Solve America’s Obesity Problem With Shame

“Big bones didn’t make me this way … big meals did.”

Several years ago, one of the best-loved theme parks in the world shut down a classic ride so it could make some adjustments: People had become so obese that the ride’s boats were scraping the bottom.

How would obese patrons feel if, in front of hundreds, they were required to stand in a different queue—one simply marked “Obese Riders Here”? And instead of meeting just a height requirement, theme park guests were also forced to meet a “width” criteria.

Or when boarding an airplane, fat people would be called separately so they could sit in extra-wide seats, for which they pay double?

And what if stadiums had a section of reinforced double-wide seats where obese folks were required to sit?

Unfortunately, our country doesn’t go for such options, which is truly a shame.

And that’s precisely the problem. There is no shame.

In genuflecting to political correctness, America shuns shame. It has become a nation so afraid to offend that it turns a blind to its biggest problems, such as obesity. And that problem is burgeoning. Two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, and a staggering percentage of our children—our future—are growing up (and out) with little regard for how this epidemic will impact them. In this regard, some medical experts have predicted that our children may be the first generation to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. For many, they are the product of their environment, where parents (many obese themselves) and society as a whole have sent the message that being fat is no “big” deal. The stigma once rightly associated with obesity is disappearing as quickly as fat is accumulating.

So how do we get to the bottom of this problem? For starters, shame. Because no matter what else is attempted, if shame is not the cornerstone of the solution, the situation will never improve.


Two fantastic and courageous examples of how shame is being effectively utilized are occurring in Georgia and Minnesota. In Atlanta, an extensive advertising campaign “Stop Sugarcoating It,” sponsored by Children’s Healthcare, targets childhood obesity. Taglines under obese children include “Warning … It’s hard to be a little girl if you’re not”; “Being fat takes the fun out of being a kid”; and “Big Bones Didn’t Make Me This Way … Big Meals Did.” There was also a YouTube ad with a sad girl saying, “I don’t like going to school, because all the other kids pick on me. It hurts my feelings.”

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Minnesota has launched a similar campaign, targeting overweight parents whose behavior is often mimicked by their children. One ad shows two chubby boys arguing about whose dad can eat more—a discussion overheard by a father as he approaches their table with a heaping tray of fast food. Another shows an obese woman filling her shopping cart with junk food, only to notice that her obese daughter is doing the exact same thing with a smaller cart.

Both campaigns use shame correctly. Without being mean-spirited or over the top, they prod people to acknowledge, and change, their unhealthy behavior. Not surprisingly, though, both have something else in common: They’ve received significant criticism from the waistline-challenged community. Their biggest beef? It’s not education, but shaming, which, of course is “bullying.”

They simply don’t get it.

Shaming isn’t the total panacea, but it must be an integral part of the solution. There’s no better example of how shame can change perceptions than smoking, which was once considered cool but is now viewed with utter disdain. Sure, cigarettes are expensive, but that’s not why smoking is down. It’s because society made a conscious effort to shame smokers. Try lighting up in a bar with co-workers, and you receive dagger-like stares. Do it outside, and people immediately move away, because smoking is regarded as disgusting, and therefore, the smoker must be, too.

Smoking kills, and we have no problem pointing out that as a deterrent. Yet so does obesity, and we still hesitate to mention it. Just as non-smokers are picking up the tab for the massive medical costs related to smoking, non-overweight people are subsidizing the obese since it is “discriminatory” to charge differently for health care (though a section of the Affordable Care Act would change that).

But shaming is now taboo, and no one is ever at fault or accountable for his actions. Consider:

• It used to be, when a student received a detention, they weren’t just shamed in front of their classmates. They knew they had to tell their parents, which would invariably trigger another punishment.

Contrast that to the reaction this week to a New Jersey principal’s letter to parents about pictures of their underage children on Facebook holding alcohol bottles. Instead of thanking the principal for bringing that situation to their attention, a number of parents ripped him.

• Airlines have attempted to charge double for obese passengers whose girth extends beyond the armrests. While this is clearly commonsense, since not doing so penalizes paying passengers of normal weight, such policies are met with scorn and even lawsuits by those lobbying for obesity-without-consequence.

• And since it would be considered “discriminatory” to have an obese-only section in stadiums, seats are being made wider to accommodate overly plump posteriors. And when seats are wider, there are fewer of them. Who pays? You do. The same way that the non-obese eat the cost of new toilets that must be installed with ground supports, as the standard wall-mounted commodes can no longer bear the weight of America’s fat brigade.

We have coddled ourselves so much that we have shamed using shame. As a result, people have become clueless to their appearance. Sure, what’s under the skin matters, and no one should feel that obese people are bad, but what’s on the outside counts, too. Or at least it should. But go to any beach, and count how many linebacker-sized women are showcasing themselves in bikinis. Ditto for men whose guts reach the next block. Since they all have mirrors, one can only assume that shame is simply not a part of their lives.

Should we have scarlet letters for the obese? Of course not, since there is no problem identifying them. But we should employ shame to shed light on an issue that affects us all, in the same way that some judges order drunk drivers to place “Convicted DUI” bumper stickers on their cars.

And speaking of cars, how shameful is it that overweight people are not just guzzling food, but fuel? A recent report calculated that one billion gallons of gasoline are wasted every year (one percent of the nation’s total) just to haul Americans’ extra pounds. And given that the average American weighs 24 more pounds than in 1960, airlines are using roughly 175 million more gallons of jet fuel per year just to accommodate the overweight. That’s downright shameful.

And if not shame, then what? Do we tax fast food? Soda? Candy? Do we regulate portion size? No. Not only are such ideas preposterous and unenforceable, but they are tactics, not strategy. It’s time to tip the scales against obesity and solve the problem.

Otherwise, we will soon find out that the “elephant in the room” isn’t a pachyderm at all.

It’s an average American.

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  • error9900

    Except there is no scientific evidence showing that shaming is an effective tool in helping obese people. Perhaps you need to read what the experts that deal with eating disorders day in and day out have to say about shaming…

    A few excerpts are included in this article, to start:

  • myopinion2012

    Isn’t this the second article in less than 2 weeks by Mr. Freind with the same theme? What I don’t understand is in what world does he live in that fat people aren’t constantly “shamed” every day? Where fat people aren’t discriminated against in employment? Where jokes aren’t made in public about fat people with no censorship? Where people don’t feel free to make comments about a stranger’s weight on the street? Or where a stick thin celebrity who gains five pounds isn’t splashed all over the tabloids?

    Now with all of the above being said, and with all the health problems that being obese brings, Americans in increasing numbers are gaining more weight than ever. Yes, the easy answer is overeating and lack of exercise being the cause for being overweight for most. But why do so many Americans in the last couple of decades choose these unhealthy habits? And speaking of unhealthy habits, why the increase in the ridiculous overuse of alcohol and drugs? Maybe there is something wrong with the American way of life that needs to be looked at more closely.

  • mary007

    WHY SHAME DOES NOT WORK: Shame can lead to horrible results. I would like to add that doctor’s are showing that most overeating is caused by depression and prior abuses. depression, emotional abuse, a bad relationship all cause food addictions.This was shown by Dr. Dunkley in Europe

    In fact, a 10 year old girl committed suicide after being teased for being overweight. See here

  • Doug

    I would argue that there are a lot of different ways to “shame” someone into exhibiting more socially acceptable behavior.

    Negative – teasing/bullying little kids
    Positive – Sssshing cell phone users in the theatre

    When groups like HAES claim that all shaming is bad and back their claim up with a single piece of research, they are making a false argument.

    When I suggest to a personal training client that they can do work a little harder during their workout, I am using shame…and it works for every single client who has pride in themselves.

    Motivating a person to do something difficult to achieve a worthwhile goal requires pushing a lot of different emotional buttons…and one of them is shame

  • radfatty1

    Stigmatizing fat people will do nothing to positively affect the health of the populace. Three 2011 studies confirm these facts.

    The study Obesity in the News: Do Photographic Images of Obese Persons Influence Antifat Attitudes? indicated that participants who viewed the negative photographs expressed more negative attitudes toward obese people than did those who viewed the positive photographs. Implications of these findings for the media are discussed, with emphasis on increasing awareness of weight bias in health communication and journalistic news reporting.

    The study Weight Stigma: Health Implications relates that weight stigma:
    • Compromises psychological well-being
    • Is NOT an effective motivator for lifestyle changes
    • Affects healthcare

    The study The Stigmas of Obesity: Does Perceived Weight Discrimination Affect Identity and Physical Health? reveals that perceived weight discrimination is found to be harmful, increasing the health risks of obesity associated with functional disability and, to a lesser degree, self-rated health.

    There is an evidence-based compassionate alternative to conventional dieting: Health At Every Size®. For more information on Health At Every Size, you can find in-depth research-based information in the book Health At Every Size – The Surprising Truth About Your Weight by Dr. Linda Bacon (

  • nycclash13

    Hey, thanks for admitting what the professional anti-smokers disavow; that their goal is to have people hate “the sinner,” not just “the sin.” Another name for that is bigotry in its most ugly form. “I don’t like you because of your religion/sexual preference/political party affiliation/size/hair color/legal lifestyle choice (like smoking)…” It’s all the same and what you proffer is what should be shamed. Your intolerance for how other people behave has filled your head with the idea that others have to meet with your approval. NO ONE needs your permission or approval. And btw, guess you missed the latest study where high school kids believe smoking is tied with popularity. So much for changing the “norm” to shame.

    As for this new hysteria over “obesity” your prescription for it comes with the same unintended consequences. Just like it’s nearly indisputable that the rise in weight coincides with the decline in smoking, you alarmingly invite a whole host of eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia) so that they will not be “shamed.”

    How about just minding your own business?

    • sdfg

      How can you compare religion and sexual preference to obesity? People aren’t born fat; it is their choice. A girl I know often says to me ‘You’re so lucky you’re so thin’, as though my choice to excercise and eat healthily has been thrown upon me from the heavens as some kind of privilege, whereas her choice to eat crisps and drink coke for breakfast and literally do no exercise is just ‘bad luck.’.

    • Ramisme

      How can normal sized people “mind their own business” when lard-asses are overflowing into our airplane or stadium seats?

    • MerryJuice

      Ah, the cry of the ‘persecuted’ fatty.
      “OMG you guise, I’m totally like people who have been murdered for who they are. And like, they still get denied basic human rights and stuff which is TOTALLY the same as me being told that I’m not healthy for having a heart attack at age 35. Absolutely the same. Getting a dirty look in a food court is the same as being dragged behind some rednecks pickup truck, or strung up on a fence and left to die. I’m like Rosa Parks!!!”
      Now cry about how everyone is just a big ‘ol meanie, find a study that could kinda sorta help your point if you don’t think about/squint/ignore every other people of evidence on the planet, and tell everyone on your favorite fat acceptance blog about how you totally showed all those anorexic jerks whatfor.
      But to be serious for a moment. Say your cries of martyrdom and what other bs you guys come up with works and eventually we all become fat. What then? What are you going to do when the scales tip and we can’t outweigh this problem with able-bodied people? When our economy, lifespan, even our military nosedives because we simply can’t do a patch job anymore. Will you still be crying persecution? Assuming you haven’t already died of heart disease, of course.

      • sour_sadie

        Ah, the cry of the entitled tool.

  • teedot57

    Unbelievable that someone who is (likely?) educated would actually suggest shame as a tool for change. Sounds like a suggestion right out of medieval patriarchal authoritarianism. For someone to think that fat people are not already shamed on a daily basis, they must keep their head under a pile of rocks.

    Obesity has become the new pet upon which to blame all of society’s ills. Who were we blaming before the obese? Who will be the next target?

    I’m especially weary of hearing people decrying the obese for health care costs. Why not then decry all the people who engage in dangerous hobbies that land them in the hospital or doctor’s office? Because they’re not as easy to target as the obese, who wear their fat on the outside for everyone to see. It would be interesting to find out how many people who desperately try to stay thin with very bad habits land in the hospital or doctor’s office and “cost us all.” What about those with disordered eating that causes extreme thinness (e.g., anorexia, bulimia) who cost the health care system? Should we go after them next? Hey, there’s a lot of diabetes in the African -American community, maybe we should shame them about causing such a huge cost to health care. See where I’m going?

    “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”
    ― Malcolm X

  • cyzan2

    It is this twisted individual masquerading as a reporter who should be shamed for polluting the minds of the people with such garbage. Put a dose of compassion in your writings Mr. blogger and people just might stop eating, smoking or drinking the negative emotions you encourage to instill in them. Better still, stop blogging or reporting altogether and save that energy to heal your heart and mind.

  • dmahony65

    Chris Freind,

    I am a clinical psychologist and have worked with obese patients for over ten years. I appreciate your attempts to address the obesity epidemic. It is a problem that does not receive the serious attention that it deserves.

    I also understand your logic with “shaming” obese individuals into losing weight. It is something that most of us in the weight loss industry have considered early on in our career. We feel it would work because it is the technique that many healthy weight individuals use to maintain their weight. When healthy weight individuals gain weight, they are embarrassed, and that motivates them to lose weight. It is a simple process (although never easy!).

    Unfortunately, shaming does not work with obese individuals. If it did, no one would be obese. Obese individuals are very aware of their weight and very ashamed of it. Most have already experienced intense levels of shame through teasing, insults and they have been socially ostracized. On top of that, they don’t like the way they look like or feel. This is why they often isolate themselves at home or only associate with other obese individuals.

    Unfortunately, their feelings of shame do not lead them to lose weight. Like many psychological processes, it actually backfires and causes them to gain more. This is because in addition to feeling shame, they also feel hopeless about losing weight. When you add shame on top of hopelessness you feel paralyzed or stuck. So, obese individuals don’t like what they look or the way they feel but they don’t believe they have the ability to change it. This then leads to more overeating and more weight gain since it is the only way they know how to address these negative emotions.

    Yes, it is time that we take obesity seriously. Yes, obese individuals have to take responsibility for their weight. They are the only ones that can address the problem. And yes, we should take more “extreme” measures to address this problem like getting rid of government subsidies of high fructose corn syrup and taxing or banning high calorie foods and drinks. But my guess is even these measures won’t entirely address the obesity epidemic. We will ultimately have to go further and provide long-term treatment programs that address the deeply rooted addictive emotional and behavioral patterns that contribute to obesity.

    The press can help by promoting ANYTHING that will help and by DE-STIGMATIZING obesity. By de-stigmatizing obesity, more obese individuals will feel comfortable enough to seek out help. Shame creates paralysis, acceptance (of the person, not the weight) creates hope, energy and action. For example, I work in bariatric surgery, a very effective weight loss technique that less than 1% of the eligible obese individuals take advantage of. Why don’t the other 99% receive the procedure? They are too ashamed! They have been told by society that they should be able to “do it on their own” so they feel that getting surgery is a cop out. Of course, they are unable to do it on their own so they simply remain in their obese state.

    If we could get rid of the stigma and the shame, obese individuals would be more open and willing to seek out help.

    • Genna

      Finally, a person who is actually educated and experienced who contributes something of actual value to this discussion. *applause*

  • bill k

    Fat people are disgusting and people who defend them are enablers. If they suffer shame every day then why are their numbers increasing? No- they are accepted by society more than ever. We see public service ads about drug addictions all the time. We need ads about the dangers of food. We need Charlize Theron to look straight at the camera and say “Put that doughnut down bitch”.

  • Yvonne

    I was obese for 30 years. Every single day I was ashamed. Every single day I looked for some way to not be obese. Every single minute of every single day I was acutely aware that I was obese and didn’t want to be. I am thin now because I had weight loss surgery 11 years ago and lost and kept off 130 pounds. Even though I’ve been thin so many years I still carry shame. The stigma against obese people has been replaced by the stigma of weight loss surgery. Some people think I took the easy way out which could not be further from the truth. Shame never ever works. If it did we would all be thin.

