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City Life

PPA Sting Operation Nets One Lyft Impoundment

On Friday night, the new Lyft “ridesharing” service hit the streets of Philadelphia. And so did undercover agents from the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s Taxi & […]


Lyft Has Launched in Philadelphia — Is it Any Different From Uber?

Ride-hailing app Lyft launched in Philadelphia on Friday evening, and it went generally as expected: As the taxi association warned, the PPA conducted sting operations. […]

City Life

City Council: We Want UberX, Lyft

With ride-hailing service Lyft scheduled to launch today at 6 p.m. to compete with UberX, City Council yesterday passed a resolution that states in no uncertain […]

City Life

Lyft Is Launching in Philadelphia on Friday

Ride-hailing service Lyft announced today that it will launch its service in Philadelphia on Friday, January 30th. The company had been advertising for drivers in […]


Lyft Planning to Launch in Philadelphia

Lyft, the ride-hailing service that is the chief competitor to Uber, is planning to launch in Philadelphia. Billy Penn reported on a Craigslist ad asking […]

City Life

45 Philadelphia Cab Companies Sue Uber

Uber was sued in federal court yesterday by 45 Philadelphia cab companies. In the lawsuit, the cab companies allege Uber conspired to operate a taxi […]


Get Your Lunch Ubered To You

The taxi alternative, Uber is part of a campaign to raise money for No Kid Hungry, an organization aiming to eliminate child hunger in America. Today […]

City Life

PPA Tells Uber Drivers to Rat Out UberX Drivers

The Philadelphia Parking Authority has enlisted a novel army in its ongoing war against the city’s illegally operating UberX car service: the Uber Black licensed […]

City Life

UberX Approved in Pennsylvania — But Not Philadelphia

The Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission has voted to allow Uber to operate in Pennsylvania — but that ruling doesn’t apply to Philadelphia. Unlike the rest […]

City Life

What Taylor Swift Could Learn From Uber About Spotify

I was in Las Vegas this week and the taxi driver taking me to the airport asked me what I thought of Uber, the company […]

City Life

Your UberX Driver May Be a Deranged Killer (and May Charge You Surge Pricing)

Since the Philadelphia Parking Authority impounded six UberX cars last weekend and then released them, there’s been nary a peep from the PPA about the […]


Pennsylvania Taxi Association President: UberX Is Like ISIS

At a Philadelphia Parking Authority board meeting Wednesday, Pennsylvania Taxi Association President compared UberX to ISIS. “I try to equate this illegal operation of UberX […]

City Life

PPA Releases Impounded UberX Cars

Over the weekend, the Philadelphia Parking Authority, which oversees all taxis and limousines in city limits, impounded six UberX cars in an undercover sting operation, […]

City Life

The PPA Is Right About UberX

Thank you, Uber, for teaching our city a lesson. Just this past week two friends of mine were out to dinner in South Philadelphia and […]

City Life

The Real Deal: A Philly Cab Driver Speaks Anonymously

In the first two installments of our new anonymous interview feature The Real Deal, we spoke with a Philadelphia police officer and a SEPTA driver. […]