La Salle University Slashing $11,600 Off Tuition

La Salle - stacks in the library

Photo by Matthew Chverchko, courtesy La Salle University

La Salle University is cutting tuition prices by 29 percent — reducing tuition from $40,400 to $28,800 for the 2017-18 school year. Students will pay the same rates they did in 2008 for the next school year. The college had previously frozen tuition for the 2016-17 school year.

“The cost of higher education continues to spiral year after year, with no end in sight,” La Salle President Colleen Hanycz said in a release. “We cannot continue to assume that this issue will fix itself someday, somehow — the tuition model for higher education is broken. La Salle is working to reshape that model so college becomes an affordable reality for students and their families.”

The university has dubbed its tuition reduction “An Affordable Path for All.” The only students that will receive a full tuition reduction of $11,600 are those paying the full share of the tuition. La Salle says 97 percent of its students receive some kind of financial aid. La Salle spokesperson Jaine Lucas says most students are getting $1,000 and $1,500 reductions in their tuition bill.

Tuition may go up in the coming years, but it will rise off the $28,800 base. The tuition cut does not change fees or room and board costs. Read more »

In North Philly, Michelle Obama Rips Trump’s Demeanor

Michelle Obama speaking at the Tom Gola Arena at La Salle University

Attendees at a Hillary Clinton campaign rally take photos of Michelle Obama as the first lady speaks. | Photo by Dan McQuade

Michelle Obama came to Philadelphia, and went in on Donald Trump.

“Being president is not anything like reality TV,” said the first lady. “It is not an apprenticeship. … It is about whether someone can handle the awesome responsibility of running this country.”

Earlier in her speech at La Salle University’s Tom Gola Arena, she attacked his temperament: “A president just can’t pop off or lash out irrationally. No, we need an adult in the White House.” Behind her, the Clinton campaign had put up a sign quoting Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention: “When they go low — we go high.” With Trump’s repetition of his attack on the weight of a Miss Universe winner in a post-presidential debate interview, the Clinton campaign is very clearly trying to pitch Trump’s rhetoric as un-presidential and unelectable. Read more »

Here’s Who Funded the Democratic National Convention in Philly

President Barack Obama and Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wave together during the third day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Wednesday, July 27, 2016.

President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wave together during the third day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Wednesday, July 27, 2016.

Those who are still wondering who funded the Democratic National Convention in Philly this past July are finally getting some answers.

Read more »

Boom 107.9 Is No More — Station Moves, Drops All-Classic Hip-Hop Format

Boom 103.9 logo

Almost two years ago, Boom 107.9 launched in Philadelphia. The station constantly told you it was playing “classic hip-hop and R&B” — and that’s what it gave you. It would play early rap songs from the 1980s, classic R&B/hip-hop jawns from the 1990s, and occasionally throw a newer track in there once in a while.

But in recent months, it’s changed a bit. Once I heard the version of “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey featuring Ol’ Dirty Bastard — which fits the format, but just barely. Newer songs seemed to sneak onto the dial more and more often.

Earlier this week, it officially changed. Boom 107.9 switched spots on the dial with Praise 103.9, the gospel station. And Boom 103.9 is now playing the Urban Hot AC format. It’s now a Power 99 clone. No more throwback hip-hop and R&B. Read more »

76ers Musings: Nerlens Noel Keeping it Professional So Far

Big men Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid work out prior to a game against the Memphis Grizzlies earlier this year | Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Joel Embiid (left) and Nerlens Noel (right) working out before a game last year. | Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

With training camp starting we’ll bring back our 76ers musing column, where we focus on a couple of (relatively) quick-hitting thoughts on topics being discussed about the Philadelphia 76ers.

You can read previous entries in the “Sixers Musings” series here.

Nerlens Noel keeping it professional
When Nerlens Noel came to the podium at Sixers media day, his words were clear: He didn’t think the Sixers having three starting caliber centers on the roster was going to work. Read more »

The Philadelphia Zoo Says You Can’t Name Its New Gorilla Harambe

Baby gorilla at Philadelphia Zoo

Photo courtesy Philadelphia Zoo

When the Philadelphia Zoo debuted its new baby Gorilla in late August, it enlisted the help of social media to pick her name.

The people spoke. Harambe, they said. Or Harambe II. Or Harambaby. Or Harambae.

But alas, the Philadelphia Zoo has made it clear that it’s not naming its baby (which is a girl) after the 17-year-old male gorilla that was shot at the Cincinnati Zoo in May when a toddler snuck into its pen. Read more »

Chef No Longer at Restaurant School After Controversial Facebook Posts

Chef Nicolas Dandelias in his Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College photo.

Chef Nicolas Dandelias in his Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College photo.

On Tuesday afternoon, we told you about Philadelphia chef and Restaurant School teacher Nicolas Dandelias, whose Facebook page contained some troubling statements about women and immigrants as well as a racial slur. Well, within a matter of hours, we’ve learned that Dandelias is no longer employed by the Restaurant School. Read more »

Biden on Trump: “What in the Hell Is He Talking About?”

Joe Biden speaks in Drexel's grand court

Photo | Dan McQuade

“What in the hell is he talking about?”

That was Joe Biden’s summary of Donald Trump’s performance at last night’s presidential debate. Biden spoke at Drexel University’s Grand Court this morning to stump for Hillary Clinton and encourage students to register to vote.

While Clinton attacked Trump for cheering on the housing crisis, Trump interjected by saying: “That’s called business, by the way.”

Biden had harsh words for Trump’s debate performance. “It was good business for him to see the housing market fail,” Biden said. “What in the hell is he talking about? No, no, no, no: I’ve been here for eight presidents … every president I have served with, including the Republicans, has had a moral center, about what it means to be an American. I mean it! Think about it. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan saying, ‘It’s good business to take advantage of people’s misery’? And rooting for that misery! I’m not kidding. What does it say about this man? And he wants to be president of the United States of America! He does not have the basic fundamental sensibilities and values that almost every American politician, left right and center, has.” Read more »

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