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City Life

Bad News for Pa. Anti-Vaxxers: Bill Would Eliminate “Philosophical” Exemptions

Pennsylvania legislators are considering a bill to toughen the state’s immunization requirements by removing one of the pathways to opting out. There are three such […]

City Life

New Jersey May Tighten Vaccine Requirements

Some New Jersey legislators want to make it tougher for state residents to claim religious exemptions to otherwise-mandatory vaccinations, the Courier-Post reports. The number of […]

City Life

Pa. Senate Eyes Low State Vaccination Rate

Remember that Pew study showing Pennsylvania has the second-lowest vaccination rate in all the 50 states? The news didn’t go over so well in the […]

City Life

The Strange Link Between Raggedy Ann and the Anti-Vaxxers

Over the weekend I was reading a story in the Wall Street Journal about the history of the anti-vaccination movement when I came across a […]

City Life

Paul Offit’s Measles Crusade

If you look at a bar graph of measles outbreaks in the United States since 2001, you’ll see a startling and ominous trend: After years […]

City Life

This Philly Virus Expert Is Close to Finishing Ebola Vaccine

Matthias J. Schnell is the director of the Jefferson Vaccine Center at Thomas Jefferson University, and he’s been working for nearly three years to complete […]

City Life

CHOP Doctor Challenges Vaccine Denialism on Colbert

Paul Offit, chief of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, was on The Colbert Report Monday to challenge parents who refuse to […]

Be Well Philly

Pediatrician: “We Don’t Accept Patients Whose Parents Won’t Vaccinate Them”

There’s an interesting read over on the Daily Beast right now that’s (not surprisingly) making a lot of waves among parents. It’s a rant-y piece […]