Sex in Philadelphia: A Peek at What Really Goes On Behind Closed Doors


Credit: Kevin Burzynski

In a Philly campus apartment, a student is selling her worn underwear online for weekend spending money. In Center City, a gay man is shaving everything to keep up with the onslaught of hairless, six-packed sex gods on Grindr. And all over the city, people are meeting for steamy sessions of Orgasmic Meditation. (Don’t know what this is? You’re in for a treat.) Welcome to sex in Philly in 2017.

Our always-connected, anything-goes world is changing the way we do it, taking formerly fringe practices mainstream and making it easier than ever for us to get busy. This is what sex in Philly looks like now: how we’re having it, where we’re finding it, and what’s turning us on — and getting us off. Read on. (You know you’re curious.) — Edited by Emily Goulet Read more »

Sex in the City: Philly’s Juiciest Public Sex Stories

“The men’s locker room at a certain ritzy Philly fitness center is infamous. There is so much sex that goes on that male employees won’t even go in there. I’ve heard stories of guys servicing each other in the steam room.” — Center City personal trainer

“When Continental Midtown opened, a couple didn’t realize the mirrors were double-sided, and a gent had a lady bent over the sink looking into the mirror at herself, not realizing the crowd that had formed to see her.” — Former GM at Starr Restaurants

“Two chicks recently jumped in the back in the pouring rain and told me to just drive around. One asked for a paper towel, and then she dried off the chest of the other one and did coke off her breasts. Stuff like that happens all the time. I don’t want no one actually having sex, but if two girls wanna go at it, I’m not gonna say no.” — Cabdriver, Quaker City Cab Company

“Oh, I hear plenty of stories. Especially the Trenton line and Norristown line, the late-night rides. Lots of BJs.” — SEPTA Regional Rail conductor

“When I would sit at the front desk, I could sometimes hear people having sex in the first-floor guest rooms. In training, we were told that we weren’t allowed to call a guest to tell them they’d left something in the room because someone once called and told a man’s wife that she left behind lingerie and it turns out he hadn’t been there with the wife.” — Former GM of a Center City hotel

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Can Clinton and Trump Supporters Agree on Anything?

Left to right: Kecia Hillard, Democrat; Roger Cho, Democrat; Michelle Mattus, Republican | Photographs by Claudia Gavin

Left to right: Kecia Hillard, Democrat; Roger Chu, Democrat; Michelle Mattus, Republican | Photographs by Claudia Gavin

The most rancorous presidential election in modern history has left voters in the Democratic stronghold of Southeastern Pennsylvania stunned and the country bitterly divided. But just how divided? We wanted to know what would happen if we got people with different opinions together in the same room just to talk — and listen — to each other. Could there possibly be any common ground? We sought out a few more-or-less-average voters representing a wide swath of our readership, demographically and politically, and asked them to speak frankly about what was important to them as they went to the polls and how they felt in the aftermath. In early December, Kecia Hilliard, 51, manager of an LGBT-friendly senior apartment building in Mount Airy, Michelle Mattus, 41, a Ridley Park insurance broker, and Roger Chu, 27, a Collingswood researcher, agreed to sit down with Philadelphia magazine editor Tom McGrath to test the waters. Their conversation has been edited for space and clarity. — Edited by Brian Howard Read more »

900AM-WURD and Philly Mag Announce Social Justice Podcast for MLK Day

MLK photo by the Associated Press

MLK photo by the Associated Press

Radio station 900AM-WURD and Philadelphia magazine announced on Wednesday that they have teamed up to create a special podcast around the topic of social justice.

