How I Finally (Finally!) Got My Eye to Stop Twitching

Or: “About That Time My Doctor Prescribed Gin and Tonics”

Alright, I think it’s time for a full health confession: There was a stretch of time in my life, which ended earlier this year, where I swear my left eye was twitching for nine months straight. I know that sounds outrageous. And I know I am often prone to exaggeration. But in this case, I promise you, I’m not exaggerating.

Here’s how I know: Sometime last summer, I went to the doctor for an annual checkup. I vividly remember telling her that my left upper eyelid had been twitching fairly regularly (i.e. for about 20 seconds every few minutes of every. single. day.) for the past month or so. I was sheepish to tell her because, like, duh she has more important things to worry about, like actually saving people’s lives and what not. But since she was being so kind, so understanding and so darn thorough, I thought I might as well lay every bothersome ailment on the line. Which brought me to:

“Doc, I know this is going to sound weird and all, but my left eye. See it? Right now? See how it’s twitching? It’s been doing that for at least the last month,” I said.

“Huh,” she replied, as she leaned in to get a closer look. “It doesn’t look too suspicious …”

“Yeah, but it’s really freaking annoying,” I interrupted. (Of course I did.) “And it’s embarrassing. I can see people looking at it when they’re talking to me. Please tell me I just need a new prescription for my glasses or something.”

“Hmmm,” she said. “Spastic eyelid muscles usually don’t have anything to do with your vision. Most likely, you’re really tired, really stressed out, have been drinking too much caffeine, or you’ve got some combination of the three.”

I thought about my sleep habits. I had been stressed and tired two months before when we put on our very first Be Well Boot Camp, but that was ancient history by then. And it was (and still is) a rare day if I drink more than one cup of coffee. Couldn’t be the caffeine. Hrumph.

“My advice is that you try to relax the lid, maybe massage it some, and try to ignore it,” she said. I love my doctor, but this just seemed like a cop out.

Nevertheless, over the next weeks and months (yes, months) I did what she said, closing my eyes for a few minutes and massaging, any time the twitch started. I also Googled the heck out of “twitching eye” and tried every home remedy I could find. Still, that dang left upper lid just kept right on twitching.

This past spring, I decided to get a second opinion and get my eyes checked. It’d been a few years since I’d been to the eye doctor, anyway, so a checkup couldn’t hurt. I so hoped my prescription was outdated so I could get some new specs, which would finally make my eye stop twitching, and I could move on with my life. But after another very thorough investigation …

“Your glasses prescription is fine,” the doctor told me. “They’re exactly the prescription I’d recommend to you to today, so you definitely don’t need new glasses.”


“Then what the heck is wrong with me?!” I blurted out. He listed the same possible causes as my primary: fatigue. Too much caffeine. Stress. Nope, nope and nope.

“Well, I’m not sure what’s causing it for you, exactly,” he said, “but I do have one idea you can try. Tonic.”

Tonic? Like gin and tonic?

“Yes, like a gin and tonic,” he said. Wait, was my eye doctor actually telling me to go drink a gin and tonic, and in hopes that it would cure me?

Yes, yes he was. And here’s why: Tonic water contains quinine, and quinine is known to be a somewhat effective muscle relaxant, shown to help people with muscle cramping in a few studies. My doctor said he’d been at a medical conference a few months earlier, and he and a couple of eye-doctor friends got to talking about eye twitches. One of them mentioned that he’d had a patient with persistent eye twitching (me! me! me!) and he’d recommended that the patient guzzle some tonic water to help get the muscle to relax. And—guess what?—the patient said it worked.

“There aren’t any studies that I know of to back this up,” my doctor said. “But I’ve heard about it working, anecdotally, from several people.”

Obviously, I was going to try it.

So I marched out of his office, old glasses in hand, and headed straight to Rite Aid, where I loaded a basket with six bottles of diet tonic water. Then I promptly went back to my office and started chugging. Guys, have you ever had tonic water by itself, without alcohol? It’s pretty freaking gross. Kinda bitter. Kinda sweet. Mostly gross. But I didn’t care. I was so far past my wit’s end with this eye twitch, I was willing to try anything.

