Pets: I Hate Your Dog

Illustration by James Boyle

Illustration by James Boyle

It was one of the first warm Saturdays of spring, and I couldn’t wait to get outside for a run. As is always the case when good weather finally sets in, the city was a beehive of activity; a palpable feeling of neighborliness hung in the air. It was one of those perfect Philly days when you can’t imagine living anywhere else.

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How I (Painstakingly) Reformed My Picky-Eater Toddler

Picky-Eater Toddler Tips: Noah eating his food happily.

Behold! My picky-eater toddler, Noah, happily eating a sandwich. (I thought this would never happen.)

I think most first-time parents will sympathize with me when I tell you the following story. The rest of you might think I’m a tad nuts, but whatever. I’m willing to risk your judgment.

So here goes: It was 8:30 on a Monday night, about an hour after my nearly one-year-old son, Noah, had been put to bed for the night. My husband, Chris, was out of town for work, so I’d had a particularly long and logistics-laden day juggling a needy baby, yippy dog, work deadlines, etc. (Side note to single parents: I do not know how you do this day in and day out, and I salute you. I believe you are actual superheroes.)

In a word, I was tired. Really tired. And on that particular night, I’d battled with my kid for nearly an hour at dinnertime while he rejected — with gusto, I should add — every last item of food I put in front of him.  Read more »

WATCH: Full Surveillance Video Released Showing King of Prussia Mall Kidnapping

A woman identified as 32-year-old Cherie Amoore walks through and out of the King of Prussia mall with seven-month-old

A woman identified as 32-year-old Cherie Amoore walks through and out of the King of Prussia Mall with seven-month-old Ahsir Simmons.

The full surveillance video showing the March 31st abduction of seven-week-old Ahsir Simmons from the King of Prussia Mall has just been released. Cherie Amoore, 32, allegedly kidnapped the infant after befriending his mother; she walked with them through the mall, sat with them at the food court, then took the baby while his mother was distracted by another young child.  Read more »

Report: Cape May Among Worst New Jersey Counties for Kids’ Health, Wellbeing

A new report by the Newark-based nonprofit Advocates for Children of New Jersey puts three South Jersey counties at the bottom of a ranking that examines the state of children’s health and wellbeing in New Jersey. The biggest bit of news? Cape May County dropped five slots between 2015 and 2016, from 14th to 19th. That puts Cape May third from the bottom of the 21-county list; it ranks higher than Cumberland (21st) and Atlantic (20th) counties, but falls three spots below Camden County, which ranks at 16th.  Read more »

Cecily Tynan’s Official Weather Forecast for Be Well Philly Boot Camp

An outdoor pop-up workout at Be Well Philly Boot Camp

An outdoor pop-up workout at Be Well Philly Boot Camp

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to hear that every year, when we begin planning Be Well Philly Boot Camp, we have a conversation about the weather — the what ifs, the backup plans, the what-the-heck-will-we-dos when it comes to planning an event, half of which takes place outside, on an early summer weekend.

It also probably wouldn’t surprise you to hear that each and every year, our conclusion to this conversation is, Eh, screw it. And so, we take our chances, plowing ahead with our best-laid plans.

What this means is for the week leading up to the big day, we all sit around secretly checking our weather apps and obsessing over each and every bit of weather-related minutiae. We’ve been enormously blessed with perfect weather each and every year for this event, but I have to say, this spring’s wet-and-wild ride has left more than a few of us biting our nails. (Read: me.)

That’s why I reached out to 6 ABC weather guru Cecily Tynan yesterday to ask her straight-up what we can expect on Saturday from good ol’ Mother Nature. I was secretly hoping she’d tell me it would all be sunshine and rainbows.

Well, guess what, friends. It’s pretty darn close.  Read more »

Be Well Philly Boot Camp: Everything You Need to Know to Have an Awesome Time

A pop-up workout at Be Well Philly Boot Camp | Photo by JPG Photography

A pop-up workout at Be Well Philly Boot Camp | Photo by JPG Photography

I want you to do something for me. Close your eyes, ignore the gloom and rain outside, and picture yourself having a freaking blast at Be Well Philly Boot Camp tomorrow. Now, aren’t you psyched?

We’re pretty much bursting with anticipation over here, as we gear up for our 5th (!!!) annual Be Well Philly Boot Camp, Philly’s biggest, baddest fitness event for women of all ages and fitness levels. We’re amped to be back at the Drexel Recreation Center this year with a whole new lineup of fitness classes, speakers, chefs and marketplace vendors, all of whom we’re preeeeeetty sure will knock your socks off.  Read more »

How Running Ultramarathons Changed My Life

Rebecca Barber, running with her signature braided pigtails.

Rebecca Barber, running with her signature braided pigtails.

I’ve run 5Ks before, a few Broad Streets, and even a handful of half marathons, but I’ve never approached anything close to the mileage local ultramarathoner Rebecca Barber logs on, say, a rainy Tuesday.

She’s the founder of the Rocky 50K Fat Ass Run and a 17-time ultramarathoner and, man, let me tell you, this gal has stories. In fact, one of her stories, about what it was like completing a 100-mile trail race earlier this year in Florida, is what prompted me to invite her to speak at this year’s Be Well Philly Boot Camp, coming up on June 4th. Her topic? How running crazy-long distances has challenged her and changed her life in some pretty radical and unexpected ways.

Below, I chatted with Rebecca about some of what she’ll share at her Boot Camp session to give you a taste of the awesomeness she has planned. But you can hear her speak and pick her brain at the 10:30 a.m. session in our Speakers’ Lounge. Check out the full lineup of Boot Camp fun here, and snag a ticket while you still canRead more »

How to Eat Clean and Lose Weight: The Un-diet Diet

Ah, the word “diet” — perhaps the most fraught and misunderstood word in the health-and-wellness dictionary.

And it’s no wonder: A quick Google search for the word diet turns up over 450 million results, from top 10 lists to diet myths to articles showcasing experts from every conceivable side of the debate. Diets are good. Diets are bad. Diets are super effective. Oh, wait — no they’re not.

We here at Be Well are sick of all the back-and-forth, the questions and the confusion surrounding this most hotly debated topic. So we wanted the straight truth, the facts to help us decide what makes for a really good, long-term diet — in the least diet-y sense of the word. Read more »

How Philadelphia Fitness Studios Are Changing Our City — And What It Means for Philly Gyms

Philadelphia Fitness Studis illustration by Gluekit; cycling photo courtesy of Soulcycle; city fitness photo courtesy of Palette Group

Illustration by Gluekit; cycling photo courtesy of Soulcycle; city fitness photo courtesy of Palette Group

When I trained for my first Broad Street Run in 2010, I easily logged more than 150 miles on a treadmill in a musty basement gym with exactly one tiny window and a row of half-functioning TVs. I was happy as an Asics-wearing clam. But over the past six years, I’ve done a complete 180. It’s not that I’ve given up on fitness. Quite the opposite; I’ve since run three more Broad Streets, plus a couple of half-marathons. It’s just that I’ve given up on gyms.

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