    • rs

      who cares how you dropped the pounds, you made a decision to better your life and live longer and healthier. i don’t think you have anything to feel shame about . you got a medical procedure just like a cancer patient gets chemo. i wouldn’t shame one of them for not just fighting through it the hard way, and no one in their right mind should. have people actually sad things to you to shame you about the surgery?

    • Zachary Hume

      If you wanted to be skinny so bad you should have just ate healthy and exercised. What you eat is eighty percent of being healthy while exercise is twenty. You could have started off with simple exercises like walking and worked your way up as your healthy eating also helped you lose weight. Spread the message

      • Genna

        Have you ever been obese and lost weight? You must know from experience by the way you explain it!
        I love how people who are already fit like to explain to fat people how easy it is to lose weight. I’m not trying to make excuses for obese people, but telling a fat person how easy losing weight is when you’ve never experienced it yourself is stupid. Some people (myself included) lose weight easily. Others, not so much. everyone’s body responds differently and everyone’s circumstances are different. Besides, I know a lot of skinny people who eat nothing but junkfood and never exercise. And overweight people who kick ass in athletics. Body weight is not always and indicator of health.

        • sdfg

          Actually, I used to have anorexia and I can tell you that it was very easy for me to lose weight. I’m not saying it was a healthy way to lose weight, but even now, with a terrible metabolism due to not eating for years when I was younger, I am able to keep off weight. As I’ve got older, I’ve also lost weight in a far healthier manner. To act like people are born fat or that their weight is natural, is insulting to other people e.g. ethnic minorities, who are born innocently into a low position due to their treatment from society.

      • anon

        I don’t eat fast food at all. I eat organic everything, and I’m considered obese. I’m a boxer so I do exercise. Why do you assume that all overweight people do not eat right or exercise?

        • sour_sadie

          That’s because assuming doesn’t require a lot of thinking.

        • S M L XL XXXL

          Eating organic doesn’t make you skinny. It is a start though. People need to focus on portion control. I’m not saying that you are “unhealthy”. It is just physically impossible to lean up if you take in more calories than you burn.

          • Chantay Grace

            Actually eating organic does nothing.

      • donalda

        Losing weight is an uphill battle, no matter how much you
        need to lose; it’s hard. My story is I was skinny most of my life. I won the metabolism lottery and could eat whatever, whenever up until I was 25 and got a chronic illness and was put on meds that made me fat practically overnight. I gained about 60 lbs. I got better, and
        lost the 60 lbs, gained it back, lost it again, gained it back. Last time was the charm. It took several tries to get my eating
        habits, exercise, meds in line to be normal again and it was a struggle every. Step.Of. The. Way.
        If you are not an athlete with a natural affinity for exercising or if you were raised on the typical American diet or not a winner of the metabolism lottery, you WILL struggle with weight. Period. It’s easy to be a skinny Minnie and sit back and judge people who are fat. I did
        myself at one time, until it happened to me. So back off of the overweight people. You have no IDEA what they are going through.

      • Zach Sucks

        Zachary-which is it?— are you stupid, ugly, deformed, lonely, a total failure and loser or all of the above. No attractive, successful, happy, intelligent person would ever be precoccupied with contempt for any segment of society. You gave yourself away.

    • Samuel Georgian

      Congrats for getting healthier.

    • Anonymous

      They’re both under the same stigma; Laziness. You were too lazy to stop being lazy so you took the lazy way out. That’s even worse than just wallowing in your pathetic state. Disgusting.

    • donalda

      F* those people. They didn’t have to spend one day in your shoes. Good for you that you found a way out.

  • teedot57

    bill k:
    Your hate is palpable. Hate has never solved anything. There is all kinds of evidence-based research out there that explains why obesity rates are climbing (that are not about the overly simple input/output theory), and it’s far more complex than you would like to believe it is (and I’m sure you’re not interested anyway, that would only get in the way of your hatred which I’m sure you’re not eager to give up… did you know that in Chinese medicine it’s believed that hate causes heart problems? Please at least make sure you only hate in moderation Bill.)

    And you couldn’t have chosen a worse endorsement for your hatred than Charlize Theron—you are clearly completely oblivious about the fact that she is a fervent activist for women’s rights, gay rights and animal rights. Many in the women’s rights movement believe that the “war on obesity” is another war on women. Charlize Theron would probably like to berate you for casting her in such a light.

    Those of us who “defend the fatties” are defending their right to live without oppression, stigmatization and persecution, and that they have all the other INALIENABLE rights that everyone deserves. The only reason it’s so easy to pick on fat people is that they wear their fat on the outside for everyone to see. FYI, if you weren’t aware, this is called discrimination.

    And FYI, obesity is on the rise all over the world, wherever their is affluence. Even the affluent in third world countries are getting fatter. Many believe this is from adopting an AMERICAN diet of processed and refined foods, particularly refined grains and sugars. Thanks America.

    • MerryJuice

      Please stop using this word when describing people who are fat. Fat people were never denied voting rights. They are not even close to oppressed. Not remotely.
      I know it’s popular, but please understand that this is a first-world country. We are all pretty spoiled now, but think that we aren’t. It’s turning us into little tantrum machines.
      And yes the food model is horrendously bad, but it is still something people are choosing to eat. You can’t push this entirely on the evil corporations or whatever.

  • fmartinez13

    Mr. Friend I am disturbed and shocked by the suggestions in your article above. It is cruel and uncorroborated to propose that people falling into the “overweight” and “obese” range on a BMI chart should be actively discriminated against and shamed. Firstly shaming is not an effective method of making people lose weight, in fact such discrimination and stigmatization actually leads to increased consumption of food, avoidance of exercise, avoidance of medical care and discouragement in making healthy behavior change (Puhl, 2006; Haines,2006; Neumark-Sztainer, 2002; Storch,2007; Amy, 2006; Brownell, 2005). Additionally it is important to note that for many people, a weight loss is not necessarily healthy. Contrary to popular belief, people who lose weight are at an increased risk for premature death (Williamson, 1995,1999; Andres, 1993; Yaari, 1998; Sorensen, 2005; Simonsen, 2008; Ingram, 2010) and obese people survive diseases longer than their thin counterparts (Childers, 2010; Morse, 2010; Ross, 1997). Extreme dieting, exercise and psychological abuse (shame) only lead to harm. We need take the focus off of weight and instead put in on encouraging healthy lifestyle choices that have been shown to improve health indicators independently of weight(Bacon, 2005; Lamarche, 1992).

    Amy N, Aalborg A, Lyons P, Keranen L: Barriers to routine gynecological cancer screening for White and African-American obese women.
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  • Fat and unashamed

    You’re wanting to advocate bullying as a way to deal with something. Fat people should be shamed, women should be beaten and kept in the kitchen and black people who get uppity should be hung. Grow the fuck up man.

    • Recon Teemo

      Fat people should be shamed, women should be pretty, and black people don’t even need to be in this conversation because obesity stretches across races and genders, and it’s not just one group. IT’S ALL OF YOU FATSOS.

      • Desmond Bryant

        Is every one a troll on the internet

        • TheTimeVortex

          Yes. Yes they are.

        • pookie

          No. Some are unicorns others are just honest humans.

      • Chad Burke

        Fuck you too recon. Faggot ass troll bitch

    • aaron hanson

      There is a major flaw in your logic. Gender and race are not choices but accidents of birth. Being fat is 100% a choice just like smoking is a 100% choice. It only counts as discrimination when it is something the person cannot help or control (race, gender, age, height, etc.). People who take care of themselves are the ones who have to pay for the others who don’t. Bring back shame!

  • Hi Fred

    Wolf Tits.

  • Chadwin Boobus-Bradley McLee

    So what exactly is this guy proposing? I don’t see him offering any actual fix to this.

    But whatever,
    I don’t advocate shaming and bullying but I don’t go for sugarcoating it either. If someone is obviously fat, don’t tell them they’re not, both of you know that that’s not true and it doesn’t help anyone. Fat people are fat, there done, ask a doctor.

  • ghosts

    Being fat isn’t something that should be considered socially acceptable, but shaming them would not be the best solution either. I say just let people live the way they want.

    • Recon Teemo

      Uhhhh, screw you, I don’t want to pay for smoker’s health care, why the hell would I want to pay for some fat dude’s fat sister’s heart transplant, that she’ll ruin in a year with still more horrible lifestyle choices? Get over yourself.

      • Chad Burke

        Recon- Do you drink alcohol at all? I don’t want to pay for your liver/kidney/heart transplant when you get older. Are you a runner? I don’t want to pay for your knee or hip replacement. Play sports? Don’t make me pay for your blown acl/mcl /pcl. Bicyclist? When some careless driver splatters you I don’t want my premiums helping pay for your care. Am I getting through to you?

  • Leah Chester

    Do you really believe this s#%$ you are promoting?!?! You are delusional if you think that publicly shaming people for their weight is ok! They know all of this without the public assault! If you really care about obesity then start asking why the FDA allows added ingredients that make people more hungry and why they continue to allow artificial sugars to be untruthfully passed as the healthier alternative! Your artical has done absolutely NOTHING to enlighten people and only served to outline your OBVIOUS prejudice against those who struggle with weight problems!

    Ps. I’m not obese. but I know people who are and the struggles they already deal with without adding you promotion of public riddicule.

    • Recon Teemo

      Shut up, you whiney baby.

      “Oh, you hurt my feelings. Boo-hoo!”

      Get over yourself. I am tired of the used up rhetoric that it’s always someone else’s fault.

      Yes! There are artificial ingredients in our food. GUESS WHAT???!!

      It was there 60 YEARS AGO you twit. Now, occasionally, you come across a civil suit that is a serious matter. For example, the lady who sued Mickey D’s because of the hot coffee. Her thighs were wrecked with burns, which is not so frivolous.

      However, charging football fans more, who are at a target weight range, because fat people need bigger seats, thus eliminating some of the already limited seating is bullcrap with a capital “B”.

      You know what, I bet you are fat. Whenever I hear “I’m not…” followed by the example in point, it’s almost always the case that they are. Get over your lazy sensibilities. I know it’s SO MUCH easier to just ignore the problem, but it’s reaching the end of its short rope, and quickly. Besides, I don’t think that rope will even last very long with the average American attached to it now.

    • GalacticToast

      How fucking hard is it to eat less and exercise if they’re already fucking ashamed of being fat? You piece of shit we really did get soft didn’t we? We need to start shaming left and right, just to toughen peoples hides a bit you fucking pussy.

      • Turd Locator

        I’d kiss a fat man’s ass whle he farts before I’d shake your hand. You are the epitome of a hateful, ignorant, moron—–truly what society needs fewer of. Please eat s*** and die as a favor to all of us.

    • Dane Hoffman

      Being teased about one’s weight often motivates them to make a change.

    • Dane Hoffman

      People get fatter because they know society will accept them if they are. If they are not accepted, they will make an effort to fit in.

  • wendyrose

    turn off fox news and learn something! shaming never accomplishes anything, except more bad behavior. you should be ashamed!

    • Recon Teemo

      And you should never be allowed to have children. Negative emotions, when used in moderation, are part of a healthy, maturing psyche. Denying negativity for the sake of “sensitivity” is creating a generation of takers who will work the absolute least amount possible to get the most in return. Case in point, I’m the only one of my former “friends” who actually has a job, not involved with drugs, and not taking care of a baby. The current intelligence of teenagers is at an all-time low, statistically. In fact, I bet you don’t even know how they drum up statistics in the first place.

      • wendyrose

        shaming is not the same as having/recognizing/accepting negative emotions, and with fat people there is usually an excess of shame, not a deficit. i’m probably old enough to be your grandmother so probably know a lot more than you do about life. since i am older i know enough to know i don’t know everything, unlike you with the assumptions and judgements you have made about me which are totally irrelevant.

      • Desmond Bryant

        Neither do you, spent too much time hanging with loser friends. Having a job is not a accomplishment and a lot of fat people work as well. You haven’t used any statistics at all maybe I should shame you for your obvious 8th grade education

      • Chad Burke

        Thank God you’re not breeding.

      • Andrea C.

        where is your research to back up your claim about intelligence of teenagers?

  • Sarah Fisher

    Dear God, I hope this man has no daughters. Or sons. In fact, please do not procreate and pass along your mean-spirited, bullying attitudes with anyone beyond this appalling article.
    For one, if he thinks obese people live without shame, or without being reminded every single day of what they look like by cruel strangers, then he is delusional. Just like a women with ample breasts can’t go through a day without lewd stares or comments, a larger person can’t go through the day without the same. Shame is a daily part of their lives; it’s in jokes about fat people in culture and on television, it’s in the clothing stores that don’t sell anything above a 12, it’s in Christina Hendricks being constantly sited as “ample” by the media (even though she is not obese or close).
    Secondly, people are overweight for many different reasons. Artificial flavoring is everywhere and we still don’t know the full affect it has on metabolism and food addiction. Certain medications and health issues affect weight, sitting in an office all day and long commutes have been proven to affect a persons ability to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and unlike smoking a person cannot simply give up eating altogether. So he needs to get off his high horse as a solvent, healthy, white male and stop judging others so quickly—some are overweight by lifestyle choice, others are overweight for reasons beyond their control.
    And thirdly, human beings and how they look and grow change over time. We’re also a lot taller now than we were 100, 200 years ago. Part of the reason we weigh more is increased access to meat, dairy, all the things that were too expensive for most people in the past. But plane tickets are still expensive for most people and the idea of charging a larger person—one who is maybe flying because of a dying relative and not just to go stuff their faces at a Las Vegas buffet on vacation, good sir—is cruel and discriminatory. People fly for a variety of reasons. They drive for a lot of reasons (partly because American cities were designed to make people live in the suburbs—too far to walk to anywhere they might need like the grocery store).
    So, to sum up: this writer lacks empathy and insight into both his fellow man and the wider (ha) issues at hand, beyond his own selfish desire to not have to see or deal with fat people and it is HIS type of thinking that is shameful.

    • Recon Teemo

      Hey numbskull, a girl shouldn’t be ashamed of smaller breasts if she’s petite, because THAT’S HER NATURAL FIGURE. A fat person who fills their mouth with fast food and junk should be ashamed, because they obviously aren’t monitoring themselves with regular emotional input from the environment around them. You’re the shameful ones, tip-toeing around as if we can fix the problem by ignoring it. Is climate change a myth, too? Did we really not land on the moon? Dump the defeatist, victimized attitude, and make some positive changes for all.

      • NYCallday93


      • Jess

        We can’t fix the problem by ignoring it but shaming people is a) heartless and b) doesn’t even work. Negative reinforcement DOES NOT WORK, positive reinforcement and education and other structural changes do. Obesity is a health problem, I agree. Shaming people is not the solution, though

        • Alice Kincaid Smith

          Worked with me and everyone I know. The reason we got thin wasn’t gentle support; it was the sheer shame we felt for being disgustingly fat and unhealthy. Oddly, we’re the people who kept it off. Those into body-acceptance tend to gradually move back onto their old diets and regain the weight.

          • Andrea C.

            where is your scientific evidence to prove your comments?? I think loving yourself is a GOOD thing. You can love yourself enough to eat something healthy instead of taking the easy way out and grabbing a greasy burger & fries.

          • Alice Kincaid Smith

            I do love myself. I am a narcissist; self-love is, by definition, what we do. But love is different to acceptance. Love is unconditional. Being largely objective, I’d never considered anything subpar to be worth accepting. I accepted myself until I knew how rubbish I was and then changed until I liked myself again. Love is an entirely different experience. Even if I weren’t narcissistic, I clearly love myself enough to make my body happy and try and give myself the longest, most fulfilling life I can enjoy. That is the essence of love. I loved myself so much I couldn’t accept the state I was in and I only noticed the state through shame. Shame is, coincidentally, a main emotional motivator in human social structure. It encourages you to change for the better, for yourself and society. You feel the shame, which shows you that you needn’t accept yourself in your current state and your self-love then tells you that you’re worthy of improvement. If shame about your current state (self or externally inflicted) causes you to stop loving yourself, then that love was built on a weak foundation with dissatisfaction lying just under the surface.