I can’t say for certain how many bottles of tonic I consumed that afternoon and evening, but I would guess it was somewhere between two and three. (Which is why I’m happy I found diet tonic. The regular stuff has so much sugar!) I didn’t notice any improvements in my eye twitch in the first few hours, but the next morning I woke up and … Huh, my eye’s not twitching, I thought to myself as I ate breakfast. And a couple of hours later, at work: Huh, my eye still hasn’t twitched once today. Not once. It went like this for the next few days. I would realize, suddenly, that the thing that had annoyed me for close to nine months at this point had finally, utterly, completely stopped. And it felt amazing.

I’ve had a few episodes of sporadic twitching since then, but whenever it flares up, I grab some tonic and it cures me within a few hours or a day. Done and done.

So there you have it: the story of why my doctor legitimately prescribed me gin and tonic as a health remedy. Well, just tonic technically, but you can’t blame a girl for occasionally adding a little gin to the mix, right? Right.

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  • Kielecia

    Oh my god! I am going to try it. I have had an eye twitch in my left eye for a week and it’s driving me bonkers!

  • Barb D

    same problem – works for me too!

    • Tafkaa

      Thank you so much. I feel like I’m going to go insane! I just texted my pharmacist and he’s going to bring me some quinine pills! That seems like a better alternative to drinking awful tonic water!

      • Dae Brown

        My guy had a 2 year twitch drank 1L of the gold emblem brand at CVS last night. Today I forced another 1L (liter) down his butt and it’s been gone all day no twitch. Knock on wood. Ty so much

        • Sean

          Why’d you administer it rectally?

  • Mrst732

    Totally going to try this, I’ve been twitching for over a month now!

  • Jerry

    Do you have to keep drinking it in order for the twitching to not come back?

    • Emily Leaman

      I didn’t need to. Once it settled down after flushing my system with tonic water, the twitch went away. Every now and then I’ll feel a twinge again, but I just drink some tonic (like, a glass or two, nothing crazy) and it never comes back full-tilt like before. Hope this helps!

  • Kris

    I have tried it, and it hasn’t worked. Still twitching:( I am about to lose my mind!

    • Linda Sparks

      Kris how much did you drink? I think volume is the key. You have to drink a LOT the first few days. I also found the diet stuff worked rather than the regular (for some odd reason) Keep trying, buy 6 bottles and guzzle them all in one day, then do it again for the next couple. Good luck!

      • Emily Leaman

        I agree! You really, REALLY have to guzzle the stuff, at least at first. That’s why I recommended the diet — regular tonic is loaded with sugar.

        • Linda Sparks

          Just a little warning though, the diet tastes horrible! The first bottle almost didn’t stay down, so I bought some animal crackers cause they arent too bad with the sugar,and I’d eat one or two in between. It cut the taste of the diet stuff. But I got used to it pretty fast.

          • Avadon

            That’s what I’m finding out. The diet tonic tastes like cold medicine but 10x more bitter. It’s awful. I cut it half and half with vitamin water and It’s still quite awful, just a little less awful. And you’re right, I almost thought I was going to be sick after only drinking 4-6 oz of the stuff. Eventually though you get stronger with tolerating it. I’ve now put down about 14oz in the first day. It’s nasty stuff though. I wish there was an easier way.

          • Linda Sparks

            There IS an easier way. I mix it with orange juice. Half tonic half orange juice and it actually tastes fabulous! I can drink tons of it now. Two weeks, and still no twitch. Try the orange juice. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

          • Avadon

            If I wasn’t snowed in right now I would totally run and get some. Second day of tonicness and I can’t say for sure but it might have cut down the twitchyness a little bit.

          • Linda Sparks

            It took 4 days for me. I’d get periods where it wouldn’t twitch and I’d think “yay it’s gone” but a few hours later it would be back. I’m steady now, but I drink a bottle a day mixed with orange juice.

          • Wendy Banner

            Maybe some water flavoring could be added, like Cherry or Grape.

  • alexbartlett93

    im going to try this, its been almost three weeks of eye twitching every five minutes, if no signs of improvement ill see my eye doctor and a regular doctor

  • chantelle

    ahhhh I hope this works !

  • ozzy

    Thanks for the suggestion, but article should be shorter.

    • Chris

      ….why? Because you’re lazy the author can’t write shit? Seriously?

      • James Denham

        Welcome to the YouTube/Twitter generation. We consume so much crap on a daily basis now, that everything must be condensed.

