You Definitely Need to Go to Philadelphia Runner on Black Friday

Philadelphia Runner Manayunk

Philadelphia Runner Manayunk

Black Friday sales are fine and all, if you’re into camping out in the freezing cold in front of a Target and elbowing your way to the electronics section for a larger-than-life TV for half off. But what if your Black Friday spending could do more for someone else? What if you found a way to score yourself a few deals while helping out someone who really needs it at the same time?  Read more »

Jaw Dropper: Here’s How Many Pounds of Discarded Clothing Were Collected at the Philadelphia Marathon

Photo courtesy Michael Resnic/Clothes-pin

Photo courtesy Michael Resnic/Clothes-pin

Local charity Clothes-pin was out in full force on Sunday morning, picking up the discarded clothing of some 30,000 Philadelphia Marathon runners. As we’ve written about in detail before, the group’s volunteers sweep the streets after participants leave the starting area, collect the discarded outerwear and donate it to charity.

I checked in with Clothes-pin director Michael Resnic to find out what the haul was this year. One word: impressive. Here’s the breakdown:  Read more »

Weatherproof Your Run: How to Maintain Your Running Through the Cold Winter

The greatest thing about polishing off a tough race, like this week’s Philadelphia Marathon, is taking a much-needed break from running afterward. But how many times does a week of no running turn into two, and then three months later you realize your trusty running shoes haven’t seen the light of day since the finish-line photo op?

As temperatures nosedive, the slippery slope of a cold-weather running hiatus gets even steeper. “Don’t take more than a two-week break,” says Grad Hospital-based running coach and Be Well Philly contributor Cory Smith. “More than that, and you’ll regress back to where you started.”

It’s time to take preventative measures. Smith shares his tricks for sticking with your running routine and actually (gasp!) enjoying cold-weather training.  Read more »

The Checkup: Why Certain Diets Work for Some People But Not Others

• Ever wonder why your friend’s crazy diet helped her lose 20 pounds, but you can’t seem to budge the scale following the exact same regimen? Researchers just discovered a key insight into dieting: that people’s bodies react differently to the exact same food — wildly differently, in some cases. Now, they think they’ve stumbled onto a way to optimize your diet for your own body. [The AtlanticRead more »

Deal Alert! Get a $5 Lunch at Pure Fare’s Asian Takeout Window, Yoku, This Week

Sorry to spring some last-minute lunch plans on you like this, but trust me — it’s worth it. Today and tomorrow, the folks behind Pure Fare and AGNO Grill are soft-launching their Asian takeout window concept, Yoku, with $5 meals all day long. Both days, the deal will run from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., or until they’re sold out.  Read more »

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