            As to self-acceptance (which was my real target, as opposed to the way you twisted my words), observe the trends. Those who keep the weight off are those who would not accept themselves were they to become inferior in ANY way (appearance, health, education…). Those who accept the first 10kg accept the next 10 and the next 10 until it becomes a true problem, then crash diet their way out of it and start the cycle where diets and exercise become punishment for their lifestyle, but their generally unhealthy behaviour becomes a rewarding habit. This is the cause of the yo-yo effect. Those who only enjoy and accept themselves in perfection and who expect nothing but the best from and for their bodies keep the weight off. It’s basic human psychology. Unconditional self-acceptance in cases where the thing you’re accepting is alterable is basically laziness. It’s like a drug addict saying they accept themselves as a junkie or someone who barely washes accepting their uncleanliness. Laziness, pure and simple.

          • Andrea C.

            The first line of what you wrote back is nonsense. Sounds like you have self esteem issues, not narcissistic characteristics.

            I’ll define some words so you understand them better:

            “Narcissistic personality disorder is a personality disorder in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. This condition affects one percent of the population.”

            Narcissism: excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance.

            Self love: regard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).

            Self acceptance: an acceptance of yourself as you are, warts and all

            When I asked for evidence, I meant SCIENTIFIC evidence, not your personal issues with your body, or made up BS, or random websites….

            As far as “fat shaming” goes, here’s a reputable source:

            “Rather than motivating people to lose weight, weight discrimination increases the risk for obesity by as much as 2.5 times. This, in turn, makes individuals more vulnerable to weight discrimination, perpetuating a cycle of weight gain.”

            “Stigma doesn’t motivate people to make healthier choices and poses a serious threat to physical and psychological health. So what can we do? As it turns out, the opposite approach – one grounded in acceptance – is more effective. Rather than focusing solely on personal responsibility, let’s tackle the bigger issue and work on changing the obesity-promoting environment. Rather than lecturing people about exercise and weight loss, let’s emphasize more effective approaches such as Health at Every Size.”


          • Alice Kincaid Smith

            I provided evidence in my links. I was refuting your comments about self-love from my own personal experience. Considering how your approach is to twist the argument every time your point is invalidated and that you clearly know nothing about what you’re trying to talk about (weightloss, obesity, the effects of shame, narcissism and general laziness), I see no purpose in continuing to speak to you.

            As a side-note, a HAES-endorsed opinion-piece hardly constitutes unbiased medical research to the level of the studies I linked you to. Try applying your own criteria to your own beliefs. It’ll amaze you how quickly your little world will fall apart.

      • MSmithWD

        I agree with you but climate change may be a clumsy example. Try something like “Radiation poisoning a myth?”

    • sdfg

      You’re seriously comparing a woman being born with big breasts to a person choosing to be obese by eating loads and doing no exercise.
      Thanks for the inspiring feminism here; I feel enlightened. (That’s sarcasm)

  • SpecialKpop

    You’re right. But look at all the hate you’re getting. That’s precisely why Americans are going to be the size of trucks just now. All they care about is “feelings” rather than paying attention the to real PROBLEM and fixing it.

    • Recon Teemo

      You sir, or ma’am, are a drop of water in a desert of fat, non-kosher, and iodized salt grains.

    • Desmond Bryant

      Since when have we as a country been sincerly interested in fixing americas societal mistakes? Its just another problem our society created and is clueless on how to fix.

      • ocooch

        Seriously? Smoking, drug war, prostitution, abolition of slavery and child labor, etc….just for a start

        • Idelisa Ishketoweewa

          The drug war is a disaster, not a success. Prohibition is working just as well as it did with alcohol.

  • American Woman

    Instead of shaming, we need to stop subsidizing and promoting a food industry that pumps animals full of hormones and antibiotics and detroys the natural goodness of food. Processed foods, additives, dyes, excess sugar and hydrogenated fats are addictive and harmful. Public schools should serve whole foods and promote a plant based diet. Please see the movie “Forks over Knives” for science based information on how food can either save or kill us.
    Of course, bullying and shaming are much cheaper than public policies that will help lift people up.

    • Recon Teemo

      …..You ignorant fool…. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE YELLOW BANANA IS, THAT’S BEEN AROUND FOR MORE THAN A CENTURY???? IT’S A FREAKING GMO!!! And guess what! It’s not that bad for you. These foods aren’t entirely the cause of the problem. The problem is laziness with new lifestyle choices and technology, and a lack of self-restraint when eating. Yes, some of the things in food don’t help, but WHY DO YOU ALWAYS PASS THE BLAME TO SOMEONE ELSE? No one gets anything done by simply assigning fault. You have to speak to individuals, find out their problems, maybe work on how to fix them, or simply find a way to inspire people to do it themselves. In fact, truthfully, you will never get anyone to do anything you want. We simply convince others it’s what they already wanted to do, and they’ll do it.

      • wendyrose

        a hybrid is not the same as a gmo. look it up.

        • NYCallday93

          the point is fat, obese, and morbidly obese people are always looking for someone else to blame. NEVER can it be their fault that they are pushing 250, 300 pounds. Jesus. Go to the god damn gym. TAKE A WALK. it’s disgusting how these people try and blame their problems on “society”. C’mon. This obesity problem is now an EPIDEMIC. like AIDS. these people know what they should do (hint hint: EXERCISE) but refuse to. not our problem that they’ll be lying in their death beds at 55-60 years old due to any variety of diseases that being outrageously overweight causes.

      • Desmond Bryant

        Some people struggle with eating healthy or stop eating as it wasnt neccesary for or survival before. Its not like drinking or drugs you have to eat. The problem is societal mostly imo people can’t afford nutrition or education in fact the lower classes are taught to aquise with societies whims and guess what our elected officials who are here to protect us did . They turned their head to it and allowed us to be exploited. Now they realized they made a mistake. We are not independent thinkers we are trained to be a certain way we allowed our society to be overran with exploitative buisnesses which became the norm in this country. Our cars are expensive and toxic, our food is toxic, and our hoems are overpriced. Wake up we’ve been pimped again

        • sdfg

          My dad is a total cheapskate and yet the healthiest person I know. He cycles to work on his old bike each day as it’s far cheaper and less environment murdering than driving. He mainly eats chickpeas and lentils, which are very cheap. Vegetables are also very cheap. It is very easy to eat healthily and to exercise regularly; it’s just laziness that stops fatties from doing anything.

          • Yura Nass

            You are so full of shit-I don’t believe a word you say. You’ve conjured up in your mind an imaginary scenario of what you think might be an easy way to get or stay thin. Smething you could never actually do yourself but infer it’s waht “fat” people should do. Dad, rides his bike in the rain and snow, too, we presume and brings his chickpeas for lunch. What a MORON you are!

  • Nick Foster

    Where do I sign up to be a part of this movement?

  • Aquarius

    The funniest, but most tasteless parody I’ve seen in years. You really sold it! I could almost believe you were serious about the bullshit you’re spewing.

    • theox

      So, did you have a substantive response to his article, or were you hoping that you could shame him into changing his position by insinuating that his beliefs must be a parody?

      • Katonine

        Hey, maybe asshole shaming works just as well as fat shaming. Good for Aquarius in giving it a shot.

  • Desmond Bryant

    This reporter has no idea how the obesity problem is a societal pandemic. And when large numbers of people are affected more then just the individuals are to blame. Using shame is cruel. Shaming the mostly poor people who can’t afford nutrition because its a luxary in this country. I lived in a neighborhood wit 20 fast food restaruants in a 2 mile radius and no workout facilities which are unaffordable to people in this community anyway. Because people around here where I’m from are ashamed of existing fat or skinny. They already know the world thinks they are lazy and dumb. Now a little extra shame is what we need? Your an out of touch white man unable to see past your own privlage, obviously because you make crap like this and call it good journalism. Get your head out of your white elitist ass and realise thre reason why people are obese is the same reason they are alcholics and drug abusers its a disease sponsored by mc donalds where elst can five dollars feed a whole family? And I do remind you all we have is five bucks many times.

  • NMR

    Well said. Fat people are gross!

    • IBikeNYC

      Thanks for the warning.

    • Amanda

      Lots of people are gross, not just the fat ones.

  • Prudence

    This made me really sad. I’m definitely chubbers, not about to pretend I’m not, but when someone makes fun of me I don’t work out. If someone makes fun of me for being fat, I just want to feel better, and I do that by either lounging around watching TV/playing on Reddit, eating something for comfort, or by crying. None of these things actually help my weight in any way, but I sure do have some really low self-esteem.

    There was one time in my life where I jumped aboard the weight-loss train. I’d lost 30 pounds by counting calories and exercising every day. While I was pleased to be losing weight, I wasn’t happy at all. I was a fat kid who grew up into a fat adult, and I’m a baker and I love food. Eating 1200-1500 calories a day was sad and I felt like I was punishing myself, but I did it. It was difficult, because I felt like I was being judged when exercising at the gym.

    40 pounds lighter and the comment I get is ‘still got a long way to go, huh?’ I realized that even up till now, no one recognized the effort I put in, and if they did, it was only to acknowledge that I still wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t working out because I wanted to be thin, I was working out because I wanted to be accepted. I don’t take up two seats, but I think you guys are ignoring that a huge part of being fat is psychological. People over-eat for a reason– whether it be because they want to, or because they were teased or molested or something else– the problem will never disappear unless you get to the root of it.

    Bullying is never the answer, and saying that ‘fat people will call this bullying’ is true: because it is. Saying that it’s not and that we’re ‘sensitive’ is gas-lighting. It’s easy to say ‘fat people should lose weight’, but that’s only because you don’t realize how difficult it is to be fat and lose weight.

    I know that’s not what any of you who support this article want to hear, but I guess it’s as honest as I can get.


    I’m fat and it sucks, but making me feel bad about it will not make me want to lose weight, it will likely only make me feel bad enough to eat more for comfort. Please re-think your tactic, because 1) it’s kind of messed up and 2) making someone cry in front of a bunch of people won’t make them lose weight, it will make them want to a) die or b) gain more weight to feel better.

    • manuel linares

      Nobody feels sorry for your over eating fat ass. Go work out and end the pity party. People are dying of cancer and you’re stuffing pastries in your mouth feeling sorry for yourself. Maybe if you used the same effort to stroke your ego to work out, you wouldnt feel like crap. It takes effort to be fat.don’t give people the medical excuse, its how 2/3 got fat. Face stuffing isn’t a disease

      • devrie

        You think it takes effort to be fat, therefore, you have no clue. You’re not trying hard not to be fat, so what makes you better? I gained weight by overeating at dinner time–feeling overwhelmingly hungry. Mostly veggies, potatoes and pasta. I used to work 12 hour shifts and never ate breakfast or lunch, so I was always starving at dinner. When I left the Navy and stayed with my overweight mom for a few months, dinners were always buttery. I had no idea how much butter she used until I gained 40 lbs in 4 months. I wasn’t eating all day–I was used to not eating breakfast or lunch, so I was never hungry until dinner. You don’t have to “stuff” pasteries or chips into your body to get fat. It usually happens subtly, and the body increases appetite with weight gain. The problem is that it takes little effort to overeat food when the body is telling you too, but thinner people can’t imagine eating more than they do, so they assume fat people are defying their own hunger to purposefully force extra food into themselves.

    • Genna

      I enjoyed reading your comment and completely agree with the things you said. I am absolutely astounded at the amount of people who agree with this article. I’ve never been “obese” but I’ve been mildly overweight since I was 11 (now 21) and have spent every year since trying to get in shape. I think average/thin people think it’s easy to lose weight because weight has never been an issue for them. My overweight-ness started by simply eating instant noodles almost everyday (since i thought they were the best thing ever). At the time I had no concept of calories or sodium or anything like that, and did not realize that ramen noodles have a REDICULOUS amount of calories in relation to the amount of food present. From what I found out in one of my college psycology classes was that I was actually slowly training my brain to think that I needed to consume more calories than necessary since my body became acustomed to that. It’s easy for people who have always been thin to think it’s easy to just eat less and exercise more. It’s never been an issue for them so why is it so hard? How can they understand how much your body protests when you try to whip it in shape if they’ve never experienced being overweight for themselves? I can’t believe people think shaming is the best way to make people want to lose weight. Only thing it will make them do is either gain more weight or become more suicidal. Not only that but there are a lot of girls out there who are not even fat but think they are because of media’s influence. Surely fat-shaming will catch them in its ugly web and cause them emotional damage as well.

  • disqus_cd9u2PItoq

    While it seems like a good idea at first glance, shaming actually doesn’t work. I’ll explain why. When you shame people, it creates a sense of despair and depression. It causes them to avoid social situations and hide out alone. This hiding out at home is detrimental to weight loss!
    Another point which is missed entirely is that there ARE people who cannot help being overweight. Yes. REALLY. Now I realize that this is not the norm, and that the average overweight person will use these types of excuses to avoid criticism, but that doesn’t change the fact that there ARE people with legitimate problems who do not deserve to be ridiculed. Example: I suffer from various respiratory problems that have landed me in the hospital. When you are wheelchair bound and taking 120mgs of Prednisone daily, you will almost certainly be overweight. I was significantly overweight then, and also close to death. The last thing I needed was public shaming for something I had zero control over. I am now no longer on Prednisone, and have since lost the weight, but it took years. While I am now a very healthy 110lbs, you and everyone else would have been ridiculing me when I was 180,170,160,150,130…
    You do not know someone’s circumstances, and I guarantee if you had met me you would have never known I was fighting for my life. You would have passed me off as another fat slob, just as so many did.
    People Do Not Deserve Maltreatment Ever!

    • Faarooq Fadl Ullah

      Part of the problem of addressing problems is people who take a tiny fraction who are justified in having the problem, and giving an excuse to the whole group. Yeah, everyone knows steroids cause weight gain, cause muscle loss, fat gain. I really am very sorry you are dealing with that. Everyone knows that some medications TRULY cause weight gain, and that some people TRULY do have a thyroid problem. But now you’ve got all those who DON’T have those problems either trying to claim those legitimate causes as their own, or just taking advantage of the fact that because those problems exist, no one is supposed to say anything or be upset by the effect on society

      • stone

        Why does everyone keep w the “thyroid” argument…ok I get it, its a lot tougher to maintain a healthy wieght w such an ailment…not impossible. I have bad asthma and it takes a little more effort for me to stay healthy…but guess what? You can see where this is going. Please fat people, no more excusses.

        • Faarooq Fadl Ullah

          I’m totally with you. There’s also some kind of new ‘research’ I’ve heard thrown around that says something about overweight people actually burning fewer calories doing the same activity/same intensity and their bodies gaining more weight from the same foods…I don’t know, I don’t even see how that could even be true if all variables were in fact equal, but let’s just go with it. ALL that means is that yeah, you’ve got a shittier situation than most. You’ve got to work a little bit harder than you would have otherwise had to. That DOESN’T mean you’ve now got a free pass to put zero effort in. Sorry about the asthma though, really, I can see how that would suck. Good for you for sticking with it.

          • Zymm

            It’s called leptin resistance. They only sort of know how it works, but basically it tells your muscles to use minimum energy as well as amping up the hunger signal. Imagine being very hungry almost constantly, while seeing minimal gains from exercise and having every one of those “metabolism calculators” telling you that you should have lost tons of weight by now, but you haven’t seen results. Sound discouraging? It’s not “a little bit” harder. It’s more like 3-5x harder, pretty much forever. I work out an average of 2 hours a day, eat 1200-1500 calories a day and this maintains me at a slightly above recommended weight. I have to think about it constantly. I don’t blame people who don’t want to do this. I slip myself when I have a lot of work, or am travelling. It becomes your life and there’s not a lot of room for actual living.