      • Pooky

        That’s so mean.

      • Chris

        Yeah Chris that’s why bud

    • Pooky

      The article was just as long as she wanted it to be, y so negative?

  • belinda

    Thanks for sharing I have been twitching for two weeks and I too did not want to go tothe doctor thimking Iit would get better..I will try your suggestion it cant hurt

  • Love

    Same problem for over two months..gonna try this..hope it wrks..

  • Rick32

    I had this for a month, it was eventually found to be a brain tumor causing it..luckily it was found very early, still the scariest time in my life. Get yourself checked.

    • Kaci Bollinger

      Oh crap. Now I’m scared. I have had a twitch in my lower left eye lid for about 18 months and just a few days ago my right eye lid started to twitch too.

      • DJ

        J Comings is just trolling. Don’t believe it.

  • Linda Sparks

    This article is perfect just the way it is. I have to say a HUGE thank you Emily Leaman. This worked for me. My eye had been twitching for almost 4 months and it was driving me absolutely nuts. I was almost gouging my own eye out in frustration. I bought a 6 pack of small bottles, and 2 large 1 liter bottles and guzzled them like I was dying of dehydration. It took a few days, but I am now twitch free! Thank you Thank you Thank you. I am astonished it worked, but just incredibly grateful!

    • Emily Leaman

      I’m so, SO glad it worked for you!

      • Avadon

        I’m going to be all over this. I’m going to be a tonic-holic until this twitching goes away.

      • Brock

        I have had the same problem geez it’s freakin annoying been going on for about 3 months solid everyday. I’m going to try this. Thank you for posting

  • AG

    I’ve had an eye twitch ever since I graduated basic training (in May 2013… well over 8 months now). Upper left eyelid constantly flutters. I’ve gotten the same reactions from the army docs here (must be the stress! the caffeine! you’re not sleeping! – none of which are accurate). Sending my husband on a tonic-buying mission as I type. I’m willing to try ANYTHING at this point! I’ve noticed that loud noises or being startled can make it worse. Anyway, here goes. Thanks for the article.

    • Unknown

      Just curious, did MEPS notice your twitch?

  • Avadon

    I’ve got nagging eye twitching which started after the flu. It’s my right eye, lower lid and it hasn’t gone away for about 3 weeks. It’s driving me batty. I’m going to try this tonic thing at once.

  • amanda

    OK I have drank 4 liters of diet tonic. I really hope tomorrow it’s gone. I find it odd that when I work out it goes away while working out. Does that happen to anyone else?

    • Avadon

      I noticed the same thing. Only thing I can think is that you’re getting a lot of blood flow and stimulation and that makes the twitching straight out. I’m guessing the twitching happens because the nerve/muscle area is weak and spasms, but that’s not an easy area to strength train. I’ve seen articles to cure twitching by doing eye exercises. I did them too. But I had no gains from it, still twitching. I’m trying the tonic thing now but it’s so hard to keep the stuff down. It’s really nasty stuff.

      • amanda

        I had drank 4 liters of diet tonic but it was the generic kind and tasted more like sprite. And the twitching seemed to slow down but hasn’t stopped. So now I bought the Canada dry brand and it taste more bitter. So maybe there is a difference. And I am like you, the after taste is getting to me but hey it’s worn it if it will work

  • Avadon

    In hindsight I just discovered this

    Hyland’s Nighttime Leg Cramp Relief Tablets, with Quinine – 50 count

    Supposedly you can get it at walgreens and similar stores. Other pharmacies might have it too. This is probably a much smarter way to get the Quinine than the tonic water and far less disgusting to boot.

    • amanda

      Cool I’ll have to look for them

      • twitchy mcgee

        I got the hyland’s leg cramps tablets on Amazon. But the packaging says it contains 1/1000th of the quinine in 8 oz of tonic water. SO now I’m skeptical it will work. I will check back here and report. Then again I’m also drinking diet tonic and gagging. So if the twitch goes away I won’t know what did it. About to rip my eye out of the socket.

        • Linda Sparks

          mix the diet tonic with orange juice. It tastes very pleasant. Just be wary, I was drinking a bottle a day, and I developed an allergic reaction to it. So now I’m not drinking any and I’m praying the twitch doesn’t come back.

