All-22: Why the Run Game Struggled


Through four games, Jason Kelce had established himself as one of the Eagles’ most reliable offensive linemen.

He showed no ill effects from the knee injury that sidelined him for the final 14 weeks of 2012. He did a good job of setting protections, held his own against interior pass-rushers and excelled in the run game, often showing off his athleticism at the second and third levels.

So it might come as a bit of a surprise to learn that Kelce’s play was the biggest factor in the run-game struggles Sunday vs. the Giants.

“The biggest flaw in the second half was myself and the nose guard,” Kelce said. “I really don’t think it correlated to [Michael] Vick or [Nick] Foles being in the game.”

LeSean McCoy entered the game averaging 6.0 YPC. But on Sunday, he gained just 46 yards on 20 carries (2.3 YPC). With Vick in the game, the Eagles gained 81 yards on 20 run plays (4.1 YPC). With Foles, they gained just 14 yards on 13 attempts (1.1 YPC).

So what happened to the run game that looked unstoppable through the first four games of the season? The Giants kept Kelce off-balance and took away one of the Eagles’ most productive plays.


Before Sunday, the Eagles were averaging north of 6.0 YPC on the inside zone read. At Oregon, Chip Kelly called this his team’s “go to work play.” And that has been the case so far in the NFL as well.

The Giants were well aware of that and went into the Week 5 matchup with the focus on stopping the play.

“Their whole game-plan was really to stop that play, or at least that’s what it felt like out there,” Kelce said. “When there’s a 1-technique to the side of the play, that singles up me a little bit as the center.”

Here’s an example of what he’s talking about during a first-quarter play.


Justin Tuck is set up as the 1-technique (in between the center and guard). Vick reads the backside defensive end, which in this case is Jason Pierre-Paul (No. 90). He’s going to hand the ball off to McCoy, who runs to the right and looks for a crease.

“Generally speaking, what my goal is on that play is to get my head front-side so that they have to have that gap integrity,” Kelce said. “They have to stay in that A-Gap [between the guard and center]. Otherwise they get yelled at by the coaches.”

Here’s what he means.


Kelce was called for a penalty here, but he got to where he wanted to be.

For much of the game, though, the Giants’ defensive tackles were not as cooperative.

“When he was first lined up as the 1-technique, he would jet up the field,” Kelce said. “So now, what I have to do is get over a little bit more to stop him. And then once I started doing that, that’s when you see the slanting and angling across my face.”

Kelce was talking about Mike Patterson specifically, but the overall conversation was about all of the Giants’ defensive tackles. On this second-quarter play, Shaun Rogers did not move laterally at all. Instead, he fired upfield through the A-Gap as soon as the ball was snapped.




Rogers disrupted the play in the backfield and stuffed McCoy for no gain.

And once the Giants got Kelce worrying about that, they started slanting behind him. That’s the move that really hurt the Eagles, as Patterson disrupted plays all game long.

Here, you’ll see Kelce wants to protect himself against Patterson shooting into the backfield in the A-Gap between him and Herremans.


But instead, Patterson is going to cross Kelce’s face, use a swim move and penetrate the backfield through the backside A-Gap between the center and Evan Mathis. Kelce said the Eagles refer to this technique as a “nut stunt.”


“What they were doing is either they were jetting upfield, which in turn made me commit more front side because I didn’t want to allow penetration,” Kelce said. “Then what they were doing, once they started doing that is slanting the nose behind me where I don’t have any help on the play. So part of it is I’ve obviously gotta do a much better job of redirecting and adjusting as the game goes on to what they’re giving me. And it was a good scheme by them. I’ve gotta be able to adjust better throughout the game.”


Patterson, who timed the snap count brilliantly and showed he’s got some quickness, dropped McCoy for a 6-yard loss.

“I can’t take such a big second step when teams are doing that,” Kelce said. “I really have to have quicker feet and I have to have a vertical approach, rather than lateral.”

Asked if he expects other teams to do the same thing, Kelce said: “Absolutely. I mean, I know if I was a defensive coordinator and I saw what happened on film against the Giants, I would definitely try to replicate it. So it’s good that it happened that early in the season and we got a victory out of it because now we can correct it, and moving forward if some team is trying to do it in a game, I’ll have answers for it.”