          • Faarooq Fadl Ullah

            Yeah, so you live life like a fit person. They also work 2 hours a day or more and limit their eating. It IS harder than being sedentary and eating anything you want. But it’s better.

  • Cora Stone

    Well your shame campaign is working. I don’t go out to eat, nor do I dare fly. I’m not hugh but ever since I was put on steriods I have gained weight. There is so much hostility towards overweight people that I just don’t go out. I am finding more and more people who are doing this. A drug addict gets treater better than a food addict. If shaming worked, highschool would cure all obesity!!!!!

  • AnonKpop

    Shaming works in Japan and Korea. Why do you think they have the lowest obesity rates in OECD countries? Is it because of traditional diets? Because of genetics? Not at all. They have the same access to junk food as we do. However, it is socially unacceptable to be obese. It is openly and unabashedly shamed, by parents, friends, colleagues, and the government. You won’t even be hired if your fat.

    • anonymous

      MISINFORMED! They may have access to the junk food but they also have information on how harmful the junk food can be. ALSO it is more affordable for them to eat the foods customary to their culture unlike America where the cultural foods are BK and McDonalds. And it is a part of our society to eat out often where other cultures rarely eat out.

      • NurseJoy

        It’s called “junk” food. I’m pretty sure people know it’s not good for them.

      • K3lC

        Why are you making excuses..? No one makes you eat McDonalds every night.

        • The Dog

          Wow, you’re a c*nt!

      • Madison Johnson

        Cigarettes are expensive, but people still smoke because the have the want to do it. Fat people just aren’t motivated enough to care about their appearance.

    • Genna

      Korea and Japan also have extremely high rates of suicide. The pressure to fit in is way too high. Not to mention the Korean obsession with plastic surgery. Shaming may bring down obesity, but it also cause a host of other problems.

      • Madison Johnson

        It’s not the pressure to fit in, it’s the pressure to succeed, what you see in Japan and Korea is natural selection at it’s modern finest.

        • The Realist


      • Matthew Curry Pye

        Suicides in korea 2009-2010: 29,501
        People dying from being fat in america: one in five.

        Completely different numbers. The suicide is a prefered problem

        • Kiki

          You don’t see that overeating is a form of suicide????? Can you seriously sit there and shame someone who has killed themselves due to overeating? They will have been told over and over by doctors that they wil die if thwy continue and they continue to overeat…. and why? Because of asomething deeper. Because they are ao ashamed… food is comforting. You people who talk so igonorantly are bullies and it hurts me so much that you dont see that!

          • Matthew Curry Pye

            Killing yourself through eating too much and not exercising enough (a problem every single obese person shares) is not the same as putting a gun to your own head.
            In the same way that speeding is not suicide. It’s just stupid decision making.

    • Kiki

      It is also a collectivist culture when people see their value as being part of a family. Also, looks are not as idealized there… and as they become more westernized, the obesity rate will increase… just watch.

  • Kay

    The funny thing to me about this article is that it is assumed that obese people aren’t already ashamed of how they look. I struggled with weight for many many years. For most people, obesity is extremely embarrassing, and it is so mostly because our society already makes overweight folks feel bad about how they look. Shaming them even MORE will do nothing but turn them inside themselves and satisfy the emptiness of a bullied existence — often a void filled with emotional eating. The chance for depression (which goes hand in hand with emotional eating, a lack of energy, a lack of desire to enjoy life..all habits that will cause even more weight gain) caused by being publicly humiliated would simply compound the issue.

    Accepting people, obese or otherwise, for who they are will encourage them to shine from the inside out. Happy people take better care of themselves. Happy people take pride in how they look (overweight or otherwise). Humiliating is cruel and doesn’t work for ANY kind of bad habit. It makes people crawl in their shell and hide. What an unhappy, cruel world you’re suggesting we create. And for what? So YOU don’t have to look at the overweight person sitting next to you, because YOU feel they owe it to society to shed some pounds? I just don’t get it.

    • K3lC

      If you’re so embarrassed about how you look, get off of your ass and do something about it. You being fat is draining this country.

      • Sidney Ford

        “You being fat is draining this country.” Wow, what an ugly generalization. Moreover, are you aware of Kay’s health specifically? There are many overweight people whose numbers (cholesterol, glucose, etc.) are as good or better than thinner people’s — think genetic predispositions here. Or just think, “what is the problem I struggle with the most?”, and decide whether your approach aken by another, would lead to any change at all on your part.

        • Sidney Ford

          “taken,” not aken….

        • brant sacker

          it doesnt matter if their “numbers are better” thats an “ugly generalization” there still fat and america is still fatter than they have ever been it can’t be that 2/3 americans have a “genetic problem” thats bull shit open your eyes

        • Ramisme

          How fucking retarded can you be? Just because a few cherry-picked numbers that you have decided are indicators of health does not mean that being overweight is, or even can be, healthy.

          • sour_sadie

            How fucking ableist can YOU be?

          • MerryJuice

            The fact that we have now created a term like “ableist” shows just how fucked we are as a nation.
            Here’s the thought process behind that: “Hmm, I’m doing something frowned upon, but I don’t want to change. In fact, I want to exhalt myself as though I’m apart of a minority group that deserves it’s own special club. What do people hate? Discrimination! Okay, so let’s think. People don’t like racists or sexists. I know! ‘Ableist’. Now, any time a healthy person says anything, I’ll use this stupid made-up term to legitimize my ’cause’. Now, to post this alllll over Tumblr!”
            Nice try. But you’re a crazy person. That’s a crazy term used by crazy people. Unless you lost your legs, have MS, or some other debilitating or disfiguring ailment, you cannot use the term “ableist” without looking like a lazy, entitled tool. Eating crap food and never exercising is not the same as a disability.
            Now go whine about me on Tumblr.

          • sour_sadie

            Actually, asshole, I CAN use the term ableist (notice how I don’t put it in quotes like the asshole you are) because I DO have a disability. Oh wait, I forgot, disabilities that one can see with their own eyes are the only disabilities, is that it? WRONG! I have a learning disability and a neurological disability, they’re disabilities just the same only they are invisible disabilities since you can’t see them. So, I have every right to use the word ableist without looking like a lazy, entitled tool. Though it seems to me that I’m replying to someone who is pretty much an entitled tool, the one thing that TRULY shows how fucked we are as a nation and the one thing that has been proven that consistently for nearly 33 years. You have done a good job at legitimizing assholism.

          • pookie

            Using alot of cuss words show your also immature. Or you have a low IQ. If you brain was as big as you bottom then you would be a genius. Expand your vocabulary.

          • sour_sadie

            I’ll expand my vocabulary when you expand your lack of compassion. Since you claim to be a rhodes scholar despite your complete inability to even state why you disagree with me without resorting to ableist and sizeist insults, maybe you should take your own advice and expand your vocabulary. You don’t seem to be too well off in that area either. Did it ever occur to you that when I wrote that reply, that I may have been angry?

          • pookie

            The words rhode and scholar were not anywhere in my statement. Your reading comprehension seems to be lacking also. If anger causes you to lose the ability to articulate then you have more than a wieght problem. English is not my native language so my vocabulary is limited, I’m working on fixing that. I am not use to being around so many people who claim that health issues cause their obesity. My husband’s best friend claimed a thyroid condition was his issue. He came to stay with us for a year,while we were still living overseas. He lost 80lbs. As soon as he went back to the United States the wieght came back. I do not understand. I have seen this happen to several people. In the US people are big, but then they move abroad come back thin. To many inactive people blaming health conditions for there misery. They are lies.

          • Kelli Alves

            Do you realize how literally stupid you look chastising someone for their vocabulary and lack of brain power when in a mere FOUR sentences you made FIVE grammar mistakes?

            I wouldn’t give a crap if you weren’t you weren’t trying to be preachy. Seriously, go take a grammar class or something.

        • MerryJuice

          Yeah, the old “ZOMG maybe so-and-so has a disability” thing would work if that were more often the case than not. You running to white knight for people isn’t helping. I’m sure it comes from good intentions, but it’s only feeding a delusion. Good intentions can lead to bad results.
          If I had a nickel for every excuse. “I have big bones”- Ever had an MRI? No? Then prove it. “I have a thyroid condition”. Diagnosed? If so, taking medicine for it? And are you eating a healthy diet? “It’s genetic”. Again, do you exercise and eat right? Remember, diet soda is not “eating right”. The excuse only works if it’s applicable. Does this person have a condition? No? Then why automatically default to thinking it’s that rather than the more obvious reason.
          Seriously, what’s happening to us? When did we rush to defend people who are so fat they have to have oxygen forced into them at night?

          • BiGRiCKASTRO

            Merry for President.

          • Chantay Grace

            Citations, facts

        • Marc

          You can have all the great numbers you want on paper… the excess weight STILL leads to horrible health issues and normal health issues much sooner in life than a person of lesser weight would encounter them… Why the heck do people use “genetic predispositions” as an excuse to give up before they start?

      • Chad Burke

        Fuck you , bitch!

      • The Realist

        Thank you for your comments today, NAZI YOUTH KELSEA.

      • The Baron

        Kelsea—- You sound like a typical **** with an IQ the same as your dress size.

    • Zachary Hume

      Dude, it is so frustrating to look at overweight people you have no idea. And if you were so ashamed why did you go out in public? Why didn’t you listen to music to fill the void?

    • Kate D

      “For what?” So we don’t have to pay for the health care of the overweight and obese. It’s unfair that those who take care of their health have to subsidize the bad habits of others. This problem is also overburdening the health care system and our hospitals and medical providers. The article also mentions several other factors that you evidently blocked out – like a lot more fuel consumption and more expensive stadium seats for everyone.

      I know that not every thin person is healthy, but over my career I’ve noticed that my overweight coworkers miss a lot more work for health-related reasons. One obese coworker has had three knee replacements. An obese family member just had a hip surgery and a separate spinal surgery at age 43. But according to her it has nothing to do with her weight, of course. I don’t want to bash those people too much since ultimately they will have to live with the health consequences of their decisions and spend “life” on a couch. I just don’t want to be barraged by all the excuses and denial.

    • MerryJuice

      Well, no not at all. The author is suggesting we stand outside the house of an obese person and shout humiliating things at them. It’s just time to stop acting like fat is an okay or encourageable thing. It’s time to make people see what it costs them and us. Do not pull the “you just don’t want to look at me” bullcrap. The stereotypical “society wants me to look like a supermodel wah wah” argument. That’s not what it is. At all.
      And if someone’s doing something stupid, the answer usually isn’t to pretend like they’re not, and butter them up. If that sort of thing worked, there wouldn’t be so many thirty-somethings still living in their parents houses working part-time at the local Taco Bell. Obligation and responsibility doesn’t sound pretty, but it’s part of being an adult.
      Oddly enough you hit on why fat acceptance is so bad. It’s still somewhat embarassing to be fat. So, how to fix that? Make it the norm. Play victim, appeal to people’s empathy, and then wait until almost everyone is like you and the problem is too far gone to fix. Misery loves company.

      • Michelle

        The problem with Americans is that you don’t respect others and you also don’t respect yourselves. You talk about “shame”, I wouldn’t be as ashamed to be called fat on the internet as I would be if I let the whole world know I find “fat” people disgusting. Overweight people are not “disgusting”! And there’s no reason why they should feel ashamed of themselves. If instead of acting like children humiliating others, you actually did something valuable such as teaching them to love themselves you’d probably have more success. Why? Because there’s a difference between acting like a know it all and making people feel like crap and teaching them about self-love so they can take better care of their health. Not because it “looks disgusting” but because it’s usually “unhealthy”. You should be trying to create a “healthy country” not a “be fit or have shame” country.
        Also, you don’t have the right to tell people what “being an adult” is. I lived in my parents house for 27 years until I got married and it doesn’t make me less responsible than you, actually I sense the opposite. I lived with my parents because I love them, because I’m not living life to work, obligations and responsibilities are not my whole life… and I feel bad if that’s the case for you.
        And for “Kate D”, honey wake up, please! That’s called a society, paying for other’s mistakes is life, no going around it.

  • manuel linares

    Enough excuses people. 2/3 is a lot. We ‘re supposed to be sick and tired as a country of being called fat and lazy Americans. Biggest threat to national security and we’re trying ways to say nicely, we’re too fat to defend the country.

  • manuel linares

    30 min a day everyday, no process/refined food,no fast food, no sugar drinks. There’s your weight loss bible. Funny how calories are written plain as day in the foods that make people fat. 1 donut is equal to 12 slices of bacon. Now we can move onto not enough time in the day or how working out hurts.

    • Matthew Curry Pye

      Calories in a donut: 200
      Calories in 2 slices of bacon: 220
      And thats australian bacon which isnt even from the pork belly.

  • PT

    I’m so glad to find an article like this. I just read about a 23 year old girl here in CA that is INTENTIONALLY getting fat (300 pound goal) to make money! Our society is disgusting. We need to get over our feelings and be told the truth. I am a personal trainer, but have a lack of clients. It is precisely the “lack of shame is expanding waistlines” why America is getting fat.

    If fat people don’t want people to make fun of them, then freakin put down the cheese/fried food and move your ass.

    • Leigh

      I don’t necessarily believe in “shaming.” Being cruel to people will never help, and I agree that shaming people will cause them to become more withdrawn and depressed, which may continue the cycle of why they are overweight in the first place.

      I do agree with the author, though that we have slid into accepting or becoming complacent with obesity. My mother was overweight when I was growing up. Not obese, but she did often have to shop in the Plus Size section. In the 80s and early 90s, that section had maybe twenty items in it, total. She felt ashamed to be seen shopping in that section, and she got frustrated when there was nothing to choose from. The only other place to shop for Plus Size clothing at the time was “Pretty and Plump” and the thought of going in there horrified her. Although disappointment when shopping for clothes wasn’t the *main* catalyst for her to lose weight, it was one of this issues she became tired of and it helped her to decide to change. When she lost 30 lbs and was able to buy something in the regular section at Macy’s, she was ecstatic.

      Now, the Plus Size section is often bigger than the regular section!

      I’m not saying that overt shaming is the way to go, but compensating the way we do certainly doesn’t help.

  • devrie

    There is a point to be made here, but not on shaming. Get out of here with that egotistical point of reference. I do agree that certain limitations might help people to curtail their weights–do something active about it. Flights already cost more for obese people. Rides already have limits. Making bigger rides and bigger plane seats will do little to help, but the reality is that people are inadvertently becoming more obese through subtly overeating, gaining, and having new body desires to eat more. It’s not some intended decision, so shaming is ridiculous. I’ve heard that people in some countries are blunt. “Why are you so fat?” they say. In those countries, seats are small, walking is a necessary way of life, and fresh produce is available within walking distance from most people’s homes. The question, “why are you so fat?” isn’t about shaming. It’s just an observation. In America, where long work hours and long commutes may exacerbate personal eating habits that contribute to obesity, we have flocks of egotistical jerks who think it would be cool if we could point our fingers and laugh at fat people so they are humiliated. There is no optimal outcome of doing that. People who’ve gained weight are at a disadvantage for eating less, because they are already fat, and their bodies tell them to eat more. Shaming them does little to solve the problem; however, if seats were not getting bigger, and it was difficult to find larger clothing, people might check it before it gets to that point–before becoming obese.

