7 Ways to Flip Atlantic City’s Image



I travelled to Atlantic City this week to appear on the popular Harry Hurley talk radio show on WPG, which stands for World’s Play Ground, a leftover moniker from a time gone by. Since I had to be up early in the morning, I was put up in Resorts International.

My father was born and raised in Atlantic City, but I am not an “AC guy,” meaning I don’t gamble and I have a family. Ocean City is my shore resort of choice. I’m not certain anyone in the area chooses Atlantic City for the summer or for the week, just for the night or a wild weekend. But I checked and found there was a pool at Resorts and so I brought the wife and kids. They could stay safe poolside, while I made my radio appearance, and then we would head to Ocean City for the rest of the day.

At least that was the plan.

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Christine Flowers Insults a Philly Civil Rights Hero

We were reading Christine Flowers’ column this morning, thinking maybe once we could get through it without spitting our coffee in rage. After all, she was writing in favor of letting 30th Street Station keep its name — an understandable stance — and waxing rhapsodic about “old” Philadelphia.

Cute, really. But then she did this:

I mean, who was Cecil B. Moore and what did he do with my subway stop? (And hold the emails, I actually do know who Cecil B. Moore was.)

For the love of God.

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