Kelly Learning the Hard Way With Vick

Michael VickChip Kelly and the rest of the Eagles’ brass thought maybe, just maybe, this time would be different. All they had to do was figure out a way to bottle the flash.

If it was ever going to happen it was going to happen with this coach in this system. Plug Michael Vick into a a stripped-down, high-octane read-option heavy attack, and watch the fireworks fly. He might be able to recapture his 2010 form and if he does, quarterback problem solved for the short-term.

Their theories held up to a certain degree. Entering Sunday’s game against the Giants, the Eagles were tops in the league in rushing (165 per game), rushing yards per attempt (5.18), overall plays of 20-plus yards (44) and passing plays of 20-plus yards (36). They were third in the NFL in average yards per game (425.3). As anticipated, the threat of Vick as a runner opened up all sorts of space for this offense to gain yards in giant chunks.

With a healthy Vick, this machine can be hard to stop. With a healthy Vick.

The veteran quarterback hobbled to the podium Sunday afternoon and explained that he felt good going into the game. When Nick Foles went down with a concussion against Dallas, he had made the decision that he would be ready to play this week against the Giants. He rehabbed hard, practiced in full and declared himself ready to go. He wasn’t. Vick didn’t look right from the jump. When he tried to run on the third series of the game he felt the same pop that he experienced in New York on October 6.

“I tested it many times [this week] but there’s nothing like game simulation when guys are coming at you and they are going to hit you,” said Vick. “I just reacted the same way I would have if I was 100 percent healthy.”

Truth be told, Vick hasn’t been 100 percent healthy all season. He revealed that he hurt his groin “twice in the first two games” but was able to power through. He tried to fight through this injury as well, but couldn’t beat it.

Vick has been absent from the lineup for the equivalent of three games so far this season.  That means he’s missed about 38 percent of the action. Foles came in at first and had a big up before a jolting drop down, got injured, and gave way to rookie Matt Barkley, who turned the ball over on each of his first four possessions. Next thing you know, a bleary-eyed Kelly is getting his teeth knocked in and fielding questions postgame about why his once-exciting offense has completely hit the skids.

“I think we have some instability at the quarterback position,” said Kelly.

“Right now we’re unstable at the quarterback spot and we’re not playing well at the quarterback spot, and we lost our last two games because of it.”

For one reason or another, Vick has missed nine of a possible 24 starts over the last season-plus. (He was benched in favor of Foles down the stretch last season). While there are certainly other factors at play, successful franchises do not have this level of instability at quarterback. Take the last five Super-Bowl champions as an example. Between Joe Flacco, Eli Manning , Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger, only one quarterback (Rodgers) missed a game because of the injury in their championship season. That’s 79 of a possible 80 regular-season games where the QB was available to their head coach (Brees sat out a meaningless finale in ’09).

Kelly is not the first head coach to be tempted by Vick. Andy Reid saw the same God-given ability and was so drawn in that he changed courses completely and committed to Vick as his starter in 2010. He was rewarded with a handful of jaw-dropping performances and a season to remember. A big contract soon followed.

As much as he tried, Reid couldn’t recreate the magic with Vick. Too much up and down. His QB was in and out. There was nothing to anchor into.

Kelly too looked like a coach adrift as he addressed the media Sunday. His much-hyped offense has generated three points over the last two games. His QB is out again, and who knows for how long. Vick will have an MRI in the morning. Maybe it’s Foles but it’s probably Barkley next week. It doesn’t much seem to matter right now. This team is in a bad state and it’s for many reasons, but the most important reason is the quarterback situation.

“I think when you’re unsettled at that position in this league, it’s real difficult,” said Kelly.

That’s one of the absolute truths in the NFL. It is also true that it’s about impossible to find stability in Vick at this stage of his career. There is no bottling a flash. A flash, by its definition, is sudden and fleeting.

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  • Nicholas Disilvestro

    Mariota 2014

    • Damien


      • Nicholas Disilvestro

        lol sorry.

    • d.j

      Dennis Dixon is the only logical choice for now. – big upgrade, and he may be able to even the keel, bring back some mojo, and boost chips confidence.
      Assuming of course, Chip is not a coachbot, manufactured in some secret Nike location in Eugene.. – never know. perhaps he needs to go see Phil Knight & Co. and get reprogrammed for the NFL? What? 1 maybe 2 days for reboot, UPS next day..

      • Bob A

        Dixon is on the Bills

        • d.j

          easy trade..

    • BleedGreenJames

      Mariota at whatever cost, HELL YEAH!

    • jarradcvh059

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      • Nicholas Disilvestro

        tell uncle brandon im happy with my hyundai.

    • Loke1988

      Dream on. He will go 1 or 2 and Tampa and Jacksonville will be sitting there.

      • Nicholas Disilvestro

        after suffering through vick, i only have my dreams. that and highlight of the 2004 season on youtube.

        • Loke1988

          I understand. The NFL has become similar to the NBA in that you need a super star QB. Teams are tanking, cough, rebuilding this year in hopes of landing one. Meanwhile back at the ranch the Guru Chippah rolls with Vick instead of just seeing what we have in the young guys. I guess now he has no choice. There are a lot of teams that could be picking higher come April. this actually makes me happy as I have zero faith these guys could select the right QB.

    • HowboutdemIggles

      Tebow today.

  • GumboGumbo

    Which young quarterback will be drafted to run this offense come 2014?

  • TheGhostofNormVanBrocklin

    Not sure who said Vick was a “coach killer” but they were right. And Nick Foles is Kevin Kolb 2.0. (Will give you a decent spot start here and there but not someone you build a franchise around.) Let Barkley start the rest of the season. The other two are worthless.

  • A Big Butt and a Smile


    This article is silly. He was injured. The end. We have a gimp, a head case and a rookie at QB. Until the starter is healthy or someone else shows they can play it’s gonna be a long season.

    • Token

      Even if you think Vick is the best QB in football, hes still always injured. But you stay strong, keep having your mans back.

      • A Big Butt and a Smile


    • Andy124

      Still defending Vick huh?

      Possible reality #1: Vick was still injured after taking 3 weeks to rehab an injury that professionals expected to take 2 weeks (per Kelly), knew it, and lied about it so he could play and deny Barkley practice reps; Selfishly putting his pride over the good of the team. That’s not tough. That’s not being a warrior and that’s not admirable. That’s selfish and stupid.

      Possible reality #2: Vick took 3 weeks to rehab an injury that professionals expected to take 2 weeks to rehab (per Kelly), looked healthy all week, went in to the game reasonably healthy, stunk up the joint first then got reinjured because he’s more fragile than Samuel Jackson in Unbreakable. Nothing praise-worthy there either.

      My money’s on #1.