  • Frank

    Fat is just plain ugly. It’s an epidemic of huge proportion in the US, and it’s become so pervasive that going out in public is just an awful eyeful. Look at films from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, and even the 60’s that – through coincidence of panning random crowds – show the physical make-up of the general public. Did you ever see a propensity of obese people in the streets? Never, because people ate less, walked regularly, mowed their own lawns, performed their own manual labor, and took pride in their physical condition. They dressed well and demonstrated proportions of reasonableness through their humility. Today, over-weight people seek acceptance and make every excuse in the book to reinforce their false pride, knowing full well that obesity is their fault; yet they drag themselves out in public to recover their shame in the protection of a politically correct world – but at the expense of an acceptable presence to others who take pride in maintaining their good shapes. Look fat people, you were not born this way, so stop the ugly parade that makes the rest of us shun your presence. The fact that you’re everywhere today is no excuse for acceptance – our human “attraction” engineering does not support fat.

    • anonymous

      hmmmm pretty sure the food they ate during the 40-60s was natural and not the science experiments you see in the grocery store today. just saying!

  • devrie

    Not necessarily true. Many low-income people know fully well that produce is a better option than mac and cheese or instant ramen, but many opt for shelf-stable foods because of the costs of transportation. It might cost less to buy a sort of vegetarian based diet, but it’s not feasible for some low-income people to shop where they need to to buy those foods nor to shop as often as they’d need to to buy fresher foods. There are many educated people who’ve lost work due to industry changes and they’ve sunken into a low-income trap.

  • devrie

    I think you’re a bit parasitic. You’d rather nay-say someone who is working and trying than to consider that her children may offer something of importance to our society that you cannot offer. Is your intellect contributing to our society? What are you bringing this society aside from your jealousy that some fictional woman is getting all this free stuff that you have little understanding of? Why is your anger directed solely at the woman, when there is clearly a father or multiple fathers who should be paying for their children? You can’t get completely free rent. You still have to pay something, and living in the projects is no joy. Utilities still must be paid. The government doesn’t pay for them save for once or twice a year, and the waiting list is often too high for most people who are eligible to even get that assistance. Medical treatment is not free for the mom, and if she’s working a full time job in some states, she is likely paying some nominal amount a month. Interestingly, I bet the CEO of the company she works for has seen a 300 percent increase in pay over the past 20 years, while minimum wage as stagnated. You’re mad at the wrong group of people. Her employer is making bank by handing out flyers to their employees about Medicaid and food stamps to stave off having to pay a few dollars more an hour for their employees who are working full time and trying to provide excellent labor and service to help their profits increase, which they have been. You’re not paying for people to have children. You’re paying the salary for employees while the CEO’s make bank more and more each year. Government assistance keeps people poor, and that’s good for business.

  • Nottafatti

    I am 5’4″ and 362lbs, I am not fat but chubby because I have big bones and a thyroid problem. I tried a few years ago to diet and lose weight but it did not work so after a week I quit. It is a thyroid problem, it is not what I eat. I hate it when I go to McDonalds for breakfast or dinner and people there stare at me when I order my food or eat it at the table. Who are they to judge me? I am on disability because of my weight and I can not help it if I am unable to work for a living. I told off a guy at the mall last week that was staring me down because I was bragging to my sister about all the clothing vouchers I receive that allows me to buy name brand designer clothes. Who is he to judge me?!

    Back to reality, the fatties need to quit making excuses, those of us that care about our heath LITERALLY pay for their inability to control themselves.

    • Johnny

      there’s no such thing as big bones. Go take an anatomy class.

      • guest

        well… there are larger framed people. i have a friend who can’t wear anklets because of it, but she’s in shape and still wears a size 6.

    • Johnny

      you quit dieting and exercising after a week because it didn’t work? You expected to get thin in one week? It took you more than one week to get fat, didn’t it? You’re a genius.

      • rs

        please get your sarcasm detector checked, it is broken

      • sour_sadie

        So says the Rhodes Scholar who doesn’t know sarcasm when he hears it.

    • Johnny

      oh snap, I just realized your entire post was sarcasm. Good one, you got me!

    • upndnglo


    • Zachary Hume

      Your big bones excuse is bullshit! There is no such thing as big bones. And if you quit after one week you are a pathetic weakling. And why in the fuck would you go to McDonald’s to eat. Why would you brag about anything and why would you deserve clothing vouchers. You do nothing you contribute nothing and you are a fat lazy worthless bastard. I am not going to sugar coat it because that is the truth. You say “it’s not what I eat” and in the very next sentence you talk about McDonald’s! You are also stupid obviously. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that McDonald’s isn’t even real food and 1 meal contains more calories than a two years worth of organic salad. It’s people like you that make me hate America. You could totally be healthy with your thyroid problem but you are fat lazy and stupid. How worthless you have made your life? You are going to die without having contributed anything to the world. You probably shouldn’t even have been born. There is not point of people like you existing. Waste of space!

      • Zachary Hume

        I am so incredibly sorry for the terrible things I said. I wish I could just delete it and I tried but I can’t. The Big Bones thing just gets me started and then I can’t stop. No one is a waste of space and it is terrible of me to say you should not have been born. Maybe your Thyroid problem is bigger than I think. I thought about what I had said, after I posted this and I feel so horrible. I am so sorry. But still no such thing as big bones, don’t eat at McDonald’s if you go on a diet actually try to do the diet. You are not going to see immediate results but that doesn’t mean you should give up on yourself. That makes you lazy and laziness is one of the most horrible, disgusting quality a person could have. You can be lazy on rare occasions and not have it part of your personality but that is different

        • Jackie Yoshi

          It’s all about your feelings isn’t it. “I feel bad, I feel horrible!” Good, after all if shame is good for fat people, it should work on bullies too.

        • Brosky

          1. *tears and little violin for you* You suck, sorry, wait no I ‘m not.

          2. It was a sarcastic post. Your laziness of not reading it in its entirety makes you what you detest. Cheers.

          • BroskyisGay

            1. *Plays little erhu for you.* No, YOU suck, sorry, oh wait you do suck.

            2. You’re also fat, as well as an idiot. So have fun mutant. Cheers.

        • UR scum

          You’re the reason I’ve changed my position on abortion. But it’s too late. You’re already here.

          • panspermia

            Wait? What? He apologized after, when he realized where he went wrong and admitted to his knee-jerk judgement. You can see that, right?

            I am sure we can all manage a little humanity on the internet, hrm?

      • FAT Adri

        You are the biggest piece of shit on the entire earth. How could you say something like that about people? Its just so wrong! Its discrimination. Get a life you fucking loser.

      • Janice

        “big Bones” refers to very hard and solid bones, you’ve never seen little old ladies with fragile honeycombed bones in surgery. Those bones are like butter. I’ve seen heavy people getting knees replaced and those bones are solid and hard as concrete. Maybe the overall size of the bone are the same, but the calcium uptake is very different and obese people put more stress on their bones and those bones become more supportive of their weight and thus heavier. These ‘big bones’ are truly much heavier than tiny bones. Deal with it because it’s very, very true!

      • Amber

        And who are you to say this? Duffasfs

    • BiggerFatterPolitics

      OINK! EAT the Rich….foods!

    • donalda

      See, your post is just MEAN. And perfectly illustrates the limits of shaming.

    • FistedSister

      Big bones. I have NEVER seen a fat skeleton. Ever. Lol. Great post!

  • checkhertheighs

    i literally have one meal and one snack a day. But im still like a freaking blimp. Im sorry for being fat. Im sorry for being a problem. Im sorry for existing. Ok bye

    • Johnny

      your one meal is probably 10000 calories. It’s basic physics. Calories in vs calories out. Mass doesn’t come out of the air.

      • checkhertheighs

        Acctually, make it under 500 calories, tho my doctor said if i eat under 1400 calories a day ill get really sick and might die. But if its what makes u people happy, ok that ur wish is granted. One less fat person on this planet. Your welcome.

        • Roger

          Bye fatty.

        • whocares

          Because if he doesn’t want you to eat 10,000 calories a day he must want you to starve yourself and eat less than 1,400 calories a day? WTF is up with the mental gymnastics of these stupid fat people? Try 2,000 calories if it floats your boat.

        • Primus

          don’t eat 500 calories. That is too little and will slow your metabolism, and your body will try to preserve fat for energy.

          When a person is overweight, losing weight becomes a lot more difficult than the average person. Realize you have to work REALLY hard, and be REALLY discipline. Don’t try to starve yourself.

          1400-2000 calories is a good amount that gives you the energy you need to make it through the day, but you still need to exercise is also necessary to increase your metabolism! All you need is a calorie deficit where you are taking out more than you are taking in.

          You will slowly start losing weight. It might take a few months to reach your goal. Maybe even a year, but be happy that you were a better shape than the day before!

        • Colin

          lol how melodramatic of you

    • WeightWatcher

      You are not eating enough to burn calories. Try eating 4 small meals a day. Protein is very important. Believe it or not, the less you eat, the less you lose.,

  • CantEvenPostAnonymously

    This article is ridiculous and a perfect representation of America. Instead of focusing your magnifying glass on the result of a problem. Why don’t you write a report on how and why the problem occurred in the first place because I’m pretty sure America has not always been the most obese country in the world. Anyone with some type of education knows to solve a problem you need to know how it occurred first. I’m pretty sure it has A LOT to do with the genetically modified foods we produce and provide little to no information about what these modifications do to our food. Or how America is one of the few countries that refuses to label GMO foods. Our food system has CHANGED and this generation is the guinea pigs to this industrial food system and the results show everyone is fat and dying of cancer. Mr. Chris Friend please be a REAL JOURNALISTS, COMPLETE COMPETENT RESEARCH, AND REPORT THIS VALUABLE INFORMATION TO THE PUBLIC. Because right now all I’m reading is crock of crap opinions with no legitimate basis except hate fat people enough so they wont be fat anymore. Ridiculous!

    • NYCallday93

      Here’s the problem. Overweight, obese, and morbidly obese people not only eat unhealthy foods and live sedentary lifestyles, they DO NOT exercise. People are always trying to find the easiest way out (laziness) to shed some pounds. How about putting in some effort? Take a walk? A run, maybe? Lift some weights? Play with your dogs? Any kind of physical activity.

      • Brandon Gerard

        I exercise, and I am still overweight. I also diet and try my best, but it hasn’t worked perfectly. And you’re blaming me. This does not work. If I do my best to eat healthy and exercise 5 days a week for 2 hours, and you are blaming me, that is not fair. I do not appreciate the guilt, especially when I am doing my best.

        • a man


        • Bane

          You’re not doing your best. If you were you wouldn’t be fat. Stop drinking beer, stop eating processed food, stop drinking sugary drinks, stop lying around watching TV or playing with your X-Box or computer and start exercising. Yes I am blaming you, you’re making excuses.

        • Dr. Illusion

          If you avoid carbs and sugar, just eat protein and vegetables, and work out regularly you will lose weight. I maintain a 30 inch waist by eating right and going to the gym for an hour a day.

          If I go on vacation for a week, like I did recently to Vegas, and eat whatever I want and don’t exercise, I’ve gained an inch or two by the time I get home. So I know exactly what will make you fat and what it takes to stay thin.

        • pookie

          During WW2 the Jewish people where staved to death. The ones that survived where all emaciated. Even the ones who have “big bones” and “slow metabolisms”. No food means no fat. My mother in law had her jaw wired shut to lose wait. I am not sure if you are able to get this in the United States. But it worked fantastic. Once it was gone it stayed gone. She works hard to stay thin.

      • Andrea C.

        sedentary = not working out.

    • rs

      we have been genetically modifying our food for centuries through cross breeding. we didn’t start doing it artificially on any large scale until the 1980s, but obesity has been on the rise since before then. can you point me in the direction of some credible research that shows that GMO food has a causal or highly correlated relationship with obesity, because other countries also eat a lot of GMO food, namely South East Asia with green rice, and we export a ton of food as well, yet our belts seem to be growing faster than the countries we dump our cheap gmo crops on.

      i think the bigger culprit here is high fructose corn syrup, but drinking water instead of coke and pepsi products can avoid all of it pretty easily. people need to have some sense of personal accountability. drinking tap water instead of coke will save them money and help them shed pounds. it is pretty simple thermodynamics, decrease calories in and you will lose some weight. throw in some exercise and you’r set.

      • Andrea C.

        high fructose corn syrup is in a lot of food products. The best way to avoid that crap is to not eat processed foods. period. Tap water has chlorine and other chemicals, go buy a water pitcher with a filter, it’s much safer.

  • Audrey

    Okay, while I am definitely a believer in the whole personal responsibility aspect of people who are obese, I would never be such an idiot to say shaming is the way to help. Many obese cases are caused by an eating disorder, which is very chemically similar to drug addiction. And as with addicts, while there is some level of personal responsibility, we also understand that there is an underlying problem. But the solution to that underlying problem is not shame, which would only drive the individual further into making bad choices due to the stress it causes, but support for them to get better, or in the case of obesity, to make themselves healthier. We should be encouraging them to make good choices, not shaming them for the bad ones. Positive influences are much stronger than negative ones.

    • NYCallday93

      you are actually so dumb by trying to legitimately claim that “many obese cases are caused by an eating disorder” LOL. wow. that was possibly the most stupid comment I’ve read on any article posted on the internet in a long, long time. do some research and get back to the world on that.

      • IBikeNYC

        In a perfect world, people like you would end up with some very obvious and totally incurable condition that would render you physically repulsive to yourself AND your small-minded peers.

        I look forward to hearing the results of your empirical research on how it feels to exist as a pariah just because of what you look like.

        • NYCallday93

          Well, IAmAWealthyGirl, I do not have an incurable condition that renders me physically repulsive to myself or my small-minded peers—and I am very grateful for that. However, your comment would actually be interesting, and of some value, if you’d actually found some research to counter my claim. However, you didn’t. Instead you decided to criticize me and ask me for some empirical research about what it’s like to be an outcast because of what I look like. In fact, when I was younger I was. I’m not saying that I HATE fat people, I’m disagreeing with Audrey’s assertion that “many obese cases” are caused by an eating disorder. I not only have knowledge on the subject because of my personal past experience with people and eating disorders, but additionally due to having done hours of research on experiments and studies across a good number of scientific journals, which are the basis of my knowledge, on the subject. Included in my research is the disorder I believe Audrey was referring to, known as Binge Eating Disorder. This disorder does affect many Americans and doesn’t discriminate in terms of whom it affects. However, not all of the people with the disorder are obese. People are diagnosed based on criteria related their food consumption. The people with this disorder often meet the criteria of: being very concerned with their weight; cannot control how much they eat; eat after they’re full; hide or stockpile their food; may eat normally around others but feast alone; feast throughout the day, etc. The disorder aspect of Binge Eating Disorder is that those who have it lack control over food intake, physically and mentally, no matter what amount of effort they use in trying to control themselves. This differs from the many obese people in America, who may be aware of their weight and have trouble controlling it, but consciously make the decision to conform to a diet that they end up breaking—in addition to lack of exercise and poor eating habits. Diet’s don’t work because the person on the diet A) doesn’t exercise and B) can’t actually adhere to the diet’s strict rules and reach a point where they can no longer control their impulse to eat their favorite food, and thus veer off their diet until they decide to restart it—which is why diets are stupid. (This claim is based on studies which show that the neural regions of the brain that control impulses-primarily in the prefrontal cortex-have things called neurotransmitters that play a role in impulse control. When someone, let’s say a drug addict, has controlled their impulse to use for too long around their drug of choice, their levels of the neurotransmitter, which govern impulse control, go down—rendering them especially susceptible to relapse. Marc Lewis talks about this in his autobiography, Memoir’s of an Addicted Brain. The same thing goes for people on diets who can’t resist their favorite foods). These poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and repeated cycle of dieting (with no exercise, for diet’s are an excuse to not exercise even though almost every REAL diet requires a combination of the two) and failing repeatedly is what has contributed to America’s obesity epidemic. However, what I want to make clear is that just because people cannot resist temptation, does not mean that they have an eating disorder—for temptation, and giving into it, is natural. What this means is that people who do this (not exercising and using “dieting” as a cop out) are just unhealthy. Now, people with Binge Eating Disorder may or may not be overweight, but what’s unhealthy about them is the mental and physical aspects, which are: their inability to control the amount of food they eat, many times their unhealthy obsession with food because of their control issues, but also the level of emotional disturbance (guilt, stress, desperation, etc) they experience due to these other factors. Now, I’m not saying that a good number of obese people don’t experience similar feelings, but the control aspect is the focus. 8/10 people who diet fail to keep off the weight, and statistics say that almost 95% of diets fail, for depriving yourself of certain food groups and thinking you’ll be able to resist temptation and lose weight with no exercise is plain ignorant. This is why it’s almost insulting to the people with real Binge Eating Disorder to compare their experience to “many obese cases”, for these people lack control over all mental and physical aspects of their disorder. Obese people lack the control to stick to their diets because diets are unrealistic and are used in place of exercise. When they can’t take it anymore they give up, try again, and continue the cycle. So, now that I’ve explained the way in which I’d come to my prior comment, why don’t YOU go find some empirical evidence that proves me wrong? In fact, research both sides before posting a comment in an attempt to call me out on my lack of understanding on the issue, because what you’ve said is not substantiated by anything other than your own opinion, which does it no justice. Personally, I think this fat shaming thing is wrong for many reasons. For one, it’s wrong to prey on the insecure. It’s also a wrong way of trying to make people lose weight because it doesn’t work. It makes them depressed and results in them attempting to defend themselves with various cop outs that are unrelated to the real issue, which is that obesity cannot be fixed with failed diets, bad nutrition, and no exercise. Fat shaming is deplorable. What else is deplorable is the reasons people give for why people are obese, like saying “many obese cases are caused by eating disorders”, or saying that people just can’t help it. Some can’t, but many can. It takes a long time to become obese, and unless you have a rare disorder that causes you to gain exponential amounts of weight in a short period of time regardless of food intake or another real disease, there’s no real excuse. There is a good period of time in-between being overweight and becoming obese. Fat people shouldn’t be shamed. There are many who take pride in it. The people who should be shamed are those who defend obesity by citing unscientific reasons for the epidemic. In defense of obesity, I could say that some people have issues with insulin that emerge later in life and cause them to gain weight, possibly due to food production and ingredients in the food. However, it would be foolish and ignorant to attribute that as being the primary cause of “many obese cases”, just as it’s ignorant to attribute obesity to “eating disorders”, without actually even naming the particular disorder.