The Redskins and Chargers both tried to do the same thing at times against the Eagles. But the technique requires a quick defensive lineman, or one who is timing the snap count well. It also leaves the defense vulnerable if the lineman doesn’t get to the ball-carrier.

“It’s a huge hole,” Kelce said. “They’re kind of going for broke on it. That was, I think, their play that they wanted to stop. They knew we had tremendous success running that play up until that point. And they really wanted to stop that play in particular.”

The Eagles only ran the ball 13 out of 40 times with Foles in the game

While the Eagles will likely have to make run-game adjustments (more on that in a later post) if Foles starts Sunday, Kelce was adamant that the problems vs. the Giants had nothing to do with the quarterback and everything to do with him having a tough day at the office.

“I think that was the correlation,” he said. “I don’t think that there’s anything else. …The biggest flaw in the second half was myself and the nose guard.”

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  • Brian

    Good stuff Sheil. Thanks.

  • BlindChow

    You need to be sure to get Kelce’s analysis after every game. He always delivers.

    • Brian

      Very honest.

    • nicksaenz1

      I don’t know. The insightful analysis that the run game doesn’t work at all with Foles in the game seemed really well thought out.

      • A Big Butt and a Smile

        It’s not a coincidence that the decided to key in on the run once Vick was out and Foles was in. Kelce may not have been able to handle it…but that’s sound defensive strategy right there. No longer have to worry about containing Vick…just keep McCoy in place.

        • theycallmerob

          I guessed you missed the part about the Chargers and Redskins trying it as well.
          Again, personnel OTHER than Vick actually play a role in all of this too, you know. Like the Chiefs DBs, and in this case two DTs who are very familiar with Kelce and the Eagles. They didn’t key on the run, they went for broke on the few run plays that were called with Foles in the game. Had McCoy broken even one of those, this would not be a conversation.

          • A Big Butt and a Smile

            – I guess you missed the part where the Giants weren’t making those moves ’till the second half.
            – Unless somehow I misread that…Kelce was able to contain in the first half and not in the second? Why?
            – And for the umpteeth time it’s not about Vick or Foles in the way you’re taking it. It’s about having a mobile QB vs. a non-mobile QB in scheme that favors mobility and how defenses adjust to the differences.

        • BlindChow

          “Key in on the run” how? What were they doing different? How would defensive line slants not stop McCoy if Vick were in? Or would Kelce have somehow not been beaten on those plays?

        • nicksaenz1

          So is it not a coincidence that there’s a play shown in the All-22 with Vick at QB while the Giants are executing this strategy? Like Chip said, they didn’t call much read option in the game, so McCoy was getting these handoffs, regardless. That said, I’ll take 3-4 yards of the not-as-nimble Foles keeping that ball than a McCoy loss. If only to keep a D honest.

          • A Big Butt and a Smile

            Right and Vick still ran for 79 yards on the ground. A point I made in another comment. That said tactic seems to become more effective sans having to worry about two runners.

          • nicksaenz1

            Mostly on pass plays where he decided to keep it, which is irrelevant to the conversation at hand.

          • Vick Must Go

            Man… If I could build the perfect QB, I would first start with his running prowess. I wouldn’t care about his decision making, or his vision, or his passing acumen, or his ability to read defenses. I would simply want him to be the best running QB in the league. Because that is the most important thing.

            Vick Must Go…

        • Loke1988

          Or I don’t know….Perhaps stop the read option and leaving people unblocked that are supposed to be faked by the QB who is suddenly less mobile? I don’t expect you to understand this. It’s for the benefit of other posters with opinions similar to mine.

    • Dominik

      O-Line Coach (or even more) in the making? :)

  • Kevin

    Thanks Sheil. I now have a whole new appreciation of a “nut stunt”.

    • BleedGreenJames

      heh heh heh.

  • Rick H

    Sheil I love the stuff you show but I have to disagree mightily on this assessment of Kelce. I like Kelce quite a bit. However he must have a really short memory i.e. The Chiefs game to be exact!
    Kelce was being lifted and walked or carried back into Vick for almost the entire game. Sitting on the 50 yard line in the 9th row I saw it first hand.
    The interior line was being destroyed. When Kelce faces a big good nose tackle like Poe and a decent amount of other nose tackles he is a liability.
    I thought he was all pro material but he is too light to handle big interior lineman at the point of attack. After that his skills go way up. Maybe it changes in the future but it is a an ongoing issue with Kelce, Herremanns slowing down and on occasion Mathis. This line hasn’t played well since the Chargers game. Peters is out of shape and Johnson is a rookie learning.
    Watch Sunday against the Bucs and we will see if he can move McCoy or their lineman.