      • A Big Butt and a Smile

        What? Of course the crazies come out.

        The injury was never expected to take 2 weeks. It was always expected to be 3/4 weeks. Vick seemed healthy enough during the week, but there was never any indication he was 100 and everything was okay.

        It was a gamble to play him, a decision both coach and player made. IT didn’t work out. It’s not any more complicated than that. But yea…go with your conspiracy theories.

        • Andy124

          When it was originally diagnosed, it was supposed to be 10-to-14 days. It was actually 21 days until he played. So he felt good about it. Our training staff and doctors felt good about it. We as a coaching staff didn’t see any effects . . . from a practice standpoint. [We] felt he was going to be the number one guy ~Chip Kelly

          • A Big Butt and a Smile

            And read all the other reports on the type of injury…3 to 4 weeks is usually what it takes. Like I ALSO said, it probably felt okay leading up to practice BUT game time changes that.

            Hamstrings are finicky…that’s just what it is. They gambled and it didn’t work. It happens.

          • Andy124

            You mean report written by couch jockeys and people that didn’t get to work with Vick or look at his injury like the people that actually said 10-14 days?

            Like I said, either he was good enough to go and he stunk, or he wasn’t good enough to go and lied about it.

          • A Big Butt and a Smile

            No definitely not couch jockeys..people who actually know about those type of injuries…but yeah…keep going.

          • Andy124

            Yes, I’m sure they’re in a much better position to make a diagnosis than people who, you know, got to actually examine Vick and his MRI. But you go right on ahead listening to whoever tells you what you want to hear.

          • atlvickfan

            Or, he wasn’t good enough to go but thought he was. Wouldn’t be the first time a professional athlete overestimated their ability to play through an injury.

      • Basscase

        I’ll defend Vick because he was hurt. If you leave it up to the players, they’ll play half-crippled.

        But that’s why you pay the head coach – to make those decisions and protect the players, sometimes from themselves.

        Possible reality #3: Kelly knew it was a big game, and Foles was sent to Siberia because of his performance. Kelly wants to win, and he believes his best chance to keep the course is to put all his eggs in one basket and hope Vick is healthy enough to run the offense, not realizing that it’s Vick’s running threat that keeps defenses honest. Kelly looks at Vick, says he’s OK to go, then yanks him when it turns out he’s NOT OK.

        Blame Vick for wanting to play? Sure. Selfish? Possibly, but it’s not his choice to go out there – it’s Kelly’s. And if Kelly gave in to Vick’s pleas, then it’s worse than you think.

        • A Big Butt and a Smile

          I don’t really think there was any selfishness involved. It was a big game and everyone thought he was okay enough to go. That’s not what happened. I do understand the choice though.

        • Andy124

          If you leave it up to the players, they’ll play half-crippled.
          This is more myth than reality.

          Possible reality #3:
          This is really not a different potential reality as it is not mutually exclusive with the others. Vick was healthy enough to play, or he wasn’t. Kelly’s evaluation of the situation is a different matter.

          not realizing that it’s Vick’s running threat that keeps defenses honest.
          OK, so now we’re just treating it as a fact that this offense can’t work without a mobile quarterback (despite evidence to the contrary and the fact that would make this a worthless offense), AND we’re assuming that Kelly is the only one that has yet to realize this?

          There’s plenty to criticize Kelly for, but if the doctors are telling him that Vick is fine, and Vick is telling him that Vick is fine, then he can’t be blamed for playing him. Vick has a responsibility to the team to either be healthy enough to help the team win, or be honest that he isn’t and to know the difference.

          • Basscase

            What? If everyone’s telling him Vick is fine, but Vick doesn’t look 100% during Friday’s practice, what changed? Kelly can absolutely be blamed for playing him – it’s his choice, based on reps and such, if Vick is good enough to go. Not Vick’s choice. Not the doc’s choice.

            And this offense NEEDS a mobile QB. I never said Kelly was the last one to notice this, but this was a desperate situation – division game, at home, need to keep up with Dallas. He’s taking a chance at Vick not being 100%, hoping that’s enough to beat a bad Giants team.

            I don’t know how anyone could say Vick was “fine” on Friday, when he looked anything but earlier.

          • southy

            I really wonder what people are seeing that I’m not that leads them to believe that the offense NEEDS a mobile qb. Would a mobile qb not take unnecessary sacks, throw behind his receivers when they’re open? And I’m willing to bet what looked like Barkley running a lot of read option plays today were just run calls pure and simple.

            I watched RGIII get brutalized over and over and over this afternoon. Give me a guy with a <2 second release and a solid command of his options any day of the week.

          • cliff henny

            think moile and threat are mixed together. the plays kelly called today definitely need amobile qb. these young guys coming out have been raised in spreads, they know how to run and stay healthy. i ate how rg3 runs, but wilson, cap, cam for most part-guy is huge though- know how to get down or take sideline angles.

          • Kev_H

            I’m not seeing the elevation of RGIII, Kap, Cam etc. Foles has been more solid than they have been.

    • Jerry Pomroy

      The article is not silly. Just because it’s aimed at Vick doesn’t make the article silly. What Tim is stating is that they decided to bring Vick back & give it a whirl hoping to catch lightning in a bottle because of Vick’s electrifying talents, but gambled on his inconsistent play & his being injury prone. They gambled and lost. I love Vick but his time has come and gone. He is not the right QB for this team & a new coaching regime & neither are the other two. It’s time to move onto plan B & move on.

      • A Big Butt and a Smile

        “Just because it’s aimed at Vick doesn’t make the article silly.”

        It’s HOW it’s aimed at Vick is what makes it silly. He’s injured. A flukey injury at that. The tone and point of the article just seems silly. Like a hamstring injury doesn’t warrant an essay about lightning in bottles, and coaches being duped etc. It’s silly, like I said.

        • cliff henny

          fact is, you cannot rely on vick…shown now 3 yrs in a row…health counts

          • A Big Butt and a Smile

            I’m not arguing Vick’s health issues. I’m simply saying the way this article is written is a little ridiculous based on the issue at hand: a hamstring injury.

          • cliff henny

            fail to see whether it’s hammy head or heatstroke…vick cannot be counted on. he took reps from barkley when knowing he wasnt good enough to play-think that part is pretty tough to argue. of course vick lookd good at practice, guy will look good at 65. this ‘vick in ’14’ or ‘bridge to rooki qb’ garbage is how i read this article. vick took reps from barkley this week, takes reps in offseason, from a someone else. i had no issue w/ him playing this yr, thought it was best for kelly to see mobile qb in his offense, but this has to be beginning of the end for vick here in philly

          • A Big Butt and a Smile

            “he took reps from barkley when knowing he wasnt good enough to play-think that part is pretty tough to argue”

            Yeah. Not what happened. He thought he was good enough to play. They thought he was good enough to play. He wasn’t. There was no maliciousness there.