          I look forward to your response.

          • Joe Donnelly

            Why is guilt and shame the way to do it? That is the worst way. Why don’t you guilt and shame people who have depression. Sure, let’s put campaign ads telling how horrible they are….

            Or, let’s guilt and shame coffee drinkers, because they are killing their bodies with caffeine. Case in point is, this policy never works. People get negative ideas about it, and it backfires on you. It’s just not a good plan

      • Andrea C.

        The DSM is a manual that professionals in the mental health field use to diagnose and treat certain mental disorders. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND EDUCATE YOURSELF.

    • 345dfadha

      It won’t help the people who are already fat, sure. Graphic anti-smoking ads didn’t help smokers quit, either. But you know who graphic anti-smoking ads did help? Kids who hadn’t tried cigarettes yet.

      It’s not for the obese. It’s for their children.

      • Guest

        I’m obese. Not a single one of my children are, though, and I have 6 of them, so you’d think at least one of them would have picked up my shameful ways… You know who I have seen with really fat kids? Thin parents who try to buy their kids’ affection with food. And I saw a lot of that working in food service.

  • Calvin Coolguy

    I think it should be legal for me to slap a burrito out of a fat person’s hands. No repercussions as long as I can outrun the angry tubbo. In my eyes I’d be doing the world a favor.

    • Guest
    • Chad Burke

      Hope you’re real quick cuz your cute little stunt would land you in the hospital if I was in the room you inconsiderate, insignifiCUNT little fuck

    • Katonine

      Yeah, assaulting a stranger should definitely be legal *rolls eyes*.

      • Yumi Ishihara

        No, he’d be assaulting the burrito.

    • sour_sadie

      I think it should be legal for me to commit assault and battery against YOU for being a sizeist asshole who needs to mind his own fucking business and stop being judgmental. No repercussions because hey, you had it coming to you for being an ignorant little shit. In my eyes, I’d be telling YOU to fuck off and leave that person alone. Thank god that’s NOT possible.

  • Blondie

    People that think like you are a cancer on society. Really. I struggled with weight, both being under weight and over weight. The most health problems I have ever had were were I was UNDER weight. Slow heart beat, losing my hair, vitamin deficient, feinting spells, etc etc. That was hardly healthy. No where near in fact. I STILL got shit for my weight then too, which was the most hilarious thing. ” You’re losing to much weight!” “Oh this is not healthy” ” You need to eat.” It’s just as annoying as ” if you just lost 15 pounds you would look great” Seriously? You can’t fucking win no matter you do, especially if you are a woman.

    Shaming people for anything, is not the way to help them. Have you ever watched a drug addict shamed into getting clean? I haven’t. Maybe if they start shaming cancer patients they won’t need to waste all that money on chemo. Just a thought.

    People are far too concerned with what other people are doing. No one has any business to tell someone how to live. I think people that spend 20 hours at the gym every day, then go home and eat 6 string beans and act all ” I’m so healthy” are assholes No, you are just as sick as someone who was an addiction to food and over eats. It’s just that your addiction is seen as acceptable. It’s okay to kill yourself in the sake of being thin, but don’t you dare be overweight and have a heart attack. Its different right?

    It’s sad this country is filled with soooo many idiots that perpetuate hate and shame, and making people feel bad about themselves. Go get a therapist and work out your own shit, I guarantee you won’t be near as preoccupied with other people when you see how much you have to work on yourself.

    • Kate D

      The article mentions several ways obesity affects the non-obese (financially), as well as the environment (overconsumption of fuel – i.e., global warming and higher fuel prices). It’s a widespread epidemic that’s draining society as a whole. It’s a societal issue as well as a personal issue.

    • Brian Hull

      What on earth makes you assume your experience is the norm? You get annoyed for being stereotyped then proceed to project your situation onto every fat person in America? Hate to shed some reality on your argument but most people are big because they eat way too much and don’t exercise. Activity and exercise aren’t just about health- they makes people a lot happier as well! The excuses aren’t real- they’re just negativity trying to force people to experience only a small portion of the life they deserve.

  • disqus_MTh7smb9iZ

    The comments on this page make your point exactly. Make excuses through blame, call you the author a bad person, blame the food, lack of information ect. If a person is not informed its is thier own fault. Thats is simply americas problem make excuses, claim bullying, blame everyone but the person whose fault it is. Why? You ask for some self fullfilling profiecy to fell like they are apart of something. When americans open thier eyes and take responsibilty for their own actions things will change though i have doubts about this happening.

  • IBikeNYC

    Keep up the high-carb, low-fat, no-sun BS regimen, folks! It’s brought us epidemic obesity, diabetes, and osteoporosis in ourselves and rampant “ADD/ADHD” and Autism in our children.

    Y’all KNOW the “Autism Diet” is full of high-quality fats, right? Kinda like the ones we all should be eating regularly, but maybe especially during PREGNANCY, when you’re, like, growing another human being. . .

    • Katonine

      Autism is not caused by obese pregnant women. That is ridiculous.

      • IBikeNYC


  • John Donnelly

    Shame and guilt are not good ways to get people to do something. Clearly, it’s what causes people to leave things like religion. It only encourages people who are already for whatever propaganda you are trying to promote. Also, many skinny people also eat a bunch of junk food. Why don’t you use skinny people too in these ads? It really makes no sense. Some skinny people eat whatever they want and never gain weight.

    This is a big waste of money, and shame and guilt is only a band-aid. It encourages no long-term changes. It’s a bunch of haters throwing fire. It’s the same thing as posting ads about how GAYS ARE EVIL AND WANT TO DESTROY THE WORLD. It is very negative and non-helpful what you guys are promoting.

    “Let’s shame the fat people, and show everyone we hate them.” ……..Because we know, hate does us so much good…. right?!

    Let’s consider a few examples. Hitler may have had power for a period of time, because he promoted hate. However, he was eventually struck down. The terrorists, who HATE, also do not win. Eventually, the people win. So, shoving hate down people’s throats may do something temporarily, but watch your ship sink in a matter of time.

  • Bob

    Wow. What a waste of time this article was to read. I can’t believe they let you write. What a complete fucktard.

  • GuitarSingapore

    I am not an American and I am genuinely stunned how fat some Americans have become. It does pose a real problem, like this set of pictures will show. At least this person had the means to fly Business Class.

  • TC

    What a bunch of mean, moronic and nasty people. This article gets the hair on my back up. I could tell you why, but with your attitude and in the box thinking you won’t deal with it anyway. I’d like to ask you, what makes you perfect? What faults do you have? Do you walk around in life with a golden beaming light over your head? That is exactly the way you sound.

  • Ryan Butler

    Lol at all the people defending the obese. You are part of the problem.

  • ioptipi

    you know what’s really cool about jet engines is that they can run on almost any type of fuel. that means if you’re too fat to fly they can still burn you to carry all the normal people!

  • Eugene

    “Fat people are gross” is not a universal statement, this is your opinion. Opinions are dime a dozen, usually not worth anything. And yes, people get fat because of genetics and not just because they eat a lot. Watch the documentary titled “Why thin people are not fat”, you’ll learn something new.

  • Hank Murphy

    I think people of colour should be called in a separate group because they are terrorists/criminals/drug users.
    I think Jewish people should be called first because they own the airline and therefore its safe to board if they board.

    What, is that offensive? Yet I don’t see much difference between this and the article.
    Hate is hate.

  • genna

    Shaming fat people doesn’t encourage them to lose weight. They just get more miserable and ashamed and discouraged. They’ll just get more depressed and eat their feelings and get fatter. Fat people already know that they’re fat. Fat people are not happy being fat. Fat people are already ashamed of their bodies. Shaming someone into hating themselves (which most already do) is probably the least inspiring thing you can do to a person. You wouldn’t shame a kid for not being able to read as good as the others. He’ll just give up. Treating someone like less of a human being because of their size is what is truly wrong with people, not what they look like. There are many many factors that contribute to obesity in american society – in most other countries people are able to walk place to place and utilize good public transportation if they need to travel father out. In america, most people need a car to get around because housing, shopping, and services are usually spaced far from each other. Unhealthy food is the most affordable and readily available. Education and finding solutions to healthier living is the only thing I an really see helping with the obesity problem. Not shame.

  • youreallidiots

    Being overweight isn’t always indicative of health. I know skinny people who never exercise, eat junk food and fast food all the time and never gain weight. I know overweight people who are super athletic and work out all the time. So since your goal is to make people healthier, shouldn’t we also shame skinny people who eat bad and leave alone the fat people who live a healthy lifestyle? Oohhhh wait…. we can’t do that, can we? Because we can’t tell apart the people who live health and those who don’t! And yeah, making people feel worthless is totally the way to whip them into shape! How could that ever backfire?

  • Spider

    I’m sick of hearing the “everyone responds differently” argument. Yes, we have some variations in our bodies, but unless you have a serious disease or disorder that prevents you from losing weight, it’s a simple matter of getting off your ass and making lifestyle changes. Drink mostly water, educate yourself about nutrition and exercise and make a goal and stick to it. It isn’t rocket science, people. And enough of the “HOW DARE YOU YOU DON’T KNOW MY BODY TYPE OR MY STORY OR MY FAVORITE COLOR HOW DARE YOU TELL ME TO BETTER MYSELF.” If you’re a human being, it’s all rather similar. And simple.

  • fucking done

    i am a fat woman and i can tell you right now that there is PLENTY of shame. none of you get that i cant do a single thing without feeling incredibly ashamed and apologetic for looking how i look. does that seem fucking healthy? that i cant walk from class to class or down the street without feeling like im being laughed at and stared at?

    and fuck every single one of you that say i “demand” to not be judged for my life choices. who the fuck are you to judge me as being lazy and weak-willed? none of you fucking know me! but if you saw me walking down the street you would immediately assume the worst.

    go fucking fuck yourself, all of you hypocritical pieces of human shit

    • ImOkUrOk

      my friend—- there are many beautiful people of all sizes, and there are many beautiful people who are attracted to people of all sizes. These hate mongering adiphobes are losers-don’t even bother dignifying them with a response.

    • Yumi Ishihara

      All we have to do is look at you to tell you’re lazy and weak willed. We don’t have to know you.

  • Idelisa Ishketoweewa

    Here’s the thing… I am a fat chick, but I used to be a much fatter chick. Yes, I felt shame all the time because of my weight, but I’ve started losing, and it is NOT AN INSTANT process…. So the author and a lot of the commenters apparently think I need to be continuously shamed until I am the right size, and some of the commenters think I need to hide at home until I am the socially acceptable size. Like I am not already ashamed enough when I go out to walk and people yell at me and throw things at me from cars or giggle at me when I show up at the gym, right? Here’s a clue, idiots: you can’t have it both ways. You can’t expect people to do the right thing and then make fun of them for doing it. And making someone feel bad about their body doesn’t fix it. If you’re trying to fix it and still have a lot of crap piled on you all the time by people who don’t even know you, what;s the point? Shamed if you do, shamed if you don’t.

  • Kevin D.

    I think that comments here sort of prove that there is plenty of shame thrown at fat people. Both in real life and her on the internet.

    I am not saying that obesity is okay, because I think its an issue that needs to be sorted out. But shaming them isn’t going to change things. I don’t really believe you can be obese and healthy, which is why I don’t think don’t think shaming an unhealthy person is good either.

    I have been seated next to a fat person on a plane and being literally forced into the window because they spilled into my seat. But it was a four hour flight a small fraction of my day, never mind my life. That being said, it didn’t make me angry, it gave me sympathy. The woman was clearly incredibly embarrassed about the situation. I have a feeling it wasn’t the first time she felt that way either. My point is shaming fat people won’t make them lose weight. Its only going to alienate them and give them a bunch of other issues.

  • thisentirethingisstupid

    oh my god this is literally the most stupid article i have ever read. what is to determine ‘normal’ weight? when will this shame fest end? once thousands have killed themselves? once little girls and boys start starving themselves to fall in line with your sick ideal?

  • Well, fuck

    Are you people out of your fucking minds? Why would you shame someone into doing something? That is the least constructive way to get anything done. I can’t even believe people agree with this. Although, I feel like you people probably wouldn’t go up to a fat person in real life and say the terrible things you’ve said on the internet. These are fucking people we are talking about. PEOPLE. How are we supposed to move forward as a society when we can’t even get passed body image? Who gives a fuck? It’s such a stupid reason to make someone feel bad.

  • Well, fuck

    Have you guys ever tried the starvation diet? My family has. We lost our house. We had no money for food. The government wouldn’t even give us food stamps. So basically, we didn’t eat. My brother lost 80 lbs and my mom lost near 100 lbs. I didn’t lose any weight. I am overweight. I worked a full time job and worked very hard just to not die. You cannot say that all overweight people are lazy, disgusting pigs. Would you say that all Irish people are alcoholics? Would you say that all black people are thieves? Do you believe every stereotype that you hear? This is why judging an entire group of people is ridiculous. If you don’t know someone’s circumstances, you should just keep your mouth shut. Stop judging people by what you can see. You have no fucking idea what their life is like. Stop and think for once.

  • pmath

    I cannot count the times that I have had to sit on an airplane next to someone who was so big that they had to use the seatbelt extender, put the armrest between us in the up position and whose body spilled over onto me and my seat. Then there have been the times when I had to wedge myself into the middle seat between two extra extra large folks. It is not only extremely uncomfortable but also a safety issue. If there had been an emergency evacuation of the plane, I would have been toast. Sorry if people get their feelings hurt but how is this acceptable?