  • nicksaenz1

    Love the all-22. Thanks fellas.

  • mtn_green

    Great post!
    High quality work thanks.

  • JofreyRice

    Wow, big ups to Kelce for his candor. Seems like a mentally tough dude that will bounce back. Very impressive guy.

  • A Big Butt and a Smile

    “Kelce was adamant that the problems vs. the Giants had nothing to do
    with the quarterback and everything to do with him having a tough day at
    the office.”

    The problem with that is…Vick still racked up 79 yards with Shady not getting much going. If Shady gets stuffed again (regardless of the reason) then what?

    The thing is you’re not likely to stop McCoy AND Vick. Maybe more two back sets? If Foles is in we’re still going to need a ground game. Even more so with Tampa’s D and our lack of WR depth.

    • Gary

      “If Shady gets stuffed again (regardless of the reason) then what?”

      Well that likely means they’re stuffing the box so, ya know, throw the ball?

      • A Big Butt and a Smile

        You missed this part of what I said:

        “If Foles is in we’re still going to need a ground game. Even more so with Tampa’s D and our lack of WR depth.”

        Throw the ball where? This is where our lack of receiving threat comes into play. We don’t have enough weapons to make up for Vick and Shady. Then we’re left with DJax and hoping someone else steps up.

        • Gary

          Well fortunately Foles seems to be better than Vick at anticipation routes and seeing the field and finding the open receiver. I understand you don’t acknowledge that, but I believe it to be true. And I’m not saying it will be easy against Tampa’s D’ with Foles, just saying he has his strengths as well.

          • A Big Butt and a Smile

            Believing it to be true doesn’t make it true.

            Let’s not act like the third quarter didn’t happen. Vick has made that Celek throw a gazillion times. The same fade Foles threw to DJax last game, he missed in the SD game.

            Prince doesn’t bite on that juke from DJax we’re having a whole ‘nother convo. You think Tampa’s secondary falling for it?

            And the issue here isn’t anticipatory throws or the QB. Our receivers aren’t even NFL open…they are blanketed and don’t have a history of making contested catches. So, with the Tampa secondary, you can try that if you wanna. That won’t end well.

          • Gary

            “Believing it to be true doesn’t make it true.”

            And believing the opposite doesn’t make that true. No offense, but I’m stopping there. This debate is pointless with you and I don’t have the time or energy.

          • A Big Butt and a Smile

            My point to u it isn’t about anticipatory throws or any of that.

            Foles didn’t have success in the third for the very same reasons Vick has often not had success recently….guys were covered and not beating man coverage.

            And that’s with a s*itty Giants secondary. Against Tampa how well do your think that’s going to play?

            This isn’t a Vck/Foles issue. It’s a lack of talented receivers issue. Not even great QBs (see Brady and the Bengals) are overcoming that against a talented defense.

          • aub32

            Brady vs the Bengals is a great example. Too many people are in Foles defense mode and thinking this is a Vick vs. Foles thing when in actuality it’s a Foles vs. TB thing. I think this is a bad matchup for Foles. They are really good at getting inside pressure, which is where our O line has seen the most trouble. Foles still has a tendency to fumble in the pocket, and it’s going to be difficult for our receivers to get open downfield. My hope is that maybe we use some more TEs in this game to help with the run game and also get Ertz open early and often.

          • defroe81

            i like foles pocket presence and ability to avoid the rush with in the pocket but since he is not vick and cant run away as fast to avoid the pressure he is not as good i gues but when he does get away he keeps his eyes downfield and gets in a big play. as to his fumbleitis i bet he will correct it. i think everyone here doesnt think foles can do any good because their qb is vick and vick can never do any wrong…

          • Loke1988

            Good try kid just proof read before hitting post.

          • aub32

            I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but I think you are thinking BBaaS is knocking Foles. The truth is what good are anticipation throws if the receivers can’t get there? I’m pretty sure the RZ TD to DJax was the same play that was supposed to happen against SD, but DJax couldn’t get off the line of scrimmage. If Tampa is able to disrupt the routes and hence the timing of the patterns our receivers are running, the Foles being a better anticipation thrower is a non issue. You will see Foles throwing into spots where no one is there or worse go straight to a defender. We see this happen all the time from guys not named Manning and Brady who try to throw a lot of timing patterns. So it’s not unrealistic to think Foles could have these same struggles, and it’s worth noting and being worried.

