Philadelphia Salaries 2010: The Other Green Issue

Who’s earning what, and where you should be working

WE’LL BE HONEST. After these many recessed, downturned, deflated and otherwise depressing months, we weren’t exactly looking forward to finding out how much — or how little — Philadelphians are earning these days. But we dared to research. And what we found might surprise you. (It certainly surprised us.) Not only have some of our biggest industries been spared, but many are actually growing. And not everyone the economy knocked down stayed out. Read on for inspiring stories of lost jobs turned inventive careers, for fields you’ll want to enter next — and, just for fun, for a glimpse at what your neighbors are making. Go ahead. Take a peek.

Grace Wicks: Urban gardener and owner, Graceful Gardens
“This is only my second year, but my business — especially our edible landscaping — has developed quite a bit. Last year I had enough to pay myself a living wage and reinvest for next year.”

[sidebar]Carlos RuÍz: Phillies catcher
Note to Ruben Amaro: Chooch’s .491 OBP (Utley’s was .424) in the post-season means it’s time to give Señor Octubre a much bigger-league salary.

Michael Nutter:
Mayor of Philadelphia
In the midst of the city’s budget woes, the Mayor took one for the team last year, giving himself a 10 percent pay cut ($18,604).

Kayla Fell: Yoga instructor
“There is no room for ego or income on the mat. I teach CEOs, housewives, baristas, and we are all seeking the same thing: renewed peace, joy and awareness off the mat.”

Robert Toll: CEO, Toll Brothers Inc.
$8.8 million
In our 2006 salaries survey, we put Toll’s earnings at $26.6 million. Ouch. Still, we’d take it.

Bill Green: Councilman at large, City of Philadelphia
$117,990 (In 2009, gave his five percent cost of living increase — $5,758 — to Friends of the Free Library); moonlighting as a lawyer at Kutak Rock LLP: $175,000

W. Wilson Goode: Jr.Councilman at large, City of Philadelphia
$117,990 (In 2009, only City Council member who did not give back any salary)

Anthony Radwanski:
Communications director, Philadelphia City Council $96,000

Vincent J. Fenerty Jr.: Executive director, Philadelphia Parking Authority $183,000

Bill collector: $33,489

Police Officer I: City of Philadelphia: $42,813-$55,603

Public health inspector:
City of Philadelphia: $35,879

Firefighter: City of Philadelphia: $40,000

Electrician II: City of Philadelphia: $37,000+

Joseph Neubauer: CEO, Aramark: $3.2 million

Human resources manager:

Customer service representative: $11.50/hour

Corporate recruiter: $48,000

Executive assistant: $50,000

Bank branch manager: $41,500

Tax Associate Big 4 accounting firm: $55,000

Senior Biostatistician:

Business system analyst: $70,000

Chase Utley:
Phillies second baseman: $11.3 million

Ray Emery: Flyers goalie: $1.5 million

Brian Westbrook: Eagles running back: $4 million

DeSean Jackson: Eagles wide-receiver, including bonus: $783,615

Eagles cheerleader: $400-$1,000/mo.

Arlene Ackerman: CEO, School District of Philadelphia: $325,000

Michael Masch:
Chief business officer, School District of Philadelphia: $220,000

First-year teacher Bachelor’s degree, School District of Philadelphia: $42,756

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  • Anonymous

    Your February 2010 issue cover made me feel so good about Philly mag. Thank you for being gutsy enough to publish the truth regarding the animal abuser. I am framing this cover. I absolutely love it. Go Philly Mag.

  • Jack

    Wow! I keep forgetting journalism is passe in Philadelphia, but have to hand it to your cover as continually lowering perceived standards. In labeling dog abuser under Michael Vicks image, while funny to you, its a cheap shot for a man whos paid for his crime. Was it to sell more magazines, or is someone on your staff a PETA member who needs to use this rag to pass judgment? To set the record straight, I’m not a Vick fan. Just one quick question, when you identify yourselves, do you list philanderer, drunk driver, home wreckers under your titles? Poor tastes people.

