there have been millions of white slaves. Why are Liberals only interested in blacks—all while they do their best to destroy blacks and the black family.

          • because they are hippies and want “whitey” to suffer so he can understand the black man. that’s why dozens of little girls get kidnapped everyday and turned into sex slaves and no one cares

          • SisFromIL

            The word slave comes from the word “slavic.” Europeans…my people. Cry me a river black folks you are not unique in any way. Join the crowd and stop whining.

          • black against black crime was as rampant then as now… but they love talking about the evil white man,

          • Peoriaboy

            It is sometimes fun to blast each other but you have to of figured it out by now ,you understand the Capitol building and then all the State Capitol Buildings how Grandeur they are with the marble hallways and all the huge doors that big dome overhead ,well your head starts to swell you become bigger than life you know like Jessie Jackson Jr has been going through suffering from illusions of grandeur well you should be able to put it together by now. See the democrats keep the turmoil going but it seems that both parties slap each other on the back once out of the view of the cameras.

          • HopelesslyFaithful

            hahahahha nice one

        • I wish Lincoln had his way and shipped all the blacks back to Africa

          • tnmccoy

            The African country of Liberia was created for the blacks, but that country has pretty much imploded from corruption, murder, unemployment and general incompetency of the black ‘leaders’ over the years.

          • Ronin

            Just like Detroit, DC…

          • deathgoat

            Chicago. and they’re still killing each other.

          • SisFromIL

            Just got another one tonight….15 year old girl shot in the chest…black on black.

          • Liberalsmasher22

            Actually Lincoln has many quotes that they REFUSE to teach in public school proving he had every intention of shipping the slaves to South America after the war.

            Check out Lincoln/Douglas Debate #4: Lincoln had some CHOICE words about the Negros. Things like ‘They should never intermarry with whites/vote/be judges or jurors/hold office/live on the same land/whites are superior’ etc.

            He didn’t give two craps about negros. That’s another liberal lie. He didn’t even consider the emancipation until 1/3 into the war because he needed the anti-slave groups backing. And the emancipation still didn’t free them, it was the 13th amendment.

            American public school history is BS.

          • NoNigme

            Lincoln didn’t actually like blacks?? I didn’t know that. Now I’m starting to like the man!!

          • Peoriaboy

            Well his old man made him marry a black girl that he had gotten pregnant when he was eighteen then divorced after the child was born, white boys like’d sneaking around with black girl’s they just hid it back then when you see that girls got back man what can I say.

          • well, it’s not like recent history proves Lincoln wrong…

            rare exceptions are possible.. Justice Thomas is one..

        • Tell that to the Democrats. I take no responsibility for that one. Read the Constitution and Bill of Rights without the Slave feature and get my message.

          • Muslim Slave catchers were the primary source history tells us today.

        • davenjan

          I blame the British. They brought the first slaves to Jamestown in 1609.

        • My ancestors were white sharecroppers, virtual slaves

        • enufalready

          Awesome comment, and yes, I really, really, do wished we would have picked our own cotton. Would have been cheaper in the long run, and then perhaps we could get on with real life, interesting things. These lefties think the constitution is old news, the race crap is a tired subject and has been for years.

          • Peoriaboy

            Guys like Jessie Jackson Al Sharpton ,rev Wright that would preach hate for the white man so his congregation would grow and Louis Farrakhan and the white democrats like to keep the pot stirred it gets votes.

        • Peoriaboy

          It might be interesting as to see the part where the black slave owner’s wife sneaks’s out behind the barn to make love with the big white slave to experience the romance he would give her or what would they do when the white slave rapes the wife or fifteen year old daughter?Ikd go see that ,but hell I bet Africans did have some white folks over there that they worked as slaves.

      • tnmccoy

        Not as long as Liberals breathe.

      • greggebhardt

        At least not with this president! There is more hatred than ever. Enough to last a few more generations!

    • Sasha Soetoro

      You’re a racist for presenting valid thought exercises. Racism is terrrorism, so pack your bags for Gitmo, terroracist.

      • DontwearaNosestud

        Blame it on the g*d d@mned Dutch if you’re so fuqqing sensitive…else, s_tf_u.

        • deathgoat

          Curb the GD ing, or you’ll be spending eternity with Barry and MooShell.

    • rimpy

      TRYING to start a race war agains Humans.

  • sonicmoon

    .. and next week we’re going to have a woman play the role of George Washington and a german shepherd play the role of Ghandi. Oooh so edgy!

    • Katherine McChesney

      Gandhi would have eaten a dog. He was a fraud just like Barry Soetoro.

      • sonicmoon

        now *that* would be edgy.. have Barry Soetoro play the role of someone that actually believes in and honors the US Constitution and all of the amendments.

        • tnmccoy

          But he isn’t obligated to believe in them—only obey them and protect them.

          • kinda funny considering he does neither

          • sonicmoon

            obey and protect = honor. but BHO does neither, believe in or honor.

    • Ronin

      Get back to me when they depict Mohammed as a 9 year old screwing warlord.

      • deathgoat

        Libturds don’t have the Balls.

  • Sasha Soetoro

    ‘EgoPo Classic Theater, a company that describes itself as “edgy, innovative, and inspiring,” ..’

    If you describe yourself as edgy, innovative and inspiring, it is likely that you are not edgy, innovative, nor inspiring. Edgy people don’t go around talking about how cool they are and innovative, inspiring theater companies don’t put on crusty, tired, old plays like “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” or “Dybbuk”..

    Beyond that, I love how this article manages to take a psychotic twist toward a stone-faced defense of Kabbalism. Pagans and theaterfolk belong together.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Very good comment. And your last sentence is certainly correct. Right brain people in the arts are godless most often than not. They push leftist ideals, socialism and communism.

    • iatemine

      but but….it’s WHITE slaves with BLACK owners! Thats edgy isnt it?
      Or just pure fantasy?

  • Sir_Ronald

    well, that’s different. It’s art, right?!

  • IRI33T

    Whatever you do, make sure you keep fanning those flames.

  • natgrenadine

    Pathetic. Anyone who has read the novel knows that the story is capable of standing on its own–without modern activist revisions.

  • mediafreak

    Please inform Mr. Fiorillo that it is was abolitionist Harriet ‘Beecher’ Stowe who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Never heard of Harriet ‘Beatrice’ Stowe.

  • Michael White

    How about a musical stage play…let’s call, it “Crips & Bloods,” where street gangs shoot innocent children, peddle drugs and terrorize their ‘hoods’ to the music of JayZ and Tupac? Or maybe a comedy called “Momma Knows Best, Bro’, ‘Cause Daddy Ain’t Around.” Pathetic.

    • Snake PLiskin

      That’s why Barry is so angry, daddy ran off and grandpa was an Uncle Tom.

    • 300millionlosers

      If Jamie Foxx stars in that also, it might be pretty good!

  • Oh, Farrakhan will love this. This is something Jeremiah Wright, Nation of Islam, and the Muslim Brotherhood can all agree on. Gotta get those guns outta cracka’s hands first.

    • Sammie_Jo

      they canceled that show before it could air, hopefully this ridiculous play will be canceled before it’s opening night also.

  • jenny65

    Right up there with the reality show “my baby’s mamas”, highlighting the “man” who fathered 11 children with 10 women. Ridiculous, race baiting crap.

