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Water Ice

City Life

Rita’s Water Ice Plans to Open 50 Stores in India

Rita’s has announced that the company plans to open 50 locations across India over the next several years. They’re also expanding to the West Coast […]


The Scoop On The New Scoops

Just in case you’ve gotten sick of all the frozen yogurt parlours opening around town (they’re the new cupcake shops!), there’s a new ice cream […]


Free Rita’s Water Ice Today

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_hbEbjXjgw&list=UUhUjFevZi_1x46tP6DqiQ5A&index=1&feature=plcp Tuesday, March 20th is the first day of Spring and that means free water ice at all Rita’s locations. For the twentieth year in […]


Gelati, Radio Balls & King Tuts

Carolyn Wyman investigates the oh-so-Philly combination of soft-serve ice cream and water ice. Gelati Party [City Paper]


Fight the Heat

It’s freaking hot out there and here are some cold concoctions sure to cool you off. Tasty Treats to Fight the Heat [Metro Philadelphia]


John’s Water Ice Opens

Photo by taulu via Flickr With an expected high of 86º today, John’s Water Ice opens just in time at 7th and Christian. John’s Water […]


5 Spots for Waterfront Dining

Gophila.com picks their top five places for waterfront dining and provide useful tips like that the terrace at the Landing Restaurant in New Hope is […]


Our Favorite Italian BYOBs

While this mouth-watering fare doesn’t have a season, we’ve been yearning for those bang-for-your-buck pastas, parms, and carpaccios that Philly places are so good at. […]


MenuPages Stats

We like statistics so we were excited to see MenuPages posted the five most clicked on restaurants at their site. Some shockers here: La Viola […]


Free Rita’s Today

All Rita’s locations are giving away free Italian ices today starting at noon. In addition to the new Birthday Cake Cream ice this season Rita’s […]


Free Water Ice Today

It may be October but it’s still muggy. So why not get some free water ice at the grand opening of Philly Flavors today. This […]


A Year At The Water Works

It hasn’t been an easy first year for the Water Works Restaurant. Floods , chef changes and middling reviews have all haunted the restaurant behind […]


Quick Bites

Upscale Indian comes to the Franklin House as Palace at the Ben opened May 2nd. The 185-seater is an off shoot of “mini-chain” Palace of […]


Outdoor Dining This Spring

Well you might be hard pressed to find a touch of spring in the air today but rest assured it’s coming. and with spring comes […]


Hot Chefs

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! Aroundphilly.com catches up with six area chefs and gets their thoughts on chocolate and advice on romance. Justin Rambo Garwood from […]