          • GayleSaunders

            It’s unfortunate for Vick but If you miss games you miss games when we look back at why Vick has missed those games in a season, the cause of the injury won’t matter. It’s just the fact that Vick can pretty much guarantee you he’s not going to play a whole season. Hence “injury prone”

          • morgan c

            Vick is also not good at the quarterback position. So, injured and bad.

            Glad we are on same page!

          • Dutch

            There were 3 QBs in camp who were seriously considered, of the 3 which would you say was the most reliable when it comes to completing a season? Barkley came in the draft injured. Where were the options that i am obviously missing?

            It’s not like the other invitees to camp are in the league burning up defenses. Chip is working with the best that were available to him. You can’t fault the guy for working with only what he had on the menu. Then as I stated on top of that they reached for Barkley, an injured Barkley and I still don’t think he stunk up the Linc Sunday, Looks to me this kid has some potential, now it’s on the coaching staff to develop Barkley.

        • djack10

          It’s not a flukey injury…he’s 33 and his play style will always lead to injuries. His body can’t hold up. Nothing against him, it’s just the law of old age. Brian Westbrook was another great example. He completely deteriorated and couldn’t stay healthy.

          • Jerry Pomroy

            Thank you djack. My point exactly. The fact that Vick is out yet again brings to light the point of his being prone to injury & completely validates the point Tim is making. If you can’t see that than it just shows how blind you are to just try to come to Vick’s rescue. He’s done. Time to move on & forward. End of story.

          • HowboutdemIggles

            Donovan McNabb.

        • Mike Calabrese

          Your clearly not seeing the big picture point of the article. Yes hamstring can happen to anyone, but Vick is always injured and this article is pointing out that Kelly like Reid was hoping he could be the coach that could make Vick as his QB, be successful. This is the NFL if your starting QB is injured every year he has been in league except one in 12 year career it can’t work.

          Also claiming a hamstring is flukey is incorrect in Vick’s case. He is a running QB. That lends himself to be more at risk for a hamstring injury. Pocket passers don’t get hamstring injuries. Guys like Rodgers and Luck don’t either bc running is small percentage of what they do. They run when no other option and it’s infrequent enough that it’s unlikely they would injure hamstring. Now Vick has not hurt hamstring in past, but he runs more than any other QB in the league (maybe not Pryor). He is always an injury risk due to his playing style and age. Yes I know many injuries have been in pocket, but that is insignificant in my opinion. The guy is always missing games throughout his career. In the NFL it greatly reduces your teams odds of winning deep into playoffs or even making playoffs. Hence why Vick has 2 career playoff wins and both in same season.

          Honestly I know you love Vick, but no way you or #7 can deny that he is to much of a liability to be a franchise QB. Vick has his moments but this is same story year in and year out injury wise. Only difference is what type of injury. Please don’t mention Foles injuries either bc this is not me advocating Foles.

        • Nicholas Disilvestro

          im sure you have an old falcons jersey you can wipe those tears away with…

      • Dutch

        That’s why he was brought back, there was never a plan B, what could have been done was passed up for Zach Ertz, and that was selecting Geno Smith in Rd 2.

        It’s not as if the Eagles had any other options, Vick was simply the best opportunity at QB in camp. How is it justified releasing your best QB. Whether if some of you like it or not, Barkley because he was selected under Kelly is Kelly’s QB and he should get the rest of season as an audition. This article is useless and offers nothing, not even the truth of the matter. Kelly is learning on the fly, this is a totally different experience. The guy is 3 & 5 with a 4 win team the last season. And this team has serious talent deficiencies.

        The issue is selection of personnel.

        • The Answer

          C’mon man, stop with the Geno Smith over Ertz stuff already.

      • GoBirds1

        But the problem is anyone with half a brain knew after last season that this was the limited outcome with Vick. So what was the point? A hope and a prayer that Vick last for 8 games…then what? I would rather flounder for a season and be a top three pick in every round

  • jakethesnake

    I don’t trust kelly now, lots of double talk and bad moves….the nfl stands for ‘not for long’ for guys that pull this crap….he can’t just recruit and blow away the other teams in this league….eagle nation is justifiably worried…college boy may be in over his head.

    • Token

      Hes used to having faster guys than other teams. Watching the Oregon game last night, I dont think Kelly changed much of anything coming to this level. Foolish.

      • RIP illa

        Sorta and sorta not. He had a ton of 4.5 and plus guys at skill positions in college, and I was worried about that and him trying to keep that trend coming into the league. It’s just that there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of “slow” players in college and more space to work w/ so he could put his best athletes one on one against opposing Ds. That’s the really condensed version, more went into it, but he could control what and where his O could do and go as opposed to just having faster guys than the other team.

    • CSpangler

      We have a bad team with no QB or leadership on either side of the ball. What were you expecting this yr?

      • JaketheSnake

        some decent decision making and not panic during the game. the ability to know when to kick a field goal vs punt, the brains to know to run the clock with a lead under 2 minutes….you know basic f-ing football……not this faggy lying kotite bs we are getting

    • #7

      It seems that way

    • cliff henny

      recruits? obviously you know nothing about kelly. typical. fact is, his average recruiting class was rated below penn states…he does more with less.

  • Token

    yea……. nobody saw this coming.

    How many coaches has Vick killed now?

    Anyway. Just throw Barkley out there the rest of the way. Lose a ton of games, which we would anyway. Hope to draft a QB that can play.

    Im really doubting Kelly is here very long. Just dont see it with the guy. Sure hes a better press conference than Andy, but what else has really changed?

    He kept a bunch of garbage on this roster he shouldnt have. We have a playbook that consists of about 12 plays and 3 formations. He is at least as stubborn as Andy was.

    You could go on and on. But we will know by the end of the year if there is any hope for the guy or not. Its not about how many wins he has. Its about all the other stuff.

    The BONEHEAD coaching decisions he makes weekly. You wanna see him be able to adjust and change things that arent working. He just keep trotting the same things out there expecting something different to happen. He has to realize you cant just count on your guys to be better athletes than all the defenders. The NFL game is just too fast for that crap. Not even Shady can keep running sweeps and be successful.

    Then you add in he hand picked Ertz who keeps looking like a bum in the making. Casey………… Kept Vick which didnt allow the franchise to move forward in so many ways.

    MAYBE this ultra simplistic approach would look better if moving at warp speed, catching defenses off guard. But they dont do that. And maybe they just cant consistently. Frankly there is just so little to gameplan for as a defense they could cover every look the Eagles can give you in the week. Then you take a running QB out of that equation and it gets even easier to defend.

