An Open Letter to Abbie Cornish

While you're in town making a movie with Bradley Cooper, how about one quick photo?

Dear Abbie,

Congratulations on your new job and welcome to Philadelphia!! I’m Hughe Dillon, The Philly Post’s Man about Town (I met you briefly last night after work near the Dark Fields film set outside Butcher & Singer). I’m also known as the Philadelphia Paparazzi (some call me the Lone Paparazzo). Paparazzi by definition is anyone who takes a candid picture of a celebrity without their permission.  Now I know that paparazzi can be scary and aggressive as I worked in NYC for a couple years, but you’re in luck — my mama raised me right and I’m polite. I like to ask before I take a photo, or at least respect your personal space and politely ask for a smile and a little contact; I believe in karma not crazy. [SIGNUP]

Speaking of, Courtney Love once called me “The Gentleman Paparazzo.” I had asked her for a photo one night as she went into a private party in NYC. She said no and I obliged. Later that evening when the party let out and she was a tad tipsy, she slurred, “Hey, you gentleman paparazzo, take my picture.” I did and we had a moment, it was special.

Abbie, we can have something special too.

And let’s be frank , why wouldn’t you want as many photos taken of you as possible right now since you look fabulous? And, well, your ex-boyfriend, actor Ryan Phillippe,  just trashed you on Howard Stern’s radio show last Monday. He questioned why you sent out a press release in February announcing your break up and basically cut you down to size. So, girl, you and I know what press and PR is all about.  We can kill two birds with one stone here. I’ll take beautiful pictures of you, you’ll be smiling, giving me some eye contact, and we’ll show Ryan what he’s missing and at the same time give my beloved City of Philadelphia some national press. We love tourists, and you being named “Australia’s Sexiest Vegetarian” in 2008 is bound to bring a little attention to our fair city.

Thanks and see you around.