Cab Hits Village Whiskey

A Philadelphia taxi cab rammed into Village Whiskey overnight. The cab put a pretty significant dent in the facade but no structural damage was caused […]

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Germantown Cab Company Shut Down by PPA

Philadelphia Business Journal  and NBC 10 report that the Philadelphia Parking Authority has shut down Germantown Cab Company, taking 150 taxis off the streets for allegedly […]

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Is There a Solution to the Philly Taxi Problem?

Two things that were apparent during a Tuesday committee hearing at City Hall: First, there’s just not a lot of love for the Philly taxi […]

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Does Philadelphia Really Need More Taxis? How About Better Taxis?

The last time I was in a Philly cab, the car itself was roughly in the same shape as the Millenium Falcon during its more fraught […]


Photos: Cab Fire on Rittenhouse Square

With the roads in Philadelphia still a mess from Winter Storm Hercules, an All City cab caught on fire on Walnut Street on Friday afternoon.

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Uber Was Gouging Prices This Weekend

Philebrity has a good catch about some unusually ridiculous fares Uber charged this weekend. Uber’s explanation? In bad weather they up fares (they call it […]

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Philadelphia Taxi Drivers Are Officially Scared of Philadelphia

CBS Philly reports that local taxi drivers may follow the lead of their colleagues in New York and install “distress lights” on cars—flashing lights that […]

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A Woman Jumped Out of a Moving Cab on the Parkway Last Night

For reasons yet unknown, a 44-year-old woman jumped out of a taxicab on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway (around 18th street) around 8:30 p.m. yesterday. Police […]

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Philly to Advertise on Taxi Cabs…in London

Maybe those overseas trips really are worthwhile? The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau is debuting a series of Philly advertisements on London’s famous black cabs, to coincide with […]

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Uber Lowering Prices in Philly

  Since Uber debuted in Philadelphia in 2012, the minimum fare has stayed constant at $15. Today, the limo/alt-cab service announced it was lowering that […]