    There was obviously a adjustment period. But two pretty weak defenses have figured it out two weeks in a row. Kelly didnt seem to even do anything different from the first Giants game.

    We are past the QB conversation. They all suck. Period. But we are talking about getting shut out against the Giants. I dont care who the QB is, thats on the coach and his scheme. No offensive TDs in two weeks.

    • Token

      Id be curious to know how ridiculous Chip would look if not for Shady up to this point. Shady made a lot out of a little early on. Helped Chip inflate those offensive numbers. It would be looking even uglier right now IMO.

      • CSpangler

        Why does anyone care about the press conference? Who cares if Reid bored you or Kelly is more excited. Weirdo’s in Philly fret over the dumbest stuff.

    • Mr. Magee

      Lots of interesting stuff in there Token… Whether people agree or disagree, definitely some stuff worth debating..

  • proudeaglefan

    Well i guess its the offense turn to stink it up for the rest of the season well at least we will get a high draft pick out of all this mess. Cut vick next year trade foles for whatever we can get for him and draft a smart Qb not matter what color he is.


    Stop it…all you writers said Vick was the best option…

    • ACViking

      GE . . .

      You think Nick Saban cares what the people in Miami think of him?

      I don’t think so either.

    • cliff henny

      i liked seeing vick, think kelly got to see r/o version of his offense. with foles and now barkley, he’ll get to see what a more typical offense looks like. in end, this ‘doesnt need running qb’ is bs, he at least needs threat, figure it’s as much a learning yr for kelly as it is waiting a yr to turn over this crap roster.

      • southy

        Kelly needs what everyone else needs at a minimum: a competent decision maker that can get the ball out of his hands. Foles played like that for a little while and wouldn’t you know it we did great. Then he came out and was innacurate, unsure, and we were awful. Barkley is just panicking out there.
        I know I’m talking to Philly fans here, but can we be even just a little bit patient with Kelly? As far as I’m concerned this season is all about fine tuning and getting a handle on his new pro team.

        • cliff henny

          it’s ridiculous isnt it? there’s a salary cap, guy was hamstrung with bunch of players. if you study cap, the overhaul is next yr. cant just ignore dead money like some fans want.

          • southy

            to be truthful I’m blown away that he and Davis have brought in a defense full of low-value names and turned out a decent product halfway into the season. they’ve got Nate Allen making tackles in the open field for pete’s sake! Fipp’s squad has underwhelmed. the O has been a mixed bag and a lot of that is just awful QBing. I’d like to see Ertz get more worked into the offense, but otherwise we’ve made plenty of progress.

          • cliff henny

            i like where eagles roster is at. ton of cap, almst every contract outside ’12 and ’13 drafts can gotten out from under, except for cole, graham, williams, barwin and herrmanns, and they are easy gone after ’14. shady is set thru ’16, but he’s least of their worries. tough yr for kelly, he really came 1 yr too early…wonder if he knew he needed a free learning yr also

          • southy

            Some people need a healthy dose of perspective. I mean, look at where Shanahan is in his 4th year coaching the Skins.

          • cliff henny

            and rg3 is not looking good…all those picks, sort of my nightmare scenerio to move up. why i’ve warmed to idea of manziel, think he’ll fall to them. can miss on first w/ne rookie sal cap…it’s annoying, but not crippling. but all those picks, ouch, not like we should have upmost confidence in howie

          • anon

            Who were we stopped from getting w/ our 20mm cap space? Another WR? A better OLB? Safety? They just patched the team together and this is what we get.

        • anon

          Did he do great? Have you watched TBs last two games?

          • southy

            He threw for 300 yards and 2 scores, no INTs, decisive, “functional mobility”… TB isn’t good but that’s not a reason to expect him to become Drew Brees overnight. Come to think of it, even Drew wasn’t Drew for a few years.

  • Jason

    I miss Donovan

  • therealpistolp

    Matt Barkley for the rest of the season??

    • A Big Butt and a Smile

      No one for the rest of the season. We’re in week to week mode right now. The question is do you give Foles the nod if he’s healthy or Barkley?

      I’m gonna go with Foles assuming he’s cleared to play and Barkley as backup…unless Foles stinks it up again and then you switch to Barkley. If Vick gets healthy you play him. And so on and so on…

  • #7

    Here comes Tim “The Reaper” McManus

    • A Big Butt and a Smile

      Pretty much. The article is a like..huh? But typical from Tim.

      • #7

        That’s his role I guess. He always comes with these articles…especially when…hell nevermind who cares

      • cliff henny

        maybe, but the vick in ’14 needs to be squashed. yes, he’s a supreme athlete. my guess at 45 he’d still be able to impress in shorts and helmets. so much goes into starter week to week, and vick cant be counted on.

        • A Big Butt and a Smile

          Why are you obsessed on this Vick in ’14 deal? It’s never been likely Vick would be here next year barring a playoff run..some would say a deep run. It was an opinion of a few but never an opinion of many.

    • cliff henny

      health counts…the guy cannot stay on the field. it’s an issue. we can argu how healthy he knew he was, looked like a guy at best 50%. he took snaps in practice from barkley.

      • #7

        Hey I got no argument on that man. No doubt that he was hurt. He shouldn’t have played. Doesn’t that fall on the HC? I guess my 25 years of watching football is all wrong?

        • cliff henny

          who knows vick’s body better than vick? it’s not this game, it’s in general…every hit either worry about his head or ribs. with vick, it’s not if, but when will he get hurt…and rolling out 50,65, 75% vick onlt makes it worse.

          • anon

            You saw MBs game last week. Vick thought he was the only chance we had to win so he tried to play.

  • therealpistolp

    Vick is the best QB we have but he might be the most undependable player in the league… Same

  • #7

    What I don’t understand is that Chip himself said that he didn’t necessarily need a Franchise/Superstar QB.

    Please someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    I see the words “coach killer” being thrown around. Chip is killing himself and getting his QBs killed with his system apparently. Your mobile QB gets hurt and your pocket passer gets hurt.

    A few people on here fiercely stated that Vick shouldn’t have played. What do you think Tim McManus? Vick played when he shouldn’t have, and who does that fall on Tim? The player or the HC? Last time I heard, the HC is the final decision maker. I guess Vick bullied the HC to play? I just don’t like the celebratory tone of this article and the Eagles “fans”. Why are you guys mad anyway? Didn’t you want to tank the season? Yet, when the team takes the field, you want to win and complain when you don’t. Vick shouldn’t have played, but he gave it a shot and I’m good with that. Never seen fans/writers that take such joy in someone’s injury/failure. And before you start cryin, I pulled for Foles AND Barkley. Check the posts.

    • cliff henny

      sure he said it, cause he didnt have one. someone offers him rodgers for shady, he’ll say yes befor the ‘dee’ part is out.

