23 Photos of the Protests at the City Hall Tree Lighting Ceremony

In the wake of non-indictments of police officers in the deaths of Mike Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in New York City, protests erupted around the city last night. Photographer Roger Barone captured the tense juxtaposition of the protests and the city’s 21st annual tree lighting ceremony in the City Hall courtyard.

All photos copyright Roger Barone/Talk Radio News Service.

Live Coverage of 2014 Election Returns

Tom Wolf at a recent campaign rally with President Obama. Photo  | Jeff Fusco

Tom Wolf at a recent campaign rally with President Obama. Photo | Jeff Fusco

Follow the 2014 election returns with live tweeting from Patrick (@pkerkstra) Kerkstra and Joel (@JoelMMathis) Mathis, who’ve commandeered the Philly Mag Twitter account.

Stunning Drone Photos of the Sights of Philadelphia

The Benjamin Franklin Parkway and skyline. Photograph by Matt Satell

The Benjamin Franklin Parkway and skyline. Photograph by Matt Satell

Matt Satell, 28, isn’t really a photographer … at least, not a trained photographer. The digital marketing manager for a Malvern publishing company is, as he modestly puts it, just “a tech junkie with a drone.” He’s also the brain behind Phillybyair.com, a beautiful website that highlights “the best of the City of Brotherly Love,” featuring photos taken via his $1,300 DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus.

“I’m an amateur at heart,” Satell says. “I sort of let the drone do the work.” The results? Pretty cool. (Better hurry and get yours now, before the Christmas rush.)
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Best of Philly 2014 Preview: Shopping and Style


Best Casual Clothing for the Fashion-Forward Guy: Armour

Subtly futuristic button-ups and vests, delightfully odd wooden bow ties and lapel pins, ­custom-made patchwork tote bags by Philly designer Hamid Holloman the collection here is unexpected in the best way possible, and solidifies what we knew all along: Fashion in Philly isn’t just for the girls. 704 South 4th Street, Queen Village, 267-928-2002.

More sneak peeks ahead!

Best of Philly 2014


Yes, folks, here we are, back at it again. Who has the crispiest fried chicken? What’s the best bar for day-drinking? Where can you go for eyebrow-sculpting? Sexy party shoes? Free spinning classes? Herein lie the exhaustively investigated answers … as well as a series of bests chosen by you, the voting public, via online polls and our biggest-ever taste test. (Spoiler alert: Nobody in this city turns down free whoopie pies.) And while we’ll readily admit that the process of finding, vetting and honoring this region’s ever-growing array of all things excellent is really more of an art than a science (and art, of course, is subjective), we’ll nevertheless fiercely defend and celebrate each and every one of our 275 picks. We think that for the most part, you will, too. Especially that fried chicken.

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Best of Philly 2014: The Readers’ Polls

best-of-philly-2014-logo-400x400This year, we had a thought regarding picking and choosing for Best of Philly — why should we get to have all the fun? So we invited the whole region to weigh in. Starting back in January, we put up a different poll each month at Phillymag.com and asked you to click for your favorites. Here’s how it all shook out.

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ThinkFest 2013 Instant Social Media Recap

That’s a wrap for ThinkFest 2013. Check back here later in the week for extensive coverage, and check the #ThinkFest hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ to continue the amazing discussion.

Here’s but a taste of what happened at ThinkFest over the past week:

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