    • Katherine McChesney

      There is a Knoxville thug who has 30 children by 11 women. Blacque people at their ‘best’. His child support was less than $2 per month. He went to court to have that lowered.

    • Kevin Birge

      But the man in question actually did it. Cackling writers did not conceive this in committee. Is his life to be considered race baiting as an unobserved event? Or only when filmed and presented as entertainment? And it’s not as if the potential audience is going to be made any smarter for having this show killed off. You would have to be an imbecile to watch such a thing.

  • So this must be about the Sex Slave Trade in Africa? You know where they capture young females with low melanin count and sell them into sexual slavery. Its funny that these people are so ignorant of whats going on in the world around them that they are worried about past wrongs that no alive today committed. Everyone admits that what happened then was wrong so lets focus on the real horrors of the world instead of trying to gin up old hatreds.

  • Katherine McChesney

    The writer needs to do better research. The author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin is Harriet BEECHER Stowe NOT Harriet Beatrice Stowe.
    This presentation is courtesy of White-Hating producers.

    • vfiorillo

      Thanks for your note. It wasn’t a lack of research. It was a typo. Corrected.

  • MrNewCastrati

    Uh-Huh, sure.

  • Sammie_Jo

    sure, change history for the “feel good” set.

  • Dan Flathers

    “Brought to you by the same moronic thinking which casts ‘West Side Story’ as racist against Latinos”

  • Obama will see that that the white man gets taken down several notches by the time he is done.

    • Kevin Birge

      Except for the rich white men at the Federal Reserve and Wall Street he serves. The first black President is nothing but a shoeshine boy. Disgraceful. I would have preferred Farrakhan to this buffoon.

    • Ronin

      Maybe, but the rest of the country is going to fall those few notches as well.

  • oldsettler

    American history now says slavery was an American invention by white people and only existed in America.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Slavery existed in Africa…blacks owning blacks. They sold their people to the Arabs. Bible history states that blacks enslaved Hebrews for 400 years in Egypt.

      • slavery is holy in islam.. mohammad owned and traded slaves.. because mohammad is the ‘perfect man’ worthy of emulation, slavery can never be ended in muslim lands permanently

  • The audacity of publications that hire mental mongrels to write such clap…and this genius “writer” couldn’t even tell us who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin…don’t they pay editors for this? You know, people with brains are actually starving because they refuse subservience to filthy editing desks and their programming agenda.

    It is a biological (and historical) fact that diversity does not lead to anything but dissolution across the board.

    Let’s see what one of our favorite progressive thinkers, John Stuart MIll, had to say on the issue: “Free institutions are next to impossible in a country made up of
    different nationalities. Among people without fellow-feeling, especially
    if they read and speak different languages, the united public opinion,
    necessary to the working of representative government, cannot exist.”

    We need to work together in order for this effort to reorganize to be successful. Every person from every group (yes, self-hating Whites, thismeans YOU)

    • needs to develop a respect and appreciation for THEIR people. Only through self-respect and self-reliance can you help other people. Start local. Be proud of yourself. Be proud of your people. Be proud of your history. Whites, you aren’t, but they are.

  • Katherine McChesney

    ‘…top African American scholars…’

    That line is laughable. Their degrees are laughable. They produce no product and nothing positive for American people. Their ‘modus operandi’ is playing the race card over the slightest misunderstanding. They’re anti-White.

  • ttiwkram

    This is nothing new. The welfare state has made whites slaves to blacks in this country for decades. If you disagree, just analyze the numbers and see if you can support any other conclusion.

  • dougtheavenger

    White people enslaved black people in America and white people freed black people in America. Behind this is the fact that Europeans in general and the English in particular began to abolish slavery in 1102; first for whites and eventually for blacks. Furthermore, it was Western pressure that finally resulted in the eradication of slavery (as a legal institution) from Earth in 1962 (Saudi Arabia and Yemen). These historical facts are a blow to the ego of many black Americans and Fake history is the answer for many.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Actually black enslaved their own and sold them to the Arabs, Spaniards and to white America. Blacks own black slaves in America.

  • lamba444

    This play and the many classic movies being recast with all black casts or them in the lead roles. What is the purpose? We cannot rewrite that part of American history, we should not be held accountable for the ignorance of our ancestors.
    Slavery is still alive in certain parts of Africa, they enslave and sell their own, even today. It has always been there, This cast of characters should go over there and see what it is like without the FREEDOM they enjoy here, “Let em,’ go”!!!!

  • 2ndprotectsall

    How about this, Carrot Top as Martin Luther King Jr. ?

  • “edgy, innovative, and inspiring,” Translation: leftie moonbats revising a classic novel to suit their agenda.

  • William

    The first slave owner in the US was a black man named Anthony Johnson…

    • Yep! Oddly he was once a slave, given his freedom and then became the first to hold a black African servant as a slave in the mainland American colonies.

      History is a %itch but it is true.

    • Brasso

      That doesn’t matter, because they won’t let facts get in the way of an agenda. Whites are always wrong no matter what they say or do.

  • Snake PLiskin

    Slavery is alive and well all over the world in many different forms, and now Uncle Barry, wants ALL of us up on HIS PLANTATION. Working for supper, think about it, indentured servitude.

    • BeyondPolls

      Yes, abortion is slavery all over again.

  • Andy74

    The historical importance of Uncle Tom’s Cabin – particularly its function as a book that changed the world (for it to help in the movement toward abolition was fully intended by Harriet Beecher Stowe) has been neglected in recent generations. It is understandable, because the language of the book, in being historically accurate in its portrayals of the language such as the use of the “n” word by slave holders and others, is very uncomfortable to read today. It is a shame, however, that the book has not been more widely read recently. I found myself in tears many times as I read it a couple of years ago, and continue to be deeply affected as I reflect back even now. I think that one other reason its wide circulation has been resisted lately is its beautiful portrayal of authentic faith in God in certain of its characters, including most poignantly the title character, Uncle Tom, who stands throughout as a tower of inner strength and a perfect example of loving those who persecute you until the very end. Some have seen this posture as weakness; it is absolutely not and no one who reads this book can I think deny the overcoming power and ultimate victory that resulted from his love for his enemies even until (spoiler alert) death. I am certainly making sure that this book is among those my kids read (and I discuss with them) about age 11 or 12, and would recommend this to others.

    (By the way, I am not commenting about what these folks have done by switching the race roles in the play discussed in this article – just commenting on the book itself and its merits.)

  • nookly23

    Well, the second part is true, there were black slave owners. Nothing like a freed slave deciding to put his own people in bondage for money. Looks like nothing has changed.

  • Without racism, blacks could not continue to blame whites for their (blacks) failures and genetic shortcomings.

  • Ho hum. Why put on an Uncle Toms Cabin about fantasy that never existed? I compare it to Star Trek, a story of fiction.

  • Interesting. Considering 15% of slave owners were back and about 10% of the slaves were white.
    I just figured they were telling their story.

  • mike

    The LAST lick of work we got out of them.

  • Would this have been made with any White President?

    Just sayin………

  • mike

    They should thank their sorry buttwagons for slavery … otherwise they would be living in the African toilet right now.

  • Atlas_Collins

    Will American negroes ever get over the shame that their ancestors were such cowards that they allowed themselves to become enslaved?

    • never…they want to perpetuate white guilt til the cows come home…it suits their agenda..