  • Geo

    I can’t wait to try this, my eyelid has been twitching for 4 months. I must have googled it 100 times. Thanks for the idea will update after i get some tonic!

  • Gerda

    Hi. Thank you. I have just send a prayer request out, my eyes have been twitching for over 20 years. Fed up, have tried everything. I am positive this will work. thank you again for sharing. xxx

  • Christine Mosha

    I am also going to try this. My left has been twitching for
    over a month now

  • Wendy Banner

    If this works then you’d think that my taking a muscle relaxer prescription would work too wouldn’t you? Hmmm. Just curious did you happen to have come off of taking Prozac in this same year before the twitch began?

  • Shana

    Yes! Someone understands my pain! Thanks for posting this. I will be buying some tonic real soon. :)

  • Gapeachy

    I can’t believe how many people deal with this. I’m thankful for a solution and will try it immediately . Thank you thank you!

  • Rory

    I’ve been dealing with an eye twitch for three years! The last month it got really bad and noticed others were noticing.

    I can’t explain well enough the relief of trying the diet tonic water and the twitch started to slow down and now waking up and it’s still away. Thank you for writing about this!!

  • lameplanet

    I have had twitchy eye now for about 6 weeks, and it’s annoying enough. But I’m not sure the recommendation to drink a ton of tonic water is a good one, even if it worked for you. There are risks associated with taking Quinine, especially if the dosage is not controlled. In the interests of balance people should also read about the possible health risks – google FDA quinine recommendations for leg cramps – and if in doubt consult a doctor.

  • TwitchFactor

    ill be sure to add alcohol to mine (only so it doesnt taste bad =p)

  • heli

    add Rose’s LIme Juice to your tonic water, it tastes yummy without a lot of calories. I hope this works, I can’t stand the twitch!

  • Cristal

    Hi Emily, thank you for your suggestion. Just wanted to ask how big were your bottles, how many ounces?

  • Renée Haddock

    I will be trying this because I’m about to remove my eyelid it’s so freaking annoying! Lunch today will be bottles and bottles of tonic water. I wonder if the eye twitch started around the time I started to limit my gin intake…

  • #irritated

    Oh… My.. God. My eye has been twitching for 6 months now. I searched and searched for a cure or how I can stop it. FINALLY!!! An article that feels my pain! I’m so irritated I wanna pop my eyeball out!! Can’t wait to try this!!! I will be so so so thankful.

  • Sam
    • KooKoo

      Did you research the dosing amounts vs tonic water? I didn’t think so.

  • jazzy

    This actually worked! My eye had been twitching for over a month and i went to the doctor and he said it was most likely because of dry I pretty much tried every eye drop on the shelf and it didn’t stop. Finally, I found this article and after drinking a bottle of seltzer, my eye stopped twitching. I went to my local CVS and got the lemon and lime seltzer to add some flavor. Thank you for your advice! Put my annoying twitching to a stop!

    • fj

      Seltzer water is not tonic water. Normally, Seltzer does not have quinine. Seltzer is more like club soda.

  • EvilJayPunk

    This is an extremely well written article. Funny too. I have the same problem, going to try this post haste. Thank you for being helpful and literate.

    • Emily Leaman

      Hey thanks for the kudos :) Good luck!

  • Lucy D.

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU THANK YOU. I cant wait to leave work and try your remedy! I will keep you updated!

  • Helpless101

    Thank you so SO much!

  • Dave Wechselberger

    Thank you for the article Emily. This worked for me almost exactly like you said…I would get chronic eye twitching that could go on for weeks at a time and nothing seemed to work. This last time it was twitching for about 3 weeks, I read your article, drank a quart of tonic water during the day, went to bed and it was all gone when I woke in the morning…that was about a week ago now and still going great!

  • nayfin0108

    I’ve had a twitch for a few months now , and I’m definitely going to try this. I still wonder though, what is causing the twitching?

