Ticket Giveaway: Celtic Thunder at the Spectrum

The Grateful Dead played the Spectrum more than 50 times. The Who smashed guitars. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the Doors, Frank Zappa, the Flyers’ first Stanley, Andre the Giant. The list goes on and on. Today, it’s a much different place, as evidenced by next Saturday’s show featuring five Irish guys known as Celtic Thunder singing songs like "Puppy Love" and "I Want to Know What Love Is." Should this sound like a fun night out to you rather than a sacrilege, I have some tickets to give away. E-mail me your name and daytime phone number (any e-mails without phone numbers will be disregarded) and I’ll pick the winners at random next week.

Celtic Thunder, Saturday, October 25th, at 8 p.m., Wachovia Spectrum; tickets available through www.comcasttix.com, 1-800-298-4200, and the Wachovia Center box office.

  • john

    please enter my name for free tix

  • Matt

    Victor Fiorillo

  • Megan

    Victor Fiorillo

  • Aaron

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  • PaoliBulldog

    The Eagles rotate defensive linemen, so there’s no reason they can’t do the same thing with their linebackers — assuming they finally have ones who can play the position well. Last season’s corps was atrocious.

  • Skeptic_Eagle

    Hmmm…there seems to be a mythology developing around Casey Matthews performance “down the stretch”. He was serviceable in the Jets and Dallas game–though he missed a tackle against the Cowboys–but he was miserable against the Dolphins (week 14) and the Redskins (week 17). He got absolutely flamed in coverage by Anthony Fasano, the Dolphins TE, and by Evan Royster and Logan Paulsen of the Redskins. He also blew a tackle in the in Redskins game and helped Evan Royster go for 150+ yards or whatever it was; it will most likely be the highlight of Royster’s career. I don’t have animosity towards Casey, he is what he is. At this point, I’m just annoyed that he’s still a topic; I doubt anyone would care if his last name was Johnson or Jefferson.