  • MerryJuice

    I’m the sort of person who would rather be picked on than hurt someone’s feelings in real life. I can’t stand the thought of potentially making someone cry or feel bad. But we kinda need to stop being so damn PC.
    Especially since you now have LOBBYISTS for fat people. These aren’t just people who want you to be nice to them, they want you to basically say they’re as healthy as anyone else. They cherry-pick studies, they bully anyone and everyone that disagrees with them, and worst of all they encourage other people to be as sick as them. Oh, and EVERYONE is to blame but them. Ever been to This is Thin Privilege? Yeah, it’s a site where fat people bitch about random or every day things. Inevitably it always leads to referring to how thin people are “privileged” if they can do/have/are something fat people aren’t. Ever try talking with one of those “advocates” online who espouse treating everyone as beautiful? Disagree with them, no matter how politely, and they will act like you’re the Antichrist.
    Fat people are not victims. They are not a disinfranchised minority. They are us fucking up. It’s time to stop pretending that everything is okay, and that everyone deserves a trophy even when they’re doing something stupid. The author is right. Part of the reason this is such a huge problem is that no one finds it unusual anymore. And it’s going to kill us.

  • ShutUpI’mTalking

    With shaming people openly like this, people could see “oh, they’re calling fat people ugly/gross/etc. so that means I can too!” But shaming the “fat” people is not the answer. Discrimination is never the answer. Consider yourselves about as good at Abercrombie & Fitch, who openly discriminate people for their size. Is shaming really going to help? No. You know what shaming is going to do? It’s going to drive the “fat” people to depression. Would you rather have a country full of mentally ill, or physically? Where do you think anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders come from? Social norms that are impossible to fit. Who has the right to decide what the “norm” is anyway? There is no “norm”. People of this day and age should be judged purely by their personalities.
    To me, this is like saying “Oh, Hitler had a great body, so he wasn’t that bad of a guy.”
    Also, publicly shaming “fat” people also sets up teenagers for bullying. I’ve seen it at every school I’ve been to, and I’ve had many people commit suicide, develop an eating disorder, or turn to self harm because of the shame put on them by society/media/etc.
    I think the shaming should stop and the fast food/junk food/large portions should not be so readily available. Why do you think we’re the second fattest country in the world? Vending machines, fast food chains, cheap prices on food that IS NOT good for us!
    Try getting rid of some of those things, put restrictions on how much junk food people can buy, do something about that availability of junk food. THAT is what will help the country’s fat population. Not shaming.

  • Skierxman .

    I think people are so addicted to the junk food today that shaming will be of limited value. When I was a kid, fast food was a rare treat, not a daily staple of the diet. We couldn’t eat potato chips every day. We did not have access to Soda and it also was a treat.This is true of pretty much all of the kids I knew who grew up in the 70’s .

    There are Mcdonald, Burger King, and Wendy’s on every street corner now. High Schools have vending machines. Kids come home from school and don’t go outside and play and they don’t want to– they sit in front of the Xbox. They have ready access to cookies, chips, soda, etc etc Why are we surprised that kids in the second grade today look like NFL linemen?

    You can’t shame people over this. They are too addicted to the food. Researchers have already demonstrated that greasy, fatty ,sugary foods can be just as addictive as nicotene.

  • John G

    You’re a pack of shallow twits making the obesity problem worse. “Fat people trying to respect themselves after 10-15 years of being made fun of and excluded from activities for being fat. If we can’t achieve our dreams and change who we are we sure as hell better make sure fat people can’t either. Rally the troops and hold them down! We need to start segregating them, fat people only bathrooms and drinking fountains. Restaurants should be allowed to refuse servicing fat people. etc. Thyroid disorders and diseases are just an excuse for being LAZY.” Really? Is this what America is coming to? You might as well hate the poor too because the less money you have the less access you have to options considered healthy within the western hemisphere. Seriously I’m going to quote someone now from the comments section. “You probably shouldn’t have been born. There is no point to people like you, you are a huge waste of space.”

    It’s funny because in 30 years you’ll all be lower class shit-eaters going to Mcdonalds for that economy-friendly high calorie meal because you can’t afford healthy foods anymore because your easy jobs have been replaced by accessible data-centers and auto-mechanical devices.

    Also, Really? Is that how your parents taught you to treat other human beings? roflmao get it? I just implied you ever had parents LMAO. Scum. Let’s segregate fat people the way we segregated black people in the 1950s HAH. Good idea. Hey guess what that did? That made black people unionize. Do you really want to pressure fat people into unionizing you moronic twats? Because guess what, it’s a lot easier now that Martin Luther King Jr. Helped mobilize black political power, fat people know it can be done very easily now too. As if such a stupid idea could ever work. Did you even go to college? Or did you just get your degree from Texas Creationist University. I’m assuming it’s just a bad idea and not sarcasm because you’re clearly not intelligent enough for such a feat considering your surprising lack of experience regarding the human condition.

    Also in case any of you think I’m fat, almost all of you are probably non-athletic-regular-people aka NARPs compared to me, go to college for a full-ride scholarship and then talk about being healthy to me please. can’t even bench 4 plates I bet.

    PS: she fell apart is a book, that means it’s a tome of pages covered in letters telling a story in which one might extract a degree of wisdom and intelligence they would otherwise not possess. Just for you americans out there 😉
    There are many books that have been written btw you’d be suprised.

    • Buzz

      You sir, are using a lot of fat logic.

      All obesity is a mental problem. It is not a physical problem. It stems from one of several reasons.

      1. The obese don’t know how to count calories.
      2. The obese do know how to count calories, but don’t.
      3. Even if they do count calories, they don’t research how much they should be eating properly.
      4. They grossly under count their calories that they are consuming when they do count calories.
      5. Some combination of all of the above.

      The laws of thermo dynamics are very clear on the cause and effect, variations in how much ones body consumes in calories can be tracked with a detailed food log.

      The inability to keep a detailed food log is a sign that a person does not want to lose weight “for realz,” and it is fine for them if they accept their body anyway, just don’t lie and say that they cannot.

      All of the issues around Obesity are psychological problems. Obesity is a straight function of calories vs calories out, where calories out is based on your bodies base metabolic rate + activity.

      Should someone that is obese be shamed? No. Should someone that is obese who argues they cannot lose weight because of _insert condition here_ be paid attention to? Absolutely not, except to offer them mental health care or encouragement to overcome their psychological problem.

      Even people with eating disorders that make it so that they cannot feel full, ever, and have thyroid problems, can lose and maintain weight loss through proper diet.

      Luckily, almost no obese person actually suffers from the rare conditions they self diagnose with, this is also a part of their disorder.

      Legs are broken and can’t exercise? Just eat less.

      Source: Former Obese man with many physical conditions that went away once I stopped being obese and got my mental health in order.

      I loved being fat, I never made excuses as to why I was fat though, I got fat because I loved food a lot. I got thin because I decided dying early to high blood pressure would suck.

  • Meg

    The ones I feel bad for are the obese 5 and 6 year olds. They don’t choose what is put into the cart or what is put on the table at dinner. They are not the ones who get in the car and go to the drive-thru….its their parents who do that to them. The kids just eat what is given to them….these parents are literally killing their kids, and its sad.

    • Yumi Ishihara

      A friend of mine has an eight year old that weighs almost as much as I do, 135 lbs. She posts these pictures on facebook of the family at McDonalds or Chuckie Cheese and the kid is always double fisting ice cream cones or cheeseburgers and it makes me really sad. When I was in school, you were ostracized for being fat. This kid is enormous and I wonder how his life will be different now that he will probably be morbidly obese until death.

  • The Facts

    Obesity is not a disability for the vast majority of these fat-asses who CHOOSE to do nothing to fix this problem. Get surgery. If you can’t afford surgery, then get some exercise. If you don’t have time for exercise, just put the fork down. The only excuse for obesity is laziness.

  • Jacky Speck

    You know, fat people are still PEOPLE. Publicly shaming them actually gives power to the so-called “fat acceptance” movement, because then they have a legitimate reason to say that society doesn’t treat fat people with respect.

    Yes, we should stop making oversized airplane, roller coaster, and stadium seats. Then, obese people might conclude, “Hmmm, I guess I need to lose a few pounds” on their own. But fat people only decide to lose weight when they feel sufficiently ashamed of themselves, not when others tell them that they *should* feel ashamed.

  • Roger Daily

    Feminism and its relentless promotion of fat-acceptance has much to answer for, as does the politically correct establishment’s focus on feelings over fact.

    • Esme S

      Awww, sorry some girl hurt your feelings and you can’t get over it. Poor sap.

      • Roger Daily

        Fat girls do hurt my feelings, that is true. It is sad to see healthy women degenerate into disgusting physical specimens who never achieve their potential, unless their potential involves looking like Jabba the Hutt.


    fat people need to be sent to africa.
    africans come here and will fill their void
    problem solved

    who can stand fat people from rural america anyway?

  • Jack

    This article is a perfect example of why ignorant people (& faceless pseudonyms) shouldn’t be given a voice in this modern world of “free-for-all” journalism.
    Anti-XXX? As always, this article promotes a “control-freak” mentality of broad generalizations used as justification to criticize fat people… unfairly including ALL athletes of an extra large to XX-XXX+ size.

    Whether a fitness guru or food-connoisseur, it is our freedom of choice to gain 30-40 Lbs. Whether an athlete that gains 30-40 Lbs or as a lazy couch-potato that lives vicariously through the T.v. watching other athletes, however we choose to maintain or modify our bodies is the epitome of individual liberty and freedom.
    What gives you the right to tell me how big my arms, legs & chest can be?

  • uljgjk


  • TheBeautifulBigOne

    Enough! Stop hurting my feelings! I can eat whatever I want whenever I want! YOU! IT’S you skinny folks who called me the Wicked Witch of the Waist! You fellow slim jim nazi hipsters are the most intolerant on THIS earth!

  • Dennis Malone

    People are bigger these days…hmmm, really? How old are these folks living to be vs. my great grandmother who ate lard sandwiches all her 89 years?

  • Dennis Malone

    I don’t agree with disability for overweight folks…I myself am considered obese and would only balk if you asked me to run a marathon….I am 46…I could’ve done that when I was 36. If you can’t move to do what you need to do…please wake up, my great grandma was bigger than me all my life and I held no disbelief that she couldn’t put me in my place. Who’s telling you what your healthy weight point is and why? Look for yourself and if you feel discomfortible from it, do something about it….move more… eat less throughout the day(but continue to eat through the day)

  • Dennis Malone

    Don’t “feel” sexy? Well, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone likes supermodels. There is someone for everyone…and, even with my bad attitude, I’ve found 2 spouses in my life…’course one got rid of me : )

  • sure_y_not

    Being “fat” is not healthy. I know because I am fat. As far as that shaming jazz, yeah right. I am not a proponent of “fat acceptance” ,but if you think that you can say what you want to me without verbal retaliation, you are in for an extreme shock and some damaged feelings. Kids tried to pick on me at school. It made me develop great hand to hand combat skills, as well as quick observational wit. As a result, I have sent more than a few home crying. Now, if there is any kid or adult out there reading this who is being bullied for being “fat”, or for any other reason, I am not saying you should respond to your persecutors aggressively. You do not have to be passive either. Lose weight for heath reasons and do not let anyone make you unhappy.

  • Jeannie

    I have an idea that would be much more effective. We could put all obese people in a concentration camp. Their ticket out would be to lose weight. Those who were ‘resistant’ would be moved to a different zone.(where the problem could be eliminated permanently)
    I know Hitler had some problems using this solution – but perhaps we could learn from his mistakes. If we could just keep all the buttinskies in the rest of the world out (I’m guessing Japan might come onboard) who have stupid concerns like ‘human rights’ we should be able to avoid some of the annoying consequences Hitler ran into.
    Rise up rise up – power to the slim, trim fit people. To paraphrase Pogo – ” We have met the enemy and they is them.”

  • Amanda

    I’m overweight for my height and frankly I don’t give a shit.
    My employer requires me to have annual biometric screenings that determine my health insurance premium costs and since I’m healthy I pay the least possible. No one is paying for my occasional second helping of dinner.
    I exercise and eat very well and am still considered overweight for 5’5 and no one treats me any different for it, nor should they. I’m happy and healthy and you can’t ruin that.

  • Laura

    Why don’t we just round them all up and kill them instead? Since they totally ruin civilization? What does a fat person really contribute to society anyway?

    Let’s not stop there! Let’s kill all the alcoholics too! They suck and use up too much health care too!

    And drug addicts! And slutty people wh don’t respect themselves and spread diseases. And mentally ill people because what do they contribute besides filling up mental wards. And short people! Because they suck and are ugly.

    Give me a break. Judge others only when you are perfect and remember no one is perfect.

    • MarthaThompson

      Don’t forget the lung cancer people (you know due to smoking—what morons!), the disabled, and basically any cancer. *sarcasm*

  • Jellygurl

    Yes, you can be technically overweight and still be in over all good health and yes, you can be skinny and unhealthy, but the majority of people who are overweight, or underweight for that matter ARE not living a healthy lifestyle. I know there are people out there with real problems that make is so difficult to lose weight that the only option left is to seek help from weight loss surgery, but those are the outliers. We don’t need to be assholes and shame overweight or underweight people, but we also should not be teaching kids that its ok to be unhealthy just to be politically correct. And parents who are too lazy to make home cooked dinners or just let their kids eat whatever they want are beginning that unhealthy lifestyle from an early age and it is hard, but it is do-able (believe me, I had to learn this one on my own and lose about 45 pounds in high school)

    And if you are really really really overweight please just be polite and get two seats on the airplane. It will be LESS embarrassing than sitting directly on me for the entire flight and falling asleep and me not being able to step over you to go to the bathroom. please.

  • BiggerFatterPolitics
  • donalda

    I’m not a huge fan of shaming. Shame for smoking works because it’s a
    cigarette. A cigarette can be quickly discarded and nobody knows you’re a smoker by just looking at you. It’s a behavior, not a physical characteristic. Obesity is a
    physical characteristic caused by behavior. You can pick fat people out of a crowd and people will not separate the behavior from the person. Hence shaming
    WILL lead to bullying as a result.

    I feel there are more subtle ways to get the message across that obesity is not OK. For instance, many obese women have been molested as children. Consequently many obese people obviously are disordered eaters driven by deep emotional scars. Obese people die early from diabetes complications, heart attacks, and the like. They can’t walk up a flight of stairs without getting extremely out of breath. Ad campaigns that tackle these issues, as opposed to laying on shame tactics would seem to work better in my opinion.

    Image these campaign an obese person is out with relatives and they’re walking up some stairs and the person is huffing and puffing. And the announcer spouts some facts about how for every pound a person is overweight they lose so much lung capacity or speaks to how being obese can make it hard to enjoy life. Then the add ends by saying “speak to your doctor today about how you can lose weight and improve your life.” I mean, wouldn’t that work much better than shame?
    It enables us to look at obesity as less of a character flaw and more as
    a disease, which I believe it is.

    I have to agree with the fat acceptance camp on this one
    issue. No to shame, but yes to education and a focus on obesity, poor health
    outcomes and quality of life impacts of obesity.

    • Brian Hull

      You can’t blame obesity on being molested as children… if that were any kind of factor only about 5% of Americans would be obese and overweight rather than 40%. Shaming is harsh- what we need is education, not excuses. We need to get people more reasons to eat healthy, to become active, to find some kind of exercise they enjoy- in a way they can relate to. I think many people who are big want to do those things but feel like it won’t make a difference so they don’t even start. We need more positive reinforcement and education here- instead of looking at them as lost causes.

  • scott63

    Someone should invent calorie counting shock collars If a woman eats more than 1800 calories in a day or a man over 2500, the collar knocks them the hell out HAHA! Fatso’s.