    • open_left

      “There is nothing more frightening than active ignorance.” — Goethe

      The British used colonial North America as a penal colony through a system of indentured servitude.
      Merchants would transport the convicts and auctioned them off to plantation owners upon arrival in the colonies. Many escaped and because they were white were able to blend into the populace

      Blacks were not that lucky.Slaves resisted the institution from the very beginning through rebellions and non-compliance, and escaped it through travel to non-slave states and Canada, facilitated by the Underground Railroad.
      The worst shame is whoever taught you to be a racist.
      People are not born that way.I pity you that you live in 2013 with an 1813 mindset.

      • Atlas_Collins

        I see your “education” came with a ready-made excuse for all non-whites.

        ( “… white(s) were able to blend into the populace Blacks were not that lucky.”)

        The fact remains that anyone who chooses to live on their knees as a slave is a coward without regard to the color of their skin. This is not a “racist” assertion, it is simple truth. It is aslo fact that the ancestors of all these whiny American negroes who blame slavery for their shortcomings were, indeed, cowards who chose to submit to slavery rather than fight to the death for their freedom.

        If you’re white and honestly believe the pablum you spew, I suggest you kill yourself right now as penance for your inherent guilt. Do it now, pansy!

  • roosterCrow4

    I am seeing a repeating pattern here that seems to go back about 30,000 years or so. Since Western Europeans and Asians are the only humans carrying 2% – 5% Neanderthal DNA, I’m getting the feeling the non-Neanderthals are looking to complete the genocide they started eons ago… at least on the Western European front. Maybe our Asian cousins should take note? ;)

  • John Robert Mallernee

    Historically, there were many black slave owners in America, the majority of them in South Carolina.

    There were also white slaves on the Carolina plantations, as documented in my own family’s history, “THE TRUEBLOOD FAMILY IN AMERICA: 1682 – 1963”, and in the classic novel, “KIDNAPPED”, by Robert Louis Stvenson.

    Additionally, you might be interested in researching the suppressed history of Admiral Sir William Sidney Smith and the Society of Knights Liberators of the White Slaves of Africa.

    • I believe the book “They Were White and They Were Slaves” also addresses this topic.

  • It is a metaphor for todays welfare state wherein the white workers support the black welfare layabouts. Sorry to be so direct but you commenters appear to be in the dark. Someone had to say it.

    • open_left

      Yeah all blacks are on food stamps and welfare.Even the wealthy ones.
      No white people are on government subsidies even the poor ones.

  • Liberia Part Deux? Just think about all the money we’d save if we could get that Israel monkey off our back…then we could ALL (every group, ethnicity, race, etc. etc.) work together to establish new, homogenous regions for each group. Every group has the right to self-determination, not just the Jews. Look at what Israel is doing about Blacks in that country, particularly Sudanese refugees. They just put them in detention centers. Top Israeli officials and leaders cut right to the chase: Goyim are cattle, do not rent apartments to non-Jews, these roads are only accessible by card-carrying Jews. Yet the same Jews who protest Blacks in their country, come over to the U.S. and teach university courses and take political positions encouraging diversity, to the detriment of everyone but Jews. Blacks could have every single black scientist, scholar, laborer, inventor, politician, etc. and work toward establishing their own successful society, with highly-advanced social, legal and technical systems. Whites (by definition the only people who can be racist and who have the means of enforcing racism) could even raise a lump sum to encourage first waves of migration. That would be far more productive and humane than spending trillions of tax revenue on war and genocide. I imagine that with the Whites out of the picture, blacks could live in harmony and begin developing their own unique society.

  • andycanuck

    Will the Underground Railroad be heading to China?

  • Joe

    Not going to change shit; losers!

  • 2inthehat

    How stupid. They’re just perverting a work of art to make a political statement. Why do they even bother. They should just write something new. Oh, I know! They need the attention and they have no talent. Anyone involved who considers themselves an artist should be ashamed. They are pimping their “art” to make a political statement.

  • Tom

    Even the ORIGINAL was racist Propaganda. Planters that abused their workers (and the only things of value that the banks would base loans on) would soon not have been in the planting business any more. “The Slave Narratives”, the only words we have by the slaves themselves, Indicate that over 90% were treated very well.–yes, BAD stuff DID happen, but it was the exception rather than the rule itself–very atypical.

  • bo1921

    This might be a good thing. Everyone knows that a certain segment of the population will never be satisfied until white people are picking cotton for them.

  • HB Stowe’s book has been staged this way before. ….. Nott particularly good or useful. Remember thar Stowe’s boiok was a prime mover in contributing an atmosphere right to ignite the Civil War. She also was at the 1st meeting of the group that established the Republican Party to find a way to free the slaves. For a woman at that period in history she was fairly efficient.

  • There was a young white couple Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian
    in Knoxville Teen, went out on date,in 2007 she was 21,he was 23,they were carjacked by four 8lacks and taken to one of their homes and they sodomized the guy and whacked off his dick in front of his girlfriend and then shot him and set him on fire,the girl they held for days sodomized her in every hole and poured bleach down her throat to cover the DNA,and then they urinated on her and cut her up in pieces and put her in five different trash bags,but it was never reported because gay illegal alien 0bama was running for your leader of Filth.—–>

    I bet this young couple would like to have been armed…..

  • ZigZ

    America’s first slave was a WHITE man who skipped out on his contract and family. His owner was a BLACK plantation owner who gained the slave via the courts.
    History they do not teach in public schools.

  • contractorniu

    Look up Apartheid. That’s all you need to know accompanied by current photos and articles from S Africa

  • This is all about Free Speech. After all the gov’t (and their corporate cronies) censor the media and ban books like “America Deceived II”.

    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely censored:

  • George6112

    After reading a book that cites the census of 1830 and the huge number of free black slaveowners, I wondered how a book or for that matter a play might go over with the American reader where both the slave and slaveowner were black.
    I suppose if they changed the location of this play from America to the barbary coast it would be more true to life as black Africans did have white slaves.

  • alistz

    This is as ridiculous as pretending that Barack Obama has the intellect to be a Consitutional Scholar.

  • well thats NOT the way it was so,GET OVER IT ALREADY! christ sakes!!!!!

  • The first slave master was in fact black, though liberals in the education system would rather scrub that fact out of the history books in their endless quest to indoctrinate children into believing a massive lie, just like all of the other aspects where democrats have oppressed blacks throughout their political history and now trying to scrub those facts from history as well.

  • MicheleLloyd

    So we can expect that the term “FigNewton” will replace “Oreo”?

  • CWM

    The problem with something like this is the “victims” whose great-great-great grandparents might have been slaves don’t know their own history. The ‘white devils’ did not go to Africa and capture slaves. The African chiefs and kings on Africa’s west coast would raid villages and capture thousands of black men to sell to the Spanish, Brazilians, British and French. They were used to work mostly sugar cane fields in South America and the West Indies (owned by the Spanish, Brazilians and French). The number of slaves was huge, and those in South America and the West Indies were not treated well. They died quickly and they went back to Africa often to buy more slaves. However, the slaves in North America (owned by the British and French) were treated well, and their numbers grew. At first the slaves worked mines for minerals, and then the cotton fields. Slavery is awful, I agree, but (1) know your history, and (2) no one alive in America has gone to Africa to buy slaves to work the mines or cotton fields.

  • Kathleen Smythe

    Typical revisionist history. Never mind with those pesky facts….”art” is beyond all that.

  • Hell we got that now.