          • Vick Must Go

            Big Butt, discuss with me that first quarter… the one that Vick completed ZERO passes for ZERO yards. And Foles was hitting open receivers all day. Did they all of a sudden get better with Foles in? Or is it simply that Foles is a far far superior throwing talent than Vick

          • #7

            The thing that is bothersome on here is that you people on here keep saying that Vick can’t throw with anticipation. I watched the Giants game again last night. Vick did throw with anticipation, he just didn’t hit on the throws early and was warming up in the passing game before the hammy. Vick had plenty of “anticipation” against the Skins, Chargers, and the great anticipation throw to Avant with a man in his face against the Chiefs.

            Foles will look better doing it because the majority of his “anticipation” throws are at 5yds or less in which I think plays into the defense’s hands…especially the Bucs defense. Say what you want, but we all saw the Giants D and they’re not that good. Nick made them pay with short fields at his disposal and a credit to him.

            I just don’t think we’re as good with Foles at QB. The coaches and teammates are saying that the run game was the same yet we got -4 yards when Vick went out. What else are they supposed to say? They said what they were supposed to say as a teammate. You don’t throw people under the bus

          • Andy124

            Agree that it’s pretty easy to disprove the statement “Vick can’t throw with anticipation.” because absolutes are almost always wrong.
            However, unless Gary said that somewhere else this is a classic strawman. He simply said that he believes Foles to be better at it. The sample size from this season is too small to get into a debate over that statement imo.

          • #7

            Well let me be clear. This is a general statement. Something that is said constantly on here by many. I just happened to comment on his post

          • Vick Must Go

            YES!!! Gary is spot on

          • Loke1988

            Dont expect the Vick fan club that resides on this board to ever admit such a thing…

        • Loke1988

          The reason the run game was stuffed is that they continued to run read option for the most part leaving a man un blocked according to what I heard. Blame it on Chippah for not changing to traditional running attack.

      • BlindChow

        Play action works very well when defenses do that. That’s how Celek got his TD. The one that Foles threw. 25 yards downfield. In one play.

        • A Big Butt and a Smile

          play action works better when you’re running the ball.

          • BlindChow

            No, it works when defenses are “keying in to stop the run,” as you said they were doing in the Giants game.

          • A Big Butt and a Smile

            I didn’t say that…Kelce did.

          • Nah__Roots

            It works when defenses are keying to stop the run AND you can beat the man coverage downfield. The one-on-one matchups against the tampa D are going to be huge.

  • A Big Butt and a Smile

    And the other thing is this…they weren’t playing that way when Vick was in the game right? They made a point to key in on the run heavy once Foles was in. Which makes sense. You don’t have to worry about Vick taking off anymore, so just take away the only other ground option there is and force Foles to beat you with his arm.

    Expect the same thing from Tampla if Foles is in. We’ll see what adjustments will be made and if Kelce can get it done. Tampa’s line is physical.

    • nicksaenz1

      They were playing that way. The Kelce penalty noted above is with Vick in the game.

    • theycallmerob

      Yes. They. Were. Chargers and skins.
      Difference is Kelce. Not your idol.

      • A Big Butt and a Smile

        – Yes my idol…rolls eyes…

        – Noticed I asked a question…

        – Notice the other part of that question I asked was did Kelce just get progressively worse…it was already noted Shady wasn’t lighting it up with Vick in, but 4.0 a carry is respectable…then in the second half things were getting no where…and was that worse partially b/c of the QB change or Kelce just royally sucked even more come the second half.

        – I know the Chargers and Skins chose that course of action (and the Jags in the preseason) – the idea is simple stop the run, force the Qb to beat you with his arm. I get that.

        – On a complete other note, the idea that a change at QB isn’t going to affect Shady’s production is silly as it pertains to this scheme. AND I noted I’m curious to see what adjustments are made due to our overall lack of offensive talent AND if Tampa Bay is gonna eat Kelce’s lunch in a similar fashion as the Giants.

    • Andy124

      What?! LOL
      They were shooting the gap right from the get go. They did this to set up Kelce for the slant later. Where in this article, or anywhere does it say that the NYG didn’t scheme to stop the inside zone until the second half? You’ve gone full Dutch on us.

