The Checkup: The Reason Your Legs Itch When You Run

• I have two friends who swear they get hives every time they run. When they told me, I pretty much thought they were crazy — but now I’m changing my tune. Turns out, runner’s leg itch is apparently pretty common, especially when you’re getting back into the swing of fitness after some time off. Here’s why it happens, and how to push through. [Women’s RunningRead more »

3.2.1 Challenge: Registration Open for Yoga Class/Obstacle Course/Vineyard Race (With Wine Tasting!)

Run the Vineyards | Photo courtesy Good Day for a Run

Run the Vineyards | Photo courtesy Good Day for a Run

The always popular Run the Vineyards 3.2.1 Challenge is back this year, with two dates for your choosing. The event, which combines a yoga class, obstacle course, two-mile run and wine tasting, will happen twice, on Saturday, July 16th and Sunday, July 17th.  Read more »

10 Coolest Fitness and Foodie Events This Month: February 2016

Cupid's Undie Run | Photograph by Eddy Rhenals-Narvaez

Cupid’s Undie Run | Photograph by Eddy Rhenals-Narvaez

You know, for a month when the weather is usually pretty miserable, there’s certainly a lot going on in the fitness world, and that has us amped and ready to sweat. From the Open Streets PHL Distillery Run to winter yoga at the Horticulture Center to Valentine’s Day fitness activities galore, there’s no shortage of ways to keep yourself occupied. Let’s dive right in, shall we? Read more »

New Penn Medicine Video Provides Incredible, Personal Look at Post-Mastectomy Nipple Tattoos

I’ve heard about hospitals that employ tattoo artists as part of their reconstructive teams for women who undergo mastectomy procedures, but until today, I’d never actually seen one of them in action. Last week, Penn Medicine released a super powerful video, in which one patient, named Emily, allows her nipple-tattoo session to be documented by a film crew.  Read more »

The Broad Street Run Lottery Opens Monday — Here’s What You Need to Know

Photograph by Jeff Fusco

Blue Cross Broad Street Run | Photograph by Jeff Fusco

Yup, it’s that time of year again, runner friends. The Broad Street Run frenzy is about to hit, as the registration lottery, now in its fourth year, officially opens for business on Monday, February 1st. If you’re planning on running in the May 1st 10-miler, you’ll need to enter the lottery to do so.

New to the lotto process? Not to worry — here, the nine most important questions answered.  Read more »

The Checkup: The Fruits and Veggies That Will Help You Lose the Most Weight, According to Science

• Everybody knows that fruits and veggies are good for you and can help you keep your weight in check. But new research narrows in on exactly which fruits and veggies do the best job. Surprise: It’s the ones that are high in flavonoids, which also happen to be red in color. [TIMERead more »

The Checkup: There’s a Cool New Rail Trail Project Proposed in Bucks County

• Community advocates in Bucks County are working hard to generate support for a new Newtown Rail Trail project that would convert 8.4 miles of an old SEPTA rail line into a multi-use path. The path would connect to the Pennypack Trail in Montgomery County which, in turn, would get you to Philly. So imagine: Biking from Bucks to Center City. Who’s in? [Bucks County Courier TimesRead more »

The Checkup: Why Philly Could Have a Baby Boom in 9 Months

• If your friends were a bit dodgy about what they did to keep busy while they were snowed in over the weekend, this could be why: they may have been making a baby. Apparently, there’s a scientifically documented baby bump nine months after a major weather event — you know, when everybody’s trapped in their house for a few days with nothing to do. Go figure. [NPR] Read more »

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