Jets Reportedly Interested In Maclin

NFL: Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles
The Jets are interested in free-agent wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, according to a report.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News writes that the Jets “covet” Maclin and view him as a No. 1 receiver when healthy. New York, which had the 31st-ranked passing offense in 2013, is apparently interested in Pittsburgh’s Emmanuel Sanders as well.

Former Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhingweg is the Jets’ OC and certainly knows what Maclin is capable of. Put need position + former coach together, and the interest makes perfect sense. (Hence why Kansas City will likely come calling before it’s all said and done.)

There is little doubt that Maclin will  have his fair share of suitors, but it’s unclear what the offers will look like given that he is coming off an ACL tear. The wideout legitimately wants to stay in Philly and is willing to take a one-year prove-it deal if need be, but will weigh all of his options.

Maclin’s agent and Howie Roseman have had some preliminary talks.

The 25-year old tore his right ACL back in 2006 as well while playing for Missouri.  Roseman was asked how much that factors into the thinking when deciding whether to commit to Maclin moving forward.

“We rely on our doctors and our trainers. When they tell us the guy is healthy and has a good prognosis going forward, we trust that,” he said.

The rehab is said to be going well and Maclin anticipates that will be able to fully participate in OTAs this spring.

He got the attention of some Eagles fans last week with a tweet that simply said, “Stay tuned y’all.” That wasn’t a hint that a deal was close, we’re told, but instead was about all the work that he is putting in and the fruit that it will bear. His message on Friday was much more clear.


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  • reginald pennypacker

    wtf. that’s about as clear as rex ryan’s foot fetish.

  • OG Droid

    Re-sign this guy. He could be great in Chip Kelly’s O.

    • G_WallyHunter

      Hopefully he’s well aware that his best chance to maximize a 1 yr prove it deal is right here at home, then all these suitors chatter is kind of irrelevant.

      • FluxCapacitor

        Hopefully his knee blowing out in his contract year doesn’t scare him enough to take a below market multi-year deal from somebody else. If he is willing to do that, I sure hope we offer a matching contract.

        • anon

          what makes you think it’d be below market?

          • FluxCapacitor

            Having an injury like the one he did in a contract year has to worry him that it could happen again, which opens up that possibility. No idea if it will work our that way – just hoping if it happens, it happens with us.

  • Justin

    Oh well.

  • aub32

    I think if he’s offered a mid level multi year contract that we should match it. A one year prove it deal means he potentially shows that he can be a #1 guy and leaves in 2015. Locking this guy up for 2-3 years without a huge price tag and pairing him with DeSean will give us one of the best 1a and 1b combos in the league. Add in Kelly’s ability to get WRs in space and the contributions of McCoy and Ertz, and we are looking pretty stacked on the offensive side of the ball for a while.

    • GEAGLE

      To play devils advocate…you have no concerns over injuries making him a step or two slow?

  • daggolden

    My goodness how can the Eagles survive without a career 60 catch 800 yard injury prone reciever. What shall we do! Damn the Eagles offense will take a step back without Maclin this year. Oh thats right they set records without his let me find the 1st soft patch of grass to lay down on, never broke a tackle 1st roud bust. Nah he cant be replaced.

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      lol. Kinda true

    • Justin

      That’s pretty much how I feel about it.

      • daggolden

        The Eagles don’t need a stud high priced WR. What they need is a tough, tackle breaking, identity changing WR. Like a Golden Tate a=or Kearse from Seattle. They are tough recievers, not spectacular but important role players. We already have the finesse lay on the ground(because of his physical limitations 5 10 165lbs) WR in DJax.

        • Maggie

          Golden Tate has said he would sign for a little less with Seattle, however, when I suggested him as a possible addition to the Eagles, before the Super Bowl, I was called all kinds of names.

          • GEAGLE

            Lol read what Tate recently said

    • GEAGLE

      Would you rather have Maehl or Damaris instead of Maclin?

      • Justin

        Why does it have to be Maehl or Johnson? Why can’t we sign a FA? Or draft somebody?