      • #7

        Well how can he, IMO, throw his QBS under the bus when things are going bad? I give AR credit. He defended his players at all times for the most part.

        We might get “Petrino’d”

        • cliff henny

          so, your upset because he said qb’g was an issue. even the most novice fan could see that. vick was awful, foles was awful…now a coach saying a fact is bad. lord, some people. qb position is officially issue #1, hands down no doubt. was hoping it wouldnt be

          • southy

            agreed. CK is going to be upfront with his players, upfront with his fans. it’s not throwing them under the bus, it’s honesty. and I for one appreciate it, even if it’s bad news.

          • cliff henny

            it’s not even honesty…mean christ, i have 2 eyes! foles sucked, vick bs’d himself into lineup. what else is the guy to say?

          • #7

            Never seems to be his fault. We’re unstable at QB instead. AR took all the blame for his players. Not Chip. It’s the QBs fault. Got it Chip

          • cliff henny

            you really cant stand anyone saying anything bad about vick. didnt see anything ‘under bus’…mostly cause vick and foles(didnt single either qb out-along with barkley) have played like dog balls last 2 games.

          • #7

            Is not even about that. It’s never his system. Reid protected his players. And hell henny, maybe it’s HIM. All of his coaching career it’s never been HIM and now that people, not just me, people around the country are starting to question this guy. I don’t think he’s showing leadership IMO. It’s not even about the QBs anymore for me.

            We run f’in sweeps with McCoy over and over for God’s sake. We have maybe three running plays and a couple pass plays. The NFL has shut all that shit down man and I’m pissed about it. This guy is getting outcoached by a long shot

          • Basscase

            I’ll never forget the look he had on the sidelines during the Denver game……that look of bewilderment and astonishment, like he found himself in a time warp, and was suddenly in a boxing ring in 85 against Iron Mike.

            The lack of adjustments and the seemingly unsettled game plan really concern me – Henery is toast, even if he wasn’t really a sure thing over 45.

            And even if Barkley was in over his head, if Vick wasn’t ready to go, it’s the HC’s responsibility to put his players in the best position to win. That doesn’t happen when you run 8 bubble screens a game.

          • southy

            we’re halfway through his first season with this team in his first season in the pros. Reid went 5-11 his first year and had a young McNabb on the squad. Give the dude some time to build his team his way, and adjust his system to the pro game before we go calling him the next Kotite.

          • #7

            Kotite. It’s not looking good. Where are the adjustments?

          • Kev_H

            Kotite had a winning record with the Eagles. Kelly hasn’t reached that level and may not. Kotite was able to do that with a starting QB who missed 32 games in 4 seasons.

          • Eagles4Life

            A. men.

          • cliff henny

            it’ him cause vick is looking like a broken down 33 yr old qb on his last legs…wasnt kelly in 1st 4 games…kelly was a genuis to you. love the unnamed ‘peple around country’…anyone who thought this would be smooth needs their heads checked. roster has serious issues

          • #7

            Don’t pretend that you didn’t drink the Kool-aid.

            I man up about mine. Yes, I drank it. I think the majority of people on here did.

          • cliff henny

            i certainly enjoyed it, sure, like when eagles play well…but vick has flaws, i’ve pointed them out to you often, and one is health. cant help the club in the tub. he never learned how to protect himself. we can try to ignore it, but when it smacks you in the face for 3rd straight yr, time to own up to it.

          • #7

            Easy to enjoy then, of course. Vick was injured. I’m not disputing that at all

          • The Answer


            People have literally no patience nowadays and that goes beyond sports. Take a deep breath, it’s one game in a season that if you had reasonable expectations is chugging right along. They don’t have the talent right now to be a contender without at least average QB play plain and simple. Plays are there to be made, coaches have made mistakes, it happens. Unbelievable how people have no sense of the future, only the game or incident that just happened…(see Sixers fans who don’t get the Holiday trade…what’s building for the future mean? I want an 8th seed NOW!)

            Am i disappointed in how the offense has looked the past two games? Of course! Am i bashing Chip Kelly because of it? No that would be utterly ignorant, it’s two freaking games with some of the worst quarterbacking you’ll ever see. On the bright side, the defense has markedly improved. Are they a good defense yet? No but they are climbing towards mediocrity, and with the talent level/adjustment to the new scheme that is nice progress. Are they going to get lit up again this season? Probably. But where’s all the Billy Davis & 3-4 hate? Hello?

            Oh and ya’ll complain about vanilla answers such as ‘Time’s yours’ or ‘I take responsibility for that it’s my job…’ and now you’re complaining because Chip said what everybody knows, which is that the QB play has been horrific the last two weeks? Do I love how brutally honest Chip was publicly? Ehh maybe not. You think thats hurts widdle Matty’s, Mikey’s & Nicky’s spirits though? C’mon people, relax…. until next week.

          • Uriel Fernandez

            Thank You! My thoughts exactly It’s the first season of a rebuilding team, didn’t Pete Carrol go 7-9 his first two seasons and Jimmy Johnson go 1-15 and 7-9 his first two seasons. I’m not saying he’s going to be them but people have to learn to wait, and with the top QB’s hurt on the team what do people expect. I can understand criticism but like most of this is too much; People are acting like this is his 3rd season this is his 1st season people need to relax.

          • anon

            we bought a fish and are expecting him to breath air and walk on land.

          • southy

            what cliff said – you have 2 eyes. it’s right in front of you: the execution was just awful. these aren’t aren’t bold, risky coaching decisions; these are guys who are blowing it just running vanilla stuff. i don’t know what we expect CK to do when his guys can’t run a simple bootleg or not fumble the snap or hand the ball off cleanly.

          • Kev_H

            I agree with you. Coach should support his players. Could have said something looked wrong with Foles last week (like Aikman did in the broadcast) and could have given Vick credit for giving it a go and laud Barkley for stepping in and improving over last week and leave it at that. If they want to draft a top QB next year, chances are he’s going to struggle as much or more as these guys and the coach is the one guy who should be publicly building his guys up.

    • southy

      Vick tells you he feels good to go and manages to fully practice all week. Your other option is Barkley who is in way over his head. Not surprised by the call AT ALL.

      And Vick pulled his hammy while untouched. Foles got hurt on a play when he had no business holding onto the football. Why is this on CK?

  • southy

    Anyone still think we’re gonna win the division?

    We’re REBUILDING. We need to accept it. It’s not going to be pretty for a little while. In many respects we’ve been ahead of the curve. Our D is coming together better than expected, and we came out being able to move the ball with our garbage WR corps (without Maclin). We need to get settled at QB, and that won’t happen this season. We need to get our TEs or someone in the slot that can post-up underneath, smoother at checking down… basically a lot of the little things that can make us so much better. I personally don’t think we’re that far off.