  • Lyda

    Let me first state that I am in no way a fan of Michael Vick, football or otherwise. HOWEVER, to label his career earnings as a Dog Abuser on the cover of this months Salary Report is nothing short of unprofessional as a journalist. My opinion of this magazine and your editorial skills plummeted. If youre going to LABEL those in this city that are criminals by what they were convicted of and did the time for, then lets stop calling them politicians, contractors or otherwise. Dont use Michael Vick as your only step stool up to your high horse. And another thing, please let the authors of this article know that research goes a long way in journalism. An anesthesia nurse, is a Nurse Anesthetist. It seems they were too busy trying to make a statement on the cover that the content of the article itself lacked real research.

    Kind regards,

  • Chris

    As a long time subscriber,I have for some time grown quite weary of Phila Mag’s eroding journalistic integrity. This month’s cover is a prime example of that. Although I am NOT a fan of Michael Vick and never will be, nor am I an animal rights zealot, I found your caption to be both tasteless and indicative of what your magazine has become, which in my opinion is on par with the National Enquirer. I can only wonder if you described everyone by their rap sheets in your magazine, would you still be around? Probably not. I will not be renewing my subscription.

  • Jean

    Those of us who think Vick has gotten off very easily (quickly back to making millions AND contracts AND awards, go figure) absolutely praise you for calling him as we see him. You better believe the dogs who suffered at his hands haven’t forgotten (those who were able to survive), and neither have MANY of us. THANK YOU.

  • Russ

    Forever – thank you for recognizing him for what he is. A scumbag who is rewarded because of his skill at football. Character counts.

  • Kermit

    I think you did a disservice to the other people featured on the cover of the magazine by going negative with the Michael Vick caption. If there was a need to have commentary on Michael Vick’s “profession” why not do it in a more appropriate article? I believe the $1.6 M reflects his football salary, not money made abusing dogs.

  • Craig

    Why didn’t you label the SPCA agent as dog euthinizor? I honestly do not think I will be renewing my subscription after this year after that complete lack of class and journalistic responsibility. Regardless of what the man did, he paid with over a year in a federal prison. Obviously some of your readers think that is no punishment at all, but I would love to see them survive even three hours in such a place.

  • Renee

    Thank you for having the guts to publish February’s cover…we live in a society where we constantly reward bad behavior. Maybe some of you do not feel about animals as I, but anybody who preys on the helpless or weak lacks much character and is not someone that should be regarded as a sports role model. I think cover puts that in perspective.

  • Jill

    Vick paid for breaking the law. But his crime went beyond that in that he drowned, electrocuted, tortured his animals. He has no feeling and he shows no remorse for the suffering he caused. He speaks of “making a mistake”. It is not about the amount of punishment it is about being able to feel empathy for the dogs and really understand what he did. Until that time, he is still just an abuser.

  • Eileen

    To those who whine that “dog abuser” was not Vick’s job title: Well, he was making money doing it … hm, sounds like a job to me! And the most revolting part is that he really, really loved his work …

    Bravo for having the guts to put this on your cover!

  • Christina

    I too, agree with “Classless”
    What a cheap shot. Perhaps if you dug further into the lives of the others on your cover, you might expose an alcoholic, a wife-beater, drug-addict or worse. This cover is tasteless and classless.

  • Lisa

    People need to get a sense of humor. Yes, Vick paid for his crime but that doesn’t mean we have to like him.

  • Alex

    I am personally infuriated by the fact you would put the image of Michael Vick on the cover with the label Dog Abuser. You have NO CLASS. You protray yourself as a professional magazine that was reporting on a serious subject and you felt it was a greater priority to stab at someone who is a professional and has paid his time mandated by federal court. You would not put another professional as a criminal. How about a doctor who has not paid taxes or prehaps a business person who beat his children. Why not put them on your cover. If your doing a report of the annual income than report on that, not take unprofessional shots at Michael Vick. I am appalled

  • Amy

    I see some folks didn’t like the comments on Vick, well, its the truth, its not a lie or slander, and the truth isn’t always popular. Go Philly Mag! Love it.