        • GEAGLE

          What do you mean, why does it have to be Maehl or Damaris? I’m trying to say that I hope those two WRs are replaced with upgrades first and foremost…basically what I’m trying to say is I wouldn’t want to see us lose a guy like Maclin or Avant, if Maehl or Damaris are still on the roster…BUT, if Maehl is upgraded with a new WR talent AND Damaris is upgrade with a NEW WR talent, and our front office is ok with adding more new WRs this offseason, then I would be glad to start upgrading Avant, Brad Smith, Maclin…I’m just not sure that replacing more then two WRs in one offseason is feasible.
          Basically, I think we should Keep Coop, Desean and need to re-do the rest of the WR corp, I just don’t think it’s all going to be remade this offseason..but Id be more then happy to see them upgrade 4 WRs this offseason, but if I had to make a prediction I would guess WR is a position we want to get young at and that we won’t be that interested in other teams veterans.
          I would hope Damaris and Maehl are replaced with two young athletes drafted in the first 5 rounds of this awesome WR class
          And that we start them off at ST and ease them slowly into the lineup the way we did with ERTZY..say we drafted Odell Beckham and martevius Bryant this year
          Then Next offseason look to upgrade Avant and Brad smith with two more young athletes…
          So after next years draft, we would be going into the 2015 season with FOles having close to 40 games experiemce

          • Ale (Brazil)

            Don’t know why you guys hate on Maehl that much. He’s not that much of a bum, IMO. Chip is a team guy, and i think he’ll look to keep around guys like Cooper and Avant, that know the system while adding young guns to develop. Keeping Avant is really important for the locker room.

    • dollamakeuholla

      you know i always liked Maclin and thought he was always about to break out. But now that you mentioned it i really don’t EVER remember him breaking a tackle!

  • daggolden

    Maclin is a dime a dozen receiver who never reached 1000 yards in a passing league on a 70% passing Eagles offense under Andy Ried. Us Eagle fans continuously over-value our own players into something they are not. You act like this guy was Calvin Johnson for goodness sake.

    • JofreyRice

      Closer to Calvin Williams.

      • UKEagle99

        Thats harsh, Mac can catch a ball.

      • #7

        Damn lol

  • Tom W

    Somebody wants to overpay for a good wr when there is a once in a decade wr draft class … fine by me. not really concerned. Give me Benjamin in the first or adams in the second or martavius in the third. resign coop. lets move on.

    • phillylove21

      So you’ll rather keep Riley Cooper and draft kelvin Benjamin?

      • UKEagle99

        I read Tom’s comment as draft one of them AND re-sign Coop, not OR.

        Edit: Ignore me, I misread yours!!!

        • phillylove21

          I don’t see the eagles drafting Benjamin and keeping Cooper over maclin.. Maclin wants to stay in Philadelphia.. I highly doubt he would want to play with micheal Vick or Geno smith in new York.. Maclin has the ability to get open down the field and get separation from defenders.. He’s a absolute problem in the open.. Cooper’s excellent blocker for this offense but isn’t get in passing situation.. Kelvin Benjamin has got the job done blocking for Freeman, wilder, and williams for Florida state.. You absolutely don’t need the both.. Maclin should stay and get the opportunity to catch passes from route running and not rerouting( not to offend my FAVORITE ATHLETE of ALL TIME MV7).

          • GEAGLE

            You have no concerns over multiple ACL surgeries?

            Mac is a Finess WR who soley relies on his speed and route running. he isn’t some physical WR who will break a tackle, stiff arm the next guy and battle his way in the ENDZONE.If the surgery robbed him of any of his speed, then he isn’t going to be the same player he was. If he is a step slower, he doesn’t have other ability like strength and physicality to compensate for the speed he lost…every body is different. For all I know he is completely healed, is just as fast as he has ever been, and will be ready to produce in September. That is all a possibility..but it also isn’t something we can just assume…and even if he has a good year and is healthy, can you EVER really ever commit to him again? If he stays healthy and produced! would you really feel confident that he can play 5 more years without tearing a ligament AGAIN? If he still has his speed now. I doubt he will have it if he has another surgery..

            I’m not ready to just completely kick him to the curb, but I wouldn’t really have much patience to negotiate with him,,,basically, if it’s up to me, he would have to sign on OUR terms if he wants to remain an Eagle. I wouldn’t disrespect him or try to banner him, but if he wants to earn any real money the only way I’d give it to him if I’m Howie, is if he performs and reaches a bunch of incentives, and give us an option for a second year…And I wouldn’t even speak to him if he doesn’t sign an extension by March 8(when teams can start to make offers to his agent)

      • Tom W

        I think that is what I wrote. Maclin doesn’t block doesn’t have great hands and doesn’t have good rac. He is a wc wr w good not great ability and speed. And most importantly he is fragile and 2 acls. Later

  • PaoliBulldog

    Can we call a moratorium on the use of the word “covet” with regard to athletes and front offices?

  • Wiztopher

    Lots of good wideouts in the draft. Look what Chip did with Cooper this year. Don’t need Maclin, but sure as hell could use him. Let’s be honest, who knows what he’ll be like coming off a second major knee injury. Offer that one year prove it, n if he turns it down, Godspeed.