  • Matt

    I been having the same problem for about 6-8 weeks now. Went to my eye doctor today and he said it could be a nutrient defiency (potassium or magnesium I forgot) and some other causes, I forgot.
    But he told me if I want he could remedy the spasms with Botox injection. I told him I would think about it, but most probably if this persist I will defiantly go for it in a week or so. Just a little weary for Botox, as I read it could droop my eyelid/eye
    If done incorrectly
    I will try the tonic first thank you so much for posting this

  • Tom

    I was very skeptical and my eye had been twitching for a month and a half. I bought two liters of tonic (which I hate!) and drank 2/3 a liter the first night… still twitched… drank the rest in the morning… and eye still twitched… drank another half bottle that night and the following day my eye stopped twitching. It has now been a week and it’s gone. I’m still skeptical that it was just tonic water, but I’m so thankful and definitely suggest that everyone reading this with eye twitch tries it. It cost me $.80 a liter x 2.

  • jaye

    Wow! Something so simple makes such a big difference! Hope it works for everyone who has commented!

  • Jes

    I had an eye twitch a while back and the eye Dr prescribed something called Steri-lid which was a foam you washed the lid line with – worked like a charm and haven’t had a problem since!

  • sophie

    thank you so much,; ) tonic water works for me!my right eye and face have been twitching for 3 years, and it couldnt stop during the past 4 months. i drank tonic water 1 can a day ,the twitching stopped on the third day, i also tried acupuncture (the point between the first and second toe) it helps too.

  • helsinki

    This WORKED for me (so far). After reading this article I bought a 33 oz bottle of diet tonic water last night, drank the entire bottle slowly with dinner. Initially I felt the twitch come back, but not as strong. This morning woke up and NO twitch. During commute to work and NO twitch. At work about two hours and felt the very first twitch… So I drank a tall glass of the diet tonic water and now NO twitch again. My twitch was my upper eyelid (right eye) and had it for about 4 weeks. The twitch would tug and pull and last couple of seconds and recur every 10-15 minutes. Extra sleep, cutting out caffeine, eye drops, warm towel, none of that worked — until drinking the diet tonic water. I actually find the diet tonic water (Schweppes brand) actually taste okay, I think the citric acid (lemony flavor) covers up whatever pure Quinine taste like. Just need to be careful of potential side effects as it seems Quinine is dangerous if taken in high doses. Good luck to all.

  • Jen

    Thank you so much for writing this article. I am going through the same thing, but only for three months and my doctor is now sending me to a neurologist. I also heard from someone about the tonic water and have decided to also buy a few bottles and am drinking Diet LIME tonic water. It’s actually not to bad. I hope to see my twitches go away. Thanks again. I’m glad I am not going crazy.

  • Freddie

    Thanks so much, this worked – you’re a life saver!

  • Beth

    Thank you for this! My eyes have been twitching for two years- I have been two doctors who have said all of the same things. Just called a third one today, because I just cannot take it anymore. I am still going to go, but will try the tonic water as well!

  • Cindy

    Those were my sentiments exactly!!!! 3 months with this annoying twitch!!!! I just got back from the Eye Dr and the trip to the grocery store where I bought 7 large bottles of diet tonic. So far one down and thought I would google this for myself. Right now, I am very hopeful and you provided further hope. I am on to the second bottle. Wish me luck!
    Also, I consulted 2 medical drs with no luck! Need to pass this on to them.

  • Bryan J. Maloney

    Would have worked better if you’d kept the gin. One cocktail an evening as a nightcap won’t turn you into a raging alcoholic.

  • AJ King

    I am currently trying this and will post results in a few days.

    Eye twitching in right eye upper lid for 13 days straight, with symptoms identical to the author’s. I bought one six pack and one 2 liter bottle of diet tonic water. Will try to finish the six pack in one day and the 2 liter in another, to flush out system with quinine.

    Experiment underway. And yes, it is very disgusting to drink. lol

  • Roberto Toth

    I had eyelid twitch once and twitch at my left leg other time, I used tonic water, it helped but took me more than a week to disappear each time, I had again eyelid twitch, I used supplements and vitamins (magnesium, zinc and vitamin B12) in 3 days completely disappear, other time I got a very bad twitch at the middle back and again I used supplements and vitamin and gone in 4 days, I realized that the twitching begins usually when I’m stressed and/or I don’t sleep well, all the times is in the left eye, left leg or back left side, never in the right side

  • Dae Brown

    Ty it works 1L a day 2/3 days do this, it stinks but works Ty op

  • Gracie Levy

    Oh my God THANK YOU for sharing this! My eye finally stopped twitching after almost 2 months ! And I just had like 1 liter tonic water lol. God bless you !

