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Early Philly-Set Kevin Hart Sitcom The Big House Coming to DVD

Pop Quiz: What sitcom starring Philly’s own Kevin Hart premiered 10 years ago and is coming to DVD this January? What, you don’t know the answer? […]

City Life

On Ottawa Shootings, TV News Got It Wrong. Again.

I was at home watching cable news when the shooting in Ottawa, Canada broke. What followed was the all-too-familiar routine of wall-to-wall coverage on all […]


Pennsylvania Sports Anchor Punches Man Who Interrupts Live Shot

Earlier this month, the annual Musikfest concert was held in Bethlehem. Headlined by Keith Urban, the 10-day event featured a variety of musical acts (and, […]

City Life

Dissed Doctor Sues Stephanie Stahl and CBS 3 for Libel

You know Stephanie Stahl. She’s the medical reporter and sometimes investigative reporter for CBS 3 in Philadelphia, the woman who mongers fear over the perils […]

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Don Tollefson’s Last Stand

She kept Don inside. His mother wanted him to study. She wouldn’t let him be like them, those other kids who got into trouble. Don […]

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Well, at Least Donald Sterling Doesn’t Talk in Code

One of the most fascinating things about the Internet is the way it uncovers how many bigots lie in our midst every day. Especially since […]

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The Ultimate Philadelphia Klout Ranking

Klout, Inc. was founded in San Francisco in 2009. It measures online influence by using data from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, WordPress and a bunch […]

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New Michael Smerconish Show to Debut on CNN This Week

Michael Smerconish’s new eponymous CNN show will debut at 9am Saturday, according to Mediabistro’s TVNewser.

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Requiem for a Meme: Bob Costas’ Pink Eye

The 2014 Winter Olympics just became a whole lot less entertaining with the announcement that Matt Lauer will replace Bob Costas in the main anchor […]

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Would Bob Costas Be On TV With Pink Eye If He Were a Woman?

If you haven’t been tuning in to NBC’s Olympics 2014 coverage, then you might now know that veteran Olympics anchor Bob Costas has been showing […]

City Life

Action News Does Great Job Helping Residents Without Power, Reports Action News

Like many of you, I’ve been watching more local TV news over the past few weeks. It’s been cold and snowy and icy and fewer […]

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Say Goodbye to the 6ABC Zoo Balloon

Adieu, masterful piece of corporate branding that we came to love. The 6ABC zoo balloon, slated to um, fold at the end of the year […]

City Life

TV Ratings Don’t Lie: Winners and Losers in Yesterday’s Weather Wars

The biggest ratings days of the year for local TV are bad weather days. That’s why the entire weather team comes in, coverage is expanded […]

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WATCH: Best News Bloopers of 2013


City Life

TV News Is Broken and The Ratings Suck. So Tell Your Own Story.

For most of my adult life, I have been a walking billboard for media access. A week doesn’t go buy that someone stops me to […]