HughE Dillon: Parkinson Council Summer Solstice Party

The annual summer fund-raiser stays cool at Table 31 on the Plaza.

The Parkinson Council’s annual “Summer Solstice Celebration” was held at Table 31 on the Plaza. The Plaza looked beautiful with tea lights on the tables and globes in the trees, and plenty of guests were celebrating summer as well as helping a good cause. Co-chairs Karen Jacobson and Barry Milberg, both board members, welcomed guests.

Below: A 12-year-old named Amanda Nerenberg (right), here with mom Alyson Nerenberg, who loves to dance, was inspired to raise money for Parkinson’s patients, especially those who are unable to move freely because of the disease’s degenerative effects. She won a contest to host a private screening for the movie Footloose and invite her friends and family. She decided to turn it into a fund-raiser and was able to raise $2,000. She told me people who didn’t even go to the movie contributed. Her contribution inspired the Parkinson’s Council to create an annual Inspiration Award, which was presented to her last night.

Below: Sharon Coia, Mary Gatto, Marie Marsiano (back row), Jodie Wilf, and Kerry Pacifico.

Below: Jane and Steve Wolfson, Jan Albert, and Bud and Sue Rubel. Also spotted were: Bart Blatstein, Linda Yaffe, George Pomerantz, Paula Glazer, Wendy Bronstein, James Canterbury, and Paul and Wendy Rosen. The Rosens are looking forward to the Ball on the Square tonight, and will be trying to keep cool as the temps are supposed to be near the triple digits. (Personally, I was hoping I would get an email today saying that shorts, short skirts and polo shirts were the attire for the evening.)

Below: Congratulations to Eric Grilly, EVP and chief digital officer at NBC Sports Group, and Maria Valetta, who are getting married July 7th in Tuscany.

Below: Speaking of cool, Carol Leiper (second from left) tells me she just got back from a trip to Australia, and everyone needs to see it at least once. She tells me her summer read is going to be A Rock to Remember: A Memoir, by Edna Bradley. Also pictured, Lois Green, Judi Guinan, and Sheila McLaughlin.

Below: Dina Fink and Lori Israelite. Lori watches me on Fox 29’s Good Day Philly and wanted me to give a shout out to Good Day anchors Sheinelle Jones and Mike Jerrick. Sheinelle is out on maternity leave, but I know she reads my column. Did you know she’s expecting twins any day now?

Below: Speaking of Fox 29’s Mike Jerrick, he was on hand to help out with the live auction (although I couldn’t find Lori to introduce them), along with Bob Cole, owner of World Wide Stereo. A few of the items that were auctioned off included a red-carpet movie premiere in NYC ($1,400) and dinner for six at Osteria ($2,700). With Mike is Jamie Joffe.

Below: Ronnie and Ed Landau, and Bob and Barbara Lewis. The Landaus tell me they are going to Nashville this year for their summer vacation. They are looking forward to exploring everything country music. Then they’ll head to their annual spot in the Berkshires. The Lewises still need to plan a trip, but Barbara tells me her summer read is going to be The Great Cities in History. She does hope to take a few architectural tours of Philly this summer with the Preservation Alliance’s guided walking tours.

Below: Before I knew it the night was over, but I got one more shot of Ed McDavitt and Bonnie Young, as they headed to the curb. I must say I really enjoy the outdoor space on the Table 31 Plaza. Keep cool for the next couple days!