  • Kevin Birge

    How about this….it’s art, OK? And the content is not up for grabs. You can like it. You can dislike it. But you can’t censor it out of being what it is. That, you can shove up your ass.

    • Michael Bingham

      Who said anything about censoring and why are people like you so enthralled with gay sex acts?
      Quit being so angry and come out of the closet already. No one cares.

  • What a bunch of goof balls — seriously! This is what passes for “theater” these days?

  • Actually, in VERY EARLY America there were both black and white slaves, and both black and white slave owners.

    A fact not mentioned in most history books.

  • chris

    And I bet one of $atan’s children, (a jew) is behind it all. It’s their favorite tactic – confuse, obfuscate, create hostility, then prey on human emotion to divide, then conquer.

    • UK1981

      Where do you come up with this cr-p?

  • RHG

    They should re-title it, “A Leftwing Wet-Dream”.

  • andyvanm

    Ten slaves were listed in the first census of Jamestown in 1625.

    The legend propagated the word slave, and did not appear in Virginia
    records until 1656. Statutes defining the status of blacks began to
    inadvertently appear in the 1660s. The inference was that blacks called
    servants must have the comparable status as white indentured servants.
    Following the arrival of these twenty Africans, the face of American
    slavery began to change from the “Indianer” to the “Blackamoor” in the
    years between 1650 and 1750. Negro indenture, then, was no more than a
    legal fiction of brief duration in Virginia. Free Blacks (Yes, there
    were blacks who were not slaves. All one has to do is take a look at the
    census data) would live in a legal limbo until the general emancipation
    in 1864, unable to stand witness in their own defense against the
    testimony of any Euro-American.

    When white servitude is acknowledged as having existed in America, it is
    almost always termed as temporary indentured servitude or part of the
    convict trade, which, after the Revolution of 1776, centered on
    Australia instead of America. The convicts transported to America under
    the 1723 Waltham Act, numbered over 100,000.

    The indentured servants who served a period of 4 to 7 years polishing
    the master’s silver and china, and then taking their place in colonial
    high society, were a minuscule fraction of the great unsung hundreds of
    thousands of white slaves who had been worked to death in this country
    from the early l7th century onward.

    One-half of all the arrivals in the American colonies were whites
    slaves. They were America’s first slaves. These whites were slaves for
    life, long before blacks ever were. This type of slavery was even
    hereditary. White children born to white slaves were also enslaved.
    Whites were auctioned on the block with children sold and separated from
    their parents, and wives were sold, detached from their husbands. Free
    black property owners walked the streets of northern and southern
    American cities while white slaves were worked to death in the sugar
    mills of Barbados, Jamaica, and the plantations of Virginia.

    The Institution of revisionist history has created the misnomer of
    indentured servitude to sweep under the rug, and diminish the fact of
    white slavery. However, bound whites in early America did, in fact, call
    themselves slaves. Nine-tenths of the white slavery in America was
    conducted without indentures of any kind but according to the so-called
    “custom of the country,” as it was known, which was lifetime slavery
    administered by the white slave merchants themselves.

    I challenge anyone to study 17th century colonial America, sift through
    the documents, the jargon, and the statutes on both sides of the
    Atlantic and one will discover that white slavery was a far more
    extensive operation than black enslavement. It is when we come to the
    18th century that one begins to encounter more “servitude” on the basis
    of a contract of indenture. But even then, there were kidnappings of
    Anglo-Saxons who were forced into slavery, as well as convict slavery.

    Before the British slavers landed on Africa’s western coast to buy
    slaves from African chiefs, they sold their own white working class
    people (“the surplus poor” as they were known) from the streets and
    towns of England, into slavery. Tens of thousands of these white were
    kidnapped children. In fact the very origination of the word kidnapped
    is “kid-nabbed,” the stealing of white children for enslavement.

    According to the English Dictionary of the Underworld, under the heading
    kidnapper is the following definition: A stealer of human beings, esp.
    of children; originally for exportation to the plantations of North

    The center of the trade in child-slaves was in the port cities of
    Britain and Scotland: White slaves transported to the colonies suffered a
    staggering loss of life in the 17th and 18th century. During the voyage
    to America, it was customary to keep the white slaves below deck for
    the entire nine to twelve week journey. A white slave would be confined
    to a hole not more than sixteen feet long, chained with 50 other men to a
    board, with padlocked collars around their necks. The weeks of
    confinement below deck in the ship’s stifling hold often resulted in
    outbreaks of contagious disease which would sweep through the cargo of
    white freight chained in the bowels of the ship.

    Ships transporting white slaves to America often lost half them to
    death. According to historian Sharon V. Salinger, “Scattered data reveal
    that the mortality for (white) servants at certain times equaled that
    for (black) slaves in the ‘middle passage,’ and during other periods
    actually exceeded the death rate for (black) slaves.” Salinger reports a
    death rate of ten to twenty percent over the entire 18th century for
    black slaves on board ships enroute to America compared with a death
    rate of 25% for white slaves en route to America.

    The chronicle of white slavery in America comprises the dustiest shelf
    in the darkest corner of suppressed American history, ignored by dusty

    There will only be racial understanding when knowledge of historical
    truths are widespread and all can negotiate from positions of strength
    and not from fantasies of white working class guilt and the uniqueness
    of black suffering – all stemming from historical ignorance, and lack of

    Let it be said, in many cases blacks in slavery had it better than poor
    whites in the antebellum South. This is why there was such strong
    resistance to the Confederacy in the poverty-stricken areas of the
    mountain south, such as Winston County in Alabama and the Beech
    mountains of North Carolina. Those poor whites could not imagine why any
    white laborer would want to die for the slave-owning plutocracy that
    more often than not, gave better care and attention to their black
    servants than they did to the free white labor they scorned as trash.

    To this day, the white ruling class denigrates the white poor and patronizes blacks.

    If this seems admirable from the pathological viewpoint of Marxism or
    cosmopolitan liberalism, the black and Third World beneficiaries of
    white ruling class esteem ought to consider what sort of friends they
    actually have.

    The Bible declares that the man who does not take care of his own family
    is worse than an infidel. This also applies to one’s country. The man
    who turns his back on his own country, then steals into another for
    nefarious means has no love for either.

    White, self-hating liberals and greed-head conservatives who claim to
    care for the civil rights of black and Third World people, have
    discarded the working class of their own on the garbage heap of history.
    All one has to do is look around.

  • Ture to life, the working taxpaying citizen is the THE NEW SLAVE, the WELFARE, WIC, FOOD STAMP NATION is the new SLAVE MASTER.
    You don’t need a job in the NEW AMERICA, others work so you don’t have too. Free cell phones, housing, medical care, cash all courtesey of THE AMERICA TAXPAYER.
    Thanks Pres, Obama, you have brought AMERICA to a new LOW, its KNEES.

  • Achieving Dr. King’s racist-free goals one at a time. Not.

  • BikerBen

    If they can’t find enough white actors, I wonder if they’ll use black actors in white face.

  • It’s called “Obama’s Plantation”.

  • felicityva

    The white man has no one but himself to blame for this mess. If we hadn’t been so lazy and harvested our own cotton and tobacco, they would still be in Africa and the likes of these race-baiters wouldn’t be here.

    • The white man in America includes Italians, Poles, Irish, Ukrainians, Swiss, Germans, Scandinavians, and countless other European ethnic groups whose ancestors had nothing to do with the slave trade. Why do they owe blacks anything?