    • UKEagle99

      Best comment on here, well said.

    • GEAGLE

      That’s a mistake…you don’t offer him a 1yr prove want to get him to sign a contract that gives us control of him for two years..why let him prove it and price his way out of Philly? In that Case, let him walk now….we will try to get that second year out of him, which is probably going to be the main point of the negotiations, more so then the actual monetary numbers… If he won’t give us that second year, then I’d just let him walk now

      • Wiztopher

        Flat out, he will be probably be offered a better deal than we can give him. We DO offer a prove it with an option for an extension bc it’s exactly that; he’s coming off a serious injury n to be honest, the guy gets hurt, he needs to prove he’s not a China doll. We DO offer a prove it bc he’s not an absolute necessity.

        • GEAGLE

          Huh? You can offer him a prove it deal, that still controls him for the second year, but that you can get out of if he doesn’t play to our liking…tell you the truth, I don’t see the point signing ANY players coming off surgery to a one year contract, what’s the point? Typically you won’t get that players best til his second year back from the injury anyway….

          I couldn’t care less if he comes back or walks to tell you the truth…but if we have to do him a solid and give him a prove it deal then he has to do us a solid and give us the OPTION for the second year…if he won’t give us that year two option, then I’d just let him walk…
          I damn sure ain’t going to get in a bidding war over Mac. If he wants to remain an eagle he would have to work out an extension before he hits the FA market…if he doesn’t sign an extension by March 8, I would end all communication with him and his agent…he has NO leverage besides the immaginary type that his agent makes up like the jets targeting him..

          • Wiztopher

            Listen, it is quite simple. The point is the franchise has to protect themselves from a fragile player. One yr deal w an option for an extension (I never said another year, could be more than that, dunno why ur placing words) is perfectly logical. If he takes a killer multi-year deal from another team, that team is taking a huge uncalculated risk; it’s business, bro. Get over your Maclin love for just a second n play Roseman here; not smart to sign a question mark of a player to any kind of multi year deal when there’s greater needs elsewhere n especially if the draft is dripping with young WO talent, ur offense set a shit ton of records, n ur new coach turns wide outs from meh’s into number 2 options on the field.

          • GEAGLE

            Wtf are you talking about? Can you NOT read? Maclin and Trent Cole are probably my least favorite starting eagles ever. I wouldn’t give a crap if they never put an eagles jersey on again. Are you drunk? PCP? How is it that you don’t realize I’m saying the exact same thing as you? Am I being PUNKED? Ashton? anon…is that you bro?…and please “bro” all I do is try and play Roseman…I don’t speak in terms of my wants too often. If I wasn’t “playing Roseman”…I would suggest just cutting the cord without even trying to get him on a prove it deal…but since I don’t think that is realistic! what’s the point in bringing it up? Maclin Love? Hahah when the hell have I EVER praised Maclin? And I mean EVER?

          • Wiztopher

            Eesh. What are you some kinda E-List pundit? Sorry I never read you not liking Maclin, “EVER.” If you were being sarcastic, you kinda blow at it. Was gonna say, u seem…not sober. Mb football is too stressful for you. Should see about taking up something safe, like uh, backgammon.

          • GEAGLE

            I basically agreed with you the entire time and you felt the need to talk shit to me for if? Smh gotcha lol

          • Wiztopher

            “That’s a mistake…you don’t offer him a 1 yr prove it…you want him to sign a contract to have control over him for two years.”
            Those were your words right? I comment on here to talk football, not argue with a pompous regular. Try making sense, then we can have a worth while conversation.

          • GEAGLE

            You do realize that it would be in OUR benefit to have an extra option year? Option as in, ONLY gets to remain an Eagle if he plays to our liking!!! You basically wrote a post saying you wouldn’t just keep Maclin at all cost! and I agreed with you, actually putting more stipulations on Maclin returning, but because the first 3 words say that’s a mistake, you can’t read an entire following paragraph and realize that I was actually agreeing with you and saying the same things you were saying? If you are a dope who can’t comprehend clear thoughts and get so butt hurt that you need to turn it into a senseless argument, basically just arguing with yourself cuz I pretty much agreed with you the entire time, then you don’t get to take the moral high ground about how you don’t want to argue with anyone on a football blog, when you just spent and hour of your time, arguing with your damn self, because I was AGREEING WITH YOU NOT ARGUING with you….WTF!!!
            I get that it’s Friday but lay off the sauce. Talk all the trash you want, but ATleast I can read and comprehend the simple words you write…and you can’t say the same thing hahaha

          • Wiztopher

            Take a nap.