The podcast will be released on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 16th, and hosted by Christopher “Flood the Drummer” Norris, an activist, journalist, regular contributor to WURD Radio, and the CEO of Techbook Online, and Malcolm Burnley, an associate editor at Philly Mag. Read more »

10 Trends for the Philly Food Scene in 2017

Pizza, pasta and booze at Wm. Mulherin's Sons in Fishtown | Photograph by Christopher Leaman

Pizza, pasta and booze at Wm. Mulherin’s Sons in Fishtown | Photograph by Christopher Leaman

We’ve reached a major point in the evolution of our food scene: the top. Pretty much every eatery and drinkery that opens in Philly these days — or ticks off another year of being in the biz — is really damn good. And really-damn-good as our baseline opens up a whole new world of epicurean pleasures. In 2017, we’ll dig in. How? Chefs are now waking up before sunrise to make sure your breakfast is as good as your dinner. Local distillers are serving you that glass of small-batch whiskey anywhere you want (even in Suburban Station). Restaurateurs are crafting neighborhood pizza joints with pies even Neapolitans would love. It’s good to be a hungry Philadelphian in 2017. Let’s eat.  Read more »

The Great Philadelphia Families


Think of what Mark Twain said: “In Boston, they ask, how much does he know? In New York, how much is he worth? In Philadelphia, who were his parents?” Brotherly love, sisterly affection: There’s no denying that certain bloodlines have shaped — and are still shaping — this city and our lives.  Read more »

The Philadelphian’s 13-Step Guide to the Best Holiday Ever

A sweet rendering of the Philly skyline—complete with a tiny gingerbread William Penn—created by Bredenbeck’s Bakery in Chestnut Hill. | Photograph by Brett Thomas

A sweet rendering of the Philly skyline — complete with a tiny gingerbread William Penn — created by Bredenbeck’s Bakery in Chestnut Hill. | Photograph by Brett Thomas

Sure, there are some people who’ve been listening to Christmas music since October. For the rest of us, the holidays signal endless to-do lists, the death march of mall traffic, awkward office parties, and forced time with extended family. But with a bit of planning and know-how, navigating the holidays can be a breeze — and maybe even, gasp, fun. Consider this your holiday guidebook: how to get festive (charming tree farms! Awesome light displays! Latkes!), where to find the least-creepy mall Santas, and whether you really have to buy a gift for your kids’ bus driver. The most wonderful time of year, indeed. — Edited by Emily Goulet and Nicole Scott  Read more »

Philly Rebooted: The Biggest Ideas of 2016 — and Beyond

Photography by Gene Smirnov

Photography by Gene Smirnov

Something happened when Philly got the start-up bug: The idea that things could be reinvented, that business didn’t have to work as usual, that the old rules could be thrown into the Schuylkill — you know, innovation in the broadest sense — crept all the way up to the C-suite. Those bosses, in turn, made bold thinking the new way to do business in Philly. Here, brilliant local minds share their big ideas.

Edited by Ashley Primis Read more »

Kerkstra Departs Philly Mag

Philadelphia Magazine announced today that editor Patrick Kerkstra is exiting the company.

In an email to the magazine’s staff, Tom McGrath, chief content and strategy officer of Philly Mag’s parent company, Metrocorp, announced Kerkstra’s departure.

“Since joining Philly Mag’s staff in 2014 — and rising to the position of editor at the beginning of this year — Patrick has worked tirelessly on behalf of Philly Mag,” McGrath wrote. “As I’ve said previously, he’s one of the best journalists in Philadelphia. I’m grateful for all of his efforts.” Read more »

Welcome to Philly’s Cheap Eats Revolution

Photograph by Davide Luciano, styling by Claudia Ficca

Photograph by Davide Luciano, styling by Claudia Ficca

We’ll always ooh and aah over a bowl of hand-rolled pasta, always have sous-vide short ribs in our dreams, always bow down to the almighty tasting menu. But these days, the most exciting tastes in Philly are coming from the most unlikely of places: the takeout counter. As chefs turn their talents to elevating quick-serve food, something amazing has happened: The most pedestrian bites are suddenly fresher, more interesting and a whole lot better. Now, we dream about lunch. Here, 94 ways to join this fast-food revolution.  Read more »

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