      On the other hand, Obama’s father is descended from slave traders.

  • Im_Rick_James

    2 words: flame-thrower

  • Andylit

    While I have no doubt EgPo is doing this purely for shock value, the concept is actually very interesting.

    Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a seminal work in the movement towards abolition. That it (the book) has been condemned over time illustrates the height of ignorance on the left and in the black community. When I was young it was still used in school to demonstrate the utter evil of slavery.

    If it takes role reversal to stir the melting pot, so be it. If it take this old classic to reset some mind sets, so be it.

    The most effective possible advance in American race relations would be to beak the chains held by Jackson, Sharpton and the rest of the black race hate-mongers. If the NAACP objects, it must almost certainly be of positive value.

    • J. Moore

      para 1: +1
      para 2: +1
      para 3: -1 for white vicitmhood and sheer ignorance
      para 4: +2
      Para 4 saved your average.

  • tnmccoy

    They just can’t leave history alone, can they?

  • Brasso

    Just like their Messiah, they are too stupid to let it go and develop their own futures and destiny. They would rather blame someone else. Sickening.

  • WellArmedLamb

    I love sci-fi

  • J. Moore

    White guilt. Steroids. Amerika. 2013. Welcome to your future. Dolts.

  • This has to be the creators of “South Park”.

  • libwithIQ

    It would actually make more sense for the slaves and slave owners to be black since it was blacks that did most of the capturing and selling of slaves.

  • Black slavemasters have never left Africa and the middle east. One of the favorite products they deal in is white girls and sometimes boys coming out of East Europe and South America.

    The more typical form of slavery, selling persons for basic labor is also quite popular in many African nations as well as communist china.–more-slaves-now-than-at-any-other-time-in-history

  • Today Africa has some 28 million slaves and there are probably as many in china.
    28 million is twice the total brought to the Americas/Carribean 200-400 years ago.
    So then why don’t these two humanitarians devote their efforts to the brutality of Africans/chinese.
    Oh, that’s right, they just want to construct their own charicature of the world to benefit themselves. . .

  • Supergirl333

    I guess guilt-ridden white people, who had nothing to do with slavery, will go watch it.

  • Andylit

    Race relations in the US will remain in stagnation or worse until blacks become willing to reject those who profit politically from fostering hatred.

    Jackson, Sharpton and Farrakhan are only the most visible advocates. Politicians like Jackson-Lee, Conyers and Waters carry their water in Congress.

    These people and many others in the black community advocate hate and then harness the results to support their own power base.

    These people are the modern US slavemasters, and sadly, most of the black community does not even recognize them for what they are.

  • I guess they couldn’t do a very good play on the story line as written. So, they are trying to attract an audience by gimmickry. Kind of like how a singer with virtually no voice uses an echo chamber to try to improve their voice.

  • fitz fitzgerald

    Laughable, toxic, race-industry writ large …

  • cowboybob

    Many of us in the South, including those descended from old Jewish families of the Confederacy, still struggle to expose the truth about why Southern soldiers fought, the courage they showed against overwhelming odds, and the sacrifices they made.
    The history of the Confederacy is full of long-forgotten tales of Jewish heroes, warriors, and leaders. This is a story little known today, absent from history books and an embarrassment to liberal Jewish historians ashamed of the
    prominent role played by Jews in supporting, defending and fighting for the Confederacy. It is a government about which they know little except for its association with slavery.
    They find the truth about the war incompatible with their idolization of Abraham Lincoln and his administration – an administration in which anti-Jewish sentiment was rampant, at one point even becoming official government policy and resulting in the worst official act of anti-Semitism in the nation’s history.

  • TMAC

    So its historical fiction? Kinda like the holocaust never happened and 911 was an inside job.

  • RockLakeGuy

    Perhaps you might examine history and see that Blacks were slaveholders in the Colonies. Two White men sold themselves into slavery to be able to reach the slaves in the West Indies.

  • that’s why i’m remaking “Cool Hand Luke”, but with an all black cast.
    I’m calling it “Cool Hand Spook”.

  • There were quite a few black slaveowners back in the day. There were also a few white slaves, primarily in New England, in the 1600s.

    • 20670

      My ancestor was one of those white slaves along with 4 of his friends. All from Germany, they kidnapped from Bremen and sold to land owners in New York. And I am always grateful for his misfortune.

  • buckofama2010

    I an SO sick of rewriting history to ALWAYS include a blax, a woman, and a filthyfag

  • regarding slavery in America, GET OVER IT, MOVE THE &%$! ON ALREADY!!
    That is all

  • deathgoat

    More White Libtard feel good make believe. I’m sure the tenement dwellers won’t be attending.

  • O. Long Johnson

    Remake ‘Shaft’. With Zach Galafinakis.

  • detroitsteve

    Let’s keep it bitter America! Bitter is better. Why move on?

  • O. Long Johnson

    This whole black president thing has made us all forget how the evil white man is still keeping minorities down. We need plays like this to remind everyone to keep hating.

  • ironage

    Why are liberals SO obsessed with race?

  • ironage

    Why are liberals SO obsessed with race?

  • GoodOleBoy

    Colored peoples’ crack pipe dream.
    But, alas, the Bell Curve tells me no friggin way … groids are dumber than a tree stump (apologies to my Maple stump)

  • Trudge1

    Next thing you know Tarzan, Bwhana and the great white hunter will be played by blacks.

  • Is there no end to the Tyranny of Political Correctness?

  • I think it’s an interesting idea. I’m surprised no one has thought to do this before. I would go see it if I lived near by. As a white woman, I think it would increase my empathy for modern day slaves and better appreciate the damage inflicted by the “peculiar institution” enshrined in our nation’s past. I’m surprised that it’s so controversial; I can only think it would be very enlightening. Public television just aired a fantastic documentary in 3 parts called The Abolitionists. I knew Uncle Tom’s Cabin was important to swaying public sentiment in the years leading up to the Civil War, but I never realized how wildly popular and emotionally moving it was for the American public when performed as a play. I’m only familiar with it from history class, but it made me want to know more. I am sadly much more familar with Gone with the Wind which focuses on the suffering of the white, former slave owners during reconstruction. It seems that Uncle Tom’s Cabin tells the other side of the story. Why do we ignor this novel that is obviously so important to our history?

  • BeyondPolls

    Reverse racism

  • What I can’t understand is this obsession with the poor oppressed African American. The Irish were oppressed for much longer and much more recently, and yet where is the “let’s all feel sorry for Irish people” narrative in the media?

  • When the muzzlims take over the blacks will wish they were slaves because the muzz’s kill blacks….

  • BobQSoss

    Uncle Tom’s Cabin in reverse?
    Here’s the one way that could begin… A well maintained, white owned home with manicured lawn and hedges is eventually surrounded with the liberalism’s unintended consequence of urban blight, tribalism, and irresponsibility. But rather than give in to the increasing squalor around him, he refuses to lower his standards and stop caring for his home.

  • quab

    What a stupid thing. Why not have the slaves Chinese. Makes as much sense.

  • snapperman

    Reflecting Obama’s view of the world to come…

  • bxdanny

    That blacks were the slaves and whites the masters in the early American Republic is hardly a “random” thing. Whites settled the country and established the 13 colonies because Europe had the technology to do so. Black Africans did not have vessels capable of crossing the Atlantic. Yes, there were were indeed white slaves during early colonial times. And yes, there were even some free black men who owned slaves. But there was zero chance that we would have wound up with black slavemasters and white slaves as the norm. So this role-reversed production is just silly. Not hateful or evil, though, just silly.

