PopeRide Update: New Logistics to Accommodate 1,200+ Potential Cyclists During Pope Visit


Well, wow. When we first posted about the PopeRide, the unsanctioned, for-fun group bike ride to be held on mostly-closed-to-traffic city streets on September 26th during the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia, a seemingly impressive 350 people had signed up to join in. Two weeks later, more than 1,200 people (!) have RSVP’d so far, saying they’re planning to be there, with another 200 maybes and a total of 2,600 invites. So um, yeah, I’d say the idea has taken off.  Read more »

West Philly Runners to Host Little Baby’s Ice Cream Run September 19th

little babys

Little Baby’s Ice Cream | Photo via Facebook

I don’t need to do much editorializing about this upcoming fun run because the description really says it all.

Ahem: “We’ll start our run at Little Baby’s Ice Cream’s Cedar Park Embassy (49th and Baltimore),” says the Facebook post, “and then run to the World Headquarters at 2311 Frankford Ave in Fishtown. Why? Because Ice Cream!” Read more »

How to Get a Copy of the Brand New Be Well Philly Print Issue

bwp cover blog postAs I announced so joyously on Instagram last week: It’s heeeeeeere! Our 2015 Be Well Philly print issue is fresh off the presses, and we couldn’t be more psyched.

Philly 10K runners snagged a copy in their race bags last week, and Philly Mag subscribers will get it with the September issue of the magazine. For everybody else, you’ve come to the right place to sign up to receive a copy. Lucky you! Read more »

Philly Races for New Runners: 10 Best 5Ks, Trail Runs and More This Fall

A happy finisher at the Boxers' Trail 5K | Photo by Charles Bouril

A happy finisher at the Boxers’ Trail 5K | Photo by Charles Bouril

Okay, so you’ve printed out our Couch to 5K Philly Style training plan, taped it to your mirror and, by gum, you’re going to become a runner if it’s the last thing you do. Good for you! Soooo … now what?

It’s time to pick a goal race to help you stick with your training plan — that’s what. The good news is, there are plenty of awesome races in Philly and beyond. In fact, we went ahead — with input from local runners — and picked some of the best upcoming runs in the region to help you get moving.

From wine-fueled 5Ks to scenic trail runs, check out our top picks for fall runs for newbie runners.  Read more »

What Vegan Pizza Actually Tastes Like (According to a Non-Vegan)

Vegan pizza from Blackbird Pizzeria — the Haymaker Pizza on the left and Nacho Pizza on the right.

Vegan pizza from Blackbird Pizzeria — the Haymaker Pizza on the left and Nacho Pizza on the right.

About a month into my maternity leave this summer, I learned the hard way that my son, Noah, can’t tolerate dairy. Our first indicator: I ate ice cream, breastfed him a couple of hours later, and then my husband and I spent the entire ensuing night dealing with an inconsolable kid, whose stomach was hard as a rock and was clearly in a boatload of pain. The doctor confirmed the allergy a week later. Whoopsie.

So I haven’t had a lick of dairy since. All in all, the dietary switch hasn’t been too challenging — I’m using soy creamer in my coffee (thank God he can deal with soy) and Earth Balance vegan butter in cooking and baking — but I have missed a few things. Top of the list, of course, is pizza. Sausage pizza, if I’m being perfectly honest.  Read more »

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