  • Louis Thomas

    Let’s not just aim our venom at the obese. Substance addiction is a problem on many levels for both the addict and for society as a whole. If a person is obese due to food addiction, the pathology is no different than alcoholism, drug abuse or nicotene addiction. It’s easy to single out overweight people because they can’t hide their addiction. They carry their weight around for all the world to see. On the other hand, the alcoholic or drug addict can hide his addiction until he kills someone in a car accident or kills himself or someone else while in an altered state of mind.
    Shaming and humiliating people is counter-intuitive to their recovery, and it simply does not work. It may only fuel their addiction, isolation, and low-esteem to greater depths. Those suffering from addiction can only change when they recognize their problem and are ready to change for themselves.

    • Brian Hull

      40% of Americans aren’t alcoholics. That is an entirely separate issue. This is a uniquely American problem- people put on tons of weight because eating is a sport. We eat for entertainment, and food is sold as entertainment. Food as fuel for your activity? You’d be hard pressed to sort through the advertising to find that message. Corporations and advertising are definitely part of the problem here, but humans WERE NOT MEANT to be idle, sedentary, and gorge themselves! It isn’t natural. My ex is a doctor who said 90% of her patients were enormous people looking for medication to numb their lives. It’s not like being fat has done any favors for a person’s mental health. It’s high time we equate EXERCISE and ACTIVITY with general life satisfaction, and the first step toward fixing the solution is looking our demons in the face. No more excuses.

  • Brian Hull

    Before 1980 only 1 in 10 Americans was overweight. 10 years from now that is projected to be 8 in 10. So people had less abusive parents, thyroid issues and food related mental problems in the 70s? Let’s cut the crap. It’s about choices. Everyone has that one friend with a string of abusive and/or terrible relationships- well we have a relationship with food as well. And for many of us it could use some serious improvement.

  • RedHedKT

    Um….shaming INCREASES obesity. It doesn’t solve it. People will just stay home and eat alone rather than offend your sensitive eyes with their fatness. Sooooo really you’re not shaming people into health. You’re shaming people into feeling even worse.

  • Amber

    You are a shameful person. Someone should just spit on you. Gosh, Society! Have anymore things you would like to adress about obese people sweetheart? I could say a few things about this website and the person who wrote it.

  • CM

    I think there is a big misconception of what most people here are talking about as fat, sure there are over weight people according to the BMI these people while they possibly could stand to loose some weight are not impacted in their day to day lives by said weight, they fit through doorways and in chairs, they don’t break toilets, they eat normal portions of average food, they can work and are mobile. These people are not really at fault and should be accepted the way they are,, and the whole body acceptance movement should be only about these “fat” people and to that extent i agree with it. Then theirs the FAT PIG people the ones that eat excessive amounts of junk food that eat the portions of 3-10 normal people, claim disability, break chairs take up 2 seats, don’t get me wrong some of these people have legitimate medical conditions and i feel for that small % and they need our help and support, but the rest of those giant FAT #%$@ need to be sent to rehab and treated the same as alcoholics and drug addicts, because that’s what they are addicts, i have no sympathy for them at all, they are quite literately just a drain on society. the only way they contribute is to McDonalds an BK profit margins. i know some people that fall into this category and they wine and complain about the problems they face being so obese, all while they stuff their 8th cheese burger or 10th plate of all you can eat down their throat.

  • Guestspeaker

    What we need are PSAs and billboards showing what our organs look like when we’re obese, like those pictures of cancerous lungs from smoking that everyone is so proud to display. A lot of obese people get that way because they’re lazy or have no self control. Some of them try to lose the weight, but not very hard, so they instead give up and try to make everyone accept their problem instead of getting help, while projecting their self-hatred and shame on to thin people. Our government needs to grow a pair and start following in the footsteps of other countries with low obesity rates, such as Japan.

  • BiggerFatterPolitics

    Thin Shaming vs Fat Shaming Click Here to see what is worse

    Fatties cry foul when people point out the truth of obesity. Fatties call it fat shaming.

    Click Here to see why Thigh Gaps are a sign of good health

    Thigh gaps are a sign of GOOD health! Most women with a BMI less than 22 will have a thigh gap. Thigh gaps are not unrealistic. 35 years ago most women had thigh gaps.

  • Is this guy for real??

    Christopher Freind, you are a jerk and a jackass. My your whole family be obese… forever.

  • Kay_Rock

    There is apparently also no shame for being proud of your own ignorance.

  • bidebai

    Big bones my ass! No such thing as big bones!! Fat people are disgusting and a waste of space! They are a hazard to themselves and others! They burden the health care system and that causes healthy people to pay for their lack of self control and general laziness!! So what if you have a medical condition, do something about it! They hurt others by not being able to stand strait and so what if your fat ass falls on someone else?? You’ll be squished like a bug!! Fat people are just looking for attention just like people who have “mental illness”, no such thing either!! Mental illness was established by pseudoscience fields in cohorts with drug companies to make money of people who lack self control or who just wanna act like children all their lives!! All of you need to grow up and face reality!!

    • Esme S

      Read a book now and then, you uneducated cretin. You should be shamed for apparently not making it through grammar school, dummy.

  • bidebai

    Btw, fat people should be shamed just as others who want to be different should!!

  • Kiki

    Maybe the problem is how spiritually starved we are as a culture. We spend so much energy on appearances, on fake food that costa less, on diets, on plastic surgery, working our butts off exhausted, buying bigger houses… more more more. Personally, im exhausted of feeling like all the fake and shallow thinga are what I need to work for. Give me a family that loves each other, natural food I grew in my garden, people who realize what is gping to matter when you die is the connections and people you have in your life… how their inner beauty and love means more than anything. Anything less than that authenticity is like being numb. Maybe we are so obsessed with more and better that we feel empty in a deep way. We binge eat to fill that void then diet to reform what we believe we need to be loved and valued.

  • bee_vomit

    You know who is disgusting? It’s not fat people. It’s the people who agree with this garbage article.

  • wakenshake

    Consider the idea that some people who overeat are depressed-binge eating disorder is actually the most prevalent eating disorder in the US. They overeat to compensate for something that is not going well in their lives, the same way others do not eat, or abuse alcohol, or drugs. Allow some compassion into your brain and just consider the fact that all overweight people aren’t disgusting foodmonsters, and we must dig deeper than just the food to solve this crisis. This lack of empathy is pretty sickening. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Basic human principles here.

    • Rick McCallister

      And the answer to this is……… what again?

      Seriously, the idea that feeling shame over taking horrific care of yourself is somehow a slight against you is infantile.

      Watch your caloric intake and a take a g-dd_mned walk each day. Literally 1% of obesity cases are medical.

  • Charliefoxtrot

    The left decides we all should live in a world free of judgement, fills the bureaucratic world with like thinking drones our in schools and government, and then stands back and marvels at how unwed motherhood, single parent households, declining religiosity, explosion of welfare rolls and social Security “disability”, obesity, all explode exponentially.

    You cannot actively work to destroy a countries moral fiber, work ethic, and parental unity (through advocating no fault divorce, and freeing women and men from the shame of unwedded motherhood) and then be surprised when it blows up in your face.
    The baby boomers decided to crap all over the sacrifices of their parents who endured the depression, WW2, and the things that made us a success, and spawned two more generations of narcissists who will gradually flush this country down the drain.

    • Rick McCallister

      This is not a right/left problem. The left-wing was at its weakest point in the US when the self-esteem movement began.

      Chalk it up to stereotypical Boomer lack of accountability.

  • Jon Gagas

    tends to have negative psychological effects when people project it
    onto each other. It can have positive effects
    only when individuals attach it to ideas of the good life that they
    have adopted reflectively and with the means to pursue those ideas. Obese people poor in money, time, or education do not fit any of the latter
    criteria. We
    ALL ought to be ashamed of our food system and the rise of the working
    poor as what looks more and more like a permanent underclass rather than stigmatizing the obese by cajoling them into bearing the burden of our collective shame as Mr. Friend proposes.

  • Jon Gagas

    article is classic projection, a weaker version of Frenchmen after World War
    II, many of whom had collaborated with the Vichy government or at least
    profited from it, shaving off the hair of women they accused of sleeping
    with German soldiers and parading those women through the streets. All of us who don’t actively oppose our food system, and all of us who tolerate widespread poverty in money, time, and education, are complicit in the obesity epidemic. We all ought to be ashamed of ourselves rather than projecting that shame onto obese people.

  • Rick McCallister

    Reaction to this article is depressingly predictable. Literally under 1% of obesity cases are glandular or medical in nature.

    That leaves 99% of obesity cases. Sorry, but walking a mile a day takes only 15 minutes at a leisurely pace. Eating fewer calories in a given day takes less effort than stuffing your face.

    If you want to love yourself, try doing something that will help you live beyond age 68, and get off your keester.

    People used to feel shame over being obese because it was disgustingly unhealthy, and a physical indication of poor health habits. Now, so many people exercise these p_ss-poor habits that the obese think they’re the “normal” people.

    Get off your _ss an exercise for even 15 minutes a day. Keep your caloric intake low or normal (1600-2000 per day) and eat vegetables when you want a snack, drink water when you’re thirsty.

    If you’re eating Oreos by the sleeve and not exercising at all, you don’t get to be outraged when somebody points it out.

    • J-dawg

      It’s this kind of uninformed bigotry that is for some reason tolerated by mainstream public opinion. It’s baffling, because it’s so ludicrous.

      • Rick McCallister

        LMAO bigotry? Put the fork down, fatty. Only 1% of obesity cases are medical in nature. 99% of the time it’s a choice. You don’t get to make a choice then be angry at people for noticing it.

  • A

    As a person who is in the middle of losing weight to have a healthier life style, I understand that obesity is one of the several problems Americans are facing today. I agree that there needs to be a sufficent solution to the issue, however I don’t believe shaming individuals who are overweight is the right way to go. People who are fat know they are fat. Most of us feel uncomfortable in our own skin because it is embarrassing; we already feel ashamed. I strongly believe that portion size, being uneducated about the foods we eat (both healthy and unhealthy) and an individuals motivation to get fit are the major contributors to this problem. The portion sizes we are given, whether it is fast food or gourmet, are far too large. You can see this in comparison when you look at portion sizes of food from other countries. People need to learn portion sizing. Just because one is given a huge meal, it does not mean they have to finish it. Let’s face it, fast food is here to stay, you have to take the good with the bad. But through understanding the food groups and portion sizing, it will eliminate people getting excess amounts of food. The other part is motivation. This can only occur if a person is truely dedicated. I think that when a fat person hears the word diet or work out that a mental block is put up. They look at it as this huge mountain they have to climb. They should instead look at it as a lifestyle change and take baby steps. This way it wont be this monumental thing they have to accomplish. They would possibly be more wiling to make an effort.

  • alphn

    Making soda, potato chips, hot dogs, white bread, white rice, “fatty dark meats”, candy and the such expensive IS the answer, in turn make fresh veggies, “healthy” meats, fresh fruits and the such cheap as hell, that would be a great start. Poverty is a problem in this country when you can feed a family of 4 with a pack of hot dogs, buns, and chips for 5 dollars, but can’t even buy 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts for that YES it is a problem!!!!!!!! broccoli 2 dollars a pound, white potatoes 89 cant a pound…….hamburger 3 bucks a pound, salmon 7 bucks a pound…….chicken thighs with skin and bone 8 dollars for a pack of 8-9, boneless skinless chicken breasts 5 for 13 dollars………prices from my local walmart.

  • Mary Smith

    Superb kind of work by the team as on this particular topic people needs more precise information and special attention to it.Thanks a lot.
    Obgyn mountain view, ca

  • njtrapper

    About two years ago, I had multiple cardiac arrests/heart attacks/strokes. After triple by-pass surgery, I quit smoking, reduced beer consumption from 12 a day to 1 or 2 a week, adjusted my diet, and lost 100 lbs. NOBODY will ever convince me you can’t lose weight. If you have to you will. We all have the same problem,we eat too much,we drink too much, we exercise too little, and we don’t get enough sex.

  • HopefulSkeptic

    Being Fat is Not a Easy as it Looks!
    Frankly it Hurts!

  • Shutzie27

    My family fat-shamed me at home and I was viciously fat-shamed in school. All it did was turn me into a closet eater. I am not more obese than ever but for the first time successfully losing weight. About a pound to a pound and half a week, eating as many non-processed foods as possible, with one cheat day a week.

    And do you know what I changed? I refused to eat meals with my family or be around people who shamed me anymore. You can’t make positive changes for yourself if you don’t feel good about yourself to begin with. Getting up in the morning, working out, making good food choices takes confidence.

    The amount of ignorance in this article is appalling. More and more research is beginning to show that weight gain is dependent on more complex factors than calories in, calories out. (See: or or or I’m NOT saying overweight people such as myself shouldn’t be accountable for our food and exercise choices. But I am saying it’s not quite so simple as “Eat less, exercise more.”

    In my opinion, attitudes like this are equivalent to racism– based entirely on how someone looks with no consideration of reality or scientific facts about biological differences in people.

  • Shutzie27

    And, drinking kills as much if not more than smoking when drunk driving rates are accounted for, but we’re totally OK showing people partying on the tailgate of the truck they’ll likely drive away after drinking Budweiser.

    Furthermore, numerous studies have already shown that *fat shaming doesn’t work.* If you’re going to write an Op-Ed, fine. But do your due diligence.


    In addition to the countless examples of overweight people out there who have already lived a life of being shamed by family members and peers (seriously, do you really think the majority of fat people aren’t already mercilessly shamed? Have you ever seen an SNL skit or an Adam Sandler movie? Even Monica on Friends had a shtick…she used to be fat, ha ha) and it hasn’t helped.

    And, that childhood campaign you tout? It led one of the kids photographed to land in the psychiatric ward after attempting suicide. The bullying got so bad for him he had to be pulled out of school.

  • FistedSister

    Great article!

  • Eddie

    I had cancer when i was 15. They removed alot of my digestive system and chemo and radiation had its toll as well. I eat nothing but chicken, fish, and vegetables. Its cheap, easy to make, and taste great. Not to mention its healthy. However…. Since i had these operations and it messed my body up. I have to eat this healthy and i exercise every other day or 2 hours at the gym, and i still weight in at 285 at 5.9. Some people out there do have problems they cant fix. Fat people are nice, know why? Because they take out anger, stress, and depression on food rather then other people. Unlike the retards who wrote this and comment on this. Point im making is, you shouldn’t judge people by the way they live or by the way they look.

  • eric

    Ask a doctor. Big bones lol. No such thing. Good one.

  • ehisnoni

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  • smarti1809

    Before, I say this, I must note I am a fat person. I have genetic issues but what I eat largely affects that. I know this and I don’t need anyone telling me that. I get enough shame at home, and it doesn’t help me. That being said, if you lost weight because someone shamed you, then good for you. You did what worked for you and that’s all that’s important. Shame doesn’t work for everyone, though, and for some, it can be a detriment that causes them to gain more weight or, heaven forbid, kill themselves. However, a few people on this page wouldn’t mind that, because, to them, fat people are lazy, money-sucking pigs. Fat people need encouragement, education, training and support, both physical support through nutritionists and exercise trainers and emotional support through therapists. Shame is not a one-size-fits-all approach. A little dose of reality doesn’t hurt, but it shouldn’t be to the point where you’re making fun of someone. When has bullying someone ever worked? Yes, I called myself fat, not heavy, pleasingly plump, chubby, thick or any of those other words, but I don’t need your help if all you’re going to do is tell me to “get off my lazy behind and do some work”. You don’t tell people who have lower IQ’s “study harder, you idiot.” You get them tutoring. If you’re so much healthier than a fat person, then tutor them. Plus, I’ve only seen one personal trainer that shamed their clients.