Lou Cutler Wins Mr. Gay Philadelphia 2014

lou cutler mr gay philadelphiaLGBT Philly history was made last night when Lou Cutler, 33, was crowned the very first transgender Mr. Gay Philadelphia. He took the crown and sash in the wee hours of the morning at a competition at Field House hosted by local party promoters Bruce Yelk and Josh Schonewolf.

After his win, I pulled Cutler aside to ask what being the first trans winner means to him.

“It means a lot to me. … It’s kind of hard to be a gay trans man sometimes. … But I’m very proud of who I am, and I’ve worked very hard to become who I am. This, in some sense, is a dream come true for me. To be able to be part of this community, and also represent my own community—and to just be visible. It’s important for me to be out and visible as gay and trans, to show the community that not every trans person is the same.”

Fourteen contestants showed up to compete for the prize, showing their stuff in a casual and swimsuit round, then answering a series of questions from judges. Besides looking dapper in both clothing rounds, Cutler stood out for his positive, fun-loving personality. He didn’t blink an eye in the Q&A round when he was asked one of the sillier questions out of the bunch: “How big is [host] Brittany Lynn’s penis?” (The answer? As big as you want it to be.)

Other winners of the night included Mr. 12th Street Gym, Felipe Carrillo, who won the second place prize, and Billy Cavallo, the reigning Most Original Stoli Guy, rounded out the top three. Cutler also took home the prize for Best Body, and Robert Touchton won Mr. Congeniality.

Congrats to Cutler, and all his competitors. It was a great night.


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  • Avi

    That’s nice…I am proud of him but…In other news…Florida is “stomping” quite literally on our Transgender rights….and no one cares

    • AlexisKerryfyg

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    • Pragmatist

      Are there any groups organizing against these infringements on Floridian transgender rights? If so, how can we help? Nothing will change unless we take action rather than stand on the side lines and judge. Kudos to Lou Cutler. Lou’s win will help to open the door to appreciation and understanding of transgender issues.

      • Avi

        Yes forgive me for being sarcastic but my muscle was ripped from my clavical and has been hanging around in my elbow area for almost two years after the beating and all lawyers can tell me is my statue of limitations are almost up! so one I have communicated with is willing to help, no criminal investigation…nothing…..sheriff even took the incident off the crime blotter…and my ma called governor Scott’s office because she was trying to get someone to ping the cell phone the perps stole from me and the governor’s office told my mother that they would not ping my cell because I was not an endangered adult….after my head was stomped on for ten mins and no on helped me except the guy who hid my body and when my date came looking for me they told her what fight? Nothing happened…what are you talking about? They had my body stashed in a room…no one called ems or the sheriff and two refused me care…..I had died….then went back in my body and even more people came to stomp me….now my dentist who repaired two of my teethhas left an open surgical wound in my mouth for over a year…it is green…and I have been to multiple dentist and no one will help me….they keep feeding me antibiotics….I ran out and had to go to tgh er everything was fine I I’d nothing wrong I was waiting for referrals and or counselor was unavailable so they sent a social worked who stood right in front of me yelling my female name my elderly mother was laughing I was too it was funny then when I tried to explain she got weird when she figured out I was ftm and she went and got security and told me I had to leave…my elderly mother was scared….bunch of wackos down here in florida.

  • Oliver

    Wow. I’m a little disappointed in the pick. He looks disheveled and dirty. And what? No tears? Why does he look so bored???

    • Jameel

      Were you there where the competition took place? No? Does tears considered a compulsory in winning? No? So don’t judge by the looks, brah.

      • Oliver

        “Don’t judge by the looks?”
        Are you kidding me? There was a “casual” and “swimsuit” round and you’re telling me not to judge by the looks? Damn, lighten up.

  • lit per

    Proud of you!

  • Kafir istani

    I do not get it ? = a trans gay man ? is he into guys or girls ? so he was a female who is sexually attracted to men who was a gay man trapped in a womans body ? is this a joke to make homosexuals look stupid ?

    • beam

      Into girls. He was born female. Its really not that hard to figure out if English is your first language.

      • T.J. Diggs

        No. He likes men. You have to separate sexual attraction and gender identity. They are two different things. Someone can be transgender (their sexual identity) and have a sexuality that is bi, gay, or straight.

      • pweebee

        If he likes men he’s gay and deserves the title; if he likes women he is straight and can’t be Mr. Gay America. Correct?? Straight people are not crowned winners in gay pageants. Does he like men or women

      • Jameel

        He likes men. not girls.

  • me who has an informed opinion

    Seriously, you censored my comment when I was providing an accurate account of trans history behind this win? You have no room for trans people commenting on how this affect OUR community? Putting your own gay self-serving spin on it and not letting our own community discuss this among ourselves in this forum is pure censorship. I did not denigrate Mr. Cutler. Instead, I provided a context for his win. And yes, I think these contests promote body-beautiful ideals that oppress us all. You can’t handle that critique? Get a spine!

    • me who has an informed opinion

      Ummm, perhaps you didn’t remove my post. Either that or you didn’t get to the other article’s link yet to remove it there too. If you didn’t censor my post, thank you for letting the inter-community dialogue happen.