      Stop yeasting the Foles/run game correlation.

      • A Big Butt and a Smile

        Notice the question mark. It was a QUESTION.

        • Guest

          Oh! You meant that rhetorical question. Got it.

          • A Big Butt and a Smile

            You just like to argue.

            It wasn’t a “rhetorical” question. Are you familiar with the meaning of a “rhetorical” question? No. Okay.

          • Guest

            Do you? It’s a question asked not to elicit a response, but to make a point. Which is weird, because that’s exactly what your first sentence is: “And the other thing is this…they weren’t playing that way when Vick was in the game right? They made a point to key in on the run heavy once Foles was in.” You didn’t want the question answered because you were trying to make a point you thought to be correct, evidenced by your second sentence.
            Yeah, I know what a rhetorical question is. Don’t be upset because you were disproven.

          • A Big Butt and a Smile

            No. I wanted the question answered – I like how you’re trying to tell me what I meant but I what I wrote. Especially when I”m TELLING you what I meant by what I wrote.

            It was a legit question – I had my own opinions of the answer hence the rest of the statement, but I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t expecting an answer.

  • anon

    I like vick but foles does a better job w/ checkdowns, if they are there sunday i expect them to be used if TB stuffs the box. What im worried about is if they put DJ on revis island and then just blitz or take away the short passes that foles likes.

    • aub32

      I don’t get why people feel Vick should be throwing 2-4 yard check down completions when he was getting 11+ yards a pop with his legs and not taking any shots. It’s like fans forget that rushing yards count just as much as passing yards.

      • #7

        I agree with you and anon. Yeah i would like to see Vick hit on some checkdowns more often. I also get it if you’re hitting on passes at almost 10yds per attempt…and…you can get us a first down on 3 and 19 by rushing, that’s a positive also

      • Mike Calabrese

        I agree he has done a good job of getting chunk yards period. Only thing I do see on a consistent basis is when no one is open on deeper routes or just whatever routes are part of the play call Vick tends to either run or try to force throw down field. (Has been smart though and not thrown picks)
        I see McCoy running out on flat route as check down many times and Vick doesn’t look his way. I don’t want Alex Smith check down’s all game, but at times Vick should take what defense gives him on those. McCoy only had like 7 catches coming into this game. That includes called screens and RB pass plays. McCoy should catch 60-70 balls each yr. Especially with our WR’;s being as bad as they are outside of Jackson,

        Vick has played well this year and not turned ball over. I think he has been good period. I just want him to start taking a few check downs a game. They get McCoy in space and even though ball travels only few yards with Shady in space can turn into big plays. IMO Vick is the QB of this team. I do think this is one of my only criticism’s this season of him. Shady having 7 catches coming into Giants game in 4 games is not right. He caught 6 passes in Giants game alone and 5 were from Foles. If Vick added this to his play more often this year it would really benefit us.He has played well for most part this year.

        • aub32

          Against the Giants Shady had 6 catches for 46 yards. Vick had 7 rushes for 79 yards. Which was the better option? I get what you are saying, but every QB can’t be put into the same box.Vick goes downfield because he can easily get 4-7 yards rushing. So why not give things a little more time to develop if he can escape more often than not. We see the same thing from Rodgers and Big Ben. The problem is fans see Manning and Brady and want our QB to be that guy. Vick will never be that. However, if he’s being smart, protecting the ball, protecting himself, and still getting more yardage with his legs than the checkdowns would yield; why are people complaining. This is just nitpicking where fans want to see things done in a more traditional way.

          • Mike Calabrese

            I am not nitpicking. I clearly stated that I like the way Vick has played this year. However you slice it McCoy having 7 catches through 4 games is not good enough. I prefer Vick keeps protecting ball and moving offense. I just simply feel the Eagles are missing out on Shady’s ability out of backfield.

  • pme29

    I don’t understand all this hype about a “QB controversy” that the media and fans, especially some on this message board are creating. There is one reason and one reason only that Michael Vick should be the starting QB when healthy that I NEVER hear anyone talk about. The decision really has NOTHING to do with who is the better QB. Personally, I feel that Vick is mediocre and Nick Foles has an Alex Smith type ceiling. NEITHER is the QB of the future, but Vick allows Kelly to install his offense in its ENTIRETY this season. The purpose of this is not because Vick is the better QB or that he gives you the best chance to win this year. The purpose is that the rest of the offense will have a full year of learning and running Chip’s FULL offense and will have that much more of a head start next year. In a league where 3 years of losing costs many head coaches their jobs, that means EVERYTHING to Chip. He doesn’t have time to re-install the offense that he firmly believes in next year.