    • Kev_H

      They get Foles or Barkley out there with a few games under their belts and the defense clicking and they’ll win the division and make noise in the playoffs. That’s why the whole bring back Vick thing is a head-scratcher to me. It’s well established his ceiling is pretty low at this point. The best bet would have been to go with Foles, let him take some lumps while the defense took some lumps and hope everyone gets it together for a second half run. I’m not sure why Mannings, Brees, Griffin III etc. get to stink for entire seasons or stretches of games, but our guys (except for the losing, turnover machine– that’s based on empirical data) can’t have a couple bad games. Good job they didn’t take that approach with McNabb.

      • anon

        hahahahahahaah. We aren’t winning the division probably with any QB. Can’t have a rebuilding mentality and then think you’re going to win the division. The problem is that as a fan base we want it both ways.

        MB through 3 quarters hasn’t shown much. Foles played well in one game choked in another. Vick stays hurt.

        • Kev_H

          Rebuilding in the 21st century NFL? That doesn’t exist. Do you follow football much? Who won the NFC East last year? The rebuilding Redskins after a 3-6 start. Who beat them in the playoffs last year? The rebuilding Seahawks after a 4-4 start. The rebuilding Colts made the playoffs after a 3-3 start and despite a negative point differential in 2012. The Bengals were able to withstand a barrage of interceptions (11) from their second year QB and a 3-5 start to make the playoffs last year. All of those teams turned it over to inexperienced QBs in 2012, let them take their lumps in the first half of the season, and came together to make it to the playoffs. Could have been the same for the Eagles. Sticking with Vick doomed them to their current fate.

  • #7

    And Tim, he wasn’t “tempted” by Vick. Chip made the choice. Period. Don’t try to fluff it up. THEN Vick won the job. You earn jobs in this league.

    • cliff henny

      sure he meant resigning him. it was cap move-limited investment, 1yr no picks in trade. it pushed qb decision till ’14 when there’s much better options. kelly cant stand up in feb and say ‘well, foles is a noodle arm, vick is great to watch, hasnt won crap, cant stay healthy, but ’14 we’ll get you guy a qb i can work with…and yeah, lurie raised ticket prices cause his trust fund only made 3.5% this yr’

  • emyrtle

    I think the quarterback position is changing. The eagles should draft a QB that can run and only expect to have him for about 5 years then draft another one. Just like you do with running backs. That is not a bad thing.there are way better athletes playing quarterback in college now, so you will be able to find someone if you realize that’s how the position works now.

    • southy

      except the guys that can sling it still win games and do it consistently. the ability to make decisions and run on offense is still paramount. mobility is a great asset if it complements what you can do throwing – look at the up-and-comers who are doing well consistently: Luck, Wilson, even Kaep. They can throw it all over the yard and they pick their spots to run. That’s been successful since Fran Tarkenton came into the league.

  • JofreyRice

    Yeah, Vick’s all freakin’ bashed apart. What a shock. Even if they anticipated this, what could they have done instead? Clearly, this is going to be an adjustment for Kelly, if he’s up to the challenge.

    Had he not brought Vick back, Foles would have sh!t his pants in public even harder and earlier, and we’d still be QB-less. Or we would have brought in someone like Matt Flynn and tried to run read-option (great strategy, by the way).

    Right now, Kelly seems like he’s in a darkened hallway, looking for a doorknob.

    • cliff henny

      madden said alot of things…but one was never truer ‘when you have 2 qbs, you have none’. least now maybe ‘eagles can get thru ’14 w/ vick and pick defense in 1st’ talk is done

      • anon

        we’re selling our whole draft for a qb.

        • G_WallyHunter


    • Adam

      You change your opinion on Kelly weekly. It’s comical at this point.

      • JofreyRice

        How consistent do you expect my opininion to be? The guys coached 8 games. Unless I was a rabid Ducks fan, or a full fledged fluffer or hater, I’m going to get a better sense of him as I see him.

        For instance, you claimed Barkley was a top ten pick that somehow fell into the 4th. You revised your opinion when you saw he has the arm of a sickly child. Reasonable.

        I gave him a pass for the Dallas game, because we saw how bad Foles was playing, but the run game sucked. They had a tough tine running on the Giants in the first game, and failed to get anything going again yesterday.

        Before the season, we talked about what we’d hope to see from Kelly in year one. Losses where the D couldn’t hold the opposing offenses are easier to excuse than Kelly’s offense failing to post 1 offensive TD in 2 divisional games. That, along with the emerging pattern of bad in-game decisions and throwung players under the bus is worrisome.

        • #7

          “For instance, you claimed Barkley was a top ten pick that somehow fell
          into the 4th. You revised your opinion when you saw he has the arm of a
          sickly child. Reasonable.”

          LOL. Barkley’s passes float like a wobbly butterfly but fails to sting like a bee

        • Token

          Ive already posted a bunch about it since yesterday.

          But in summary, I dont think the Chip Kelly era will last very long. I had hoped he would adjust to the NFL game. But he brought his exact college scheme here and refuses to change anything, regardless of who is playing QB.

          Too simple of a scheme. Defenses know all of our plays. Cant play the my athlete is better than your athlete game in the NFL and expect to consistently be good. Scheme is important.

          I dont like things im seeing overall. So much more of a continuation of the late stage Reid era than it is a new beginning. Now hes throwing the players under the bus. Judging by the players comments, its starting to go bad around here. Players know they need to adjust what they are doing, the coach doesnt seem to realize it though.

  • djack10

    would have been nice to see what dixon could do

  • Eagles4Life

    Ok, so what was the purpose of the article? Vick’s been hurt already. We knew this weeks ago. And any athlete present or former can tell you a hamstring can be problematic and recurring. Why are we nitpicking over foolishness?

    What’s problematic is that we’ve gotten the clamps put on us by shitty defenses 2 weeks in a row. I don’t care what the situation is, we should at least be able to put together at least ONE drive in a game. Looking like this scheme is being figured out.

    Hats off to Billy Davis, though.

  • anon

    Who would have thought that Davis would be the best performing coach on the team.

    • d.j

      NFL experience vs having none. and to be fair, coachbot needs Madden 2012 installed. This offence is very simple to stop without a running quarterback. let Nike install the madden, ship him back, and hit reboot..

  • d.j

    Or.. we can sign Tebow, Pray the Rosary, Chant, speak in tongues, hug a tree..
    Whatever religious tomfoolery you dig.. And BANG. Little Timmy Jesus? becomes the reincarnation of an Elway/Jim Brown and the Birds win 3 straight super bowls..
    Chip statue replaces Billy Penn.. – aaaaaah, forget Famine, war, and your personal problems! – collective ummmmmmm, ummmmmm, ummmmmm, – Rub those beads, “Our father who”.. – everybody now!