          • GEAGLE

            Says the guy who can only interpret 3 of 100 English words correctly lol and he continued to run his mouth arguing for no reason. Sorry but that tells me all I need to know about you..please save your trash for replying to someone else..thanks

      • James Skip Carl

        Won’t we get compensation if he leaves

        • GEAGLE

          Yeah you are right…didn’t even think about that. But it depends on how active we plan on being in this years FA market.
          Hypothetical: we have like 8 or 9 players who could be FA. If we don’t re sign a single one of our own guys, and we chose to not sign anyone else’s FRee agents, opting to replace what we lost in the draft, then we would get maximum amount of compensatory picks…but they are awarded by a formula of How many players you drafted did you lose to other teams in FA, What you replaced them with in Free agency, AND the value of the contract the new team signed our player to..
          Actually, it’s not even about your free agents, it’s only about your free agents that you drafted..So Losing Maclin and Nate Allen would count towards the compensatory pick formula..but if teams poach away guys like Vick and Donnie Jones that wouldn’t help us…It’s going to be interesting to see how active or inactive we are in this years market, and how much other teams covet the players we drafted…tell you one thing, I’d probably give my pinky so the eagles could get an extra 3rd round pick in this draft lol

        • AZ_Eaglesfan

          Depends on who we sign in FA. I have a feeling we wouldn’t get a compensatory pick.

  • Chris Jones

    I’m not too high on maclin he’s not productive and he’s injury prone but he would make a hell of a slot receiver over Jason avant and that is the only way I would want him to stick around. Draft kelvin Benjamin as our second wideout, we lack a truly big body in the receiver corp and he’s Alshon Jeffery 2.0

    • Mitchell

      I would argue that 26 td’s and over 3,000 yards of offense in 4 years is pretty productive.

  • UKEagle99

    I for one would like to see what Chip could with him, especially in the Red Zone where YAC isn’t a need and all the grass is soft.

  • Ale (Brazil)

    If Howie is a salary cap brainiac, he knows what he should do: let him go. The incident with Riley will keep him around at a really good price and he was ballin with Nick Foles at helm. This class has plenty of great WRs with upside and Chip Kelly knows them from his college days. The truth is we’ll only now the FO’s plans after Free Agency, but if i’m Howie, i’d let this guy hit the market, keep Riley Cooper around and draft a guy like Donte Moncrief from Ole Miss.

    • GEAGLE

      How many new WRs do you think we add this offseason?

      • pjcostello

        My guess is two.

      • Ale (Brazil)

        I think we’ll have 10/12 WRs in our Camp roster. We already have plenty of guys there, but i expect Maclin to walk and we’ll add at least one WR via Draft.


    Yeah cuz the jets just announce their FA intentions, as if this isn’t Macs agent trying to let the Eagles know that their will be competition for him if he hit the open market LOL…as if Maclin and his two time ACL surgery wouldn’t actually be a higher rated target than healthy Emmanuel sanders lol..

    Teams can have all the BS interest that they want, but fact of the matter is we will reach an extension weeks before anyone gets the chance to bid on him

  • Giorgos Kassakos

    Sign him at the right price or let him go.

  • ojdiddoit

    Ah I remember this same wr afraid to go across the middle and short arming catchable balls cause of impending contact..Let him take his two rehabbed acls and Twitter account to Gino and Rex


    CLIFF…BIG TIME Loss to the lakers tonight brother. Whoooooo!!! Time to go out west to play the Clippers, Blazers, warriors lol.? JUST LOSE BOYS!!!

  • Dr. Killinger

    Jets view him as a #1? Jets never fail to disappoint. Let him walk. WR appears to be a pretty deep draft class this year. Draft someone with 2 good knees.

  • #7

    I’m not sure we should keep Maclin. Dude has alligator arms.

  • PhillyLu

    Resign Maclin (pending health), Cooper… Trade DeSean and go after a WR in the draft. To me, DJacc, while a intricate piece of the offense, seems to one-dimensional. As we know, Chip Kelly loves versatility with his players and in my opinion, all that Jackson offers you is a deep threat and a potential quick screen/reverse guy. Maclin can still offer you similar speed (again, pending health) and be more versatile in using every part of the field. Quick screens, reverses, deep balls, intermediate throws, etc. With the compensation they get back from a Jackson trade, they can get a long playmaker in a WR-heavy draft which has some great talent.

    I am not a DeSean Jackson hater, by any means. I love the talent just as much as the next guy. But if you can get better from letting him go, why not?!

    Just a thought.