    • aub32

      I disagree, and I am more of a Vick guy. However, if Foles is the better QB then he should and would start. I don’t think he is at this point. Kelly seems to share my opinion. Your logic seems silly. That’s like saying Vick would start over Brady so that Chip could install his specific system instead of adjusting his system to the better QB.

      • pme29

        Aub; you make a valid point, but I think its obvious that you would tailor your offense to the QB if said QB’s name is Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, etc… Where I would disagree however, is that the logic seems silly. IMO it is silly logic to compare Foles to Brady. There are only a handful of pure pocket passers mentioned above on the planet. If you don’t have one of those QBs and you have a system that you are clearly confident in, then installing and running your full arsenal is only going to make the team stronger going forward. I could be wrong, but I can say with strong confidence that Chip doesn’t feel the QB of the future is on this team. The Eagles signed Vick to a 1 year deal to see if the system would work at the NFL level, but that doesn’t guarantee he will be here in the future even if he does succeed. If we draft a “dual threat” QB, then Chip has his entire offense already familiar with his scheme. If not, he scraps the read/option portion and tailors it to a pocket passer. Still, I feel Chip would rather have the former be the case.

        • aub32

          I agree the Brady analogy was a stretch to emphasize my point, but the truth is Foles had his chance to prove he was the better QB. He did not, and inmy opinion it wasn’t near as close as some tried to make it seem. The guy got so many passes from fans and media a like for the same turnovers and poor decisions Vick has been maligned for over the last 2 years. However had Foles proven to be the better guy, I would expect Kelly would have adjusted his system accordingly because Kelly wants to win now. Vick is just a better QB than Foles right now, even though they have their own strengths and weaknesses.

          • pme29

            Maybe my first comment was a little deceiving, because I totally agree that Vick is the better QB. You’re right, Foles had his chance to win the job and failed. Here’s to hoping he lights it up for the next week or two so we can trade for draft pick!

  • Explorer51

    Well, even though it may not be enough for some folks here, it is interesting to note that an actual participant on Sunday (rather than self-appointed coaches and strategists) takes the responsibility for the ineffectiveness of the run game: “The biggest flaw in the second half was myself and the nose guard,” Kelce said. “I really don’t think it correlated to [Michael] Vick or [Nick] Foles being in the game.”

  • Mike Calabrese

    Great break down Sheil. I understand the threat of a running QB always helps the run game, but I was concerned bc it should not be the determining factor in being able to run at all. You have to be able to line up and run ball with or without that threat with a back like McCoy. It should add to the effectiveness, but not completely control it. I credit Kelce for his honesty & he has done good job mostly since being a 6th round pick. Just worried bc some guys with size and power can move him bc of his stature. Gerald McCoy is no joke this week and I am hoping Eagles have some answers. Time for Peters and Mathis to really step up and allow shady to follow there lead.

    Everyone needs to keep in mind that Tampa Bay actually has an excellent run defense. They were # 1 in league last year against run. They were terrible against pass but have added Revis and Goldson. Tampa has no wins, but not bc of there defense. Heck they shut down the Saints high powered attack but lost in a very low scoring game. Only one team that even cracked 20 point mark on them was Patriots and that was 23 points. Held Saints to 16 points. They have lost 3 of 4 games by a total of 6 points. Two of those losses are Saints and Patriots.

    • #7

      You’re exactly right about the Bucs defense. Those guys are loaded

    • Always Hopeful

      This is not a favorable match up for the Eagles for several reasons. Many of which you mentioned.

      Really appreciate Kelce’s honesty and personal accountability. I wonder though how they can overcome his physical limitations against big and powerful NTs.

      He’s obviously a smart dude and athletic as all get out for an o-lineman, but his stature is a concern.

      Dare I say that the defense and special teams are gonna have to be lead dogs in this game?

      • Mike Calabrese

        I agree on matchup. Let’s not forget no matter there record they are talented, lost very close games to good teams, and this is an NFL road game. Never easy period!