  • d.j

    Last “running” QB to win a super bowl? So, although it is, or has been a statistical fact.. We also install an offensive system, that can only perform at a proficient level with such a QB? – Highly illogical Captain.. – And today the non stop whinefest will whirl like a top on the radio stations… Yes..? Mike from Mayfair your on.. ” bla,bla, bla, F$%&in bla, bla”… – and then we get sold cars, jewelry, and pole-meds.. – Love it.

  • anon

    Also MB is a winny girl. was listening to his press conference, all excuses. i almost just want to let him start so he can lose and i don’t have to hear about him not getting reps.

  • d.j

    Millions on the line every Sunday. Cash, emotions, time, the fans get fleeced and sold cars. the players and powers to be are fine, and belly’s full. – Happens daily. – Toronto Argonauts are on tonight..

  • Pennguino

    It’s funny. Vick is who he has been his whole career and people are starting to call for Chip’s head. He has gotten on the WR’s about not winning the one on one battles. He has gotten on the Oline as a reason for the QB struggles. He is just acting like a realistic fan. Blame the WR’s and not the QB for crappy play. Then it’s the offensive line for thew crappy QB play. How’s the saying go? Once is an anomaly. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a pattern. He sees who is the problem. It’s the QB. Foles had the one bad game and Vick has had several.

    From this article: “I think we have some instability at the quarterback position,” said Kelly. “Right now we’re unstable at the quarterback spot and we’re not playing well at the quarterback spot, and we lost our last two games because of it.”

    What is wrong with that statement? He is 100% right. There is instability. He does not know who his starting QB is next week. Foles was horrible last week and Vick topped him.

    From EMB: “I think we’ve had some instability at the quarterback position,” said head coach Chip Kelly after the game. “I think we’ve also got to step up. And it starts with me. I’m the play-caller. I’m the guy calling plays. In the last two weeks, I haven’t done a very good job of it. Until we can get that straightened out, the disappointing thing is I think our defense played a really, really good football game again today. They’ve really come along. But offensively we haven’t done what we need to do to win two football games and we need to get that fixed.”

    He is recognizing he has to change the game plan.

  • #7

    And I can’t stand, but this guy is right. We have enough talent to put a couple of drives together. Please, someone dispute me on that. To me, he’s throwing his QBs under the bus. Is he being honest? You can say that, but if you look closely, he mentions himself last. That’s not a leader. Hell has he ever been a leader?

    It’s not about Vick or the QBs anymore for me. A QB will be drafted and it is needed. I’m afraid of him making the pick now…. if he’s still around.

    He’s supposed to protect his players. Even last year, the players would still run thru a wall for Reid. I don’t think they’ll do that for Chip.

    And this article makes no sense. A shit starter is all it is. McManus plays the “Reaper” role with ease.

    • Token

      hes getting desperate. I did find that comment about the QBs odd yesterday.

      But yea, theres a TON invested in this offense. And excuses still have to be made? I dont care if the 3rd QB is in or not, theres no excuse not to score a TD in two weeks against two bad defenses. plain and simple. Teams know exactly what plays we are running. They can study our entire 12 play playbook during the week.

      Everyone knows none of these QBs are very good to begin with. But with how much KELLY AND HOWIE have invested in the offense, its just not enough of a excuse.

      A real offensive guru would be able to atleast do something. Not stick with the same couple plays regardless of who is playing QB and look dreadful.

      When he came here I thought for whatever reason he would adapt to the NFL. But hes kept the same offense as college. Its not gonna work long term.

      You see the read option defended a hell of a lot better this year league wide. 49ers dont really use it anymore. Seahawks dont rely on it. Skins dont obviously. Its over. Just another passing fad. If 12 plays and a RO offense is the only thing Kelly brings to the table then they should probably move on and stop wasting our time.

      This isnt simply a player problem. This isnt a case of needing “his guys”. This is a problem with the base offense. Its flawed. The offense itself would have a really hard time being consistent at this level.

      Theres were a few players on postgame last night, Avant was one, saying how in the NFL defenses watch tape and will adjust to what you are doing, now its time for us to adjust he said.

      • #7

        Per Jeff McLane:

        “Getting back to Kelly’s decision making, having Barkley drop back on first down at the 2 was a mistake. He said he needed to burn a timeout to relax his quarterback’s nerves, and then he has him roll out on a naked bootleg? Wha-wha-what?”


        • Token

          Much of the stuff we thought we were done with when Andy was fired still remains the same as it ever was. Its basically been a continuation of the end of the Andy era.

          I know nobody is gonna agree with this, but I was a defensive background coach.

          We need a complete change in culture in this franchise.

          I understand its a offensive league. But you just go get a bright young offensive mind to be your OC.

          If everyone is trending one way, I want to go get a good defensive mind to counter that. Just my opinion.

          The guy I keep coming back to is Ray Horton. I like his defense, but I just like the guy.

          • #7

            I agree. Yes, I know we need to draft a QB, but defense can at least keep us in games. On offense, if you don’t score 30 points these days pretty much, you lose

  • ridusofreid

    I believe Vick has thrown his last pass as an Eagle. Wishful thinking but clearly he cannot be part of the future plans for this team. We have two young QB’s we need to figure out if either can be a starter.

  • Badgamewherestheblame

    Definition of flash? Are you serious with this crap Mcmanus? Perhaps Kelly and the front office looked at Vick like a slackjawed caveman. Maybe they saw Vick and thought, “Flash good, we put flash in fast offense and get many points.” Or maybe you should stop trotting out the same stupid narrative and stop projecting your thoughts onto the Eagles organizationan. Do your job and report on the Eagles. Youre better than this.

    • #7


  • bighand18

    Michael Vick always has been, is today, and always will be a coach killer. Chip has learned that now. Good news is that it doesn’t really matter. The Iggs were always going to stink this year, and Vick’s failure hasn’t materially altered that reality. Good news is we’ll get to see more of Foles and Barkley, probably enough to prove that neither is Chip’s QB of the future. Then we can focus on finding someone who is. 3-13 or 4-12 won’t likely get us Bridgewater or Mariota, but it will get us the next best QB in the draft. That should be good enough to let Chip really run his offense next year. Then we can draft a bunch of defensive players with the rest of our picks, and can begin the process of getting better. I’m okay with that…..

  • pocketpasser

    Vick fans are idiot’s !!!
    He is black therefore he is a great QB. He sucks !!!
    He is right out of the mold for running QB’s, of which 95 percent are black and played the part of the scarecrow in the “Wizard of Oz”….if I only had a brain.