  • Wendy Barbour

    I have had a twitch for 14 months I will try this today and let you know. I hope it works for me, I too have googled everything and read this today Please GOD it works

  • Veronica

    My right eye started twitching 3 yrs ago & about 1 yr later or less it moved to the other eye. I’ve had botox which worked temporarily but eventually i became immune to it. I tried taking magnesium pills & that did nothing. I tried acupuncture but i felt like the doctor was a quake so i only did that 3 times & still no improvement. one of my doctors prescribed me xantex which did work but also made me very tired & who wants to be taken xantex daily. i finally went to another doctor and he put me on these eye drops called Timolol & told me to use daily 3-4 times a day & take my xantex as needed. that worked for a little bit for few months but then of course immune to that as well. i saw this article & asked my doctor & he too said he heard that tonic water helps but he isn’t certain but that it was worth the shot. he also said take some zinc with it as well. I did some reading and so that zinc helps & i saw some info homeopathic remedies called Cina & Hyoscyamus. I will be trying all of them together because 3 yrs of dealing with twitching eyes is just too much & it is very stressful! thanks for this article i will return to see if i noticed any improvement!

  • LR

    I know this thread is old but Hopefully this works for me-My eye twitch has been driving me crazy. I will be buying some tonic watch today :)

  • disqus_jB3QMnzUB7

    I know I’m late to the party, but thank you so much for this. I’ve had a twitch in my right eye for 35 years. Yes, you read that correctly – 35 years. I was resigned to having to live with it, with the embarrassment, with the frustration…until I did an internet search *one last time* before giving up…and found your blog. I bought diet tonic water and after drinking half a bottle (mixed with all natural ginger ale) my eye hasn’t twitched in 3 days. For the first time in *35 years* my right eye is twitch-free for 3 whole days. Hopefully, the tonic water will continue to work its magic if that damn twitch ever starts up again.

    Thank you again. I may just send your name to the Pope as a candidate for canonization.

  • MJP

    Same here – glad I found this and wishing/hoping/praying it helps. It’s been months and nothing and no one else has helped!

  • Robert Heffernan

    I was desperate for this to work, but after 3 days of drinking between 2-3 liters I have noticed no difference. People are talking about this working after one bottle. Should I keep trying? Has anyone taken longer than 3 days to have an affect? I am at the end of my rope with this, its been nearly a month and my bottom right eyelid spasms every 10 minutes for about a minute or two. My Doc thinks it down to anxiety/stress.

    • Dae Brown

      Robert I’m an RN I followed this topic because my guy suffered and I don’t wish this on anyone. Do not stop drinking the tonic. Stop coffee soda or any caffeine drinks while you try this method. You may just have a severe case and caffeine might be stopping the Quinidine from working. Try also to put warm compresses on your eye. We are trying to relax the eye, so let’s try all these things combined and see if that helps you. I suggest you drink (I’m not a dr) 2-3 liters today again. I bought mine at cvs it was the cvs branded tonic I can’t remember the name. If by day 6 which would be 3 days from now it’s not gone, try getting some benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, Ativan) and try the tonic again. Try to avoid light, wear sunglasses outside, try to sleep 8 hours. Stuff you prob already know. I hope I helped

  • Steve

    Ive had persistent eye lid twitching for 4 years now!! Ive tried everything including Tonic and nothing works! Ahhhhh

  • Mike

    This didn’t work for me. I’m so utterly discouraged! I drank 3 bottles the first day, then 3 more the next day. My right eyelid kept twitching, and it’s still twitching 2 weeks later. This started almost 2 months ago. This is so exhausting!

    • Mike

      I keep drinking 2-3 bottles of diet tonic water from Publix, Harris Teeter and CVS, and it hasn’t worked. I’ve been drinking tonic water for about a month now to try to get my eyelid to stop twitching. Now it’s been 3 months of non-stop twitching! :-(

      • Mike

        Meant to say I’ve been drinking 2-3 bottles of tonic water DAILY (12 FL OZ per bottle).

  • Annie

    This really works. I had a twitch for 4 months. Drank 1 liter and it’s gone. Btw, I love the taste of tonic water!!

  • dcny astoria

    Very helpful. I will be headed to the market right after work. Thanks!