        As far as Kelce limitations I wonder same thing. I guess just keep working on his strength in offseason. They probably going to have to scheme to help him out this year. He is smart and athletic so hopefully can improve bc he could be a staple at center in this league for many years.

        We do need defense to come to play this week. They need to get to Glennon and shut down Doug Martin. I expect Tampa to try and run Martin a lot to keep pressure of Glennon and negate eagles hurry up. Shiano does not give up on run easily so this is going to be key. This game will be a low scoring tight game period in my opinion. Definitely not a guaranteed or easy win as many on here seem to imply.

  • Mike

    Small request – could you add quarter and time left on these examples (for example – 2Q 4:55) so that those of us who use NFL Rewind can cross-reference between the writeup and the video? I’ve found that helpful in the past when I can identify the particular play. Thanks – really enjoy B24/7.

  • Gregory

    BBAAS, #7, AUG….and the rest of the vick fans. It’s people like you that give eagles fans a bad name. The ONLY reason Vick was kept on for one more year was his veteran leadership. While giving FOLES more time to develop. foles has. Sky HIGH ceiling….his poise and pocket awareness are off the charts for a kid with 6 NFL starts…VICK is a TEMPORARY player for chip…hes a terrible qb who barely beat out a 3rd round rookie. Oh right and He’s won 4 games out of his last 13. One of you commented about how he can throw anticipation passes….like the one to avant in the chiefs game. Sure he can he’s a great athlete. But what does chip value most in a QB? REPETITIVE ACCURACY….vick doesn’t have it ..never has never will. Chip is doing vick a favor and not just benching him and embarrassing him. The “injury” allows Vick to save face while the EAGLES Transition to their QB of the FUTURE. NICK FOLES!!!!!

    • nicksaenz1

      Dang man. I’m a Foles fan, but QB of the future is 1) Bold and 2) Remains to be seen. Pipe down. Vick won the job and actually hasn’t played badly this season. In fact, he’s played pretty well. Unless Foles blows Tampa out of the water by managing to torch one of the best secondary units in the league, odds are we’ll see Vick again. I wouldn’t go getting my hopes up if I were you.

  • Gregory

    If I’ve come on too strong I’m sorry…I just don’t understand all the respect Vick gets and all the DISrespect foles gets. I’m beginning to think it’s sort of reverse racism. It’s mystifying. Foles’ rookie numbers were up there with the best EVER. Why does he have an “Alex Smith” ceiling??? I hear that all the time. As far as I’m concerned he has a Tom Brady ceiling. And anyone who says differently is just a hater. He was thrown into the fire last season against the cowboys and played as well as any rookie I’ve ever seen. The eagles were absolutely terrible last year. And the haters want to point to the 1-5 record. Rookie qb on a 4 win team….lets not forget that the 12 year VET was 3-7 up to that point. Vicks time here is finally over. Ill leave you with one stat the only stat that matters. VICKS record…since (including) his loss at minnestota at the end of the 2010 season is 13 – 25 including one loss in the 2010 playoffs.

    • aub32

      I think you’ve said more than enough for everyone here to realize you have absolutely zero credibility here. First off, I nor can I recall BBaaS or 7 saying that Vick was flawless or the QB of the future. BBaaS is one of Vick’s harshest critics. All 3 of us have stated time and time again that we wanted to win games in 2013 and go with the QB who is best suited to make that happen. Vick proved that it’s him in a fair and legit QB competition. However, you seem incapable of recoginizing that fact or what was actually said by any of the 3 people you are calling out. I personally have praised Foles on several occasions. I have also offered up legit criticisms. You on the other hand are clearly incapable of being objective. In fact, you are likely one of 3 commenters on this site who believe Foles is the future. Some of Vick’s biggest doubters don’t even believe Foles is the answer and have said much harsher things that even I would disagree with. So please take your nonsense somewhere else and try not to act like a child lashing out at rational adults with your made up remarks.

      • aub32

        O and it’s AUB.

      • Loke1988

        Speaking of zero credibility! Hey Aub!

    • Loke1988

      Reverse racism is spot on and a HUGE issue in this country right now. I could tell you personal stories that completely prove this theory all day long. Leave it at that and you will understand. Complete blind faith in Vick. You are wasting your time here trying to convince the majority otherwise.

      And your credibility couldn’t be stronger with myself and Vickmnustgo though I cant speak for him/her.