  • Anonymous

    For those of us who see the aftermath of dog fighting, a shivering, scarred dog in the back of the cage @ the PSPCa, thank you. Paid his price for the crime? Tell that to the dogs that he stomped + strangled with his bare hands. If this label upset or infuriated you – you don’t get it. To bring the most notorious animal abuser in history to this city, who is plagued by this horrific ‘sport’ is disgusting, he is an animal abuser + although he may have paid his debt to society – it in no way,shape or form earns him the right to be part of an ‘elite’ squad, known as an NFL quarterback – let him do construction, work for his money. Thank You for telling it like it is – this scumbag deserves no kudos.

  • Marina

    I have to say Im torn on one side, I do think it was a little tasteless, I mean leave the guy alone already Im sure weve all done things we regret. There are more important issues to deal with! On the other hand, what he did was beyond wrong and thats the price you pay when youre in the public eye! I just hope were sending the right issue to our kids!

  • Denise

    Jack and others…I don’t get it…”paid for his crimes”, “get over it”?? Take the phrase Dog Abuser and change the word “Dog” to “Child” and would this conversation still be happening? Are you still forgiving? A dog is an INNOCENT living creature that was tortured by this NON-INNOCENT man. The accusation that a journalist was “using Michael Vick” would be laughable if is wasn’t so upsetting to see fellow Philadelphian’s giving this guy a break. This guy was brought on board to create a little PR for the Eagles and got a nice little bounty for it. What other breaks would you like to offer the “innocent creature abuser”. I’m going to go hug my child AND my dog now and hope neither cross the paths of someone who thinks Vick’s crimes are forgivable.

  • Debbie

    A dog abuser makes 1.6 million a year? I wonder how much the irresponsible dog owners, who owned the pit bulls that attacked that child or mauled that lady to death, make? Abusing animals is wrong but so is abusing human beings. How much do irresponsible dog owners make?…and should they be forgiven for getting their dogs killed/INNOCENT people injured and mauled to death?

  • Denise

    I’m really not getting what the salary of the two pit bull owners has to do with the point of your email or how this has anything to do with Michael Vick but it’s a non-issue. The issue is that Pit Bulls have horrible reputations and that’s because they are strong creatures so when they attack someone (like EVERY breed of dog does) they are capable of larger, and sometimes sadly fatal consequences. The bad part about this is they are largely a beautiful breed of dog. I suggest you go to and learn more about them. The dog owners should NOT be forgiven, but at least they aren’t being rewarded with a second chance, an excessive salary, and undeserved fame, it’s just sickening.

  • Debbie

    Yeah I did not think that Michael Vick being a dog abuser had anything to do with a salary article in a magazine either. I do know about pit bull dog breeds and they are not the problem, never said they were. What Vick did was wrong. What happened with those dogs and their owners was wrong also but I would like to think that people and animals can be forgiven..I mean, who am I to decide who deserves forgiveness or a second chance?

  • Mark

    Thank you Philly magazine for having the B*LLS to label this coward for what he IS. A CONVICTED animal abuser and murderer. I no longer support my home team, which was a tough decision to make. I’ve been a loyal fan for all my 38 years, and have 4 kids who’ve been brought up watching this team in good and bad times. When Philly brought Vic on, I was devastated. How could I excuse away his behavior to my kids? Explain it all has to do with money? yeah, what a sell out we became.
    Thanks again for having the courage and integrity to call this coward out. He did his time, big deal.
    Now he gets to forget about it all and live like a rich pig. He’s an embarrassment as far as my family and I are concerned. You guys are what real journalists used to be like, telling the truth even if it was un PC…if you don’t do it, who will?