    They can’t read defenses, dont know what a pocket is, need 2 minutes to throw a pass, can’t hit receivers in stride, they all have happy feet, cannot call an audible, are always one or two hit wonders, admit they think run first, loved more by opposing coaches than their own mothers.

    They pile up stats between the 20’s but suck in the red zone. Their college coaches didn’t do them any favors. Their physical talent overshadows their weaknesses in college so they excel and improvise to beat lesser talented teams.

    It didn’t take long to figure out R2D2 in Washington did it. Oh that’s right he is still injured and can’t run full speed…if he was a pocket QB he wouldnt have to rely on his speed would he ?

    Manning’s ankles are both in bad shape but he can still play QB, Brady played with a bad groin injury but still played, etc…Andrew Luck…remember him…last year he had a calf injury but didn’t miss a minute.

    The NFL is praying for a black QB to win a Super Bowl and

  • Will

    Offensive woes continue, the player’s on Offense can’t get it done
    without a healthy Vick. The O-Line is showing it’s age and Kelce is way
    to small. McCoy is the only real threat and teams are taking him out of
    the game. WR’s can’t beat man coverage. So teams will continue to load
    the box against the run, gonna be an ugly stretch till Vick gets back.
    Even with a healthy Vick this Offense can struggle against good
    Defenses. I am all for tanking to go after Mariota, sad part is they are
    losing because the team is that bad. Tanking not required. Vick will
    need 4-6 weeks to heal up now this team is going nowhere fast. Unless
    Foles gets healthy and puts together some stellar performances back to

    The Gnats figured out just to Nut Stunt on Defense to shut down the
    inside zone read option play, till the Eagles figure it out teams will
    continue to stunt on Kelce. This forces the run game to the outside zone
    read plays, thus making it a one dimension run game. With out a threat
    of a running QB Defenses key on McCoy all day. Neither Foles or Barkley
    have shown they can beat man coverage unless any of this changes the
    Eagles will continue to have Offensive woes and I suspect continue to

    Kelce got beat by the NT Nut stunts all game from player’s that weigh
    350 lbs. or more. This occurred in two Gnats games and is out there on
    film. Other teams should follow suit and if they do you have no inside
    zone read play which is what the Offense is predicated on that 1 play.
    There is no option without Vick to run the ball so they key in on McCoy
    kinda defeats the purpose of the whole play. So Chip has to re-do the
    blocking scheme and have Kelce crash down on the side McCoy lines up on
    and reassign the blocking scheme.

    All Oakland has to do is Nut Stunt Kelce disrupting our run game zeroing
    in on McCoy, and take away the short passing game like Dallas did. Thus
    rendering the Offense ineffective again. The blueprint is out there on
    film. Barkley’s weak arm makes it hard to throw deep with out an
    interception lacks zip on his passes.

    Barkley can be effective with the short passing game. Soon as teams take
    away the underneath stuff Barkley will struggle going deep with the
    ball. Strap in gonna be ugly with no run game if Oakland takes a page
    out of Gnats defensive playbook .

    Without the inside zone read option play and lack of the deep pass threat. The Offense is dead in the water. Neither Foles or Barkley are consistent going deep to the outside so Djax becomes ineffective. I don’t think they win either unless they get the inside zone read option play going and hit on deep passes to strecth the Defenses the Eagles face.

    • #7

      I watched the Raider game. That defense is underrated and Pryor is playing well. Dude ran for a 93yd TD.

      We will lose this too and we will be finished for a week until the Cowboys choke again…again keeping our “hopes” up

      • Will

        Without the inside zone read option play and lack of the deep pass threat. The Offense is dead in the water. Neither Foles or Barkley are consistent going deep to the outside so Djax becomes ineffective. I don’t think they win either unless they get the inside zone read option play going and hit on deep passes to strecth the Defenses the Eagles face.

        • #7

          This is a disaster. Period.

          I drank the kool-aid. I drank all that shit up. This is as disappointed as I’ve ever been as an Eagles fan. I know we had the Kotite Era and the Ray Rhodes Era, but I’m more disappointed with this.

          All the hype, the speed, the formations, our players with the speed to fit his “offense” and we end up running sweeps constantly with the leading rusher in the NFL. We fail to put any WR in motion. A f’n 3 wide, single back formation every play.

          Bubble screens. Gone
          WR Stacks outside (screens). Gone

          That seems to be the entire offense right there. RO fake does not work without Vick. Our QBs look like idiots carrying out the fakes while 9 guys in the box swarm #25. He will be injured soon, unfortunately. We have a stud backup RB, with our supposed RUN FIRST FIRST OFFENSE, and he can’t use him effectively. He’s not a zone read guy Chip. PUT HIM IN THE “I” FORMATION CHIP!!!!! Make an adjustment Chip. You should know something about the I formation….or maybe not. Put “Swiss Army Knife” at FB….thats what the 12 mil is for, right Chip? Jack of all trades supposedly.

          This is some BS, then we have our columnist, Tim McManus, zoom in on one player. This article was completely pointless.

          How about a scathing article on Chip, Tim? When is it time for Chip to feel some heat? He threw his QBs under the bus IMO. Vick should be commended to giving it a shot…and maybe he shouldn’t have, but I commend that and there are a few on here that see this and did that as well.

          This is a disaster and it’s not just on the players.

          I don’t care about the QBs anymore.

  • Johnny_P

    I’m going to take the bright side approach. This is evaluation time for the team. These last 8 weeks will give Chip and his coaching staff all they need to know about who is expendable and who is worth retaining. I also think it’s time for Jeffrey Lurie to bring in a ‘consultant’ of sorts, that has a true eye for talent and can advise Howie Roseman. It doesn’t have to be a big name, but someone that comes from a successfully run franchise (Pittsburgh, Giants, Patriots). All fans in this day and age have ADD, and expect a team with marginal talent, a new coach, & a new defensive scheme to magically produce 9-10 wins and relive the glory days of playing into January. Expectations need to be tempered: Chip is evolving, his offensive philosophy will have to evolve, he will need out the good and the bad & this is the perfect year to do that. Sunny days are ahead in 2014.

    • Nicholas Disilvestro

      I think you are kind of describing Tom Gamble. It really annoys me to see how well Ryan Grigson is doing in Indy.

  • d.j

    Marcus Mario… Vick.

  • daryksr

    Any chance the birds take the Jimmy Johnson approach, and trade away our best ralent for a boatload of draft picks? More than enough teams would pay the premium to land a Shady on their roster. Add in a DJax to sweeten the pot and see what we get

  • Loke1988

    I could have told Chippah this when he got the job. But he said he didn’t go on whatever happened in the past. Pure stupidity. No excuse.

  • defroe81

    tebow to finish the season do it…