The Ultimate Philadelphia Spring-Cleaning Guide

Janet Bernstein makes playrooms fit for a tea party. Photograph by Courtney Apple

Janet Bernstein makes playrooms fit for a tea party. | Photograph by Courtney Apple

There’s no better time to revisit your New Year’s resolutions (how are those working out for you so far?) than the beginning of spring. It’s a time to declutter, refresh and refocus on your goals for the year. A great place to start? Your house. We’ve found the coolest, smartest local services that can whip your kitchen, playroom, garage, vanity and more into tip-top shape.

Systemize Your Playroom Pickup: Janet Bernstein Organizers, Main Line

Feel like you’re picking up after your kids every five seconds? That’s because you are. Bernstein isn’t just your run-of-the-mill organizer. She and her staff not only deploy fuss-free tactics that keep playrooms, basements and bedrooms looking neat; they also set up organization systems in a way that incentivizes cleaning, so kids learn how to pick up after themselves. She even has ADD-specific strategies. Starting at $85; Read more »

7 Best Bang-For-Your-Buck Makeup Palettes


In theory, eyeshadow palettes are the best thing to happen to your makeup drawer. They consolidate all the colors you’ll ever need into an easy-to-carry case, and they’re often a value. But they don’t always live up to their potential, and you end up only using one or two shades religiously and then tossing the entire palette when these run out.

So we asked four local beauty gurus — both makeup and brow artists — to tell us which palettes they use. Here, the seven palettes worth buying. We promise: You’ll use every color, and your makeup bag will be all the better for it.  Read more »

OMG, People Are Reselling Lululemon Items Online for Crazy Amounts of Money

Image via Shutterstock

Image via Shutterstock

Fans of capsule collections and limited-edition goods are no strangers to resellers. Often, these items are snatched up during opening-day chaos, or purchased en masse online (see: Missoni for Target’s near-instant sell-out, followed by rapid-fire online listings — including a pair of $34.99 rain boots listed on eBay for $31,000). Once sold out, everyday shoppers intent on buying an item must visit one of these reseller sites to buy the item — usually at an astronomical markup.

The practice is usually reserved for luxe designers like Chanel or at-one-point-affordable collections like Alexander Wang for H&M or Phillip Lim for Target. But now, resellers are making a killing on Lululemon — like an $800-for-a-pair-of-running-shorts kind of killing.  Read more »

The Edit: 10 Killer Spring Coats to Wear This Week


As much as the 50-degree temps seem like sunbathing weather (ya know, compared to snowpocalypse), it’s not quite time to ditch your coat. But that doesn’t mean you need to bundle up. Spring offers tons of fresh outerwear that looks seasonally appropriate (think: airy watercolors and punchy pineapple prints) while still keeping you warm as the seasons transition. Here, 10 gorgeous picks you can wear this week. So long, cocoon coats. Read more »

Market Report: Why Elton John Is Calling for a Dolce & Gabbana Boycott

Images via Shutterstock

  • The battle continues between Elton John and Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana after Dolce used the phrase “synthetic babies” to describe babies conceived via alternative methods—ya know, like Elton John’s sons. [ABC News]
  • This wand will supposedly tell you how dehydrated your skin is. [Into the Gloss]

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Monday Obsession: Jonathan Adler Globo Boxes


As much as we’re fans of super-tech-y, multifunctional homewares and accessories, we can’t deny the dopamine-releasing effects of objects that are just plain pretty. Enter: Jonathan Adler‘s Globo boxes. The gem-like boxes have polished brass bases and are lined with luxe turquoise velvet. Fill them up with seasonally appropriate candies and place on the counter, or use them to tuck away treasures. Either way, these darling Easter egg-esque vessels put your Cadbury Cremes to shame.  Read more »

New Trend Alert: Why You Should Start Wearing Two Coats Instead of One

Every year, mid-March introduces a tricky fashion dilemma, thanks to temps that swing wildly from cold to warm in a span of only a few hours.  Take today, for instance: It started out at a wintry 35 degrees, but by midday, it’s expected to reach a balmy 61 degrees. Here, the conundrum: Do I wear an ankle-length puffer to accommodate near-freezing mornings? Or, do I opt for a moto jacket for lunch runs outside? The answer, I’ve found, is easy: Just wear ‘em both.

During Fashion Month, a coat-layering trend burgeoned. Here was yet another way for fashion’s boldest to sneak extra patterns and textures into their looks while also accommodating the tricky in-between weather of New York, London and Paris during February and March. Unlike some of the less accessible street-style trends, this one totally worked and we found ourselves dying to replicate it.   Read more »

Market Report: 10 Hair Tools You Need for Perfect Tresses

Image via Shutterstock

  • Hairstylist to the stars Teddi Cranford weighs in on the top 10 hair tools you need to keep in your primping arsenal. [Vogue]
  • People are getting breast milk facials. That is all. [Styleite]
  • We’re calling it: Fall 2015 will be the season of accessories (think: berets and brooches). [Fashionista]

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Hill Company to Open New Chestnut Hill Location This Weekend

Hill Company’s Germantown Avenue location.

Hill Company’s former Germantown Avenue location.

Exciting news: Hill Company is openingsits 11,000 square-foot flagship in Chestnut Hill this weekend. Shoppers should head to the new location this Saturday and Sunday between 10am and 5pm to celebrate the grand opening, enter to win prizes and kickstart your spring backyard projects. That Martha Stewart-worthy garden isn’t going to start itself.  More details ahead.

The 10 Best Philly Shops on Etsy


Images via MallayVintage, ABJglassworks, PegAndAwl and ZolaJewelryObjects

Etsy, an online marketplace for artists to sell their wares, can be an overwhelming place to maneuver (too many weird watercolors and oddball earrings). And while researching this post, I was reminded Just. How. Many. Etsy shops there are. But there are hidden gems out there; you just need to know where to look. We culled, browsed and pared down the glut of Etsy shops to narrow down the best of the best. So, here you go: a cheat sheet to the 10 best Philly-based Etsy shops. You’re welcome.  Read more »

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