  • Yankee liberals are a joke.

  • i see you have deleted my comment AGAIN..assholes..

  • NickGranite

    There are plenty of white lefties that would be happy to be a black person’s slave. It will help them purge their enormous guilt complex.

  • entrepeneur

    The first and last slave owners in America were black. It’s all a sham.

  • entrepeneur

    When you live in a country where a fat 37 year old rapper named Rick Ross can drive a 250,000 dollar car into a pole in Miami to get publicity you know things are done.

  • Gazinya

    What could go wrong? You could go historical even and have the black slave owner be Egyptian or Ottaman and the slave be anything you want.

  • I think all Black Americans should stop and shake the hand of a Northern White and thank them for the sacrifice their 300,000 plus ancestors made in helping to emancipate their ancestors. You’re welcome. Now let’s get over it already.

  • Actually, it’s a true story like this. It’s called “Uncle Barack’s Cabin.”


    Out of all the theater companies and productions looking for money, this one gets funds ? 2013 another sad year for the arts !

  • TruthDetector

    Massah Obama beez pleezed…

  • saints2060

    White people are all too familiar with “white Uncle Toms”.What do you think the white Liberal is. Uncle Tom wasn’t as Uncle Tom these Liberals are.

  • Jajajalol

    Will they be inserting some butt sex scenes like in the recent Sundance Festival celebration. Seems everything theatrical has to have it’s fullness of butt sex.

  • War Beagle

    This will be a lot less entertaining sans the minstrel shows.

  • DawgByte

    I guess we’ll all be waiting with baited breath to hear what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have to say about this new play!

  • JimmyFreedom

    Sounds like King Obama put the play together. He’s the guru of white-hate, dwelling on the past, and stirring up racial strife (to divide the nation). It’s typical though, liberal’s are running and acting in the play and liberals are the true racists.

    You know white anglos were enslaved and murdered by the Roman Empire. Maybe they should piss and moan, blame others for their problems, and demand reparations from Italian-American’s for Rome’s past sins.

  • jsmithcsa

    Why not? Since Stowe never ventured south or saw a real slave in her life, and made this story up with no basis in fact, this will be about as factual as her book.

  • Anyone ever see White Man’s Burden starring John Travolta?

  • John Horton

    Keep this up stirring racial hatred and we will have a white/black WAR! Is that what you want?

    • Jajajalol

      Would not be a very good idea for Blacks to fall for the race war bating at only 12% of the total American population. However, the possibilities of it are laid out in the book: CIVIL WAR II: The Coming Breakup of America By Thomas W. Chittum (available at *amfirstbooks *dot* com)

  • PenelopeAnne

    LOL! This is beyond stupid. Can’t the creative class think up something better than this?

    • LiberalsSuck

      Nope. Nothing is ever new in Hollywood or on Broadway. It’s always a remake. This is just a remake of Planet of the Apes – a rip off.

  • Jajajalol

    They could just re-name the Play: Genocide All Non Libtard Whites. And, inserting lot’s of butt sex emulation, it will draw a massive crowd of Libtards, be held over for years, until all non-Libtard Whites are genocided. Oh, and butt sexed too, that’s one of their favorites.

  • Bvikay

    This is a comedy, right? How about a play about the slavery that really does exist in Africa and the Middle East today.

  • deadpammy

    What are they going to do? Put a 40 in our hand and make us sit on the stoop with our pants below our underwear? These asshats cant even Master their own pathetic lives.

  • Majiic12

    This is Killadelphia we are talking about.

  • What in the world made this a good idea in you mind. What dip shits, like there’s not enough racial controversy and strife!

  • iatemine

    Ah…so this play is a fantasy!
    How about a play about black slaves and black slave owners? Oh snap….that really is going on in Africa, has been since the dawn of Man…can’t do that can we!

    • MaxineH20Sux

      What about Africa who SOLD THEIR OWN people as slaves? Never hear about that do we!

  • Bible says it’s an abomination when a slave becomes king. Neuvo riche make bad upper class. Michael Jackson and other rich black people show why blacks being rich is a bad idea. Never cannonize the poor for being poor because most of the poor would be atrocious rich people. You wouldn’t cannonize an ugly person for no adultery.

    Neuvo riche represent injustice. Rich are supposed to follow far stricter standards of behavior than poor. The World is just — look at the movie Titanic.

    “Thou shall not covet” is a commandment.

  • MaxineH20Sux

    How stupid. I am a woman AND of American Indian decent and I would never dream of doing a play and having men not being able to vote or one with white men wearing smallpox ridden blankets. What is with these people who just LOVE racism? I am darn sick of it! THEY keep racism alive. Times have changed and I thought for the better. Stop the white crap black crap already we are ALL HOMO-SAPIENS END of story! SHUT UP ALREADY DemoRATS!

  • bloodaxe

    This is revisionist history at its worst.

  • I hot they don’t use any white-hispanics, would not want to offend anyone.

  • flyboy

    Ah yes. The demented, twisted, sick world of libtardism. Do these knuckle dragging mouth breathing troglodytes EVER get off of slavery and other things that NO LONGER HAPPEN in America?

    But I have a question: will the idiot libtards doing this “play” have *white* Africans that sold the *white* slaves first place?

  • White slaves, black slavemasters? Err, isn’t that what the United States is now? No one can challenge the Master Obama without being destroyed, right?

  • mrvicchio

    One day, people will just people people, ruled by today’s problems, not anchored in the misery of a past long dead.

  • ThatOneEdgyGuy

    Are we still wallowing in irrelevant guilt?
    Really? No wonder this country’s on the way to the dustbin of history.

  • A little history:

    In the 16th – 18th century, Africans enslaved 1.5 million White Europeans in the Barbary Slave Trade. African Muslims raided up the coastlines of Europe, particularly the British Isles but even as far as Iceland, kidnapping and enslaving White European Christians. The men were galley slaves, and the women were sex slaves. This was more brutal than working on a plantation or as a domestic servant.

    The Barbary slavery was not totally stopped until 1830, so only 35 yrs before slavery was stopped in the USA. And in both cases, the slavery was brought to an end by the actions of White people.

    • R Williams

      It’s amazing how you can’t find that history unless you actively look for it yourself. It’s all true. Search Barbary Corsair.

  • bighead227

    Ok, straight to the white guilt hall of fame…aren’t liberals clever???

  • obamaScares

    This movie has already been done…”Planet of the Apes.”

    • deathgoat


  • SisFromIL

    Former slaves and former masters cannot and never will live in peace and harmony. Way too much baggage on both sides.

    • john echols

      You sound like a 14th ammendment US person – you’re one of those people who bough the lie that slavery ended? (or that the war of northern agression was fough over slavery?) – well it didn’t, we just call it something different now and structure the farm with virtual and statutory shackles.
      “Personam is your individual God given silk purse, as free as your Creation. You give up your silk purse each time you sign an agency sow’s ear contract, because you waive another contract, Thee Bill of Rights and New Covenant.”

  • Ookook Eekeek

    the AA community: where err’body is a HNIC

  • Tosheba

    We are not amused by your offensive racism.

