Fattah in Hot Seat After Aide’s Guilty Plea

Chaka Fattah

Chaka Fattah isn’t talking. (Though he is tweeting.) The feds aren’t either. But the media and the congressman’s political rivals are closing in.

His longtime aide Gregory Naylor pleaded guilty this week to a scheme to obtain an illegal loan for a 2007 mayoral campaign — the candidate is identified in court documents only as “Elected Official A” — then pay it back with federal grant money. Federal prosecutors haven’t identified the candidate, but that hasn’t stopped Philadelphia media from making the link.

It appears Dave Davies at WHYY was the first to make the straight assertion, writing on Wednesday: “From the actions attributed to him in the memo, Elected Official A can only be Congeressman Fattah (a federal official who ran for mayor in 2007 and sued to try and overturn the city’s campaign finance limits).”

The rest of the media apparently concurs with that conclusion, and is proceeding accordingly.
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The City Should Throw a Parade for Children at the End of Every August


Photo | Arthur Etchells

I was writing and doing laundry, and it was hot out anyway. So instead of walking the four and a half blocks from my place to Broad Street to watch the parade Philadelphia was throwing for the Taney Dragons, I watched on TV.

NBC 10 — or, rather, NBC 10 news staffers on COZI-TV, a Comcast-owned station that generally shows decades-old syndicated programming — had almost a dozen people covering Wednesday’s parade for the Taney Dragons. Maybe it was more. There was even helicopter coverage.

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Jury Duty Is Hell



“It’s my third frigging time,” the man says to the court clerk; his bald head was turning red. “My neighbor hasn’t been called once, not once.” He slams his jury summons on the counter.

“I’m sorry, sir,” the clerk replies. “It is a totally random selection …”

“My neighbor hasn’t been called, either,” says the woman next to him. She’s wearing a Charlie Brown Christmas sweatshirt. It is August.

These interactions made me feel somewhat at home in Room 101 of the Criminal Justice Center on the recent Monday morning of my own jury summons. I was up most of the night with horrible anxiety, as usually is the case before I go perform my civic duty. The silver lining? No one in the room wanted to be there. Jury duty is like a miserable family reunion, with only one difference: We are supposed to be deciding people’s fates here. And we all want out. Badly.

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Delco Team Wins the Babe Ruth World Series


The Delco Daily Times reports:

Broomall-Newtown capitalized on 11 walks, seven errors, three wild pitches and one hit batter to win the Babe Ruth 13-15 World Series title with a 12-3 romp over Lumber River, N.C., Thursday night at Story Field in Longview, Wash.

It’s the second World Series title in a week for the organization. Broomall-Newtown won the 13 Prep crown last Friday in Glen Allen, Va. The organization has scheduled a parade for Sunday afternoon to honor both teams and the historic accomplishment.

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