HughE Dillon: Philly Mag’s Best of Philly Party

The magazine honors the "10 Best Philadelphians" at Kimmel Center.

Last night at the Kimmel Center, Philadelphia magazine held its annual “Best of Philadelphia” party. This year, they did something different by having a more intimate party honoring those the magazine named the “10 Best Philadelphians.” Legendary Philadelphia news anchor Jim Gardner, here with Amy Gardner, was on the list. He is our Walter Cronkite.

Below: Some of the 10 Best Philadelphians, Sam Katz, Joan Myers Brown, Sean Agnew, Marcie Turney & Valerie Safran, and Todd Carmichael. Jimmy Rollins, Brian Roberts and Elena Delle Donne also made the list.

Below: The 6 ABC family attended, Adam Josephs, Cecily Tynan, Brian Taff, Mara Webb and Evan Cuttic. Taff said that, “for more than 35 years, Jim has been a singular steady hand at Action News, and a unifying force in this region. Yes, we are blessed with an incredible team at Channel 6, but Jim has set the tone for the rest of us to follow, and that tone pervades each and every story we do.” Congratulations to Brian and Mara who are altar-bound in less than a month. Check out Cecily Tynan in this month’s “Best of Philly” issue on my page, “The Party Never Stops.”

Below: Bruce and Michelle Shannon, Stephanie Brywa, and Terry Diamond. Michelle tells me that the Philadelphia Collection, a 13-day series of independently produced local fashion and style events, will take place once again throughout the entire city of Philadelphia from September 13th to September 20th.

Below: Monique Bell, Adam Hymans and Kilian Kroll watch as a roving magician Denny Corby delightfully baffles them with a card trick. How do they do it, especially after we’ve all seen those behind-the-scene TV shows seemingly explaining how it’s done?

Below: David Neff, Jenine Neff, Sen. Larry Farnese, Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne, Erin Elmore and Jason Zucker.

Below: Uri Jacobsen, president of Bare Feet, Tara Kelly and Domenic Christopher.

Below: Elaine Graber and Julianne Glatz.

Below: Lisa Peruto, Chuck Peruto and Tara Romanyshyn.

Below: David Glassner and Jenna Lipson. Also spotted were Matthew Ray, Dave Maser, Maria Papadakis, Marisa Magnatta, Marilyn D’Angelo and Anny Deirmenjian.

Below: Katie Cavuto Boyle, who was voted best nutritionist for Healthy Bites, with Bob and Regina Coai.

Below: Gavin McKay, of the newly launched Unite Fitness (formerly Fusion Fitness), Evan Urbania, principal and co-founder at ChatterBlast Media, and Michelle Price Taglialatela. Pick up your copy of Philly Mag’s Best of Philly issue this week on the newsstand.