    • john echols

      Which comment? Anyway, Personal opinions are not “racism” as everyone is entitled to associate with whom they prefer and express theior God given right to speak and say what they think. It becomes real racism when governments make racism their policy such as Israel.

  • Not unusual …the black man has been riding on the white mans back from the beginnin

  • jimlay

    Pathetic… and this is supposed to demonstrate… what?

    • prufrock

      misconstrued liberal white guilt?

  • Don’t you just love people who think it wise to poke a bear with a stick. Where you been son, didn’t you just see whites buy 20 million more guns last year? Hear all that quiet screaming at you? Here’s a thought, Idaho fielded 875,000 hunters last year and that is just one state! This degrading and making fun of whites is getting a bit old. You need to find a new hobby. I have seen no whites publically performing plays degrading blacks. You will get to keep the ill will you are about to create for yourself in your community.

  • the sage

    Not too difficult to find wiggers to convincingly play the part these days.

  • bungalowdweller

    I applaud the director and think that it will make for an interesting show. Most Americans don’t realize that white slavery was alive and well in colonial US. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the British exported more than 300,000 of their fellow countrymen to America as slaves. Called “indenture” untold numbers thought that they were coming to a new land for freedom. They didn’t know that they could be bought and sold and gambled away like livestock. Their lives were worth less and they were sold for less than African slaves. And untold story in American history.

  • ezekiel33

    All people groups can go back in time and find slavery in their past, especially whites, e.g. Genghis Khan and the Mongol hordes, Hit1er, roman rulers, Babylonians, North African pirates, Muslims, Native Indians, all enslaving whites….so blacks & other minorities quit your bitterness & whining & complaining. God counts complaining sins as some of the worst and many complaining Jews d1ed in the desert

  • Beedogs

    If you want historical correctness, have black slavers selling other blacks into slavery.

  • How realistic is this that black people would own slaves. Am I to believe they’d waste their food stamps & welfare on anything other than 40 oz. malt liquor and drugs. ;-)

  • LS

    Why must the modern generation of whites be blamed for something their ancestors did so many years ago? Why? Why do blacks hold whites accountable for everything? Why do we need to keep living in hate when our world is rapidly destroying itself? Why must our color stand in the way of living normally and just getting along (or not along) with people as they are? I will never understand how racism continues to grow and kindle hatred in the hearts of so many people.

    • MrRolco

      Because they haven’t gone back far enough. They need to start with the cavemen and then move up. Arabs sold them out of their ports, but I never hear anything about that.

    • prufrock

      You mean SOME ancestors….mine had absolutely NOTHING to do with slavery.

      • LS

        That is true, sorry. My ancestors had nothing to do with it either. I change that statement to ‘some.’

  • Billy

    Kill de white mahn…

  • What is the play called? “A negro’s fantasy?”

  • Rowwdy Colt

    LMAO! The congress critters are worried about legal gun owners and we have this above crap being hawked? Yeaj ok….makes me feel better….NOT.

  • docpsych34


  • R Williams

    I wonder if slavery would have been abolished in “America” if the shoe had been on the other foot? Africa is where slavery still exists on a large scale. BTW there would have never been a USA if it was founded by blacks, they would have splintered off into 13 separate nations based on tribes. 13 really poor nations, along the lines of Haiti no doubt.

    • prufrock

      But there’s no money to be made hustling blacks selling blacks into slavery. That would put race hucksters like Jesse and Al out of business.

  • On a recent trip to Charleston I went to the Slavery Museum. There were fascinating original documents there, Bills of Lading and newspaper adverts and such. It appears that the slave ships were primarily owned by Jews. Sorry, but there it is…Google it; it is common knowledge in some circles albeit forbidden to discuss :-)

    • MrRolco

      You know the Jews own the whole planet and always have, just look at all those Jewish countries on the globe and map of the world. You should be careful for yourself. To think I thought slaves were purchased from Arabs out of Arab ports. What a fool I am.

    • prufrock

      You’re using google; that’s your first problem.

  • Rita__A

    I hope the people stay away, this race thing is getting to be too much!

    • prufrock

      Union goons will bus people in from out of town to fill up the place by offering free cigarettes and beer.

  • lets create a make believe world; and why does the sun shine during day, when it would be more helpful at night.

  • liberals just love to push racism; like children, lets create a make believe world.

  • black against black crime was as rampant then as now.

  • why are cities with the largest black population the most crime ridden and dirtiest. you doubt this fact… simple check demographics, crime and filth.

  • LiberalsSuck

    Hey, they ripped off the Planet of the Apes series!

  • 121212121212

    liberals see everything through a prism of race, they need racism, even made up racism

  • LiberalsSuck

    Why make a play like this when the Planet of the Apes series already covers this? What a waste of time and money….

    • RayPrice

      LOL! Right! I have always thought that.

  • Honk! If you are tired of the racial subject being brought up during a slow news period.

    • entrepeneur

      What? Did this guy not make this play they are talking about? Where he makes whites slaves of blacks? Mary Smith don’t become a victim. Honk! if you are tired of Mary Smith’s appeasing these fantasies of our enemies and acting as if whites are not being attacked on every front.

  • wriprodir

    New play? We’ve been watching this for 4 years…

  • mnemonicmike

    It’s about as believable as the tires controlling the car.

  • Rosenkranz

    This is insensitive to all descendants of White slavery! Yes! WHITE SLAVERY!

    • Kate47

      Rosen, you are correct there was white slavery in the early history of this country… But you don’t hear their decendents crying over it and claiming they are disadvantaged because of it… Nope they got busy and got on with their lives and worked, they didn’t expect a hand out generation after generation till hell freezes over…

  • Just imagine what this country could have been….

  • MrRolco

    Whites have been the slaves of the blacks and the whole third world since the mid 1950’s. They’ve all milked the white race dry and into bankruptcy since.

  • Clover1111

    Just more reversed racism. It’s not our brightest chapter in our history, why let it continue?


    Why are the permissives always so obsessed with race, when MLK preached character? Do they hate him, and want to discredit him?

    • MrRolco

      Yes he was a racist Republican MLK

  • R J

    Next thing on their agenda-a play about whites living in mud huts picking blowflies out of their noses and waiting for aerial food drops…never mind – that’s still going on, and it always will in THE REAL WORLD.
    Enjoy your wankfest p.c. fantasies while you can.

  • mangotreviso

    Racist racist racist..Ooooops sorry you cannot say that. Spike Lee might get upset…

  • Keeping the wounds alive only helps those for whom racial strife is a money making opportunity. The fact is all races (a term that itself without merit) have held others slaves. The greatest slave holding states in history were the Northern African Muslim countries who at one time had a nearly insatiable appetite for European slaves (the name slave itself comes from Slav, because of the great numbers of them put to task for Arab masters) The fact is it is all history and high time to move on already.

  • I think I saw this when it first came out. It was called “The Planet of the Apes.” Get you paws off me you damned dirty ape!

  • PKato

    I apologize for nothing nor regret anything…these people like Cornel West are race baiters. My family did not teach me racism, we did not own slaves and we were Irish, so my people were treated similarly in this country…not to the same level, but Irish were once called white niggers. Slavery should not be forgotten, but we should not be using it to divide us now. Obama has been the best at dividing this country and he was taught by people like west, sharpton, Jackson….shameful.

