Launch Party for LXR&Co at Century 21

The well-heeled and warmly dressed checked out the wares at Center City's new high-end vintage boutique.

Wednesday, the warmly dressed, well-heeled crowd turned up at at Century 21 department store on East Market to help celebrate the launch of LXR&Co (the go-to experts in luxury vintage that Shoppist told us about last month.) The boutique will be located permanently inside the Century 21 store at 8th and Market Streets.

Frederick Mannella, CEO and Founder, LXR&Co told me he was a collector of everything high-end vintage, and thought maybe there were other people of like minds who wanted to own vintage Louis Vuitton, Hermés, Gucci and Bvlgari bags and Rolex watches. He first started an online marketplace in 2011, then in 2012 opened a brick-and-mortar store near his hometown in Montreal, which was followed by a pop-up store in Beverly Hills, California, and then a shop in SoHo. Last year he opened a 3,000-square-foot shop at Century 21 in New York called C21 Edition, and now here he is in the hot retail city of Philadelphia at the newly opened Century 21 store.

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