HughE Dillon: Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman at Tashan

The actors and friends dined at Munish Narula's Indian restaurant.

Last night, legendary actors Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman dined on the chefs’ tasting menu at the popular Indian restaurant Tashan on Broad Street. (They’re pictured here with Tashan owner Munish Narula, left, and executive chef Sylva Senat, right.) Ford and Oldman are in town filming the movie Paranoia, the thriller film directed by Robert Luketic and also starring Hunger Games actor Liam Hemsworth (Miley Cyrus’s fiance.) Hemsworth stars as “a blue-collar guy who is blackmailed by his boss into spying on a rival company.” This past week, the movie has been shooting at the Chestnut Hill home of socialite Martha McGeary Snider, which is standing in as the home of Harrison Ford’s character, Jock Goddard, CEO of tech company Trion. Oldman plays his nemesis, Nicholas Wyatt, owner of a competing tech company. It won’t be the first time Ford and Oldman clashed on screen. The two worked together on 1997’s Air Force One. Check out my blog today at to see what antics Miley Cyrus was up to this week in Philly.