    • prufrock

      Divide and conquer….he learned that from his mentor Saul Alinsky

  • Captain Reynault

    “Springtime for Hitler”

  • Rationalist

    Remake of Planet of the Apes…

  • Grasshog308

    If the play was to be done right in the first place. It would be a mixed cast in any postion, with no thoughts of who goes where. Just stupid. It isn’t about race anymore. This type of attention grabbing should be dead, and over. We as a whole don’t freakin care. If it was all equal. There’d be no such thing as racial equality. We are all one race on the same freakin planet.

  • Do the white actors get to act like savage jungle beasts and rape all the women?

  • Grasshog308

    This is equally viewed as racism when it points out these changes or differences to maintain a defined seperation.

  • That has already become a reality, I’m slaving at work wile the Obamanites and his welfare supporters stay home and watch Oprah. Somebody has to pay for them. Remember “I got a free phone from Obama” Nuff Said.

  • Not surprising at all given Obama’s dream of owning 315 million slaves.

  • prufrock

    When someone does an all white version of Porgy and Bess look for Al “Tawana Baloney” Sharpton and Jesse “I Have a Scheme” Jackson to crawl out of the woodwork screaming racism while Obama calls for a beer summit to discuss the unfortunate matter.

  • scneocon

    Believe it or not, there actually were blacks who were slave owners in the old south. The census of 1830 shows that free blacks owned more than 10,000 slaves in Maryland, Virginia, Louisiana & South Carolina. This is some of the “dirty” history the Liberals have successfully buried since it doesn’t quite fit their narrative of White “oppressors” & the black “oppressed”. The truth is, exploitation & greed are universal human traits. Lately though, it seems that the Democrats have cornered the market on both.

  • Rick oldfart387

    The only thing these clowns got was free advertising. Wouldn’t see this play even if the tickets were free and they gave you $100 with it. Of course the lazy s o b s would come so they can get the money & a phone.

  • Jajajalol

    Who will be cast in the role of Margaret Sanger?

    • 7thFleetVet

      Louis Farrakhan in drag.

  • Sheez… isn’t time people in the US got over slavery?

  • gooberak

    And this is precisely why the race issue will never, ever die. Because people will never let it. What a shame.

  • RobNClt

    This kind of stupidity has been brought to see by none less than white left wingers looking for more abortion and homosexual marriage. I am black and I know for a fact black families and lives have been decimated by liberals. They have encouraged about 1/3 of them to stay down and not ry to get up by getting job training.

    They have fed these people a steady diet of racial talk and deception. For those who will disagree, try to remember I am black and I know the truth, so don’t try feeding left wing lies to me.

    Republicans passed the 64 Civil Rights Bill, Republicans passed the 65 voting rights bill, Republicans fought and died to free slaves and came up with the 14 amendment that is being incorrectly used for illegal immigrant babies today. Republicans fought against Jim Crow laws set up against blacks, Republicans were the party that all blacks were elected to office in during Reconstruction.

    Democrats played a huge role in black lives, they were the party of slavery, they were the party that fought to keep blacks in slavery (today they have been successful enslaving about 90% of us/them), they were the party of George Wallace, Bull Connor, Robert (KKK) Byrd. Bill Clinton told Harry Reid, when Hillary was running against Obama, “A few years ago you would have been sending him for your coffee.” This could go on but why, my case has been made.

    Do yourselves a favor, stay away from garbage like this play, it’s stupid to push race any further than it has already gone. I am black and I am tired of it.

  • gooberak

    If you’re here just to throw race comments at each other, please stop. Does nobody ever want this issue to die?

    • purple1960


  • joeg2

    Whites are already becoming slaves to blacks. White taxpayers already pay a trillion dollars a year to house and feed blacks, give them free education and health care, government jobs, affirmative action. Next step, disarm white Americans so they are easy prey for blacks to rob, rape and kill.

  • klg1956

    Don’t stop there…how about some “whitey” affirmative action and “cracker” welfare.

  • 7thFleetVet

    Only white liberal guilt would come up with a stage play like this. Perhaps they think blacks will feel better about themselves and shed some of that inferiority complex. The race card has expired, not valid and cannot be renewed.

  • danowood

    you don’t have to go to a play to see that, it’s been going on for years, white slave taxpayers paying for ebt cards, and everything else under the sun that many blacks get. Yes, and even some white trash.

  • Dewreck

    Obunghole approves of bad art.

  • Revolt66

    How can you see where your going if your always looking in the rear view mirror? Do you want = rights or revenge? Get over it already…

  • greggebhardt

    You “people” will never get over the fact that we owned you! While some of you are now driving a BMW don’t you think you should be helping your poor brother still in the hood or is just more easy to ignore him!

  • purple1960


  • RoadtoSurfdom

    My bucket of white guilt has been empty for quite some time. I really just don’t care anymore. If you’re working hard and taking care of your family, I’m proud to call you an American. The whole black/white thing is beyond overdone.

  • With prostitution in America, there are plenty of white girls forced into it by black men. The white girls become the slaves and the black men are the owner/masters. This has been going on for decades. What is so shocking about this play? White slaves/black masters is something that happens right in front of us everyday.

  • popeye2010

    Blacks won’t forgive, won’t forget……….especially if they are muslims or atheists. Obummer WANTS a race war and hopes to put whites in their place once and for all. The sad part is, he will be helped the most by self-loathing whites, just as sure as self-loathing Jews are aiding the demise of Israel.

  • DennisinWV

    Next they can do a play where Whites take up 80% of the prison population. Then they can do another where 75% of White children are shown to be illegitimate. And then they…

  • Plays to packed houses in Philly.

  • 1776freedom

    Africans were freed and it did no good. They ran back to their masters in the democrap party. Throw Africans a little bone and keep them dependent on the white man and they will do whatever you tell them.

  • quick_quip

    Well, at least some work got done.

  • EgoPo Theatre Co. raising some eyebrows? It’s about time! I applaud them for attempting something fresh, new and controversial. Art, especially theatre, should stimulate thought
    and provoke discussion. It is my opinion that taking an old story, using the exact words of the author but shifting the characters, will make for an insightful and innovative theatre experience.

  • I believe whites need this because of our own immense ignorance. We need to put ourselves in the place of African-Americans and attempt to see from their point of view. I absolutely agree that whites cannot imagine the horrors faced by the American slaves, but if we even catch a glimpse of their horror, it may make us better, kinder, more acceptable people. I have spent the last two years reading works by African-Americans and watching programs such as “Roots” and “Hotel Rwanda.” I was horrified to see the African and African-American experience and its evils laid out for me and to discover my own ignorance about their plight. I’m looking forward to seeing the production of this play. Rather than getting angry about it now, it may be best for everyone to see the play first and then judge it. It may change your point of view.

    • O. Long Johnson

      hahahahahahahaha. You crack me up. Oh, the white guilt. Do you feel it? Deep in your heart?

  • smsavoy

    why dont the do a true story when white were slaves their was whites slaves in cotton fields sugar cane tobacco In north and south America in Africa they beated the white slaves to death because they were cheaper. The Arabs took both black and white and sold them into slavery. If it had been for the Arabs taking Africa their wouldn’t been black slaves in NA they made them convert to Muslims are they would have been kill they cut off boy penis and bury them up to their neck in sand till they ill. Africa christens is just now fighting the muslims for their country muslims rape their women rob their house. So let have true white slave stories The only people that were never slaves are Arabs turks The rest of the races were